Stephen Miller

I did an analysis of Stephen Miller back when writing the book, Astrology of Donald Trump and the Fate of his Presidency. This didn’t make it into the final edit as I kept it to just Donald Trump. I’m going to post this piece about Miller as he is said to be the architect of ripping children and babies away from their asylum seeking parents and putting them into internment camps. So I’m going to post what I wrote back in January of this year and will post the analysis and charts of the other team Trump members who also didn’t make it into the final edit. I will do this over the course of the next week or so, stay tuned for that.

Here’s his natal chart and the analysis of it:


Lucky for us his birth time is known – other than Trump we don’t have times for most of the players. Although Stephen Miller comes from a liberal Jewish California background, he is NOT liberal. In fact he is quite the opposite. So what makes him tick and what’s going on with this young man that Trump has given so much power to. Miller has a Capricorn rising – this is the lens we see life through and the way we project ourself into the world. Capricorn is taciturn, circumspect, backwards looking, dark and conservative. It is ruled by the oppressive Saturn and since it is his rising, Saturn rules his chart. He also has Neptune not far from the ascendant in Capricorn in the 12th, his taciturn, strict, dark view likely comes from a past life and not from his family of origin. He has Moon conjunct Uranus (if your sensing a Uranian theme throughout the Trump White House you would be correct) indicating that he felt erratically nurtured as a child and like the odd man out in his family. He felt alone, as if he had to raise himself. His philosophy (Sag) was self-taught and sprung from his own feelings of isolation from his environment. This configuration trines his natal Mars/Mercury in Leo – he is arrogant, domineering and a chest thumper – this trine creates a self-fulfilling emotional feedback loop. He puts himself out there in the most dramatic, dogmatic and self-aggrandizing way, which feeds his emotional instability (Moon/Uranus).
Saturn rules his chart – it is darkly placed in Scorpio at the top of his chart. He is ambitious, power seeking and controlling – he is by nature secretive and given to conspiracies and thoughts of power structures – it squares his Mars/Mercury in the 7th – there is an internal struggle between showmanship, presentation and hyperbolic speech (Mercury/Mars in Leo) square his more taciturn, secretive career ambitions. His Pluto in Scorpio at 2 conjunct his 10th house cusp from the 9th is square his natal Jupiter in Aquarius in the 1st. His dark philosophy (destructive and powerful) is at odds with his family (Jupiter depositor of Moon in Sag 11th house). His early identity would have been more open and humanitarian. But as he grew up his need to control, secretive nature and desire for power created tension in his family and with friends. His sense of self has a schism in it from the environment he grew up in (open, liberal, humanitarian) and his darker philosophies.
Interestingly, and most notably his Neptune in Capricorn in the 12th is trine his natal Sun in the 8th which means his subconscious, even past lives are integrated into his sense of self in this lifetime. The fact that his Sun is in the house of other people’s money, sex, death (Manson had a stellium in Scorpio in this house) and cult leaders indicates that he is in service to his darker urges. These two planets feed into his Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th at the highest point in his chart, conjunct the mid-heaven. He desires power, and is fed by the darkness of his soul. His Moon/Uranus – Mars/Mercury give him a bluster and bravado that is strong, fiery and revolutionary but are not fully integrated into his identity. His Jupiter in Aquarius opposes his Mercury in Leo, he feels he must fight the world, fight the very environment he grew up in.
The thing to remember is that planets are like cars and the chart is like a map but the driver – the soul of the individual controls how they drive that chart. So while people who have birthdays on the same day will often go through similar conflicts, they will deal with them differently and those who are most evolved will see what’s coming and decide what how to deal with this, either balancing out their own energy or riding things out or sitting on the transiting energy. Meaning even though the planets will push us in certain directions, the more-self aware we are the less they control us.