Hope Hicks

So as I’m going over the book to get it ready to put out I read the chapter I wrote about Hope Hicks. Here’s the prediction I made a month ago about what would happen to her in March:

Her Moon in Pisces trines his Mercury, her sensitivity makes him (Trump) comfortable to talk to her even though (his perceived) passivity also annoys him = Hicks’ Moon in Pisces inconjunct Trump’s Pluto and Neptune forming a Yod to her. He will change her life drastically in ways she did not see coming.
So as time moves on Saturn will hit her Neptune in March of 2018 – forcing her to see the reality of the situation she is in. This could be a period when Mueller talks to her or things heat up and fear sets in about her career choice.


4 thoughts on “Hope Hicks

  1. Sylvia says:

    It seems that everyone who has been, or is currently involved with Trump and his run for office or administration, either comes into his network because they are already corrupt tricksters, or they emerge soiled by their connections to him. Hope Hicks is no exception.

  2. Ivy C says:

    Hi Denise,

    Breaking news just released a bombshell. President Trump and Kim Jong Un are planning to talk face to face. What’s your take on this..

    Thanks for your reply.



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