14 thoughts on “Vision illustrated

  1. ShelleyD says:

    Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of things that no one can verify – especially the accuser. She doesn’t know where this supposedly happened, when this happened, whose house it was, or any details. The one person who was there with Brett Kavanaugh, says it didn’t happen. I can’t imagine that if this really happened she wouldn’t have told a friend, her family or anyone else. What really bothers me is that for women who have really been raped, assaulted, etc. (like me) this kind of stuff and the “Me Too” movement demean those of us who have experienced the “real thing”. I was 26 when I was raped by a serial rapist who broke into my apartment. I’m now 69 and I still remember every detail. When he was finally caught, I “identified” him in court only by his voice because he blindfolded me and tied my hands behind my back. This is the horror of real assault. I stayed with friends who helped me when I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. This is so obviously an attempt to derail and dishonor an honorable man who has been through SIX FBI INVESTIGATIONS in his career, with not one blemish on his character or abilities to be found. This is a last minute coordinated effort, for political purposes, to keep an infinitely highly qualified judge to be on the Supreme Court. Same thing they did to Clarence Thomas. Look it up and learn. This is a disgusting thing to do to an honorable man. 65 women who have know him from high school forward have come forward to support him and refute this attack. Don’t these women count? Look it up and learn.

    1. sylvia says:

      Dear Shelley D., I am so sorry that you experienced such a violent, horrific, experience as rape. I have never experienced rape, and can only begin to imagine the horrible physical and emotional pain of being violated in such a manner. I sincerely hope that over time, you have realized some emotional healing. While I have not been raped, I have experienced sexual assault and repeated sexual harrassment. I didn’t report them for a long time, but they quite vivid, seared in my memory. This illustrates how women respond differently to traumatic experiences. Some report it immediately, some only report it after a long time, some do not report the assaults at all. The reponses or lack thereof of are specific to the individual.

      Concerning your post, you invited others to do some reading, but I must counter that you would benefit by reading more widely from reliable sources. The information you’ve presented are filled with partial truths and some clear inaccuracies. There are corroborating witnesses to these women’s accounts, and there is also strong evidence that Kavanaugh has perjured himself several times while under oath, suggesting he lies when it is in his interest.

      In the case of a lifetime appointment such as this, the criterion for confirmation should not be based on a presumption of the nominee’s innocence, but rather an unambiguously clean record. This is why thorough investigations of these women’s claims are the appropriate next steps, not a vote for confirmation. Until these allegations are properly investigated, Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

      FYI: We don’t know what the findings of the FBI background checks were; that information, along with any meaningful of his written records, have not been released by the White House. Thishas never been the case for any Supreme Court nominee.

      Let the truth be revealed…. Blessings to all.

    2. James says:

      Kavanaugh has multiple current multiple ethics complaints against him. It is being looked at by the Judge in Colorado. Also, he lied under oath. Multiple people from his college days have said that he lied under oath when he said he didn’t drink heavily.

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