The Russia Mess

So I’ve been working on this book about all the players, all the moving parts in the Russia scandal and looking at historical patterns through the lens of astrology, and I have some interesting news to impart.

I think this is going to be weird – something we haven’t seen before!

I’m currently employing horary astrology to hone in on the answer, but for now I’ll say I’m not sure about impeachment, but I am sure about indictment for Trump. That leaves a strange situation – what happens if he’s indicted while still president? I say this because as I went through in detail all the impeachment charts of the US – the Trump situation really looked different. I’m going to stick with my original time period as the real beginning of the end happening next spring 2019. According to horary charts I’ve done – this could be the period when the 25th amendment is invoked and the fall of 2019 when indictments could happen (yes multiple)against Trump. Good news here is that there is nothing  Trump can do to change the trajectory now of his karma – so sit tight and be at peace during the storm.  It will be inexpensive and I’ll go over it in YouTube videos for those of you who prefer that.

This is a Uranian (unprdictable) presidency with a lot of moving parts, so it’s been kind of crazy digging into the weeds!

Best to all and blessings,



7 thoughts on “The Russia Mess

  1. Sheryl kienholz says:

    I don’t know if I can take another year! Afraid of the damage he and his cronies could do! Praying this Stormy Daniels mess will take him down
    A notch. Thank you Denise. Looking forward to the book and you tube videos.

  2. Marie says:

    as the Russian story unfolds… Trump is intentionally removing his cabinet staff by two thirds for fear of them invoking the 25th amendment. He is extremely paranoid now, and will likely try to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and then Mueller. what is astonishing, is the Republican leaders are enabling a con man, Donald Trump.

    I keep thinking we’re almost there, and pray he does not do anymore damage than he’s done already.

    In darkness we shall prevail..


    1. cpwebster says:

      I agree. The Republican enabling (really, anyone who isn’t outraged and actively fighting Trump) is the greatest shock of all to me. They’re all traitors and history will view them as such.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thank you for the update Denise. It does bring some comfort. I sense tensions from fear and uncertainty are rising daily among people. We must not allow Trump and his enablers’ actions to chip away at our democracy and become normalized as Trump creeps toward authoritarianism. This is worrisome stuff. It feels like we have suffered unabaited abuse for far too long. I was so hoping things would turn around sooner. I have to remember to continue to work toward, and pray for a just turning and reckoning, and to be patient but assured that justice will prevail.

    Were you able to determine if there will also be several other indictments of republican members of congress and Trump enablers?

    I suspect things might get worse before they get better, I just hope America won’t be severely weakened as a democracy.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Below is a link to a list contributed to by experts on authoritarianism, listing the actions Trump and his administration has taken just this week in that direction. I think it’s important for us not to become accustomed to, or to excuse these things.

    For a list of all things since he took office, go to Amy Siskind

    View at

  5. brenda says:

    Denise I so look forward to your book and all of your insights. Every day I check for what you have discovered. You are amazing!!!!

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