Day 2 of the Impeachment Inquiry

I’m putting up the solar charts of Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff with their transits. Originally there was a chapter of the Trump book with an interpretation of Devin Nunes chart. I will cut and paste that into another post. Mind you this will have been written about 2 years ago. I hadn’t bothered to put it in the book because I felt I should more narrowly focus the book on Trump and the timeline. Below you’ll find the two leaders of the inquiry’s charts.


Again we see the interesting pattern of the Uranus conjunction to the Sun in Nunes chart. This was a theme I saw in not just Trump but all the people around him when I was working on the book. I had originally cast a wider net but the book was getting out of control and the people around him were being fired at record pace. If there would ever be an American Coup, it would require this configuration of individuals with strong Uranus conjunctions to their Suns. While these individuals can be highly visionary if they are healthy and well balanced, the big danger of this conjunction is that they are highly unstable, prone to radical thinking and conspiracy theories, intellectually stubborn know-it-all’s who only keep their own council, they don’t trust anyone but themselves as this is a signature of people who suffered from neglect and a need to figure everything out on their own as children. Hence they have no trust of authority, norms or other people’s feelings or opinions. It also makes them erratic, eccentric and prone to outbursts and rebellious behavior. These powers have been used for good, think the American Revolution, when this energy was harnessed for the good of humanity. But as we can see this energy is also extremely destructive and rebellious. One could make an argument that our Democracy does need reforming and perhaps this is why the Great Spirit has enabled this group of Uranian figures to cause enough chaos in our system that we need to put the pieces back together. Looking forward into the charts of the US I have to worry that the pieces will not be easy to put back together and are ushering in a period of instability and further radicalization. But I hope this is a misread, colored by the energy of the present time.

Adam Schiff as you can see is much more traditional with a strong sense of patriotism (cancer rules this feeling). He has a strong conjunction of Venus and the Sun giving him a fair, even handed and easy going nature. In his solar chart he appears to have Mercury Peregrine in Cancer in the first house, making the emphasis of his chart focused through this unaspected planet. He has become the designated voice (Mercury) for the the traditions and norms of our country. He is ambitious and serious with Saturn in its natural placement of Capricorn and lucky with Jupiter in its natural placement of Sagittarius.

So below will be the transits starting the day out for the inquiry of the two leaders. As I’m writing this Roger Stone (breaking news) has been convicted of all 7 counts. I’ll have to look into his chart as well in another post.


So transiting Mars is on his natal Mercury and Uranus is approaching Nunes solar Mars in the 7th house. Other than that we don’t see a lot of activity – this seemed apparent from his opening statement. When I watched it I turned to my husband and said I could literally feel the ground crumbling around the Republicans. He felt the same way.


So interestingly we see that Schiff has Uranus (as he has been thrust into the public) has (now waning) conjunct his natal Mars in his solar 11th house. He is also in the middle of his Saturn return and a Jupiter return! Wow, he has risen to prominence for a reason! Neptune is also approaching his South Node in Pisces and the Moon will cross over his ascendant as the proceedings go on. Schiff was the right choice, he is reasoned, and serious – Saturn in Capricorn returning, makes him more sober, more structured and controlled. Also the Jupiter return in Sagittarius also adds the luck element to his chart and the Moon going over his solar 1st house cusp tells me the public will respond favorably to his conduct today. On the other hand Nunes will appear contentious and unruly – mars aspects alone with no positive supporting aspects. He will be seen to be as Trump puts it, “low energy,” and incendiary rather than triumphant.

Below is the except from the book that didn’t make it into the final version:

I’m adding here the information from the original chart reading I did on Devin Nunes while working on the Trump book. Here it is:

Although we don’t have a birth time for Devin Nines we have plenty of information in his solar chart to understand his psychology and answer some serious questions about why he is being so protective of the president over the Russia scandal. Sun, Pluto conjunct in Libra – he identifies with people in power. His ego is wrapped up in relationships with powerful people. He is a social climber and wannabe plutocrat. Uranus conjunct Mercury in Libra, he’s a revolutionary thinker, interested in subverting social norms, and since it is in Libra, laws. Interestingly, the other big player Donald Trump has Uranus conjunct his Sun – he at heart is also a revolutionary, a rebel an outlaw, a shit stir, a provocateur – Devin Nunes speaks this language albeit in a more polite (Libran) way, he’s more interested in the legal ramifications then in the communication aspect of revolution, but non the less – he desires the breaking of laws and social norms. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This aspect could choose to do so for the greater good. Uranus is a rebel, but sometimes rebellion is necessary – good, helpful. Change isn’t bad or good – its all context and intention. In someone else’s chart this aspect could be expressed very differently. Uranus conjunct Mercury can make a person amazing at new technology, it can also make a person an out of the box thinker – brilliant even. Astrology is context.
There is a very interesting Yod in his chart – one that could be revealing about what happens to him. Neptune in Sagittarius is sextile Jupiter in Aquarius both of these make an inconjunction to his natal Saturn (in his solar chart it’s in his 10th.) Saturn itself is a the planet that rules one’s career – so this is a double whammy in his solar chart – this Yod will be about his profession it could also effect his father and since it’s in Cancer – his Mother and his whole family. A little background about what a Yod is – a Yod is two planets sextiling that both inconjunct a third planet. The configuration has to be tight within a few degrees to be considered a true Yod. Astrologers reference Yods a lot, but finding a clear answer about whet they are and what they do is more difficult. A Yod is called “the finger of God,” the name tells you a lot about the underlining gist of the aspect. It is the inescapable, fated, unavoidable. In western astrology we tend to look at most things as energies that we can control – free will dominates fate. The one exception is the inconjunction. The inconjunction is an outside force you have no control over that forces you to react. In the case of a Yod it is as if forces inside you push you to do things you don’t fully understand. Your life has a fated feel, perhaps a sense of mission – you may even behave in ways that you don’t fully understand. When that internal Yod is triggered events are out of your control, you are swept up in a tide of destiny.
When my Yod was triggered I met my husband and when triggered again I had my daughter. Both life changing events – both things happened unexpectedly. In the case of Devin Nunes Neptune, Jupiter are sextile and inconjunct his Saturn at the top of his solar chart. This indicates his being swept up in what appears to be an opportunity that will correct his career path. With Neptune part of this Yod, loss is part of this correction in Jupiter it has to do with foreign nations, scholarship, books, colleges, foreign trips and foreign countries or foreign people. Jupiter also rules other countries and reiterates the Neptune in Sagittarius in Aquarius it indicates new technology, television, new media, revolution, breaks of convention, rebellion. The point of the Yod Saturn in Cancer in the 9th solar house, indicates unseating of family, domestic career through involvement with foreign cultures (9th house.) When this Yod is triggered a correction to his career will occur.
So what kind of guy is Devin Nunes? His Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra make him power orientated. Naturally, Pluto rules Scorpio – sex, death, power, secrets, occulted information, conspiracy theories, things below the surface – in Libra its emphasis is on culture, aesthetics, law, relationships. So Nunes likes to be in partnerships with powerful people. His Uranus, Mercury conjunct is nearby but not conjunct these other planets. Venus which rules all his planets in Libra reiterate his fascination with power. His Neptune conjunct the Moon in Sagittarius really fits his odd relationship to the Russia scandal. Neptune causes confusion and when it is conjunct the Moon – the person is easily caught up in their emotions which are defuse and difficult to understand. This configuration can lead to a lot of emotional confusion. He could be easily horn swaggled by a foreign power or foreign influence (Sagittarius=foreigners and foreign lands.) He could be very spiritual, or caught up in a guru type relationship with others. He maybe a bit gullible. With his need for approval from powerful people, his eccentric thinking style and gullibility – he is the perfect patsy for the Trump White House. He will gladly do the dirty work as trade for a piece of the power he desires. His Neptune/Moon conjunction making an inconjunction to his natal Mars in Taurus are worrisome for him – when reality breaks, he may not be able to incorporate it. He could become a danger to himself. His Jupiter in Aquarius also squares his Mars

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Impeachment Astrology – in real time

I’m posting all the charts that I have deemed helpful in understanding what is going on in this impeachment on an energetic level. There are a number of very interesting aspects in not just the transit charts but also in the solar arc charts and the progressed day for a year charts. I am going to focus only on the solar arc progressions with the transits, for sake of simplicity. They also are more dramatic in their movement and add a different kind of layer.  I’m posting all of the charts with interpretation below them. I will go over them on an upcoming Youtube video.

I posted both the natal and solar chart of Rudy Giuliani because it is unlikely that his time of birth is correct. So we are looking more at the transits and how they interact with the natal planets. The solar chart will be more reliable in looking at the area of life where this collision occurs. As we can see RG’s progressed Neptune is being lit up by Venus today 11/13/2019, the first day of the impeachment. In his natal chart it’s happening in the 3rd house and in his solar it’s happening in his 7th house. It is also being squared by transiting Neptune in Pisces, which is going through his solar

10th house and in the 6th house of his natal.  Focusing here on the solar chart rather than the natal chart which we don’t know the accuracy of, we see Neptune in the 10th square the progressed Neptune in the 7th triggered by the transiting Venus. Here we see the issues very clearly laid out. Neptune being confusion, delusion, trickery, deceit, lying, illusion, dissolution and the 10th house of reputation and the 7th house of law. Neptune (strengthened in Pisces and reiterated in that energy) is the natural ruler of the 12th house of hidden enemies, hospitals, mental institutions and prisons. Neptune is the ruler of con-men, tricksters, liars, manipulators, criminals, robbers – on the flip side it is the ruler of religious fanatics, spirituality, visions, psychic ability, confusion, the imagination, oil, music, the other side. It’s interesting that the Evangelical Christians, particularly those steeped in the Pentecostal tradition, are the base of supporters for all things Trump.

We know that Trump got a large chunk of the religious right on board with him through bribery. But why do the Evangelic church goers fall in line behind their religious leaders? There are a number of answers to that, but for the purpose of understanding the larger context of Neptune in Pisces, suffice it to say they have very entrenched beliefs that are Piscean in nature, hearkening back to the Piscean age. They have felt the shift of ages as the period when the world is to end and the Messiah is to return and save the true believers, damning the rest of humanity to eternal hell. For them, the feeling of Neptune in Pisces, is that of the world around them dissolving – which on many levels it is. They read that through the lens of their religious belief system. Of course, so does everyone else which is the very crux of the problem we are currently finding ourselves in. While everyone is busy doubling down on their belief systems, others are confused and all of this leaves a giant hole in the collective consciousness to be filled with someone adept at exploiting all of that energy.

Currently  Jupiter is in Sagittarius creating a square by sign (not degree) to Neptune in Pisces. Trump is a Gemini again another square (by sign, not currently by degree). So lets look now at Trump’s chart. The other major factor to Neptune in Pisces is Pluto in Capricorn. The outer planets in general describe broader periods of time and define generations and collective consciousness. Capricorn rules time, karma, enforcement of law, structure, the law, ambition, corporations, management, heads of state, heads of corporations, CEOs, business people. In the tarot it is represented by the Devil card. Capricorn/Saturn and Pluto/Scorpio are associated with the shadow side of humanity. This is not to say people who have those signs and of course (we all have the planets) in their chart are any more negative or even dark than anyone else, although they can be. Human beings have free will and can use that energy to transcend. However in the collective consciousness (this is an unconscious energy) will bring out issues that we could consider dark.

So back to talking about how all these things effect what we are currently undergoing on the impeachment front. Pluto in Capricorn is asking us – what are the boundaries? This is why there is a rise in nationalism around the globe. The flip side of this was when Pluto was in its opposite of Cancer during WWII. It was another form of nationalism. When Neptune was in Capricorn we saw a rise in issues with skinheads surface around the world. Capricorn asks us what are the rules, and whose going to be at the top of the pyramid? It is a very hierarchical and controlling sign which is why it is considered competitive, ambitious and is represented by the Devil. Capricorn wants to be the best, the head honcho, the boss, the guy in charge. If the energy is positively directed this can create order, strict adherence to the rules, control (in a positive way) and is pro-business and getting ahead. When it was in Neptune we had a dissolving of corporations – all the layoffs of the 1990s and the shipping of jobs overseas. As soon as Neptune hit Capricorn we had the S & L scandals of the late 1980s, and a slow down in the economy. Neptune=loss + Capricorn=Career. Now that Pluto is in Capricorn we have a digging up and exposure of those in power, those who have been in control. We also have those in power trying to gain greater control – the rich getting richer, kleptocracic Russians trying take over other countries for their own gain.  Pluto is also transformation. It’s important to note that this is the key word for this planet. It exposes and with its power, it transforms.  While many may feel confused and even hopeless – Neptune in Pisces, the underlying energy of Pluto in Capricorn is about transformation of the rules, of law, of the way we go about our business which is exactly what this impeachment is about. In the case of Donald Trump’s chart we can see that Pluto in Capricorn is exactly inconjunct the mid-point of his North Node in Gemini and his natal Sun in Gemini right now, from the 5th to the 10th.  At the same time transiting Saturn in Capricorn is starting to inconjunct his natal Uranus in Gemini in the 10th. So what does that mean? Saturn in Capricorn is a doubling down of tradition, the rule of law, it is conjoining Pluto which tells us that this transformation of power we have seen occurring is being pushed to conform to societal norms, traditions and the rule of law. This inconjunction is almost exact as his natal Uranus is almost at 17 degrees and transiting Saturn is at early 17 degrees in Capricorn.  Uranus is television, electricity, rebellion, change, the sudden and unexpected. The fact that it is conjunct Trump’s natal Sun indicates that he has an unstable sense of self.  The energy of an inconjunction is best described by the metaphor of putting two magnets wrong sides toward each other. The two magnets repel each other, this is what an inconjunction does, it is a pushing apart a separating aspect. It is the most common and consistent aspect seen when people transition – they literally separate from their bodies. IN the case of Trump’s chart we see the rule of law – Saturn in Capricorn – pushing against his natal Uranus in Gemini in the 10th – a televised start of holding him accountable, attempting to change his career (10th) and reputation.

Now lets look at what’s going on in the 2 political parties. There are several charts for both the Republicans and the Democrats but for the sake of ease and simplicity I’m just using these. Astrology is a fractal art and in this case divination system so I went with the first charts that came up. The thing that jumped out at me immediately was the transiting Uranus in the 7th house conjunct the natal Pluto. As you can see there is a theme of Uranus and Pluto emerging among all the different players. The 7th house is of course legal issues, the law, court and Pluto is power. Uranus conjuncting this is a change in the power structure which causes a sudden change of power. This does not bode well for the case they are making nor does it bode well for the future of their party. If is part of the aspect I saw happening when I predicted it could be the end of their party. The other major issue is the Republican party is in the process of a Neptune return. This is not a return possible for a human to experience as it happens every 130+ years. So it isn’t something we as astrologers can speak to from experience – we can only use astro-logic to determine what this means. I read this as an opportunity to deepen the belief systems of the party. As you will see though the progressed Mars is also in the mix, adding aggression, arguing and a splitting effect. The Republican party started as a very spiritual and Christian orientated party. The nature of what that meant back in the mid 19th century was quite different. It was Christianity born out of the enlightenment and the belief in a Christian doctrine opposed to slavery and oppression. The early Republican party believed in the mission of our forefathers for each individual person to the entitlements of freedom, free will and personal responsibility. The return of Neptune to its place in Pisces in the chart comes with the morality of a different kind of Christianity, a Christianity in decline and in fear of obliteration. A shift from priests and abbots who held degrees in theosophy and embraced the reason of their age in balance with what they saw as the poetry of the message of Christ. Currently, Christianity has been remade in a new image, co-opted by the south and its historical marriage to slavery and pushed forward by televangelists, evangelic Christians and Pentecostals, all who emerged in the last century and all with a tradition of lay priests and an emphasis on hell, fire, brimstone, fear and dogma. Here we see the re-imagining of the Republican party through the lens of the far, far Christian right as they have emerged as the most steadfast of Republicans. In a world shifting out of the Piscean age with a weakening of Christianity around the globe, the extreme arm of Christianity that relies on fear and complete immersion in its self-made culture is at the heart of what is currently happening in the Republican party.

For the Democratic party, Neptune has been transiting the 10th house and conjunct the native Sun and Uranus in recent years and is now starting to conjunct the progressed Mars, giving them a bit more fight. The public perception (10th house) has been that of weakness, and instability. Transiting Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn are in the 7th house of open enemies and legal proceedings. Saturn is exactly square the natal Pluto in Aries in the 11th house and tightly square natal Jupiter in Libra in the 5th. This creates a Grand Cross which is both difficult and a manifesting aspect. This tells us they can prove their case if they lay it out soberly and deliberately. It will not be easy and it is precarious but Pluto and Saturn are calling them to confront the laws and norms despite their desire not to.

Many blessings to all of you!




U.S. Constitution Signing chart with Impeachment transits

In the latest YouTube video I talk about the striking patterns I noticed while looking at the 3 impeachments throughout American history. You will see an outer transiting planet conjunct the natal Moon in Sagittarius at the top of the chart in each chart. There are other similarities and differences that speak to the unique circumstances of each of the presidential impeachments. From what I could tell there is a similar bunch of transits coming up Mid-August. I’ll post that chart as well. Jupiter will be conjunct the Moon. The closest it comes during this last past is during this period. The timing on the potential impeachment chart is when Jupiter is closest to the moon but think of this as the middle period when impeachment might start so it maybe a couple of weeks before this or a couple of weeks after this period but likely to happen during this window as Jupiter will fall out of this conjunction. The best period (fitting this pattern) would have been just after the 2018 mid-term election when Jupiter was closer to the natal US Const sign chart.  Of course with Donald Trump – we might see a new and/or different pattern break out.


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So I wanted to put up a video but got sick over the holidays. I was talking to friends about Trump doing something epically stupid when transiting Jupiter hits his natal south node and moon. Looks like he’s about to do it. This could be the trigger to impeachment I talked about in the book a couple of weeks later then I nailed down.


Kavanaugh Update

My intuition about the Kavanaugh appointment was the Republicans were going to ram him through no matter what and they did. I was surprised to see during the initial period they were trying to do it, so many difficult aspects going on in Kavanaugh’s solar chart. A solar chart is pretty accurate, not as accurate as the right time of birth would be, but it told me a lot about what was going to happen for the next few weeks. Transiting Jupiter was in Scorpio exactly conjunct Kavanaugh’s natal Neptune in Scorpio – expansion of loss, Neptune in Scorpio loss of power, loss through sexuality – (side note this is my generation and while we were at the peak of sexual activity the AIDS epidemic was taking young lives. In my generation sleeping with the wrong person could be a death sentence. How much more Neptune in Scorpio could that be?) Anyway back to Kavanaugh while he had a transiting Grand Earth Trine at the time with Pluto at 18 Capricorn trining his Uranus/Pluto in Virgo and Taurus in Jupiter. Saturn was making an opposition to his Moon (Maybe since we don’t have his exact time of birth). Jupiter was starting to conjunct his natal Neptune and transiting Neptune was making an opposition to his natal Uranus/Pluto. So as the week progressed Jupiter was conjunct the natal Neptune and things got much worse for him. Because everything is so mixed in terms of positive and negative transits – the timing of the vote was extremely important. If a vote had been taken then, he would have lost. But this it the thing about transits – the timing is everything. The question now remains – how can a man with this sort of questionable morality and swirling allegations of lying, sexual misconduct and gambling sail through a long term career on the Supreme Court. Although there haven’t ever been any Supreme Court justices who have been impeached, the remedy does exist. Let’s not forget the level of crazy he exhibited at the hearing or the fact that 2400 law professors spoke out against his confirmation. The partisanship he exhibited during the hearing was reiterated the other night when he only thanked the Republican Senators who voted yes instead of the normal graciousness of thanking the entire body.

Here’s the date he was voted in and sworn in as well. We can see that Jupiter was exactly conjunct his solar 10th house cusp. This is what we would expect to see for such a major honor. It does however exactly square his Sun – so the internal pressure he’s under will be a theme to his “service.” Jupiter which had been conjunct his natal Neptune earlier and opposing his natal Jupiter is now significantly waning – this is an important point – waning aspects should be read with caution as they indicate energy that is exiting the stage. The biggie here is transiting Neptune (1st house) at 14 degrees in Pisces directly opposed his natal Uranus/Pluto mid-point in the 7th. This is the thing that makes me think, built into his confirmation are the seeds of the loss of this job and even potential legal trouble.


So here are some future periods, just to show how the transits move over Kavanaugh’s solar chart coming up.


By December the Grand earth trine by transiting Pluto is waning and Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius. Transiting Neptune in Pisces is exactly opposite natal Uranus in Virgo – something new breaking open regarding Kavanaugh – something unexpected. Jupiter is still in the 10th sextiling natal Venus and Mercury so he will likely still be protected and OK but another fracture in his credibility will likely come out.


By January we see Jupiter/Venus applying pressure to that transiting Neptune in Pisces opposing his Uranus/Pluto in the 7th. They form a T-Square so things heat up but at the same time he is building power transiting Pluto is joined by Mercury to trine his natal Mars in Virgo in the 8th – so he is protected by the powerful despite pressure building and surprising information coming out.

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Kavanaugh and trouble with him that could lead to his loss of position on the high court. As things evolve I will come back to this.

Many blessings,




Kavanaugh Hearing


Here’s Kavanaugh’s solar chart with the transits tomorrow morning. He has Pluto creating a Grand Trine in earth by transit. This has brought Kavanaugh to public attention. At the time he started the process Jupiter was in early Scorpio making a trine to his natal Moon – seemed like everything was going to go fine. At the time the Sun was also on his Moon.

From the first chart I made on Sept 7, 2018 to this one, we see that Jupiter has progressed to 21 degrees of Scorpio making an increasingly tighter square to BK’s Sun at 23 Aquarius. In the last chart the transiting Sun was on the Uranus/Pluto in the 7th house opposing transiting Neptune in the 1st – this is how I knew something unexpected was going to happen that would throw the process into a loop – Uranus = unexpected, Pluto = power, powerful people, positions of power (conjunct- meaning intermingled) opposing transiting Neptune in Pisces in the 1st. A sudden and unexpected loss of power, a shift in identity involving the law or courts (7th house, 1st house issues.)

Now the Sun has gone from triggering this event (the Sun and Moon are lights that trigger outer planetary transits) by opposition to creating an inconjunction to BK’s natal Saturn in Pisces in the 1st house as Neptune creeps through the first house his sense of identity will continue to defuse.

He will have Mars transiting his 12th and transiting Mercury in the 8th will exactly trine his natal Venus in his solar 12th house – so he will for sure have people (women, too) pulling for him and this could be the prosecutor the senate has picked to interrogate his accuser, she will likely be a benefit to BK. The way she words the sexual situation (Mercury in Libra in the 8th) will likely paint the situation as equal, and/or like friendly horseplay that Ford misunderstood or miss-remembers. Or perhaps just her handling of the situation will help paint BK in a better light. Transiting Venus in Scorpio in the 9th will square his natal Venus – this will likely translate into the women in the room, the female senators – they will not believe him, they will find him lacking credibility.

Transiting Jupiter at 21 Scorpio will be culminating at the top of his solar chart square his natal Sun in Aquarius – conjunct his Neptune in the 9th house triggering his natal Grand Cross. Neptune square the Sun is often an indicator of a person with substance abuse problems –  with Jupiter involved – it is MUCH MORE EXCESSIVE. From his natal chart he likely has struggled with addiction, alcoholism and excessive out-of-control behavior. Include the Scorpio element and he likely has had sexual addiction issues and its very conceivable that BK has indeed done the things he has been accused of, with the sort of excess this grand cross indicates – anything is possible especially when in an altered state of consciousness.

Pluto transiting his 11th house trining his natal Jupiter in Taurus in the 3rd and natal Pluto at 15 Virgo in 7th. There are definitely people in power who are advocating for him publicly (7th house) despite all the accusations. This is a powerful protective force and this is why his nomination seems so unstoppable.

However the big and most EXACT aspect in BK’s chart is Neptune in the first house now at the EXACT mid-point to his natal Uranus at 13 Virgo conjunct Pluto at 15 Virgo in the 7th. Neptune wants to take away, pull the rug out. It is in his 1st house of identity opposing the 7th which is the public house, the house of open enemies (his accuser) and the courts. Uranus is unexpected and Pluto is Power – both in the service sign of Virgo. This is an intense aspect. Transiting Pluto at 18 Capricorn in the 11th is a flow aspect, it allows energy to move easily – easy come, easy go. It opens the doors and smooths things out, but it does not make things happen. It is the energy that enabled him to be put up for this job, but it doesn’t guarantee him getting that job. Jupiter culminating at the top of his chart square his Sun could be the thing to manifest this for him, but the fact that it, too, is connected to Neptune and his natal Sun is ruled by Uranus (surprise, surprise) it creates more wobble. I keep going back to the Neptune in the 1st and it hitting that Uranus/Pluto. This is a big deal and requires the native to adjust their sense of self and go through a major loss. As far as I can tell BK hasn’t had one yet so I’m going to bet this it, the start of a lot of adjustment. I think there is also a strong possibility that this process will unleash a Pandora’s box that could have negative repercussions as Neptune will continue to make the opposition a couple more times and Saturn will oppose his natal Moon this year and Jupiter will inconjunct his Moon and then square his Uranus/Pluto point from the 10th at the beginning of 2019. Each time Neptune hits his Uranus/Pluto stuff will come out and he will have to make an adjustment.  See the chart below.


The transiting Pluto Grand Trine is already waning and will continue to fall apart over the next year as the Neptune opposition takes center stage which leads me to believe this won’t go BK’s way. This is why it’s important to look at whether aspects are waning or waxing. Waxing aspects indicate a pattern coming into being, waning aspects indicate a pattern on its way out. So here you have a man who has been elevated for consideration to the highest court of the land, the highest iteration of his current occupation – the transiting Grand Trine aspect. Now we have Neptune hitting his Uranus/Pluto mid-point exactly and we see the rug being pulled out from underneath him.

Ultimately, I don’t think he will get the job. I give him a 25% of pulling it off tomorrow with a narrowing chance every day that goes by. It seems highly unlikely despite how hard the Republicans are pushing. It may turn out that there are actually some among them who have a conscious. I think for the public at this point – this will be the big surprise for the rest of us.

Blessings to all of you,