Here’s the Rectified Chart of the NYSE


This chart seems to be timing out. Transiting Uranus is right at that cusp of the 8th/9th house right now. Of all the charts I have looked at for the Stock Market this is the most accurate. Please feel free to copy it and take a look for yourselves. Here’s what happened on 2-2-2018.


You can see Uranus approaching that point and about to hit Saturn – reality check! Also Venus, South node about to hit Pluto. The moon at 14 Virgo was going over the US stellium in the 7th and is opposing transiting Neptune – emotions, fear of loss. It hit in the U.S. Constitution Signing chart harder but it also hit Mars in the stock market chart.


As you can see in this chart Venus is right on the Pluto 2-5-2018. This is likely what caused the tremendous drop.


Blessings to all – my phone just died so I need to deal with that! YIKES!