Dream Journal

Here it is everyone. Post your dreams for all to see. Let’s collect them and try to find any common themes or patterns. Hope you all join me in this experiment.

Best wishes and many blessings,


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    1. Victoria says:

      OMG! I had a very similar dream, and more than once. A few years ago (around 2012-2013), I saw two tsunamis on the West Coast (felt like on the North and South of California) and one wiping out New York. Last week I had another dream of a giant wave, black water with chunks of ice approaching the coast (I live in Vegas and it felt like the wave could reach the city). The water was stopped by the mountains… pretty scary.

  1. Buddhadreamer says:

    Hullo again from Buddha Dreamer. This is my last post of the year.
    Well, I got some things right, it seems, like the prediction of the recent super-storm, etc, and Obama getting a close vote but a clear win in the electoral college. Likewise, my middle east predictions, including the change from almost certain war, to a clamp down on the Isreali’s that stopped it developing, and kept it short and localized.
    So, what do I see for 2013?
    Well, that 2012 didn’t end in a historic Mayan prophecy disaster, and neither is it going to in 2013. The world will continue, but most of 2013 will be a lull before the Storm. Literally. it should be storms. More big, strange, scary weather events, next year, that are going to be outed by scientists as definitely linked to climate change, no matter what the FOX NEWS crazies tell You. I am getting a big hit on Florida, all down the east Coast of the State, and people on the other coast get off lightly. Miami, is going to get not exactly a tidal wave, more of a BIG storm surge and water surging through the streets, alligators in the parking lots, and power and energy outages and shortages. It will be nasty. The State Government will be given a “B” Grade for its efforts on this one, but still a lot better than the New Orleans fiasco. FEMA will be a B grade as well. There will be racial violence and ethnic tensions in the aftermath. The world will watch, and shudder.

    I also see no significant political terrorism in the USA for a year. But things will be brewing underneath. a long overdue large terrorist attack may take place either very late 2013 or early (Spring?) 2014.If it happens, It will ignite another (Small) foreign war again for the USA. This time stupendous efforts will be made to limit events, not get quagmired, and get out of the exit as fast as possible, re American interventions. It will almost be more like an old fashioned “Punitive Expedition”, that old favorite of the (Defunct) British Empire.

    Now, Mexico. In 2013, more of the same, but worse. An increasingly unstable Government, more narco-terrorism, more social instability, and a serious financial crisis from the collapse of Mexican oil exports. I see that the old indigenous social groups are going to get very restive, and the old colonial style traditional elite are going to have their power badly shaken.
    I see cross border incursions, from America, and that a sort of “Silent War” will develop in Northern Mexico. This will be allowed to develop into a semi-insurgency, and will backfire on America. if not dealt with, the internal Hispanic population in USA will become very unhappy.

    Politically, in the US, I do see Obama springing some surprises on people. Some limited gun control efforts will succeed. More changes to the federal support of the health care system. But in agriculture, this is going to be a bad period. The Mid-West will suffer more huge droughts, the main grain crops will be largely lost, and there will be a crisis in basic food production. People in America will really only notice it in higher food prices, but abroad, they will notice the huge drop in American food exports. Long term, this will be a continuing trend, and will get worse. In five years, it will become an internal American crisis.

    This winter is strangely unpredictable. It might be one of extremes. leave it at that. More perhaps later.

    Lastly, although not in 2013, I do see some sort of later disaster in the American West, on the Eastern side of the Rockies, it’s weather/natural disaster related, and will be severe. But expect glimpses of it this coming year.

    I wish I could be more cheerful, but I have to say what I see. Happy holidays to everyone.
    Buddha Dreamer.

  2. I have a feeling you are correct on most of what you said – especially about the weather events. I keep trying to encourage people to at least try a little gardening, but I seldom convince anyone to try it. I live in the Plains and last year, it was not the drought which devistated my garden, it was insects who were especially bad because the winter was not cold enough long enough to reduce their numbers.

    I hope you are right on modest gun control improvements. The NRA response to the most recent tragedy was pathetic, scary and predictable. Personally, I think the average gun owner when faced with an unarmed intruder would be over powered or otherwise overcome by the intruder and likely shot with their own weapon. However, there never seem to be any statistics on gun owners or their family members killed with their own weapons.

  3. Buddhadreamer says:

    Well Grace, I do get that Obama does get finally some sort of federal gun control. It will be weak, and more a reinstatement of what has been before, and allowed to lapse. Plus some new basics, like, all gun owners have to have proper criminal checks, at federal level, and show a local (state) gun qualification of competency etc, as well. Also some new limits on weapons themselves, like assault rifles etc. It’s going to be sort of known as the “Anti-Rambo” law. The idea is to stop people who go “Postal” from turning into little “Terminators”. Huge rows and disputes about this, but this one, the Soccer Moms are going to win, eventually. Some States will build on the federal law, and tighten up their own laws. Others will drag their heels, and do the absolute minimum. So a mixed result. People will speak of “Postal”, and “Terminator” States, and “Peace” States. America will polarize geographically on this one. “Peace” States versus “Hate” States. Weird.

    On Weather, nature, etc, I do wish I could get more of a handle on the “Big” event that is possible in the far West, almost under the foothills of the Eastern Rockies. I think it might be a combination of severe weather, (Winter?) and a geophysical event, like a big Earthquake. The combination is lethal. More later. The Mexican situation is very worrying. It is going to rebound on America. It will be revealed that America is playing “Banana Republic” type politics in its own back yard, and it has been running a covert-type internal mini-war in Northern Mexico. Great anger and unrest of the Hispanic Youth inside the USA. I fel, sadly, that Mexico, in it’s present form, has no future at all. It sort of silently fragments, in the next 5-10 years. Parts of it resemble Vietnam in the bad days. The Government is weakened, and it’s writ does not run, in many places. The problems do spread across the border, into the US. I see a sort of emergency situation in some border states, eventually, in the next few years.

    What I do see, is actual domestic American terrorism and violence. This has nothing to do with Islam, and everything to do with the anger of the Whites and Repug style extremists, as they realize another kind of America is struggling to emerge (It will, slowly), and that the old America is going away. Think more Oklahoma style attacks, etc. Also attacks on prominent Americans “They” hate. America is in for a very bad five years, I think. The next election after Obama is going to be crucial. I sense there were a lot of “Florida/Bush” type attempts at voter fraud in the recent election, that got thwarted, or did not work as well as “They” had hoped. It will be a lot worse this time, and there will be election violence. 2016 is going to be a sort of “Blade-Runner” science fiction type reality for America. people will look back, and say: “How could a country change so much, in so short a time”?
    It will be almost like the huge change in America between Pearl Harbour and V-Day in 1945. The country will never be the same.

  4. Marie says:

    Buddha Dreamer, I do sincerely appreciate your insights, but regret reading it. Now, I feel helpless and all of what your predicted is just heartbreaking. not to make you feel bad, but know that sometimes you do have to be careful of what you say or predict… just sayin..

    I do predictions as well,and I’ve learned to be careful of what I say to others, especially to the extra sensitives and can trigger a negative reaction. Can’t blame everything on the messenger I understand, but you choose to reveal and that is fine.

    I do see with Obama on gun control will be successful and yes, I do agree the social conservatives or extremists who cling to their guns will attempt to take over… but most or the majority of those attempts will be thwarted. Think of the white supremacist groups “KKK”.

    I believe the republican partys old status quo is on their way out, slowly, and yes, New Liberal America will be achieved, this is what’s so hard, with the old white men clinging to old white America will eventually yield to New America… this will be the rough and tough change for all of us.

    Koch Brothers are in for a rough ride in 2013 & 2014 for there will be a scandal in regards to their dark money and other hidden agendas will be revealed to the public. There influence will be lessened and democracy will be restored. unfortunately due to their success with state legislation’s for the past several years and during *George W Bush* admin was helping lobbyists enhanced the sale of weapons, assault weapons by dropping the ban in 2004. yes, this ban will be more or less a symbol and the same problems are still there, but I believe the NRAs efforts will be reduced and I agree, soccer moms will win this war.

  5. Marie says:

    I wish to add another insight to which I wanted to add in the section of gun control. In spite of many and an outrage with what NRA Vice President commented on how having schools be armed was not well received. I, However, do agree with this thought. why? because of the uphill battle on implementing “federal ban” on assualt weapons and that would take many months if not years to pass in the house and senate. take a look at the state of Texas which allowed teachers to carry a concealed weapon.

    There will be lots of debates, but ultimately a quick fix such as employing trained school marshals to protect the kids in schools. you won’t know who they are, they could be a janitor, school teacher, or even a grounds keeper, you will only know them by the clothes they wear. This will work in spite of millions advocating no guns in schools. it’s a complex problem, and one that the NRA has created, but dirty politicians are also responsible.

    Pray and ask for peace in everyone’s heart. I know that sounds like a pipe dream, but I prefer to view the world with endless possibilities, and because we are better than those who hate, we are better than that.

    I read that the Mayans believed the coming of change is a spiritual one, and by that it means when nations stop proving aggressively they’re number one, than nations will put down their weapons and look to their hearts.

    Peace on earth..

  6. Whtiney A says:

    Last night I had a dream about earthquakes and aliens. It was night time in mississippi I was at a restaurant. I felt two strong trembles from the ground it was scary. A light came across the sky as if it was lightning and in the distant horizon i say this purple almost redish like comet coming up the sky. As it got closer a trail of alien spaceships followed. The ships was round dark gray color and the earthquakes got stronger i was then terrified. All i could think was my kids was at the house and can i make it home to get them and try to get out of town but by then i woke up.

  7. Crazy energy lately, sick repeatedly, but finally the fever broke last night after a bizarre dream about my son and I witnessing a meteor impact. We were up in the mountains near the sea, with others, preparing to evacuate because the sky had gone very grey during the daytime and we had received some sort of warning. My son was younger, and the society was sophisticated but almost seemed to belong to another time in Earth’s history. My son was also younger than he is now. The dream was very detailed, but the main points were that we looked to to see a massive flaming black object, the size of a building, heading towards the ocean about 30 miles to the distance, We started to run as smaller meteorites that had broken off came down from the sky. My son broke away and ran ahead, and fell into a large open water chute, churning with storm water and spiralling down. I went in after him, caught him, and took him to an open control booth for the water dams, which was deserted except for an elderly woman in a drab uniform. She seemed to be some sort of gatekeeper. I told her what had happened and siad we had to leave before the waters came. She answered the phone, listened, motioned for us to drink the tea she had served; I refused. A hovercraft appeared and I did not want to get in, and instead my son and I disappeared into a previously hidden crack in the mountainside which had spiral stone stairs heading up, back to where we came. There is more to it, esp some things that this woman said. This dream was so vivid, in hyper-real colors.

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  9. buddhadreamer says:

    BuddhaDreamer here again;
    Well, I have to comment on Denise’s recent thoughts about a big violent event in LA, possibly a Nuclear Weapon going off. There are two things here: One is that there are alternate futures, and in one of them, I am seeing North Korea going postal, and attacking South Korea with a nuclear weapon on Seoul, the capital, and an invasion. They also then get attacked by America, with a nuclear strike. This is a counter strike on Pyongyang, the North Korean capital. The Koreans, who have long prepared for this day, then launch a number of missiles at America. Some get through, some fail, and some are shot down by the anti-missile defense system in Alaska. But some land on their targets. I get about five cities, some big, including LA. The size of the explosions is bad, but not enough to destroy a place the sheer size of LA. Likewise elsewhere, like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Frisco has a narrow escape. (nearby burst.) New York is devastated. That is about it. Washington escapes. (I think this is special secret weapons that protect it). Anyway, it has an effect on America that is hideous. Only 5% of the American population dies immediately, but the consequences are long term and crushing. This is one reality. There are others, in which this is avoided. I think, Denise, that the sheer power, emotionally, of such alternate events tends to frown out the actual true path of the future for us, but I am getting very concerned,a\s is the American government. They do not understand the Asian mentality, the issues of “Face”, and pride, and sense of grievance in Korea about the war, all these years later. They realise that they have mishandled and miscalculated the situation, made mad and bad decisions, and that they are now getting the consequences. They will never admit this. The American Government is making quite preparations for a limited war with North Korea, not realizing that the consequences of that could be devastating. They are now between a rock and a hard place. Not good. It actually comes down to Obama. If he miscalculates, that’s it.

  10. Marie says:

    Buddha Dreamer~ you have quite an active imagination. how do you sleep at night? I prefer not to get to caught up with heavy dark barbaric visions from others.

    as for North Korea Leader Kim Jong is all talk, a bully playing a game of chicken little. he will not do anything so stupid as to fire off a nuclear missile, that would get the wrath of USA and other countries like China. North Korea could and can be wiped off the map. He’s a bully throwing his weight around. He really is scared and pooping in his pants.

    As for Denise’s interpretation on the city of New York being wiped out by a Hurricaine, well that pretty much happened last year of 2012. true that could happened again…

    I’ve been a dream interpreter since I was a little girl unraveling the mysteries of life. 99 percent of our dreams represents your inner world and your own dreams speak to you through metaphors.

    Psychics who chooses to reveal such darkness, and without any proof that it will happen, should refrain themselves and to think twice from speaking out on such tragedies, when it’s very possible it’s speaking to you only.

    do you spend time obsessing on negative people and places? What we spend time thinking about and talking about endlessly, will manifest through your dreams. some foods we eat can make you have crazy dreams.

    My mother used to tell me often…”some things are better left unsaid, than to be said at all” or “some things are better left unsaid”

    I read that the Mayans believed the coming of change is a spiritual one, and by that it means when nations stop proving aggressively they’re number one, than nations will put down their weapons and look to their hearts.

    Peace on earth..

  11. Graham Ennis says:

    hullo Buddha dreamer here again. I wanted to post on the missing airliner in Malaysia…firstly, I am getting that we will not immediately find out fully what happened, but we will get the full, and strange story, later. I do see that the plane has not crashed, but has landed somewhere, and is more or less intact. It could fly again, with refueling. I cannot get the fate of the majority of people on board. But I am getting that at least one of the crew is still alive. I also think that a stewardess is a survivor. I also get that a 14 year old girl holds the secret of what has happened. She is a relative of one of the crew members, or of someone else on board. I am getting that the site of the location of the plane is very very remote, it is on land, and very few people live there. It is quite cold, and windy. I think it is in central Asia. The reason for the plane diverting is just not emerging yet…but will be very strange. That,s it so far……

  12. Thomas says:

    I woke up this morning with a blonde haired woman singing to me, “Darrah do you want to go ‘way.”

    In the dream we were having a conversation about our psychic training backgrounds, in a flirtatious kind of way. Then I told her about these post apocalyptic dreams I had about living in the Santa Cruz area.

    I did an internet search on the name Darrah, and it means Dark Oak. I also found a Darrah, California about 150 miles east of Santa Cruz.

  13. Thomas says:

    I had another one of my reoccurring dreams about Southern California being destroyed by natural disasters. There was also a blonde haired woman in the dream that I was warning, and then carrying through the disasters.

    Repeating 5’s have been showing up everywhere for me, and the accepted meaning has to do with change, or more specifically, big changes.

  14. Thomas says:

    Last night I was dreaming about a woman that bought a real expensive Ibanez acoustic guitar. It was a dream within a dream, and I was looking for numbers on the guitar so I could prove to her that I was dreaming about it. I was also dreaming about wearing red stockings and red underwear, and I heard “bad news” as I woke up, plus the song Modern Woman.

  15. Graham Ennis says:

    Well, after a year of silence, I am posting again. I have been doing deep meditation and some divination on the present Presidential race. Interesting results.
    Number One:
    Trump does not get elected. All the Runic symbols for him come up with ice and stagnation. But He will be vastly changed by the experience. Expect a different Trump afterwards.

    Number Two,
    Bernie Sanders is going to lead the first part of the race. He is connecting with the people in an amazing way. He will win primaries, and Hilary is going to take a lot of damage from him, for a while. It is unclear as to outcome, but at the moment, He is in the lead……this is not going to last. he also, will be changed hugely by the experience. Expect a stronger, more powerful, and less conflicted man to emerge from this race. His impact on Clinton is going to change and refocus her a lot.

    Number Three.
    Clinton is in deep trouble. I see doubt, violence,and storms around her. The hate directed at her is in itself evil. The American Right, and the hard core social conservatives, are going to pull out everything to destroy her. She is in some direct danger, and must take great care. At the moment, She is sliding back. This will change, and she will edge ahead, but it will be painful to watch. This whole thing is going to drain her and exhaust her. Sanders will have a powerful impact on her thinking. She will make concessions to the Sanders supporters, as the Right are never going to support her, but it will not be enough. At the moment, I do not see her either winning the race. This is a paradox. The republicans are desperately trying to field a Trump replacement, and it is a huge problem for them. Their candidate is going to run neck and neck with Clinton. But the republican will stumble, at a crucial moment. I think the outcome is not yet decided, but strange and paradoxical, like the first Bush Election. Clinton gets the vote, but at the moment, fails at the last moment. Curious. It all depends on the trump replacement. Trump will disappear after the Primaries. History is not yet set in its course, and we must await events, some of which will be horrible., next year will be a year of real struggle and danger for the American Nation, due to international events, especially in the middle East, and these events will impact on the outcome. The fate of not just America, but the entire West, now approaches a major fork in the road. Frightening times.

  16. Graham Ennis says:

    Further details on the Election. It is becoming slightly clearer. Trump is definitely not going to be the final candidate for the Republicans. The silent powerful ones in the Republican Party will not support him, and do not want him as a candidate. They will act as a Cabal, and force through an alternative candidate. This candidate is going to run a tight and exhausting race with Clinton. neck and neck. It ends in the electoral college, but is too close to call at this stage. At the moment, the Republican has a slight edge in the electoral college. It depends on who is chosen to run against her. Rubio is a possibility, but absolutely nothing is either clear or decided at the moment. As things are now, it is a close call, but I think the Republican, (not known at the moment,) gets it. This may change. it all depends on who they choose to runa against Her.

      1. Buddhadreamer. says:

        Zoma, agreed, with your agreeing. Lots of bad stuff heading down the Pike. Probably a big war in the MIddle East is now inevitable.

  17. Buddhadreamer. says:

    Election update. looking grim. Hilary is getting deeper into the clutches of some bad people, who do not like her at all, but are hedging their bets. Big corporates, and the like. A lot of Liberal Democrats are going to hold their noses and vote for her, but it will not be enough. also, the media are going to treat this election like a Gladiatorial conquest, and be very nasty. There is also the issue of international events, which are going to be very bad next year. The Repugs will beat the war drums….and the red-necks and six-packs will turn out in droves to vote for them…..the race is going to be even closer than I thought, but very strange. The support is going to zig-zag all over the place in the first part of next year. Hilary is going to have her back to the wall, on this one. But when it’s too late to effect events, expect some mega-scandles to erupt, as the mother of all leaks exposes just what has been going on inside “Deep America”…. this is going to be an angry election, and not nice. I think that behind the scenes, the Republicans have organized some nasty stuff to help clinch a very close result. It will succeed. God help America.

  18. jelzey says:

    I wonder what demons men in a dream. It was either one dream or two related dreams with mostly the same people in them. I’ll skip to the parts about the demons. I was the oldest person in the house when a ghostly entity tried to enter through the front door. There were wo of them both greyish and see through. I forced them back with a white plastic spoon. Then through a window came a horned, scally human like figure, reddish in color. I ran to a room where a baby was crawling, I picked up the baby as the demon came into the room from another doorway. At this point my recall is the dream ended or it went to the other episode. I’m crawling through a tunnel with a rope tied around my waist. I get to entrance to a chamber kighted by two windows. I throw in a handful of nails and bottle caps. There is a “person” in the room I recognize. To the right is a statute that says St. Anthony. Like in the movies I demand to know their names. The statute turns into a reddish animal with horns.I yell to be pulled out. I get out just as the demon is at my head. Ironically, the alarm clock goes off at this time.

  19. Buddhadreamer. says:

    Hi. I am now getting that Trump will withdraw late spring or before, and the issues are medical ones. They may be due to injuries, or other causes…..not a good outcome, due to the consequences. Rubbio is emerging as a preferred candidate, but the controllers of the Republican Party will disastrously choose Bush. Rubbio will reappear alter in the Election.

  20. BuddhaDreamer says:

    The race becomes stranger and stranger. There is an almost satanic set of forces pushing now behind Trump. They desperately want and need an extreme right wing candidate to push their war agenda. Sanders is a decent man, and knows what he is up against. But for him to win, he has to beat Hillary, and that is looking tighter and tighter. The race in Iowa is the decider. If Bernie wins, it will change a great deal, and cause a major problem for Hillary. I get a strange message: “Outcome depends on the storm”. ????

  21. Thomas says:


    I have this feeling this dream has to do with you and your daughter for some reason.

    Posted: Feb 2 2016, 12:09 PM

    Last night I was dreaming about swimming in the ocean with Killer Whales. I was talking to this one female Killer Whale with a child, and she was thinking about feeding me to her child. Her and her child looked sick and emaciated.

    Then I was dreaming I was swimming in this public (school?) pool with my High School friend Bill, and a bunch of other people. There was a female instructor or teacher there, and I was swimming underwater and holding my breath for a really long time, which seemed to concern the instructor. Bill was having a contest with this other guy to see how long they could hold their breaths underwater, and I did it over twice as long as them, and even swam underwater all over the pool.

    I had some other dreams also, but I’ve forgotten them now.

    I woke up with “Your Love Is King” by Sade.

    Note: the official Sade video is a “tarot card” synch.

    “If Orca has come into your Dream;

    To see an Orca or Killer Whale in your dream indicates that you need to be more social or more vocal about something. Step up and speak up. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes spiritual guidance. It is letting your know that you are ready to confront your emotions by making the connection between your conscious and subconscious aspects of the self.”

  22. Jessica corda ram says:

    Hi im jessey, i have dream its weird dream, about me & my husband in one place like nigth place, then on that place i saw my past lovers i was so scared so i told my hubby i going to toilet, so i can to my ex but i never see him wen i come bck to the place wer i leave my hubby like nobody around like im alone i thought i lost but i remember the colorful wer we seating.then i turn bck again i saw them my hubby & some people then i shock my hubby talking to my ex like they know each other.then i told him lets go bck my hubby invite my ex in our house my ex keep at me my heart palpiting so fast then my hubby said go with him i ask him why but no angry face i can see on him, then i told him our kids i saw them crying , but my ex hold my hand & say let go i really confusef shock bcos i go wit him & i keep saying my kids & he keep saying we will be happy. Then i woke up scared i cnt explained myself but i keep thinking of it. Asking myself why my husband nevet get angry why he let me go. Then next day that dream comes again like continuation of that dream same place & the colorful chair that highlights on that dream , i saw again my ex & hubby. But this dream have impact on me bcos i was really thinking of it whole day why thay dream came bck why i dream of my ex why on that dream i only can see clearly the colorful chair even its dark so on my dream i lost but i saw the chair i said no this is the place then wen that dream come bck first i saw the chair & i say same place .i trying to wake up myself & thinking why my dream comes 2 times, whatbos the meaning of this dream?

  23. Jessica corda ram says:

    Hello, again its me jessey, day after i have dream about numbers, this how its start,, my hubby office driver old man came to me and keep saying jessey u win on lotto , i was shock bcos i said i never buy number but his holding the ticket showinh to me no jeesey look, ur number came out its realy clear written there the number 16/38 and the bet is $3 bbig2 small i can see old man face happy looking at me, but me on that dream was not happy like i was shock , then i keep seeing 16/38 .but wen i woke up im trying to recall the the dream but i only remember the old man happy face saying i win & 16 but i cnt remember the next number, i close my eyes focus think & yes its appear clearly 16/38 but i want to know wat is the meaning or sign of this dream numbers & the person not close to u seldom see that appear very happy talking to me on my dream & saying i win.

  24. BuddhaDreamer says:

    Election events are becoming very unstable. It is veering about between alternative futures and outcomes. We have Outcome One: Hillary as President. Outcome Two. Trump as President, Outcome three. Sanders as president. (in no particular order).
    Hilary is in the lead, but dark events are encroaching on her. political muckraking and certain hidden things from the Clinton Presidency, such as some “Suicides” and also the scale of her illegal activities exploiting her Office, and the Clinton Foundation. I think much of this will not emerge, until after she actually becomes nominated as the candidate, then the full force of them will be let rip by the “Dark ones”. I do not see her becoming the President, due to last minute electoral events, at the moment, but it is incredibly finely balanced.

    Trump will crash and burn spectacularly. (Afterwards, mark carefully my words). He is not going to be President. Full stop. Something like the plotters against Hitler is taking place. In the meantime, he is destroying the Republican Party in it’s present form. They are going to split, Post Election, in all but name, into two hostile groups, torn apart by internal wars.

    Sanders. He is now going to give Clinton a desperate fight for her political life. The Democrat national Committee are already rigging the nomination and the convention, but they too are now feeling besieged. It may not go according to plan. It is also finely balanced. There are also plots against Sanders, of a violent kind, mostly low level, not really credible, but there are two things he has to watch for. One is “Lone Nut Jobs”, the other is a well organized plot deep in the military industrial complex. The Secret Service and the FBI are aware of what is going on, but overstretched, and up against forces and powers to high up to confront. They watch and wait So does America. in the meantime, I see a huge concentration of energies on Sanders. it is like a Whirlpool. He now actually is going to pull into the lead, in moral terms, and in prestige. Clinton will now start to look increasingly old, gaunt, haggard, and exhausted. Her spiritual energy is draining away, and she feels it is all going horribly wrong, whatever she says in public. She is now feeling trapped, a product of, and owned by, the USA Political machine, subject utterly to them, and with on real independence. She will fight to the end. Sanders is now encroaching on her big time. The real race is now Sanders V: Clinton. But Clinton, if she gets the nomination, will then be ruthlessly destroyed by the muckrakers. She will not survive. Sanders is now surrounded by a sort of light energy, he has become symbolic of the new America that is waiting to be born. We have here, possibly, a new Roosevelt, a new “New deal”. If he gets the nomination, he becomes President, failing attempts to eliminate him. There is now a strong possibility of that happening. But in a strange way. Sanders will offer Elizabeth Warren the vice presidency. Clinton will be forced into a corner and will try to offer Sanders the VP slot. Interesting. That will be the key issue. The political horse trading.
    If Sanders is defeated in the Nomination, at the convention, he will accept. That will secure a Clinton victory, but she will fall, like Nixon. Sanders then takes over. Strange. If Sanders gets the nomination, he will offer the VP to Clinton. (Not because he wants to, but the political machine will force him to. She will refuse. But Sanders wants Elizabeth Warran as VP. She will accept.
    This is exactly balanced, now. It is Sanders or Clinton as President, but absolutely no Trump. I am not even going to discuss the Republican candidates, they will be utterly dull and not credible. I personally think of the Repug candidate as “The Mortician”. So forget everything else, it is all down to the wire with Clinton and Sanders. Nothing else now matters. But behind the scenes, a war is going on, in the Democratic party, as well. A new america is struggling to be born.
    The outcome is still open. Bernie or Hillary.

    1. Marie says:

      you’re predicting two outcomes. either or? I don’t understand with what you’re conveying. too many variables.

  25. BuddhaDreamer says:

    Exactly that, Marie. The matter has not yet settled. It could go either way. fascinating. We really are at a fork in the road. It is becoming a little clearer now. The forces pushing for Clinton are huge. They will stop at nothing. Sanders now has a clear moral lead, but not enough delegates. I think Clinton will get the nomination, but that we are in for a very bizarre and weird election, on the Democrat side. Not good. Clinton is going to have the fight of her life. I think that its still undecided. Strange events and things. We will not know for certain until well into Summer.

  26. Thomas says:

    Last night I was dreaming I was a homeless person living on the streets. I was sleeping on something that looked like a picture (a painting?) in a frame in a kneeling position, in some room that looked industrial, or possibly a train station or some type of public mass transit station. The police came by and were checking all the homeless people and they woke me up and tore apart the frame I was sleeping on, and they were being directed by a woman detective. They said they were looking for explosives. As I was walking away the woman detective was talking to someone saying she was watching for some number signs, so I asked her what the number signs were she was watching for, but she refused to tell me. I said I was interested because I also see number signs. As she walked away I started following her to see where she was going.

    I woke up with the song “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police playing in my mind.

  27. Marie says:

    lots of interesting metaphors Thomas. Have you listened to the lyrics of the song? I would, as I think your clue would be within the song. about the frame you were sleeping on. were you ever homeless? or have a fear of becoming homeless whether it’s now or into the future?

    I want to say the police are looking for someone to frame them for a crime someone else committed and that there is a cover up.

    however, that would be stretching it a bit…..

    one thing I’ve noticed is that there are more homeless folks now than ever before. even in Hawaii when we visited it there a few weeks ago, I saw homeless people living in the park. some were totally out of it. there were police patrolling the area, but mainly to keep the peace. Very friendly police officer looking out for the homeless.

    they really belong in a Mental hospital under a care of a dr

    it’s sad….

  28. BuddhaDreamer says:

    Well, as I write, it is just 23 days to Ground Zero. November the 8th. A kind of vast swirling tide is sweeping now through the election. The bucket chains of mud for slinging are working full speed on both sides. It is a race to the bottom. But barring a “November Surprise”, it is Hillary. Trump is swinging back and forth in the polls. It will be fairly close, but the only clear thing is that although the vote is going to be fairly tight, something strange is happening. Lots of people who usually vote will not. Lots of people that never vote, will. The numbers will even out, and look “Normal” but the vote base will in actuality be anything but. This is the most polarising election in American history since the Civil War. Whoever wins, now, I tremble for America. It will never be the same, after this. Hillary is poised to engulf America in a whole series of new wars and struggles, pushed by forces over which she has absolutely no control, and who would destroy her utterly, if she did. America will be very lucky to avoid a series of catastrophes over the next five years. trump is an unlikely winner. He will be a bad loser. America under Trump would be worse than under Reagan, and even more violent, divided, and angry than before. So, at the moment, Hillary, but I say this with zero enthusiasm. trump has one last chance, in the last two weeks of the election, when yet more dark things emerge about Hillary. But she will get in. History is being made. it will be closer than people realised at the time.

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