Stock Market 2/2018

What’s happening to the stock market since last Friday? I have been so preoccupied with the Russia mess and actually while I was working on the e-book – I got a strong feeling to look into the stock market. I’ve been feeling something was going to happen and when I did a cursory look into it – the time frame for a major problem seemed to be fall of 2019. I started getting worried about it because I was doing personal readings about the markets for people and kept feeling something coming. But of course I was busy and put it off. So the feeling built and while I was writing I just freaked out and started rectifying the NYSE chart and dove in.


(Oops! Sorry this is the wrong chart above- I’ll update it later!)

As I was looking at the NYSE chart – I was a little surprised to realize that transiting Neptune was making an opposition to the natal Mars and the transiting Moon was about to light that puppy up. Transiting Jupiter was also opposing the Sun. And as you can see transiting Uranus was hitting the cusp of the 9th house right at the midpoint between the natal Moon and Saturn. All that and the fast moving South Node and Venus and Sun were starting to conjunct the natal Pluto. None of that seemed good. Traditionally, the big falls happen in the fall. So I was a little surprised to see so many activating aspects that looked negative. I was a bit worried because I really figured a big crash would happen in the fall of 2019 so I looked for reiteration in the US Constitution Signing Chart. In fact I spent the rest of the night looking at patterns in both the US CS chart and the NYSE chart. The 1929 chart seemed like it showed up more in the US CS chart then in the NYSE exchange chart. It was in both but the aspects were not very exact in the NYSE exchange chart which worried me a bit. As you can see above I have a different chart for the stock market then the rectified one I put up the other night. I found an alternative time online and it seems to time out a lot better. In this new chart Uranus was right on the cusp of the 8th/9th over the last couple of days and made more sense in the 1929 chart.

**I will insert the chart here later – Technical problem that wouldn’t let me insert it.

However, in 1929 we didn’t have have the same rules, regulations and stop gaps that were put into place later so even though the aspects were not as insane as they were in the 2008 chart – it clearly was enough for an innate volatile and unchecked market to plunge. In this chart Uranus is going through the 8th (other people’s money 8th and Uranus=volatility) Pluto was making an applying square to the Moon in the 8th and the lights were Mercury/Sun midpoint on the natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction which opposes the natal Saturn/Moon opposition. So basically there is a T-Square from Pluto in Cancer being triggered by those faster moving planets. And the general volatility of Uranus in the 8th and the time period where there were less controls over the market made it take a plunge. Neptune was also conjunct the cusp – just hitting the first house. That big shift over that 1st house on the angle was also a major contributor despite the fact that it was making a trine to Venus. Whenever a big planet hits that point something should happen. Otherwise that T-square (by the Pluto in Cancer transit) should have had a counterpoint when Pluto hits that same point in opposition like – oops, NOW!


So this is the rectified chart I did. In this one you can see Uranus hitting the Saturn in the 9th and Pluto is at 19 degrees. In this one Mars is right on the cusp of the 5th. The 5th rules gambling and we can see Venus/South Node/Sun/Mercury transiting the 7th making a roll over natal Pluto in Aquarius (7th house/legal issues) and most of those planets making an opposition to the natal Uranus in the 1st house. Neptune is also in the 8th starting to oppose the natal Mars and starting an inconjunction to natal Uranus in the 1st – lots of volatility. Transiting Saturn is also in the 5th making a trine to Venus causing constriction in gambling but it seems to suggest that once it moves past the 5th it could settle down. Now I’m going to go back to the alternate chart and see if it makes a big difference for this same period.


In this chart Uranus is on the 8/9th house cusp hitting that midpoint of natal Jupiter/Neptune. Now if this is the real chart it seems like the market will stay supressed longer as Uranus will stay on that point for awhile. Transiting Mercury is close to the cusp of the 6th. All the same planetary configurations still apply only the houses are slightly different. And this one seems a lot worse as transiting Pluto is going through the 5th of gambling and making the applying T-Square. So let’s look at the US CS chart and see if we can tell just how bad this really is right now in that chart.



This chart was done for today 2-5-2018 on the big drop but the planets are close enough and it should clarify what the heck is going on. Transiting Mercury is right on the ascendant with the South Node/Sun/Venus all together going through the first house and conjuncting the natal Saturn/Pluto that are there. Venus indeed hit that natal Saturn today. OK that’s a clear market correction. Uranus is in the 3rd inconjuncting the Sun in the 7th – 3rd-newspapers/media/communication and the 7th legal issues, partnerships and in Virgo work/service. It seems this is very much about the political stuff going on. The Moon triggered the natal Neptune and opposes the transiting Uranus in the 3rd. People are nervous – freaked out, afraid. Now we have this applying Uranus making a square to the natal Uranus and this aspect is creating the division we see in our country and the inside revolution taking place inside our government. Those we thought would serve us are serving their own agenda – at war with the press – leaking, push back. The ruler of the 8th house is Mercury in this chart and indeed there is seems to be a consistent Mercury trigger when the Stock Market falls. Here we see Mercury triggering the whole thing as it hits the first house. But Mercury is a fast moving planet but the funky underlying aspects are still there. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the 12th – house of hidden enemies is making that applying T-Square from the other side (as it did in 1929) and Uranus is making an applying square to natal Uranus. This was what I was looking at when I identified 2019 as the time frame. I think this is a precursor to the much bigger market meltdown we’ll see as these aspects get closer. These bad aspects will be triggered throughout the next couple of years. So I will have to dig in more to find the next time frame for the next freak out.

OK I will do more updates on this. And try to upload the charts tomorrow. I tried to make a video today but had all kinds of technical problems. So I guess it’s just one of those days.

Blessings to all,



The stock market – with Rectified Chart


Last night I spent hours rectifying the chart of the NYSE and looking at what aspects triggered crashes and downturns. As I stated before I had a feeling we were in for a market crash – I know today is a downturn and not the big fire we might see but I did find a troubling aspect that was about to hit and that is a Venus Neptune aspect. A pattern I noticed last night when looking at the crashes. Traditionally the big crashes have happened in the fall so I was curious to see how today would go. But it looks like that Neptune aspect was enough to push the Dow down.

Interestingly I saw aspects (slightly different) in both the US constitution signing charts as well as the Stock market charts that coincided during big crashes.

so the more I’ve compared this chart with all other known stock market charts – the more accurate this one is. In this chart The Moon is at 19 instead of 20. And as we just saw drake out when Uranus hit the cusp point and Pluto hit 19 Capricorn square the natal moon. Anyway, I feel confident this is the right chart.

I though it was uploaded but I’m not seeing it so I will do so later.




Republican Party chart and transits

I’m working on an e-book that goes into greater analysis of the Trump, the Republican Party and all the confusing things that are happening right now in the political arena. I have a feeling it will be more than one book! So as I was digging into the correct chart for the start date of the Republican Party I found numerous conflicting info. Some from fellow astrologers, some from an earlier iteration of information I found online. The original date I got was from Wikipedia (which I think has been updated) didn’t have a time. Anyway long story short I found out everything including the time. The actual start date of the Republican Party is March 20, 1854 at 6:30 PM in Ripon Wisconsin.


What you may (or may not)  notice about this chart is that there is an upcoming Neptune return followed closely by an upcoming transiting Uranus that will hit natal Pluto. There will come a time period when these aspects coalesce. These are very significant aspects that will rock the party. I’ll go into depth as I look at how these transits move. Just wanted to put out the actual chart of the party as I think I have seen the wrong ones all over the place and I myself had the wrong one!


Blessings to all,



Remember the 2 stock Market crashes?

I was told before the 2008 stock market (my warning about that is what started this blog) that there would be 2. That was very clear. I started clairaudiently hearing this information at the beginning of 2007, but ignored it. Not until the spring when it became like a fly in my ear did I really take notice and then it became an internal knowing, a viscerally certainty- that was when I put the message in a bottle and started this blog. At first I couldn’t even find my blog – I had to bookmark it. It didn’t show up on any google search, but about when the economic Meltdown came (about a month later) someone started directing traffic to my blog. I don’t know who, but I saw the evidence of that. Someone knew how to boost the SEO and did this for me anonymously- I am very grateful to that person.

Well this new tax reform has been seriously freaking me out. I had put that second crash into the back of my mind. A lot of people have asked me when it would happen. But it didn’t seem likely in the foreseeable future. The past couple of months I’ve been looking into crypto coins for a client and started getting a feel or tuning into the markets. I had pulled all our retirement money out of the stock market about 2 months before the crash. I wondered if perhaps because I had no skin in the game anymore (as I never put money back in fearing the other shoe drop I was told about) so I recently used an app to buy a very small $100 worth of stock across many categories as a sort of Psychic thermometer. Through that I did feel more linked in. Once this crazy tax bill started down the pike I had hoped that the republicans would realize the political suicide they were performing and pull back. But now I really feel we are in the period before the 2nd crash. I think we have almost 2 years. I looked at October of 2019 as being a stock market meltdown. I will do more research, but this is an early heads up, so start preparing now for what will be worse than the last economic meltdown- this is going to be a massive financial earthquake unlike anything we have seen in generations.

I have a working chart for the approximate time. I will refine this as I go.

* update * Ok thanks for noticing that I had the wrong chart up here. The first chart below is likely to be a downturn – a harbinger or correction. The second chart when transiting Neptune is conjunct the natal Dow chart – it will very likely be a major crash. I have so many charts for this – I apologize as I have ben trying to nail down a time frame since the beginning of 2017. I will do more research and find other indicators to narrow this down. If anyone has any ideas please email me or post it in the comments so I can try to delineate this more accurately!

When looking for this chart in my files I found that I had made dozens of charts in or around this period over there last year but had sort of ignored it until now- how history repeats itself!

Anyway, as you can see in this chart transiting Neptune will be exactly inconjuncting natal Neptune. This is loss on a major scale by forces beyond our control. In this chart you can see that the transiting Saturn will oppose the natal moon of the market. This chart has more to

Do with the stock market then anything else but as it has historically been a barometer of the economy I think it’s important. I will look into other indicators and if I find solutions to help people

Protect themselves I will post them and go over this stuff in YouTube videos. I find it is often easier to post stuff in my blog – so for quicker updates check here. The videos will be used as an overview.

Get involved! The more of us who do the better the ultimate outcome we will have.

May the Great Spirit Bless all of you! Happy holidays!🌟


Washington State…

Since I decided to look into what was going to happen to Oregon during the California Threat Period and it looked like what was going to happen for California was also going to somehow impact Oregon, I decided to see how far up the west coast this period of chaos would impact Washington State.

Included below is the chart of Washington state overlaid with the CA threat period I have identified. What you can see very clearly is that Transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Saturn and Pluto right at the 4th house cusp or IC opposing the MC or Midheaven. When a similar aspect happened back in 1994 we had the big Southern CA earthquake, aka Northridge. In that chart which is also below. You can see that a stellium in Capricorn (a conjunction of several planets in the same sign and one out of sign planet in this case) hit the IC of the city of Los Angeles at the time of that earthquake. Neptune, Mars, Uranus, the Sun, Venus and Mercury were coming close to the IC with Venus and Mercury flanking the midpoint of that 3 degree Aquarius point. The moon in Aries making the sextile to that point and returning to its natal place in conjunction with the Sun, Venus and Mercury (all fast moving planets) very likely triggered the release of this explosive, violent energy. This Capricorn stellium was also making an exact inconjunction to natal Mercury in the 10th while Mars and Neptune sextiled Jupiter in the 1st, mollifying the aspect some. The earthquake, which was extremely violent and intense was said to be softened by it’s time of day. If it had happened during the day untold numbers of people could have died. Jupiter helped save the day here.

As I am digging into the patterns emerging for the spring of next year, I am increasingly beginning to think this is a giant quake that goes from California all the way up through Oregon and into Washington. The other possibility is the North Korean scenario which could cause wide spread panic and damage along the coast. While I can’t be sure what any of this will exactly entail I suggest to anyone living on the West Coast, BUY INSURANCE ASAP! Any and all kinds of insurance as whatever is coming, something is, and it’s best to be prepared. Get your earthquake kits together and come up with plans on how to survive. With it being in Aries there will likely be fire involved in this series of events, it does seem possible that either this will be an attack, which is the purview of Aries/Mars or fires also under the rulership of the aforementioned or possibly volcanic activity or some combination of all of this. Whatever is coming – preparation and support are key. Be safe and blessing to all. I will go over all the recent predictions in a YouTube video as soon as I have time to do so. Blessings to all – be safe and use your intuition!

Image-1 (4).pngImage-1 (2).png




Vision about North Korea

Monday, before I did a reading, I did my normal ritual of tuning in, and clearing the space for information to come in – I was hit with a vision which I did not report partially because I didn’t want to post it at the same time as the Oregon warning, and partially because I really wasn’t sure what it meant. But after today when the information came out about the North Korean soldier shot at, when he went across the demilitarized zone, I thought I should get this out there. So here goes. I will try to interpret it but my interpretation could be wrong so…

I was in a rural area of North Korea looking out over a city (I assume it was Pyongyang but?) I was one of a half dozen or so soldiers – I felt like 8, but I didn’t see that many, we were dressed in black uniforms. I felt like I was an American soldier there on a special mission, deployed for a purpose as we were approaching the city when a nuclear explosion went off over the city. It wasn’t that big. I didn’t feel the effects of it from where I was, so later when I thought about it – perhaps it was a tactical nuke?  I was dumbfounded, confused by the sight of this, as it wasn’t told to me or the other soldiers that this was going to happen. We were confused and I felt retreated. But the vision switched at that point to an youngish Asian woman holding a toddler boy in her arms. I felt like this woman and child survived to tell the story. I then saw missiles, several of them coming from North Korea toward the US. Most of them fell into the ocean on the way. One of them hit near Hawaii, but didn’t hit the actual land. One of them hit off the coast of California near the southern most part, I think the San Diego area, I wasn’t sure if it hit the land or exploded near the land and or beach. I then saw a line of cars stuck trying to get over the mountain range between California and the neighboring states. It was a dead stop – impossible to get our – a total impasse.

After this I thought about the issue of the black uniforms. What division of the military would wear a uniform like this. I did some internet research and found that in March of this year troupes fighting Isis have had a uniform change wearing all black. The uniforms in the photo looked similar to the one I saw in the vision. What that meant I wasn’t sure. The other part of the vision which came sort of on the heels of the main part of this piece was the impression that either as a result of the explosion or around the time of it the ring of fire was activated. Volcanic activity and earthquakes ensued.

When I thought about the part of the woman and child – which most confounded me, I thought the feeling was she lived to tell the story of the bombing. As if the bombing was secret and unknown to the world, and to the US citizens and citizens of the world. This made me feel as if our country had some sort of first strike scenario that was meant to get the North Koreans to act out, so that we could rally the world to our side as the North Koreans reacted to our advances, as if we were being attacked rather than reacted to. I felt the time frame was early next year between January and the time frame I have given in other posts and YouTube videos about the California Threat Period I have outlined.

I have no idea whether a tactical nuke like this would register in the same way as a bigger nuclear event or not, or if this would in itself set off alarm bells to other countries. I have to investigate this angle of my theory here about what the vision meant. My feeling from the vision was that there is something in the works along the lines of  how we have taken out previous dictators, deposed them, which is what the special forces military group I was a part of in the vision was there to do, or if this was some sort of start of a tactical ground troupe movement headed into the capital city. I think the main point of the vision was that the US was planning aggressive military action against the North Korean dictatorship and as a result they will launch the missiles they have against our country. In the vision it was clear that it would not be entirely successful on the North Koreans end, but would cause wide spread panic in the western part of the U.S.

All of this however could be mostly symbolic and I’m hoping that what I saw was the recent incident of the North Korean soldier trying to cross the boarder. It could be that this event is used to stir up support for a ground war in the peninsula. I hope not. Perhaps it was just a very exaggerated vision of what took place and the vision was just a warning to us not to allow this incident to be used to start a war that will end up setting off a chain of strikes.

I’ll leave all of you with this and let you try to decipher this. I will post more if it comes to me or I get anymore information.

Blessings to all and pray for peace!


Included below is a screen shot of the information I dug up about the change in uniform I referenced above.

Image-1 (1).png