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The We Generation…

I talked a little bit about the generation of young people who are spearheading this new movement for responsible gun ownership. These young people are really remarkable. They are pushing the conversation into the forefront after being sidelined for so long. They are being inclusive, inter-sectional, realistic, remarkably clear-headed, direct and sophisticated. A lot of people are wondering why this is. Of course (we forget) there have always been remarkable young people in every generation. But this generation seems different – like all of them are this way. Some have said their self-confidence and seemingly natural talent for public speaking comes from being raised in the area of social media – I think this is one of the factors and from an astrological perspective – it fits in perfectly with some of the things I’m going to tell you about them.

I have always been fascinated by generational markers in astrology. Thomas Paine said, (and I’m paraphrasing here) people are more like their generation than their families. I think that maybe overstating, it but there is truth in there. Generations share a moment. They grow up together in a world with a set of rules unique to them. They influence one another through peer relationships. They are all formed together as the universe and its energy blasts at them. They share a common set of values agreed upon by the culture at large. And astrologically they share a set of common planets that describe this common stage they share.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people of certain generations have not just common fashion styles and influences – they often have almost a similar quality. I’ve even noticed physical things that differentiate them. There is a LOT of confusion about where generations start and stop. In astrology (for me) there are clear delineations, and I have thought about this, and researched this for a couple of decades. I am going to write a book about this (I’ve been saying that for years – but for real now) so for now I’ll talk about the WE generation.

I’m coining – We Generation – for the generation of young people we are seeing taking the public stage for a number of reasons. The first being they are very much the astrological counterpoint to the Me Generation – Pluto in Leo. They are opposite – Pluto in Aquarius – which will come a little later in the century, but they have another generational planet Neptune the other major generational marker – in Aquarius. A simple explanation of this is Pluto in Leo (a massive generation) transformed the country by breaking down the rules of love, relationships and family dynamics. These are all very personal issues (5th house). They transformed this country and how we see ourselves – they broke the rules that the previous We Generation had set down (Pluto is in Aquarius in our US Constitution signing chart) – they literally have a direct astrological opposition to that period of time. They made us thing about the individual vs. the group. They broke the rules of conformity, what minorities and women were able to achieve – they made the case that each individual should be able to achieve, dream and become whatever their proclivity and ability allowed them to be, not based on color or gender. Now of course they didn’t erase these issues, but they did bring them to the forefront of public consciousness and made big strides toward equalizing the social dynamic and opening up opportunities for people of all color and creeds. Of course as history would show us 2 steps forward 1 step back, happened as a reaction to them and they didn’t consider all people in this movement – it was later when marriage equality and the finer points were put on what equality would mean. But they certainly got this ball rolling – albeit from a self-serving perspective. They didn’t believe in the war and they didn’t want to be drafted which was a huge lynch pin for this generation and mobilized them. Generations before had never shirked their duty in war. No one had ever burnt draft cards or refused to serve in the kind of numbers we saw during Vietnam. This conflict really started a major division in our culture – it created a wound that has never really healed and in many ways the religious right was born out of this rift. But that’s another story. This is part of the shadow issues regarding this generation but I digress…

The We Generation has Neptune in Aquarius – (Pluto in Sag=fighters) – directly opposite the Pluto in Leo generation. Aquarius rules group think, new technology, organizations, humanitarians, group politics (like the House, Senate = Congress). It creates a person who identifies with the group – humanity, their friends and peers. There is a coolness, an ability to detach, they are often more big picture orientated. How do they get this way – usually its from a strange combination of familial detachment (negatively-neglect) and an over identification with their peer group. In this case these kids come from a generation that was often put in daycare while they were still in diapers, grew up in large peer groups and then social media came along and finished the job.

Instead of gaining attention from their families like Pluto in Leo – which had a huge psychological push back from the “nuclear family” aka “dysfunctional family,” these kids are reacting to being hyper-socialized, over scheduled and constantly thrown in with other young people, without a lot of familial bonding and in some cases actual neglect. I’m not saying all people of every generation have these issues – I’m saying all people of these generations will be touched by these issues. When you think about another huge issues these kids have had to deal with in their environment is the opioid crisis. Let’s face it a lot of these kids will have parents struggling with drug addiction and opioid’s make a person detached and remote. When thinking about a generation – we have to think of all the overarching issues going on while they are growing up as kids are sponges who integrate their environment.

These kids have grown up largely during the Obama administration as well and the human rights of the LGBQT community as well. There is also no one stream of thought or news and information and hence are growing up in a very divided world much like the people who were around during the lead up to the American break from England. One could imagine that there were many people who wanted to stay connected to the British Empire and continue being a colony (heck, Canada took this route) and those who were bitterly opposed to English rule. We don’t really think about this, but it wasn’t a given that we would even declare our independence – it wasn’t until the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party among many little things that led the colonists to make this epic and difficult decision which they knew would result in war. The country was very divided about this – this is the world the young people of the We Generation have grown up in and they DO NOT LIKE IT! By nature they want to find commonality, they are friend orientated, pro-social and revolutionary. They are idealistic and have seen the power of the We as opposed to the Me. They are adept at social media – know the power of the “like” and “subscribe” buttons and are living in the “gig economy.” I’m sure this generation will reset the American conversation on many topics. Much like the Me generation – they are an enormous generation and their Neptune is right in the first house of the US Constitution signing chart – they will transform what we believe we can be as a nation.  They will make us reevaluate our identity as a nation, start a new march toward the belief in science, technology and humanity – rather than in blind faith. They will begin the march into the next ion and become the first leaders to get us into a new way of being. They will transform how we see ourselves and usher us into the Aquarian age which I would argue started in 2012 but that’s a whole new topic which I will get into in another post!