The book is out

I tried to get this out as quickly as possible so please excuse the look of it. I just want everyone to know it’s .99 on Smashwords and everywhere else, but 2.99 on Amazon due to the structure of their system. So buy at Smashwords or kobo or iBooks.

It’s called:

Astrology of Donald’s Trump and the Fate of his Presidency

I plan on finishing up the other moving parts in more books. I’ll let you guys know when that happens. Thanks to all if you.




3 thoughts on “The book is out

  1. Susan Rehr says:

    I’ve just started reading your very engrossing, well documented book. Thanks, Denise for your carefully crafted effort.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I also purchased the book today from Amazon. Just started reading and it is already proving to be quite informative. I will post again after I read further. Thanks again Denise.

  3. Azure says:

    You Rock Denise! I found you somehow on YouTube and was extremely impressed by you..and this does not happen much. Your astrological expertise and the way you present your data was memorable and I always look forward to new videos you bring out. I will be getting your book and the sooner The Donald goes down the better for the country and the world in general. As you said before, it’s going to happen, we just have to be patient and trust that there is no was he can recover from everything he is trying to hide and all the lies he constantly tells will come back to haunt him…Karma.

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