Brett Kavanaugh

So I looked at Brett Kavanaugh’s chart last night and today at the start of the confirmation hearings. I was surprised to see such terrible aspects considering he is up for a job on the highest court in the land. We should see amazing and positive aspects in culminating or at least on the angles. I’m posting his solar chart here with the transits on the day it began with my interpretation underneath it.


As you can see he has Jupiter at the top of his chart (public recognition, the high court) transiting the 9th (solar chart) which is the high court, but if you notice it is conjunct his natal Neptune. The other problem is that transiting Jupiter in Taurus is exactly opposite his natal Jupiter in the 3rd. That’s not terrible, but it’s not good enough to balance out the negative impact of transiting Jupiter hitting the natal Neptune. Add in transiting Neptune in the 1st house opposing the natal Pluto in the 7th. OK, now that’s pretty literal. Delusion (Neptune) self-deception, glamour, illusion opposing Pluto (power) the 7th house (again legal issues and courts). It appears to me, that it will look like Kavanaugh will believe he is going to get this job, he’s going to believe (Neptune in Pisces in the 1st) yet it will likely be pulled out from underneath him – Neptune opposing Pluto (Uranus is conjunct Pluto) through some unexpected twist. Despite my fear that he will be put onto the high court – the chart doesn’t support this fear. I really do not see the kind of aspects I would expect to see if he was going to be confirmed into such a high profile and important job on the Supreme Court. I was honestly surprised to see this due to the rush the Republicans have been in to get this guy confirmed and the fervor in which they have been working to move him into that job.





12 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh

  1. Marie says:

    for some time and long before the hearings, and I told my husband is that I do not believe (my intuitive feeling) is that Kavanaugh will not be confirmed.

    let’s hope we’re both right and Thank you for posting your insights.

    I’m always looking forward to hearing from you. you help keep me grounded.

  2. sylvia says:

    Thank you for another thorough and knowledgeable reading. I so appreciate your insightful posts and videos. I also really appreciate the astrological details you provide. It helps to deepen my understanding of your comments, and the astrological basis upon which you base your comments.

    I hope Kavanaugh is not confirmed. It has already been proven that he is a liar, cheat, and perhaps has a gambling problem.

    It has been suggested that if, and it was stressed that if he were confirmed, he would be impeached within a short time due to him lying and other irregularities.

    Light and love to you and yours. You are a calming stabilizing force for many of us.


  3. Carol Patton, P.M.A.F.A. says:

    You cannot really evaluated his astrological career influences without a birthtime, can you? Nor can you use house positions at all. Solar houses are not HIS houses.

  4. Well, I dont like the Republicans leaders at all. I’ve had enough of their sexism and cronyism and if Kaunaugh gets confirmed, the Republicans will lose the midterm election and lose the house and possibly the Senate.

  5. sylvia says:

    I totally agree with you Maria. I am quite active canvassing and making calls to get out the vote, and to get non voters to vote Democrat during the midterm. I’m specifically making an effort to talk with “independents” who voted for Trump, asking them to vote Democrat.

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