Psychic development class starts Thursday 1/13/22

This class is open to all levels of development. We do class meditations, trance work and learn techniques to open up and utilize and control your psychic ability.

Here’s the link for 2022 class. It’s going to be this for the whole year of 2022. You will only have to register once and then come when you want.


One thought on “Psychic development class starts Thursday 1/13/22

  1. Christopher says:

    Hi Denise.

    Could you give some detail as to the psychic development class? Is it just psychic development? Is channeling included? Is there a syllabus so I can skip the classes I’m not interested in? Etc.

    I read your website and on August 12, 2021 you posted “CLASSES BEGIN 8-19.” I assume that is the information similar to this class? Thanks for your time.



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