Generational Astrology

Here’s an excerpt from what I read on YouTube. I have a lot more to come that will be peppered in as I work on a book about generational astrology:

In general the markers for generations are the outer planets. Since they don’t all move at the same time we see people who straddle two different generations they are on the cusp of both. I define the Boomers as Pluto in Leo, Neptune in Libra – if you have those two markers in your chart you are firmly in that generation. If you are in the next generation Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio – you are a generation Xer. For about 7 years during this generation from November 1961 until late September 1968 Uranus was also in Virgo and was conjunct Pluto. This is generally called the awakening period. Statistically there are less people born during this period than any other on earth. In the Western world there was the sexual revolution, the pill and the Boomers were at the start of their long reign of power. The next generation was generation Y they started when Pluto went into Libra and Neptune into Sagittarius. Those born with Uranus leading the charge into Libra are on the cusp of this generation. This generation’s cusp started in March of 1970 when Neptune went into Sagittarius and Pluto was still in Virgo. It didn’t fully manifest until Pluto went into Libra in November of 1971. The cusp of what I’ll call Generation Z when Pluto went into Scorpio in November of 1983 and was solidified when Neptune went into Capricorn in mid-January 1984. Of course all of these are general markers as the planets do go back and forth and some people born within a couple years of these markers will often have one or sometimes both of those planets in the generation before’s configuration due to the retrograde movement of the planets. But as a general rule those are the breakdowns for those generations. The Millenials are later although they have been conflated with Generation Z they are really quite different and it’s important to separate the two out from one another in terms of understanding their purpose, personality and missions on earth.

I find generational astrology really fascinating and have been thinking about these issues for the past 30 years. I am currently writing my thoughts down about them in hopes I will be able to put them together for a book on the subject. I’m paraphrasing here but Thomas Paine said people are more like their generation than they are like their parents. And while that maybe a bit of hyberbole I think there is a very important point in it because generations are groups of souls who incarnate together for a common purpose. They have a resonant field that is connected to one another. They are not only formed by the events of their childhood, but they hold the seed of the period of time when they are born keep it alive and move it forward, holding down the lessons and foibles of that history in the collective energetic field. They also face common challenges and have a collective mission that transforms a piece of the social structure and collective understanding. All generations are important and serve a purpose – and of course each individual within that structure has a part to play but I’m not going to deal with that here.

So let’s delve into the issues of the generation the question is about. Those people in their 30s now. These people were born during the 1990s when Uranus, Neptune and for a couple of years Saturn too was in Capricorn – Pluto was in Scorpio. During that period of time tiny Generation X generation took hold of the mic for a minute and had their say. It didn’t last very long before the Boomers took it back when they realized Gen Xers were difficult to market to, didn’t have a big market share and were a tiny group compared to the masses of people born in their generation. Obama is the first and only Generation X president we have had, despite the normal procession of power that should be passed down we can see that Generation X people with all that Virgo in their chart are in general very ideologically nuanced and don’t like being part of groups. They are a generation of loners who didn’t really understand the power of collectivity until they “woke” up with the throw back of Donald Trump. You will find that Gen Xers are generally practical, health conscious, focused on the personal rather than the political and have a tendency toward extremes – either very left or very right. I could go on and will at some point but I’m just going to give a little run down on the three generations here so we can see the progression to the generation the question was asked about.
Generation Y has Neptune in Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra. They are the first generation (as a whole) to truly reject traditional notions of marriage. The idea of people having to be married in order to have children was blown up, these people grew up during the 70s when the divorce rates skyrocketed and traditional notions of partnerships between men and women changed from the woman staying home to take care of the kids while the father was the breadwinner turned on its head. Their was a movement toward role reversals, Mr. Mom and the idea that a father could be the nurturer and the mother the executive bread winner as well as the first “test tube” babies. One didn’t even need to be in a relationship at all to have a child, you could get a surrogate if you were a same sex couple or an infertile couple or you could be a single woman who wanted kids but no marriage – all of these taboo iterations suddenly became socially acceptable and normalized. As did violence, taking the law into ones own hands, mass shootings and the first school shooting columbine, happened while this generation was still in school. In fact both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were both in this generation and the architects of school shootings to come for the next two generations. It was during the 1970s and 80s when gratuitous violence in film really took off, violent video games and the glorification of taking the law into ones own hands became a chronic cultural sub theme. All of this makes sense with Pluto in Libra – law, justice, relationships and Pluto destruction, transformation and the other marker Neptune in Sagittarius – confusion over excess, violence, warrior culture. This is also a period of excessive drug taking, cocaine, crack – performance style drugs that amped people up along with a preoccupation and love of excessiveness in general all Sagittarius issues.

The one in question the generation that came directly after them is Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio. While some have lumped them into the Millenials as well as pieces of the Y generation – these generations have very different purposes, gifts, challenges and energies. The people born in the 1990s had a preponderance of Capricorn in outer planetary placements. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all aligned in Capricorn at 1985 when both Pluto was in Scorpio and Neptune was in Capricorn until 1995 when Pluto moved into Sagittarius followed by Neptune moving into Aquarius in 1998 – when those planets planted themselves into Sag and Aquarius respectively, it was the start of the Millineal generation. For Generation Z – in the mid 80s to mid-90s we had the S&L crisis due to a failure of proper regulation, a systematic roll back of regulations in general, an unwinding of traditional corporate culture, massive layoffs, corporate restructuring, massive mergers that became mega multi-national beasts – an acceleration of income inequality a breakdown in the social norms that constrained the appearance of greed. The idea of working at one job until retirement was shattered – the middle class structure was eviscerated in every iteration of the middle class from those who had worked in factories for generations to those who climbed the economic ladder in white collar jobs.

Suddenly,  the rug had been pulled out from under one of the core tenets that the American dream had been built on since WWII – work hard, be loyal, keep your head down, play by the rules and you’ll be rewarded with a good pension and a place to call your own where you can retire and live out your golden years in peace and comfort. We forget this was the period when that structure died, but it was. And it was replaced later by the gig economy, get rich schemes via the new frontier of the world wide web. Those born in what I’ll call generation Z – when Pluto went into Scorpio in November of 1983 and Neptune went into Capricorn in November of 1984 and stayed there until the mid- 90s when Pluto went into Sagittarius (followed by Neptune into Aquarius at the start of 1998 – which was the true start of the Millennial generation). Those generation Zers came into a world in which the American dream of 40 years was coming to an end and died during their childhood – a new world online was being born. They were born during the 80s and 90s when money and status were the focus of the culture – greed was good, wall street and corporate culture was the broader culture – Reagan and then Bush were president during their early formative years and there was a nostalgia for the past – a fantasy past that never really existed. An illusory reflection of a watery, sentimental look back when times were simple and people had values and people knew their place – this is all Neptune in Capricorn. Everyone was under this spell even if they didn’t realize it. Even those on the far flung fringes of the then young generation X rummaged through thrift stores for vestiges of 30s,40s and 50s fashions and revived youth subcultures from days gone – dressing like hippies and mods. Even the Punk rock world reworked the subcultural fashion of the 50s biker culture. There was a constant looking back through the warped lens of Neptune – a worship of bygone times.

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Stock Market Progressed Chart


I did the transits for the stock market a while back and thought it might be interesting to get the general feel of the market this year by looking at the progressed chart. It’s pretty clear from the transits of the NYSE chart and also the US Constitution signing chart that instability in the economy is upon us. Sometimes a progressed chart will give us information not completely clear with the transits. Usually, when you see repeated patterns in multiple iterations – there is a real problem. Sometimes a bad transit can be mitigated by a great progressed chart or vice versa. As we can see above all that Aquarius in the 12th opposing Uranus in Leo in the 7th – there are legal issues, problems with open enemies, secrets, and instability that we are not currently seeing. That Pluto in Aquarius inconjunct the Moon in Cancer in the 6th makes me think signs of instability are being hidden from us and that domestic jobs and services are more depressed than we have heard publicly.

Uranus in the 7th opposing Pluto in the 12th indicates that the public legal theater we have going on (reality show President) is tearing at the fabric (Pluto in Aquarius 12th house) of our social contracts in a way not fully exposed to us. All of this creates instability in the economy. While this is not the only indicator of our economy it is half-way decent barometer of it.

Jupiter in Scorpio in the 9th indicates foreign powers and secrets that are creating tension, unrest, upheaval that we may not naturally think would influence the stock market, but the fact that it shows up here lets us see that indeed, it is effecting our economy and the general well being of the NYSE. As Pluto progresses over the 1st house we can expect to have a major correction. I’ll look into when this will happen and go over that plus the progressions. I think all of this Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio in the 9th and the opposition to Uranus in the 7th could be an indication that the crypto currency and new technology markets are in more trouble than we currently see. Expect a major correction when these things come to light. I will look into this all and post the update either later today or tomorrow.

Blessings to all of you,