Impeachment Time Frame Update

See the previous post “13 Russians Indicted” for background about the new timeline. So after looking at the previous impeachment charts I am changing the period when impeachment will happen. It looks like the period most likely for this to happen according to the pattern in the US Constitution Signing chart would be in December of 2018.

It looks like it would fit the pattern for impeachment to happen around December 20, 2018. Here are the charts for you all to look at – both Trump at that time and the US Constitution Signing Chart.


If the impeachment happens at this period then I would expect an indictment against Trump in the spring of 2019. There is also the possibility that impeachment would start in December and come to completion in the spring. Either way, there is more craziness to come!

I did see the start of some hot water for Trump during this period and going into the spring – more to come is likely, but this is all new territory we are in – so I’m not going to be too specific in what happens as I feel like I have a failure of imagination as to how crazy and or bad this could get.

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13 Russians Indicted

So the last few days I have been looking more closely at what was actually going to happen with the Russia investigation and Trump. The aspects in Trump’s chart are really awful, but I started wondering if these aspects were actually an impeachment or something else. There have only been 3 in the history of the US – and only 1 resulted in the removal of a sitting president and that was because he resigned – Nixon. Johnson and Clinton were impeached, but remained in power. When I looked at the chart of the US Constitution Signing with those impeachments overlaid. I saw a very different pattern then what we have going on now. This kind of freaked me out. I will post the bi-wheels here so you can see them.



As you can see pretty clearly there is always a strong Moon conjunction going on during impeachment. There is also a very clear Sun opposition in all charts. There is also a very strong Neptune undercurrent. While we currently have a Neptune opposition going on to the US Chart I started getting the feeling that this wasn’t just impeachment as the only Moon interaction would be very transitory and coming in December. In the case of Johnson the transits are gnarly. Nixon Neptune on the Moon – also not good. In the case of Clinton the aspects were faster moving and less severe.

What this told me was impeachment is more about the public perception of the presidential leadership. The public turning against the leader which is different than what we have going on now – which (as I spent the last couple of nights looking into historical periods) is most in resonance with the start of the American Revolution. We are actually in a Pluto return with that period. At that time Neptune was in Virgo now it’s in its opposite placement of Pisces.


You can see that Pluto is at 20 Capricorn right now. At the start of the American Revolution Pluto was at 26 Capricorn. Neptune was at 20 Virgo and now we are almost in opposition to that at 13 Pisces. Uranus is about to hit the Sun of this chart. We are at the start of a Pluto return to the start of American Revolution. This leads me to believe what we are dealing with here is not going to be resolved in the ordinary way, through ordinary processes, but rather through more radical means. It seems it also has the potential to bring about radical change, rebirth. I don’t want to say this looks more like a coup, than just a conspiracy, but it looks like that based on the chart. What this Pluto return will uncover – we have only started this process. And just removing Trump will not be the end of it. I feel like I have a failure of imagination in this regard as what we are going through is far out of field of anything we have experienced in about 250 years.

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