Remember the 2 stock Market crashes?

I was told before the 2008 stock market (my warning about that is what started this blog) that there would be 2. That was very clear. I started clairaudiently hearing this information at the beginning of 2007, but ignored it. Not until the spring when it became like a fly in my ear did I really take notice and then it became an internal knowing, a viscerally certainty- that was when I put the message in a bottle and started this blog. At first I couldn’t even find my blog – I had to bookmark it. It didn’t show up on any google search, but about when the economic Meltdown came (about a month later) someone started directing traffic to my blog. I don’t know who, but I saw the evidence of that. Someone knew how to boost the SEO and did this for me anonymously- I am very grateful to that person.

Well this new tax reform has been seriously freaking me out. I had put that second crash into the back of my mind. A lot of people have asked me when it would happen. But it didn’t seem likely in the foreseeable future. The past couple of months I’ve been looking into crypto coins for a client and started getting a feel or tuning into the markets. I had pulled all our retirement money out of the stock market about 2 months before the crash. I wondered if perhaps because I had no skin in the game anymore (as I never put money back in fearing the other shoe drop I was told about) so I recently used an app to buy a very small $100 worth of stock across many categories as a sort of Psychic thermometer. Through that I did feel more linked in. Once this crazy tax bill started down the pike I had hoped that the republicans would realize the political suicide they were performing and pull back. But now I really feel we are in the period before the 2nd crash. I think we have almost 2 years. I looked at October of 2019 as being a stock market meltdown. I will do more research, but this is an early heads up, so start preparing now for what will be worse than the last economic meltdown- this is going to be a massive financial earthquake unlike anything we have seen in generations.

I have a working chart for the approximate time. I will refine this as I go.

* update * Ok thanks for noticing that I had the wrong chart up here. The first chart below is likely to be a downturn – a harbinger or correction. The second chart when transiting Neptune is conjunct the natal Dow chart – it will very likely be a major crash. I have so many charts for this – I apologize as I have ben trying to nail down a time frame since the beginning of 2017. I will do more research and find other indicators to narrow this down. If anyone has any ideas please email me or post it in the comments so I can try to delineate this more accurately!

When looking for this chart in my files I found that I had made dozens of charts in or around this period over there last year but had sort of ignored it until now- how history repeats itself!

Anyway, as you can see in this chart transiting Neptune will be exactly inconjuncting natal Neptune. This is loss on a major scale by forces beyond our control. In this chart you can see that the transiting Saturn will oppose the natal moon of the market. This chart has more to

Do with the stock market then anything else but as it has historically been a barometer of the economy I think it’s important. I will look into other indicators and if I find solutions to help people

Protect themselves I will post them and go over this stuff in YouTube videos. I find it is often easier to post stuff in my blog – so for quicker updates check here. The videos will be used as an overview.

Get involved! The more of us who do the better the ultimate outcome we will have.

May the Great Spirit Bless all of you! Happy holidays!🌟


7 thoughts on “Remember the 2 stock Market crashes?

  1. KarenBentley says:

    Question about date: Hi Denise, in your written explanation you say “I think we have almost 2 years. I looked at October of 2019 as being a stock market meltdown.” But your chart is dated October 19, 2018, which is a whole year earlier. When you get the chance, would you please clarify which date is correct. Thank you so much for doing this analysis and sharing this information for us. It’s so very much better to be informed and prepared. Karen

  2. funny you mentioned the year being 2018… as I was reading your analysis, I was thinking Oct 2018 and not 2019. I don’t know why either. maybe having more to do with mid-term elections, and the potential fall- out from the absurd tax scam bill.

    The reason I asked you a few weeks ago if you foresaw on whether they (GOP) would move ahead on passing this bad bill. I am just stunned. especially now seeing the senators demands were never honored on the dreamers act, the deficit exploding, and a guarantee that medicare won’t be cut, and healthcare premiums would remain low or affordable. all demands were rejected and of course … after they voted YES for the Tax Scam bill.

    I feel disgusted, and a bit depressed.


  3. Thomas says:

    I came here because of JCD’s dream (4/12/2010) about the stock market dropping 389 points, and how that would be the beginning of the downfall of the U.S. It dropped 389 points on 11/9/11, and after that I found this blog while searching for “389” dreams. The really big synchronicity is November 9, “The Day Of Destiny” in Germany, which has much to do with the persecution of the Jewish people. Trump pushing the Jerusalem issue is probably the most notable to date, as far as global ramifications. Dropping the corporate tax down to 21% will also have major ramifications as American corporations close down factories in places like Asia and Mexico, causing unemployment problems for them.

    The big event I’m watching for is the Southern California earthquake, which will have major financial implications, and a mass exodus of Californians heading east, and some north.

    I still believe Trump is part of the deep state, like Obama and the Clintons, and the con game is getting better. I believe the Jerusalem issue to stir up more problems in the Middle East, and the main goal has always been to destroy Iran.

    The media wars really keep people distracted, and looking completely in the wrong direction.

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