So I wanted to put up a video but got sick over the holidays. I was talking to friends about Trump doing something epically stupid when transiting Jupiter hits his natal south node and moon. Looks like he’s about to do it. This could be the trigger to impeachment I talked about in the book a couple of weeks later then I nailed down.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Marie says:

    Trump has gotten crazier by a New York minute!

    I don’t think it will go well for Trump over this fake crisis on the Mexico border.

    what is appalling and shocking are with his aids actually going along with this
    propaganda. Pence, McCarthy, McConnell and Scalise are crooks

  2. Marie says:

    Denise, I don’t know if you’ll answer or even see this post. I am wondering if you think Donnie will resign the White House or be impeached? I feel it will come to a head this year 2019

  3. Denise,
    I hope you are well in spite of all the craziness we as a country have been experiencing.

    care to apply your thoughts with the latest on the Mueller report or anything else?


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