Coronavirus- what’s going on in China?

These are the cards I got. I’ve gotten very mild cards for the U.S but these cards indicate things are much worse than we know in China. I’m going to do a YouTube video about this and it’s effects on the US and other countries along with the markets later today. I’m currently researching and looking at charts.

Here’s a biwheel of China and patient 0’s discovery date in the Wuhan market. This situation will effect global trade and partnerships with China – constricting business with them along with travel. The squares from the 1st house to the natal Mercury/Neptune tell us they went into cover up mode immediately and began deceiving their people about the severity and their concerns about the virus.

I’ll have more to say later on YouTube.

Blessings to all,



6 thoughts on “Coronavirus- what’s going on in China?

  1. Ann says:

    Please focus on the prevalence of the virus in the usa, too.
    Hardly anyone has been tested.
    There is community transmission in California.

  2. Mary says:

    Biden has cognitive decline as seen in so many of his public events. I can’t imagine that he will beat Trump. It will only get worse with time and show up when he does more debates.

  3. sandra pasquarella says:

    I would rather have a president with cognitive decline surrounded by some real professional advisors then a psychopath in the white house.

    1. mary says:

      I don’t want Trump, I’m just saying that Biden’s cognitive decline is getting worse and will show up when he goes up against Trump in debates. Bernie coddled him and the media has coddled him…..Trump will tear him apart. Bernie should not have been such a gentleman.

      1. sandra pasquarella says:

        I think you give Trump to much credit. He has only lies to defend himself. Trump has a lot of nerve to even be in a presidential debate when he is not acting like a President, and never has. When the Democratic nominees were attacking. Biden during the Democratic debates, I don’t think the gloves were off, especially with Kamilla Harris . When she went after him. she attacked him so relentlessly, she reminded me of Trump and that put me firmly on Joe Biden’s side. I think the nation is so tired of Trump attacking everyone under the sun, from immigrants to women to Muslims. It is an endless list. I don”t think the winner in the debates will be who can attack the other candidate most viciously. I think the winner this time will be who comes across as the most humane. Something that Trump is sorely lacking. People are hurting right now and it will probably get worse. Even Trump’s followers are hurting in rural America.

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