Republican Party chart and transits

I’m working on an e-book that goes into greater analysis of the Trump, the Republican Party and all the confusing things that are happening right now in the political arena. I have a feeling it will be more than one book! So as I was digging into the correct chart for the start date of the Republican Party I found numerous conflicting info. Some from fellow astrologers, some from an earlier iteration of information I found online. The original date I got was from Wikipedia (which I think has been updated) didn’t have a time. Anyway long story short I found out everything including the time. The actual start date of the Republican Party is March 20, 1854 at 6:30 PM in Ripon Wisconsin.


What you may (or may not)  notice about this chart is that there is an upcoming Neptune return followed closely by an upcoming transiting Uranus that will hit natal Pluto. There will come a time period when these aspects coalesce. These are very significant aspects that will rock the party. I’ll go into depth as I look at how these transits move. Just wanted to put out the actual chart of the party as I think I have seen the wrong ones all over the place and I myself had the wrong one!


Blessings to all,



10 thoughts on “Republican Party chart and transits

  1. Ivy C says:

    Thank you for the update Denise. Please do give us an update on your thoughts regarding the stock market. The analysts can’t agree on whether the continuation of the bull market is justified or is a gigantic bubble that is ready to burst..

    Many thanks!



  2. Sylvia says:

    Thanks! Just think that in the beginning, the Rupblican party was the anti slavery party of Abraham Lincoln. It was the party of the Northern states….how things changed over the years.

  3. Marie says:

    I tried to connect to your most recent post on the stock market, but I can’t connect to your website says it’s a bad file and missing link can’t be found.

    in response to your comment on the today’s stock market has more to do with rising interest rates. what wall street does not like is ‘uncertainty, and traitors’

    the above article does suggests that we maybe heading for a bigger drop. in other words it may or not have anything to do with interest rate increase. which means borrowing money will costs more and create a slow down of mortgage industry therefore slowing down the buying, and could lead to another big crash.


  4. Marie says:

    Remember the movie “the big short” in the book it describes that there will be another stock market crash.

    also the rise of the federal deficit causes uncertainty.

  5. Sylvia says:

    Dear Denise, Fellow Commentors, & Followers: In addition to interest in the stock market and the economy, I am extremely concerned about the decline of our Democracy! The release of the fabricated memo – that is tantamount to partisan propaganda intended to exonerate Trump, and accuse Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and Democrates of plotting against Trump, and unbelievably, of “colluding with Russia against Trump to keep him from winning the election” is astounding! This conspiracy nonsense as John McCain wrote, “does Putin’s work for him.” Irrespective of your political affiliation, what Nunes, Ryan, and their fellow supporting Republicans are doing should be cause for alarm! I think we can make the representatives for our disricts aware of our concerns. It is my belief that there are such things as objective facts and truth; “alternative truths” are fabricated Lies. To work to bring about distrust for, and the demise of the FBI, the DOJ and other intelligence agencies is very dangerous.
    Our wellbing on this planet is not all about money. In my thinking perhaps it is the absolute love of money by Trump, national and international oligarchs, and other players that has led us to this point. I am feeling exhausted from the political actions that have, and continue to lead to the decline of democracy and America’s reputation here and abroad.
    Denise, I know you must be busy working on your book; in addition I hope you can find some time to provide us with some updates concerning these matters. I don’t know about others but I can use some additional support.
    Peace, Light and Love to everyone….I’m off to recenter myself …

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