The stock market – with Rectified Chart


Last night I spent hours rectifying the chart of the NYSE and looking at what aspects triggered crashes and downturns. As I stated before I had a feeling we were in for a market crash – I know today is a downturn and not the big fire we might see but I did find a troubling aspect that was about to hit and that is a Venus Neptune aspect. A pattern I noticed last night when looking at the crashes. Traditionally the big crashes have happened in the fall so I was curious to see how today would go. But it looks like that Neptune aspect was enough to push the Dow down.

Interestingly I saw aspects (slightly different) in both the US constitution signing charts as well as the Stock market charts that coincided during big crashes.

so the more I’ve compared this chart with all other known stock market charts – the more accurate this one is. In this chart The Moon is at 19 instead of 20. And as we just saw drake out when Uranus hit the cusp point and Pluto hit 19 Capricorn square the natal moon. Anyway, I feel confident this is the right chart.

I though it was uploaded but I’m not seeing it so I will do so later.