Washington State…

Since I decided to look into what was going to happen to Oregon during the California Threat Period and it looked like what was going to happen for California was also going to somehow impact Oregon, I decided to see how far up the west coast this period of chaos would impact Washington State.

Included below is the chart of Washington state overlaid with the CA threat period I have identified. What you can see very clearly is that Transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Saturn and Pluto right at the 4th house cusp or IC opposing the MC or Midheaven. When a similar aspect happened back in 1994 we had the big Southern CA earthquake, aka Northridge. In that chart which is also below. You can see that a stellium in Capricorn (a conjunction of several planets in the same sign and one out of sign planet in this case) hit the IC of the city of Los Angeles at the time of that earthquake. Neptune, Mars, Uranus, the Sun, Venus and Mercury were coming close to the IC with Venus and Mercury flanking the midpoint of that 3 degree Aquarius point. The moon in Aries making the sextile to that point and returning to its natal place in conjunction with the Sun, Venus and Mercury (all fast moving planets) very likely triggered the release of this explosive, violent energy. This Capricorn stellium was also making an exact inconjunction to natal Mercury in the 10th while Mars and Neptune sextiled Jupiter in the 1st, mollifying the aspect some. The earthquake, which was extremely violent and intense was said to be softened by it’s time of day. If it had happened during the day untold numbers of people could have died. Jupiter helped save the day here.

As I am digging into the patterns emerging for the spring of next year, I am increasingly beginning to think this is a giant quake that goes from California all the way up through Oregon and into Washington. The other possibility is the North Korean scenario which could cause wide spread panic and damage along the coast. While I can’t be sure what any of this will exactly entail I suggest to anyone living on the West Coast, BUY INSURANCE ASAP! Any and all kinds of insurance as whatever is coming, something is, and it’s best to be prepared. Get your earthquake kits together and come up with plans on how to survive. With it being in Aries there will likely be fire involved in this series of events, it does seem possible that either this will be an attack, which is the purview of Aries/Mars or fires also under the rulership of the aforementioned or possibly volcanic activity or some combination of all of this. Whatever is coming – preparation and support are key. Be safe and blessing to all. I will go over all the recent predictions in a YouTube video as soon as I have time to do so. Blessings to all – be safe and use your intuition!

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Vision about North Korea

Monday, before I did a reading, I did my normal ritual of tuning in, and clearing the space for information to come in – I was hit with a vision which I did not report partially because I didn’t want to post it at the same time as the Oregon warning, and partially because I really wasn’t sure what it meant. But after today when the information came out about the North Korean soldier shot at, when he went across the demilitarized zone, I thought I should get this out there. So here goes. I will try to interpret it but my interpretation could be wrong so…

I was in a rural area of North Korea looking out over a city (I assume it was Pyongyang but?) I was one of a half dozen or so soldiers – I felt like 8, but I didn’t see that many, we were dressed in black uniforms. I felt like I was an American soldier there on a special mission, deployed for a purpose as we were approaching the city when a nuclear explosion went off over the city. It wasn’t that big. I didn’t feel the effects of it from where I was, so later when I thought about it – perhaps it was a tactical nuke?  I was dumbfounded, confused by the sight of this, as it wasn’t told to me or the other soldiers that this was going to happen. We were confused and I felt retreated. But the vision switched at that point to an youngish Asian woman holding a toddler boy in her arms. I felt like this woman and child survived to tell the story. I then saw missiles, several of them coming from North Korea toward the US. Most of them fell into the ocean on the way. One of them hit near Hawaii, but didn’t hit the actual land. One of them hit off the coast of California near the southern most part, I think the San Diego area, I wasn’t sure if it hit the land or exploded near the land and or beach. I then saw a line of cars stuck trying to get over the mountain range between California and the neighboring states. It was a dead stop – impossible to get our – a total impasse.

After this I thought about the issue of the black uniforms. What division of the military would wear a uniform like this. I did some internet research and found that in March of this year troupes fighting Isis have had a uniform change wearing all black. The uniforms in the photo looked similar to the one I saw in the vision. What that meant I wasn’t sure. The other part of the vision which came sort of on the heels of the main part of this piece was the impression that either as a result of the explosion or around the time of it the ring of fire was activated. Volcanic activity and earthquakes ensued.

When I thought about the part of the woman and child – which most confounded me, I thought the feeling was she lived to tell the story of the bombing. As if the bombing was secret and unknown to the world, and to the US citizens and citizens of the world. This made me feel as if our country had some sort of first strike scenario that was meant to get the North Koreans to act out, so that we could rally the world to our side as the North Koreans reacted to our advances, as if we were being attacked rather than reacted to. I felt the time frame was early next year between January and the time frame I have given in other posts and YouTube videos about the California Threat Period I have outlined.

I have no idea whether a tactical nuke like this would register in the same way as a bigger nuclear event or not, or if this would in itself set off alarm bells to other countries. I have to investigate this angle of my theory here about what the vision meant. My feeling from the vision was that there is something in the works along the lines of  how we have taken out previous dictators, deposed them, which is what the special forces military group I was a part of in the vision was there to do, or if this was some sort of start of a tactical ground troupe movement headed into the capital city. I think the main point of the vision was that the US was planning aggressive military action against the North Korean dictatorship and as a result they will launch the missiles they have against our country. In the vision it was clear that it would not be entirely successful on the North Koreans end, but would cause wide spread panic in the western part of the U.S.

All of this however could be mostly symbolic and I’m hoping that what I saw was the recent incident of the North Korean soldier trying to cross the boarder. It could be that this event is used to stir up support for a ground war in the peninsula. I hope not. Perhaps it was just a very exaggerated vision of what took place and the vision was just a warning to us not to allow this incident to be used to start a war that will end up setting off a chain of strikes.

I’ll leave all of you with this and let you try to decipher this. I will post more if it comes to me or I get anymore information.

Blessings to all and pray for peace!


Included below is a screen shot of the information I dug up about the change in uniform I referenced above.

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Oregon spring 2018 prediction

I started thinking about all the possibility of earthquakes for California coming in the new year and realized that I should do the chart of Oregon and determine if something might happen there as well. What I found was startling. At the same time California is hit with a terrible Uranus aspect Oregon will be hit with a terrible Pluto aspect.

Image-1.png As you can see from this chart transiting Pluto will be conjunct natal Saturn in Oregon’s 12th house at the same exact time period I have isolated for the California Threat Period.  This means whatever happens in California will also effect Oregon and potentially this will likely be as bad for Oregon or worse. What exactly will happen during this period I’m not sure of, it could be the potential tactical strike I foresaw coming toward the West Coast of California, or it could be a very bad earthquake that stretches from California into Oregon. Right now I’m not exactly sure, but I will look into it further and see if I can get better clarification on the matter through more in depth meditation and study of the charts. But I felt that I should warn those in that area, as I neglected to do so until now.


New Blog Time

I feel like I need to start a new blog that is more active or proactive, political and spiritual. Instead of predicting the future – we need to change it. Things are too dire right now not to move things into a different stream. So look for that. I will post it when it is up. Thanks to all of you for your love, support and feedback.

Love and blessings to all of you



Donald Trump and the upcoming Market Correction

So I’ve been sitting on this post trying to work on it on my non-existent off time but as I went to work on this I realized some of this was already starting to happen so I’d better post it! The solar eclipse on Donald Trump’s ascendant is a doozy and we are already starting to see its effects although it hasn’t even hit yet! So I’ll give you what I’ve got so far. I’m working on a deconstruction of coming transits to the US Civil War and Revolutionary wars – so that will be next along with more stock market analysis.

So here it is:

The stock market is going to have some kind of correction around November when Uranus will hit the natal Saturn and make an opposition to transiting Venus conjunct natal Jupiter creating volatility. I’m not sure exactly what will bring this on except that it will be unexpected and will probably have something to do with overseas issues. So if you’re in the stock market and don’t want to deal with this get your money out in October.
Trump will have the eclipse on his ascendant next Monday. It will be right on his ascendant. Either we will see a reset in how he deals with his position of the presidency or the eclipse will bring the true end of his administration. Transiting Mars will still be in his 12th house of hidden enemies once that pops over his ascendant and into his 1st house in early September we will see hidden enemies coming to the fore. Something Donald Trump does will inflame an enemy at the end of August and cause this person to come out of the shadows and attack him, his reputation and his authority to hold his current position of leadership. Transiting Uranus in the 9th making an exact trine to his natal Mars in the twelfth will reinforce this and expect the unexpected from a foreign leader or government to be at the center of an attack against him. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn has been parked in his 5th house at 17 degrees for most of the summer and will continue to stay at that degree until early September. So his children and his finances and past business dealings (family business – 5th house with Pluto in Capricorn) and career will continue to cause problems for him until Pluto moves off that degree. As Pluto retreats the pressure he feels about the investigation into his business and finance will abate slightly as other issues will bear down on him – more direct attacks from people he was unaware were his enemies. This suggests to me that people in his own party or perhaps even in his inner circle will really turn against him in ways we have not seen. He will be busy dealing with these assaults when a foreign government or power will throw a curve ball at him. This will be a period of extreme and unexpected crisis. I have a hunch it maybe the Russians who expose him and try to ruin his reign as president. I have a feeling that his once frenemy Vladimir Putin will release incriminating and embarrassing information about him and perhaps even proof that he is an illegitimate president who was either helped by the Russians or installed by them. As things are shaping up I am becoming of the mind that it was not just interference and collusion that we will discover but hacking of the election itself which could be potentially revealed during this period.

As we are currently seeing Bob Corker has come out against the president which is very unexpected and is likely part of this eclipse pattern. Interestingly, there is a total solar eclipse over middle Tennessee and Corker is from this state – coincidence? I was wondering how it would affect the states it is transiting over and I think this is a hint as the eclipse is moving over mostly rural and conservative cities – so the solar eclipse which takes away, ends things, very well could end much of the support among Donald Trump’s base. Stay tuned! It feels like we are currently living Donald Trump’s a reality show. Let’s all pray this show gets cancelled ASAP before he stumbles us into a succession of wars both here and abroad.

Great Spirit bless us all!


Donald Trump and the Solar Eclipse

I don't really freak out about eclipses- mostly because unless they are conjunct one of the angles of a chart or a planet, they pass by without much notice. However when you have an Eclipse-particularly a solar eclipse, at a tight conjunction it brings an end to an outmoded pattern. It ends it rather abruptly- which often leaves the native in a chaotic state. This particular full and total solar eclipse is in Leo.

Leo is the traditional ruler of the ruling class. And in this case, it is directly over Donald Trump's ascendant. Mars is conjunct as well in the 12th leading me to believe hidden enemies will be involved with the true beginning of the end of the Trump presidency. So far Republicans have been anemic in their response to Donald Trump's antics, but this solar eclipse will see the end of any refuge he may have felt he had. As this solar eclipse hits his first house and mars progresses over his ascendant don't be surprised to find hidden enemies coming to light to bring him down.

While I cannot tell you exactly what will happen I can say that we will see a major shift in how he deals with things. If he doesn't change his ways before this eclipse – forces will come to bare to make him change or he will truly begin to feel the consequences of his actions come the fall.