Robert Mueller vs. Donald Trump

I don’t have a time of birth for him but I ran a solar chart which is also very accurate as evidenced by Hope Hick’s solar chart. He was originally going to be in the Donald Trump book but it was just becoming too much of a behemoth so I pared everything down to just Trump, his chart and the transits. But I am working on other aspects related to this situation as well as geopolitical trouble areas. Right now I am focused on Mueller. I did some research to see if I could find birth dates for the rest of his team but couldn’t find any. Some gave the year but nothing more. I have to say that as I looked at Mueller’s chart, the US Constitution chart by comparison and Trump’s – I was a little worried that Trump would try to fire Mueller in April. I never had that feeling before and when you see Mueller’s chart overlaid with the US Constitution signing chart, you will see why. He has a massive Virgo/Leo Stellium that just overtakes the entire US Constitution signing chart’s 7th house of the legal system.  I think I felt that which is why I didn’t ever think he was going anywhere. USconstSignbiwheelMueller

So you can see from the above chart – how hardcore he is – all that Virgo and Leo – he works hard and has tremendous confidence. He’s conservative and is a workaholic.  His Pluto in Leo is directly on the descendant – exactly. This dude is transformative to the legal system in our nation.  And he truly has been. That doesn’t mean Trump won’t try to fire him.

When looking further into the aspects in April mid-late, there are a bunch of planets that look like they could bolster Trump’s confidence in his abilities. For a normal person this would be great, for a man like Trump this could be problematic for the rest of our nation. So I looked at Mueller and the constitution signing chart to see any echoes of what could take place. I even looked into Paul Ryan’s chart to see if anything showed up in it.

What started my worry was looking at Mueller’s chart which looks under duress. This could be all the attacks he’s sustaining and nothing more, just how amazingly difficult this job truly is, like pushing a 50 ft boulder up a hill – but I worried it could be more. This is transits, natal and solar arc.


This maybe too much info to see what transits I was worried about so I’ll post just the transits with his natal here.Muellerfired4_11_2018

This is why I like to keep it simple between natal and transits. If it doesn’t show up in the transits – it is likely a fleeting concern, albeit real, but not usually as intensive. There should be some hint in the transits and if you just focus on that to start with you can get some clarity. It is the transiting Saturn which has begun an opposition to his natal Saturn and is making an applying inconjunction to his natal Pluto in Leo in the 12th of his solar chart and an applying inconjunction to his natal Uranus in Gemini in the 10th of his career – Uranus also rules his 7th house (legal/trial/partners) this was the approaching aspect that had me worried. However transiting Saturn and Mars in Capricorn do continue to trine his later degree planets in Virgo – this mollifies that negative coming aspect but I do think there will be serious worry and feelings of being embolden on the part of Trump to think he can get away with it as transiting Uranus will tighten up on the trine to his rising. But the more I looked at it the more I think, there will be an emboldening effect that we will hear leaks about Trump considering a way to shut down the investigation – Paul Ryan will likely (looking at his chart) have to give some grave warnings and Trump will move onto his next distraction – ratcheting up tensions, a march to war.

So this is the movement of transits from April, 7 2018 – 1st chart below and May 19, 2018 2nd chart below (ignore San Antonio – that was set in my astroclock because of something else – it doesn’t matter in terms of transits here.)


So you can see between April and May transiting Uranus will be making a trine through Trump’s 9th house of foreign places and governments to his rising. Expect him to be even more erratic and embolden than usual. The fact that Uranus is going through the 9th means expect the unexpected when it comes to relations with other countries. It will start to make a square to his Pluto (very early) by the middle of May as Uranus moves into Taurus but as transiting Neptune continues through his 7th house and gets very close to an inconjunction to his natal Jupiter in the 2nd and a square to his natal Uranus in Gemini in the 10th – I think we will have a period where he feels embolden that leads to some serious repercussions for him. This could be an attempt to fire Mueller or more interference with the team. I have a feeling he will pull something in here that will start Republicans into a bit of a panic and end up being the real start of the ball moving toward removal from office.