Impeachment Time Frame Update

See the previous post “13 Russians Indicted” for background about the new timeline. So after looking at the previous impeachment charts I am changing the period when impeachment will happen. It looks like the period most likely for this to happen according to the pattern in the US Constitution Signing chart would be in December of 2018.

It looks like it would fit the pattern for impeachment to happen around December 20, 2018. Here are the charts for you all to look at – both Trump at that time and the US Constitution Signing Chart.


If the impeachment happens at this period then I would expect an indictment against Trump in the spring of 2019. There is also the possibility that impeachment would start in December and come to completion in the spring. Either way, there is more craziness to come!

I did see the start of some hot water for Trump during this period and going into the spring – more to come is likely, but this is all new territory we are in – so I’m not going to be too specific in what happens as I feel like I have a failure of imagination as to how crazy and or bad this could get.

Blessings to all,


13 thoughts on “Impeachment Time Frame Update

  1. Caroline says:

    Thank you, Denise!
    Thats really hopeful! Seems like a long time and a lot of terrible things could happen with Trump still in the WH until then, but hope floats!

    1. Marie says:

      well, I hope it goes smoothly and not a civil war is what I fear the most here. Trump plays to his crazy base and that includes the White Nationalists groups.

      Anything to do with Trump and an impeachment trial opens the door to a coup. Trump IS crazy

  2. Sylvia says:

    I recall that in one of your earlier readings on the topic of Trump being helped by the Russians in essence being an illegitimate president, you verbally wondered whether through some unusual means, Hillary could be installed as the president once Trump is ousted before his term ends. You said you thought it was strange, but you were getting something. You didn’t see Pence or Ryan taking over from him. What are your thoughts on this now?

    God bless Mueller, his selected staff, and all those in the intelligence community conscientiously doing their jobs to protect the country. May they be kept from danger. May we as citizens open our eyes to these tricksters and demand truth. And may we be granted relief from the psychological, emotional, and physical harm brought on us through our own mistakes, and especially from Trump, and his detrimental policies.

  3. Marie says:

    honestly Denise, The way it was reported last night on the Russian indictments sounds like they are not going after Trump at all.

    “Unwitting or unknowingly” helping the Russians during the Presidential campaign sounded fishy or vague.. at best..

    Trump wins again even if he is thee worst President since Andrew Johnson.

    Not sure if you’re reading the charts correctly. my feeling maybe wrong, but I feel Mueller is not going to indict Trump. no evidence of direct collusion from the Trump campaign.

    seriously this is making me depress and having more to do with the KKK or White Nationalist groups that are out to protect Trump and form a coup against the US Govt

    I pray I am wrong…

  4. I think next spring is the period when he will be indicted. I don’t think he will be gone after until the very end of the investigation. And if this new pattern of how impeachments are triggered then he won’t be president at the time he is indicted. I understand everyone’s fear that he won’t be held accountable. I worry about that as well. And maybe he won’t but all I can say is that he’s going to have a really rough time of things and they are just going to get worse for him. Every time one of these transits hits – the s**t hits the fan for him. I identified this time frame for some stuff happening and originally thought that this might have been the period when his presidency exploded (spring of 2018) but realized this was just the first pass of the crappy aspects and they were not all hitting at the same time. They will dissipate a bit and then tighten again over the next year. It isn’t until spring of 2019 where they are all working together to do some real damage. I’m currently trying to figure out in greater detail how this all plays out by examining all the players and looking at their timelines. It will come out as an e-book in a few weeks. I’ll let you guys know when its out. It will be cheap .99.

    1. Marie says:

      you know, my depression over all of this does have an affect on my intuition and my gut radar seems out of tuned and I am scared for our democracy. maybe this depression is a warning sign… some days I feel we’re doomed.

      all I know is, I have a very bad feeling. I worry about the KKK forming a coup against the gov’t to protect Trump if there is a call for impeachment. I know that sounds crazy, but yes, I do sense a civil or revolutionary war ..

    2. I’ve also seen the impeachment of Donald Trump very clearly in a dream. The symbolism in the dream was very upfront and direct. In the dream I was on a beach looking out over the ocean, behind me was a small beach house, and then I noticed that Donald Trump was also on the beach waiting near the surf for a boat to come and take him away. But, I knew the boat wasn’t coming. Then I heard a loud roar coming towards me from the front and it was the sound of a huge tidal wave. The tidal wave was far in the distance, but it was making it’s way very quickly towards me. Then I heard another loud frightening sound coming from behind me, I turned around and saw another huge tidal wave that was about to crash onto the beach house. At that point, I felt my impending death, and I felt that many would be consumed and would die because of these huge tidal waves. Because I had this dream at the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, I knew his presidency was doomed.

  5. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Denise! Looking forward to reading your new book. Marie, although the struggle continues, please stay strong. I believe that these indictments are just the tip of the iceberg. Mueller and the attorneys in his team work very methodically, tending to work from the bottom up. I do believe Trump will go down along with his son, son-in-law, and many others. I have reason to think that this is more far reaching than is known at this time, and many in our government will be implicated for at least being a part of illegal money laundering or illegal receipt of money. It won’t be easy given all the faux news and planned actions that are intended to distract us, and help absolve Trump. I’m listening Denise, and believe you when you say it will be a turbulent, bumpy, and sometimes a brutal fight. I know this may sound weird, but for some time now, intermittently, I hear in my mind something I remember from The Ten Commandments. It goes something like this: get thee down from the mountain, your people have soiled themselves. I interpreted that to be a call to action to all of us warning that our American Democratic way of living has been soiled by Trump & co. To those in the so called “evangelical Christian right” the call is to open their eyes and stop supporting Trump and his cronies that are destroying our Democratic institutions and ways of being, and for folks like me to demand that our elected officials are held accountable, and to continue supporting in every way possible those who are working to expose the truth. That includes Mueller and his team. I also take time daily to recenter myself in a loving light filled space. This is critical for me to calm my anger, fears, and to continue. I believe we will emerge from this but we will have to work for it as a population. We may likely be somewhat diminished and bruised, but we will be ok and fully recover in time. Our way of life, governing, and environment are in harms ways because of greed on the part of a few – including Trump and many others. Their greed and lust for money drives and allows them to influence decisions that are made affecting all our lives. As a united community we can and I believe we will stop the illegal, destructive, madness. Let’s all take heart. Justice will prevail. Thanks for listening….I guess I needed to get this out.

    Denise Thank you again!

  6. Donna says:

    I was wondering if one of the persons you chart will be former Marine General now Chief of Staff, John Kelly? He is in the middle of all that is going on. Will he stand all the way with Trump or will he come to our country’s defense and turn on him. I have great respect for veterans and the military and it breaks my heart that a Marine would stand with Trump against what’s right. What can you say about him? Thank you, Donna

  7. Jill SH says:

    One thing I’d like us to look at is the immune system antibodies generated in the body politic as a result of the Trump behavior and policies. For all the authoritarian and near-fascist efforts by this administration, there has been a strong counter effort by the established institutions and spontaneous popular reactions: deep mainstream media coverage and exposure of Trumpian behavior; clear and direct action by career members of the FBI and DOJ, and other federal agencies under attack by Trump appointees; local and state action to protect immigrants as well as possible, e.g. sanctuary cities, and the airport demonstrations; the women, scientists, and now high school students marching for all kinds of issues, like #metoo, #timesup, #neveragain. It has been recognized that certain norms now need to be codified into law — like presidential candidates releasing tax returns — and other norms need to be codified as non-partisan — like redistricting and voter registration.
    If we are in a cycle of redefinition of our American democracy (the Pluto return) over the next few years, will the struggle not be between the those of us who want America to be more egalitarian and socially responsible and inclusive to ourselves, and those special interests who seek to preserve white privilege, corporate and wealth dominance, and a fundamental religious frame that rationalizes that behavior?
    Denise: Do you see these energies, either in the charts or in your visions? I always like to remind people: We are the majority. No matter what internal party sniping may go on, 3 million more people voted for the Democrat in 2016 than the Republican. Let’s hold onto that fact.
    (I’ve just newly discovered your videos on YouTube. I will now be an avid follower.)

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