Marc Kasowitz solar chart with current transits

Well, for those who are interested in this new character in the Trump saga – here is the hair trigger lawyer’s chart. 

All I can say is we are still at the tip of that iceberg – it only gets worse from here.


Happy 4th of July, what a send of from North Korea 

As you all know I have been freaking out about North Korea hitting the US, especially CA and more specifically Southerrn CA, for awhile now. I had seen a vision of 4 yellow balls of light and the next day while doing a reading, I saw a flash of red and my thought was- “oh, great another missle launch by North Korea.” Then I quickly forgot about it as I went into a full work load and it passed out if my head until last night when it happened and the warning came back. 

I couldn’t remember the time frame I had looked at for the potential attack on CA by North Korea so I found it in my system and am putting the chart out there for others to analyze. The exact date of course will not be accurate, but if you look at the outer planets during the spring of next year around the time I picked for the chart you can see how scary this could be. Here it is for all of you to deconstruct and meditate on. Great Spirit bless you and all the people of this world.


Disturbing aspects coming up for California 

I’ve been worried about the North Korea lobbing a missle at California for awhile, but in light of recent events with the advent of their new technology I decided to take both North Korea’s and California’s natal charts and look at them with the eye for potential negative transits. And man, it looks like something monumental is going to happen to California next spring – late April or May. 

North Korea and the state of California have a lot of energy between them as well as both having 16 degree Virgo Suns. I have a feeling Southern California is more in jeopardy. Los Angeles also has a Virgo sun and with some of the Neptune aspects it seemed likely that “Hollywood” could be the target. Of course I am not 100 percent sure and this aspect could manifest differently. But having had 3 dreams with nuclear explosions hitting Southern CA I am worried. 

Here’s the latest video. Blessing to all of you!


Trump Update

From what I can tell about the aspects, the unraveling will boomerang into some dealings involving the kids – any and all possible Trump’s kids and their partners. It is possible that in exchange for immunity one could turn against him in order to save himself. Next week will be even more info that will upset people and set forth the unraveling and fall from grace to come for Trump and his empire.

When this is all said and done I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Putin got Trump to run for president and Trump has been working as an extension of the Russian government.