Dream Journal

Here it is everyone. Post your dreams for all to see. Let’s collect them and try to find any common themes or patterns. Hope you all join me in this experiment.

Best wishes and many blessings,


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  3. Hi, Buddha Dreamer here.
    I posted recently, and outlined what I thought was happening over the next 12 months….none of it good. But the path I saw has now really begun to happen. The market crisis has started, and by September, as I said, people will realize how serious it is. I saw the market crisis, and didn’t want to post it plainly, but now I think I have to be plainer about the rest of the year. The problems over next Winter, which I rated as very serious, are definitely going to happen. Just about an overwhelming national weather emergency in USA, and very bad almost everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere.
    I am still predicting the market crisis will result in very serious problems in November, and that by December, America is in a huge financial crisis, at the level of the states, with some almost bankrupt, and only technically solvent, and deeply in debt. The Federal Government is in a financial corner, and the dysfunctional politics of Washington will have got worse.

    But the big crisis is next year, in the middle east. the problem of Israel, which has been smoldering, will break out and mesh with the widespread protests and uprising elsewhere. There is the very greatest danger that next year, the Israeli’s will attack Iran, in a “Gulf of Tonkin” type incident, and dragging in America. This will be a huge crisis for the US, and Israel. Technically, they have the advantage, but it will be used to strike at Iran in something like a giant raid, with super-weapons and air strikes, plus special forces. There will be no big ground invasion. But the Iranians have a plan to attack ans strike back with huge numbers of ground troops, rolling into Afghanistan, and Iraq, and parts of the Gulf, like Bahrain. The outcome is a stalemate, of sorts, but very humiliating for America, and with huge casualties. Israel will be hated, for the huge numbers killed in Iran.
    I do see, after this, swarms of planes bringing back the American troops, to the homeland. There, they will be urgently needed.
    Next year will be the final historic turning point for the America of today. It will emerge seriously changed, and in a way hated by almost everyone in America.

  4. Juno says:

    Thanks, Buddha Dreamer, for your 2 recent posts. Depressing, but better to be forewarned. My dreams tend towards the personal like the majority, and recently they involve damage to my body. Yesterday morning I dreamt my left thumb had been cut in half, it was work related, and I was calmly trying to reattach it and not succeeding. Bizarre. Don’t remember the rest.

  5. Michelle says:

    I had a dream last night that I was ina tall building in a big city like Chicago with other people including a mother with her baby. The baby kept saying “ellen, Ellen” and pointing to the sky. We all looked out the window and there was a huge red plant–very large–everyone could see– about to crash into earth. The planet had writing on it and looked like a map. I saw the building across the street fall down. I ran into the other room where my children were to be with them. The next scene, I walked out of the building with others “teachers”. Our building was not touched but all around us had been destroyed from a large earthquake. We could see the street by us had sunk in. We speculated that this was the Madrid Fault. I kept telling people that Jesus wants us to get ready for the next dimension.

  6. Juno says:

    More dreams with body damage – this was at some place that seemed like an amusement park at first, but seemed more like a factory once inside – very dark interiors, all greys and bluish grey. We were being directed to go onto a particular ride that was like Jonah entering the mouth of the whale, but ahead I saw stacks of people, hanging from strings by their torsos, but that is all they had – heads and torsos, nothing below – except for tubes filled with blood and fluids. Elsewhere in the park they were coming out “whole” and looked human after being “processed”. Those of us that were intact saw this knew we were caught in some sort of factory/machine for processing, so we looked for a way out. The mood was like a Kafka story crossed with Lang’s Metropolis.

  7. Carol says:

    I had a dream a few weeks ago. In my dream it was day-time. A loud horn sounded across the sky. Moments later the sky went dark as in night-time. The sound of the horn was unfamiliar.

  8. Juno says:

    @ Michelle – isn’t there some sort of comet called Elin that may be in Earth’s orbit soon? Ellen/Elin sounds the same @ buddhadreamer- what you see mentions the political fallout, which will be huge, but what credence do you give, if any, to David Sereda and his theories on the galactic core?

    1. Michelle says:

      I have been reading much about the planet Niiuru and I think it is the same thing as comet Elenin. After googling David Sereda (explaining a consciousness shift on this planet, new dimension and DNA upgrade ), is exactly what my dream indicated. Very soon I feel.

  9. mike scott says:

    Hi, Buddha Dreamer here again.
    Sometimes, when you are waiting to drift off to sleep, you can get brief hallucinations of visions, like images flashed on a screen, for a few seconds. Sometimes you recognize the location, sometimes you realize its not just in another part of the planet, but in the future, as well.
    A few nights ago, I was thinking about the Israeli situation, when a seafront scene of Tel Aviv at night flashed in front of Me. Very modernistic, and stylish, interesting building designs, etc. So at some date in the future, the City is still there. But Hiroshoma was rebuilt from a total ruin…..so I did not read a lot into it. But I have been getting a very clear set of ideas from doing meditation/psychic viewing, about Israel. They are very interesting. It’s actually tearing itself apart. The general population are very mad at the elite, and protesting, but the elite are stuck in a total self-deluding trap about events. they think that if they can stick it out, things in the middle east will go back to “Normal”. Nope. The new States emerging from the old dictatorships are going to be very different. They are a huge threat to the existing power elite in Israel. Not a military threat, but an ideas threat. The old elite have run out of options and ideas for dealing with the situation they find themselves in. They simply do not know what to do. Ominously, I think, from the short flashes I am getting, that they will settle for a war, tp reset the situation to normal. Whatever that is. Next year will be very frightening…..

  10. Carol says:


    21-22 September: Perfect alignment between Earth, Elenin and Venus.
    26,27,28 September: Elenin will pass between the Earth and the Sun for 3 days.
    27 September: Perfect alignment between Elenin, Earth, Sun

  11. Buddha dreamer says:

    I think everyone is feeling, in a strange way, that something is going to happen soon. Sort of foreboding, like there will be some kind of severe crisis that will overrun the Western countries,,,etc. Very strange.
    Buddha dreamer.

  12. Jeremy says:

    Buddha Dreamer,

    I agree with you, almost like the lull before the storm. I feel very strongly that things must change in order for mankind to progress into the Aquarian Age. People must learn to be more loving and accepting of others if we hope to transition quietly into the next chapter of humanity.

  13. Juno says:

    @ Carol, your mention of the horn sounding in the sky, and its unfamiliar sound, made me think of Gabriel’s trumpet (biblical) and also Odin/Herne the Hunter (pagan) but that would be, as legend goes, in the Yule season leading up to the 12th NIght. The hunt will not lack for quarry.

  14. Juno says:

    Another “instruction” dream where I was listening to a 60ish guy who vaguely resembled Noam Chomsky in his academic manner, grey hair, side part and glasses (these dreams always figure older men and women, none of whom I actually know). The dream started where I was teaching a bog-standard lesson to 18-year olds and 10 minutes in, noticed there was this man seated between two students, taking notes on my lecture. I had not seen him come in. He had just materialized. After the lesson was over, he approached me and showed me his form and my “marks” – very good to excellent – but the criteria were strange, with sections on things like empathy and spiritual focus, like no evaluation form I have ever seen before. Several sections were not scored and I asked why. He said he could not evaluate me on these at the present. I said, “Well, can I have in-house training?” “No, that is not what you need. You have learned what you need to here and now you will go __________” I WISH I could remember the instructions he gave me, but I never do, just that i am given them. Does anyone else get these instruction dreams? I have had them on and off as long as I can remember.

  15. Seamus says:

    “No, that is not what you need. You have learned what you need to here and now you will go ,_&_get_your_affairs_in_order_.___” (????)

  16. Buddha dreamer says:

    Buddha Dreamer here again.
    I just re-read my August post on here, about various predictions, and the danger of a “Gulf of Tonkin” type incident triggering off, eventually, an attack by Israel and the USA on Iran.

    Well, now the “Tonkin incident” has happened, with the so-called plot to blow up the embassies in Washington, complete with Mexican drug cartels.
    Since 85% of the terrorists tried in America seem to be the result of FBI financed and organized “Stings” (plenty on the net about this) then sadly, looks like this is the “Incident”. Well, be warned. I am seeing “Other incidents”, much worse than this, in the near future, this Winter, leading up to a war situation being whipped up.

    What I’m clearly getting is that “They” will keep trying, until something breaks, and there is a real “Terrorist incident” that enrages Americans. Look for something like a mass bomb attack on a couple of very large shopping malls, or a stadium during a baseball game. Or a massacre of Americans in Afghanistan.(I get that these are not soldiers, but officials of some kind.)

    That’s the trigger. by the way, the Mexicans involved in the recent case have surprisingly close links to the USA. Ultimately, America’s last foreign war starts and originates in the USA.
    At the moment, like lots of other people, I am getting this awful, persistent, brooding atmosphere, like that just before a huge electrical storm, and it just does not go away. Some days, it’s so bad, i have to just crash out on the Sofa and doze.
    I think I am picking up the future “death waves” from the coming war. I do see lots of big things happening in Afghanistan, when it starts, not just in Iran. Clashes between Iranian and American forces, etc.
    Pakistan will be at war with America, in all but name.

    Comments, from anyone?
    Buddha Dreamer.

  17. barry says:

    You got it Buddha Dreamer. Another false flag operation to start another war. Obama is doing what he is told. And you are right about Mexico too. Who and why in the US governement would want to ship truck loads of military rifles to the biggest drug cartel in Mexico? Are people in the US government in the illiegal drug business too? Google operation fast and furious. If I were psychic I would be thinking about that.

  18. Buddha dreamer says:

    From: Buddha Dreamer.
    Thanks Barry, for the understanding. As a scientist, (Day job) when I’m not involved in this stuff, The Quantum model of the universe looks ever more weird, but true.So the future I pick up on, as do others with the “Gift” is the most obvious outcome of events. but things can change, sometimes for almost nothing. (Example: if it had been raining that day, in Dallas, Texas, as the president’s motorcade swept past the book depository, then he would have been in a closed car……….no assassination. Tiny things can change whole future worlds. But quantum physics works both ways. The past effects the future, but strangely, the future can also effect the past. How weird is that?…..sometimes, we even get warnings……so what I said is very possible, but until it happens, uncertain. Very uncertain.So let us hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
    Best regards
    Buddha Dreamer.

  19. barry says:

    I don’t understand it very well but I know Quantum physics and string theory point to what the mystics of the past have said. It may be a future scientist and not a theologian that proves there is a Supreme Being. Fascinating stuff.

  20. Juno says:

    Had my bday a few days ago and dreamt about an American farmer, from the 1930’s it looked. He was angry with his daughter – blond, short hair, about 13, overalls, looked like a tomboy but very pretty – because she was no longer co-operating with him. ANother scene shift made it clear she was angry about the incest, which had gone on for a year or so. Very disturbing dream.

  21. Juno says:

    Buddhadreamer wrote: “At the moment, like lots of other people, I am getting this awful, persistent, brooding atmosphere, like that just before a huge electrical storm, and it just does not go away. Some days, it’s so bad, i have to just crash out on the Sofa and doze…”

    Yes, same here, for the past month at least – absolutely wiped. I just want to burrow under a duvet. I also had a dream that I was asleep back home in California, and that the bed was shaking violently — like how I was woken up back in ’94 with the Northridge quake — but when I woke up for real and I was still here on the other side of the globe.

  22. Carol says:

    Hi Everyone,

    My horse is 32 today (11:11:11). She was diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome 10 years ago so it is quite a miracle the old girl has made it to this milestone.

    I’m telling anyone who will listen today that she is 32 etc as I am feeling quite chuffed about it all. I even rang the vet this morning and told him his most important patient is 32 today.

    Have a wonderful 11:11:11 everyone.

  23. Buddhadreamer says:

    Buddha dreamer here, again.
    I want to share a strange event: I have been brooding these last few days, about the situation in the Middle East, which is going from bad to worse, re Israel and the Syrians, and Iranians. I have been following the news and online sources very carefully, and doing some meditation about it all. So I came to a conclusion today, which is that the Syrians are going to be hit by an Israeli major strike fairly soon, and also there will be a strike on Southern Lebanon. This will collapse the Syrian regime, and the Israeli’s are trying to wipe out Syria’s missile strength, and that of the Hezbollah in Lebanon, which directly threatens them, in Israel, before they attack Iran, in the Spring of next year. An hour later, my phone rang. It was a friend, a UN official, who had just returned from a nightmare trip around the Middle East and Africa. He was very ill, and could barely talk. But he wanted to phone me, he said,and warn me: “The war in the Middle East would be in March….against Iran”. This was now almost certain. The Americans wanted the Western oil fields. I put the phone down.Coincidence? or what? strange.

  24. Buddha dreamer says:

    Hullo Everyone
    Buddha Dreamer here again,
    pondering Our fate.After the recent holidays, the World is being bit sluggish, and tired, but is sort of gearing up for 2012. On the eve of the new Year, and the new World that comes from it, I see things that both frighten me, and show signs of hope. Something has changed, I think, in Our Human World, in the last month. A financial catastrophe was narrowly averted, during the recent Euro crisis, by a huge, behind the scenes, international effort, of Governments, treasuries, etc, all frantically shoring up the bulkheads on the sinking global ship.For the moment, the water has stopped rising, but the lull is temporary. It will renew in the new year. The outcome, however, may be less disastrous than thought.
    We are all going to be in or a very tough time, over the next couple of years. But by a tight squeak, we narrowly avoid mass disaster. The World will go on, somewhat battered, but people are going to be even more angered.
    So here are my thoughts for 2012.
    First, No Maya-type world catastrophe. But very hard times. The international financial crisis, of our Global economy, in which Americans are deeply interconnected, will continue. it will get worse, in some places, and ease up a little in others.
    In America, hardship is going to get even tougher, for many Americans. The numbers surviving on food stamps and unemployment benefits are going to continue to soar, and the jobs market will continue to fail to expand to pick up the poor and lift them up a little.
    The popular anger is going to split America in two, socially and politically, left and right, the authorities versus the people, Repugs versus genuine Democrats. The Feds will start flexing some tough muscle, and using the new laws recently passed to suppress any kind of Public display of anger and protest at what is happening to America.
    This will lead to steadily increasing outbreaks of violence, which will be random, “Postal” type violence based on sheer rage, and without much politics in it. But something more sinister will also happen. For the first time, the protests in America will turn deeply violent. The Feds have taken a decision to suppress any further significant protests, in conjunction with various US States, so the situation will turn nasty. in absolute numbers, not that many people will die, from this, in 2012. Less than from 911. But the thing will start with the deaths of protesters, and then reprisals from protester linked people. I see ex-veterans involved, and highly disciplined and organized. There will be political assassinations and bombings, and people will be very frightened of events. In the middle of all this, expect some weather emergencies again, like the huge floods in the mid-west and big American rivers, and strange weather that freaks people out a lot. There will be serious crop failures with regards to Wheat, and inflation is going to jack up the price of food a lot. The American economy will continue to fail to recover, and more bank troubles to be expected.

    By the time of the Election, (which will be very, very close, and disputed, and lead to violence) America will feel it’s going through a tough,violent, semi-broke phase with real anger at the authorities. The election will be seriously marred by violence, from both left, and right. It will solve nothing, no matter who gets elected. The Federal Government will essentially be unable to Govern. There will be a real political split and real political hatred, and America will polarize even more than it has.

    Obama is the narrow victor, at the moment, in the polls, but I cannot emphasise enough,how close and suspicious, the outcome will be. The republicans are going to be split, right down the middle. The “official” candidate will not be wanted by most Repugs. There is an excellent chance that Ron Paul may do something very unusual, and run against the official candidate. This will split the vote, by about 20% in Paul’s favour, if this happens. I do not see Paul getting elected. The official Repug candidate will be mired in problems. This is going to be the nastiest American election, ever. The outcome will be clearly uncertain in the presidential voting.

    The other issue, is the looming 2012 war. This had been scheduled for March, and in the middle east. It will now be in a large state of flux, with Western intent still there, but other nations and forces opposing it. The Chinese, for the first time, will flex their international political muscles, and intervene. They will not really do this militarily, in the Gulf, although there will be incidents. But they will cash with the West, at sea there. They will support, via Russia, the Iranians. This is going to be military and economic support. The American military now do not want this war, but the isreali’s will trigger it, just for their own needs, without any concern for the effect on America, whatsoever. This will become a major row during the election. The mass of the American people will finally wake up, and see that they have been betrayed and used by the Israeli’s, and they will add their protest to that of many others, elsewhere, during the election.

    The end of the War, by Xmas 2012, will be a sort of stalemate. but it will continue, at the level of terrorism, and counter-violence, for several years afterwards.

  25. Juno says:

    Was on an express bus – one I thought would stop – but it was headed all the way to D.C., where I wanted to go. I do not remember the passengers but we all seemed to be headed to a rally or something. I was happy because I thought I would have to transfer and take a train. I sat near the front and talked to the driver when I noticed the bus seemed able to actually “catch air” and fly over massive washed out sections of road repeatedly. He joked that the bus had a great suspension system, but it really seemed to be magical. I have never been to D.C. in real life.

  26. Buddhadreamer says:

    Hullo Denise
    Times change. The future is not fixed. Sometimes, i see events, then I see that there are alternatives, to them, in the future.
    So, lots of meditation, and divination, and surprise, some things popped out. In the Middle East, it seems that the war is ever closer, but some other things have started to happen. I did a lot of scrying on Israel. Now there was something!…it seems, that a huge row is developing inside the Country, at high level, about what to do. It is not now completely decided, or fixed. One is that they go down the previous path, and destruction. The other is that they take the alternative path, and narrowly avoid their present fate. it is not yet fixed. A tarot spread series spelt out a story of arguments, of the ordinary people of the country being angry about things, and almost the possibility of massive internal opposition to the war happening, this Spring.
    This in turn, is having an effect, on the events, and the high level arguments. So: Israel now has two paths to the future. Whatever happens, it is at a cross road. The country will set it’s path now, for as long as it exists.
    What I do see, is that there will be a huge change in Israel this year. it will simply not be the same country anymore, afterwards. it is absolutely on the edge of a precipice now, but will survive, but the government will become really nasty and even more right wing, and is moving almost towards a dictatorship, down one path. On the other path, it’s almost like a peace revolution, huge popular pressures, to avoid the war. Very confused. But after this year, the country will never be the same.

    in Iran, the leadership is in turmoil. Some of the ayatollahs are utterly against war, because of both the dangers, and the theological arguments forbidding it. They are fighting th political leadership, who are moving towards a war they think they must now fight or go under. A very prominent leader, (religious) is in turmoil, and does not know what to decide. It is literally, a war for men’s souls. huge rows, behind the scenes, but in deeply private meetings. perhaps four men, shall decide the future there. One will fall, one will rise. It is not decided, merely delayed. Like in israel, there is he fork in the road. At the moment, it is full of bad omens, but there is still justtime to prevent the war. I do not think the Iranians will strike first.

    What I do get, is that Obama will make a disasterous decision. Soon, this year. The outcome for America, will be disasterous.
    Peace: BuddhaDreamer

  27. Juno says:

    Hello again all – anyone else having bizarro dreams with the Sun/Pluto aspect? I have been in purging mode, and have been sick to boot. I had a nap today for two hours, and when chatting with my sister later in the afternoon, she brought up, quite randomly, the topic of an order of nuns that runs a retreat house near her home. I them remembered I had had a dream about nuns while I was napping and had totally forgotten until my sis brought up the topic. In the dream, I was chatting with someone who was showing me old black and white photos from the 1920’s or 1930’s, from L.A.. One of them was a candid shot of a group of nuns with some female students from a local women’s Catholic university – a university I happened to attend in my actual waking life about 20 years ago. I looked closely at the photo, saying to the friend, “Hey this is my alma mater, and there I am.” I pointed to a woman in the photo and the strange thing was, she was not one of the students, but one of the nuns!

    1. Carol says:

      Hi Juno . . . I have been dreaming a lot lately and feeling very tired, seedy and nauseous upon waking in the morning as well. However, I can’t remember my dreams at the moment except the ones of my late horses. Take care . . . Carol

  28. Buddhadreamer says:

    Hullo Buddha Dreamer here again
    Well, some things have come up. I was looking at my predictions last year about this year in the states. The weather ones have sort of come true, with the big tornado event, but I do get that the worst is worst is yet to come. Summer will be tough, as will the Hurricane season. A big one, very big, hits the mainland this year. Bigger than the Orleans one. heat waves n the mid-west, drought, then torrential rains.

    Likewise, On Iran, I said one leader will fall, one will rise. This is now in the Iran election results. The Present President is now definitely on the way out.
    My hunch that something was changing about the date of the war, likewise. looks like Obama read the riot act to the Israeli leader Natanyahu. But the war is not cancelled. I do feel it is only delayed. I think late August, or closer to the Election. But still at the moment going to happen. The new, more powerful group in Iran, will sideline the President, and are engaged in furious discussions about their strategic plans for the war, if they are attacked.
    In Afghanistan, more trouble. The Americans are now engaged in deep semi-secret talks with the Taliban, to see if there is a way to settle, and get out. Nope. The Taliban are now debating whether or not to do a Vietnam style “Tet offensive” which will inflict terrific blows on the American troops there. This is to force the US to make peace on Taliban terms. If they do it, it will not have the effect they want, but will be very bad for the troops on the ground. people in America will want an end to what they see as an un-winnable situation.

    My thoughts are with the troops, who do not want to be there, or die there.

  29. Juno says:

    Hey Buddha Dreamer,

    Good to hear from you. I agree – the troops are at a very low morale in A-stan already, witness the increasing number of soldiers just flipping out. My cousins in the service are very glad to be out of that region.

    As for weather, I know that earthquakes are notoriously difficult to predict, but the West Coast earthquakes seem to be delayed indefinitely. I thought there would be more of a knock-on effect last year after Japan, but nothing happened aside from very small ones, which are quite common.

  30. Buddhadreamer says:

    Hi, Buddha Dreamer here again….
    My dreams are going through a very powerful phase right now…….
    They seem ultra-real. Had one the other night, where the Mexican drug Cartels had seen the American government using the FBI and DEA to fly aircraft spy Drones along the American border, trying to catch drug people. Just like in the middle east.
    So they decided to make drones of their own, and were using these to fly their drugs into the States, landing on remote roads out in the boonies, miles from the border…..the DEA got furious, but there was nothing they could do about it……Weird.

  31. Last night I had a dream that I drove to Northern California where I once lived. I was with my brother and friends. The weather was beautiful…clear skys. Just then, I noticed a huge ocean wave coming…100 Feet or more. I was in the car and knew we had no time to escape. The wave engulfed us and I remember seeing a light and Jesus who took my hand. There were other people with him, perhaps that also died. I then woke up. I have had concerns about California lately.

  32. Juno says:

    I took a nap & I dreamt I was in Europe somewhere, in a hotel, then a cafe, but I seemed worried and flustered. Next scene I was driving my mom into a parking lot and we see several of our Irish relatives gathered about a car, waiting. My mom said to park nearby but there was no space so I double-parked to let her out. I looked in the rearview mirror and could see my right front tooth had become broken and was loose, half buried into the gum, It was grey and looked dead, but I wanted to get to a dentist to see if I could save it. Oddly, I was not in any pain or aware of the tooth until I looked in the mirror. My mom was annoyed that I wanted to leave her with her family and go get help. That’s when I woke up, because the sight of my broken tooth was so real I thought it was reality.

  33. Juno says:

    I took a nap & I dreamt I was in Europe somewhere, in a hotel, then a cafe, but I seemed worried and flustered. Next scene I was driving my mom into a parking lot and we see several of our Irish relatives gathered about a car, waiting. My mom said to park nearby but there was no space so I double-parked to let her out. I looked in the rearview mirror and could see my right front tooth had become broken, and was loose, half buried into the gum, It was grey and looked dead, but I wanted to get to a dentist to see if I could save it. Oddly, I was not in any pain or aware of the tooth until I looked in the mirror. My mom was annoyed that I wanted to leave her with her family and go get help. That’s when I woke up, because the sight of my broken tooth was so real I thought it was reality.

  34. Juno says:

    I was at a beach, on the sand near the shore, with other co-workers from my current job. We all seemed to cordoned or roped off – contained into a large section of this beach, with tents set up and people milling about. I sensed we had been like this for weeks at least. I had been speaking with a female co-worker, and saying I’d noticed she seemed to disappear for long stretches of time. She smiled and said she was able to transfigure into a mouse and tunnel out, and burrow around for tasty grubs and such among the rocks and woods in the distance. I was relieved she was getting extra food because of her pregnancy.
    In the meantime, I had made friends with a sea turtle and had been telling him I did not want to be kept there, and that I wanted to escape. He told me to hop on his back and to grab the black cloak nearby, to cover us both. Next, I either must have shrunk or he must have grown massive, because I was small on his back as he took off into the air, using his flippers to fly – a magic flying sea turtle! When we were a few hundred feet in air, I pulled back the cloak a bit and waved. My co-workers cheered for me as we flew off. On the periphery of the containment area, outide of it, stood my boss, looking up, somewhat annoyed but not that concerned. She had papers in her hands and seemed preoccupied.
    As we flew off, I knew we were safe and I felt so incredibly happy to be leaving, and to be free.

  35. Thomas says:

    Last night I had a long involved dream about being in a school bus with a bunch of friends, although nobody I know. During the dream the bus, I’m not really positive it was a school bus, was trying to drive through water in a beach area, and the water kept getting deeper, and the bus got submerged. At some point in the dream my mouth was full of these small white things, and I kept trying to spit them out. I’m not sure what they were.

    Then I woke up hearing a song that I haven’t heard in over 30 years. It was, “Something For The Girl With Everything,” by Sparks. When I read the lyrics I thought of Denise Siegel. I have a lot of friends that are psychics, but being I’ve been posting on this blog, who knows?

    I would be really interested to hear a synopsis on Americhrist.

    The other song I keep waking up with is, “This Is It,” by Kenny Loggins. I looked up the lyrics and of course there had to be a synchronicity. Someone had posted they woke up hearing this song, along with someone else. Someone said Kenny Loggins wrote the song for his father who was dying of some disease, and his father recovered.

    My first experience with music, dreams, and synchronicities was many years ago when I divorced. Just before I left my wife she told me, “How will I know the next step will be there?” I asked her what she was talking about, and she, “Who will be there to keep me from falling?” A few months later I was writing a song about her, and what she said, called, “Free Falling.” Jamie was a very sweet woman, and I felt terrible about leaving her. During the time I was working on the song I had a very lucid dream with two blond haired pop singers in it. It surprised the heck out of me because I couldn’t figure out why they wanted to hang out with me. I recognized one of them as Sting. Later Tom Petty released a song with the same title and premise, with the synchronicities that I lived in Ventura during my teens, and when I graduated High School I worked in Receda for Pacific Bell. Talk about a long day commuting from Ventura to Receda.

    I also studied art at Southern Oregon University and the University of Siena, Italy, and focused mostly on oil painting and ceramics, with a lot of work in watercolor, life drawing, and photography.

    I don’t believe in, “Speak no evil…” because I believe the future is completely fluid. Also I do all my healing work for free, and I have issues with people that selfishly ignore their children, their futures, their dreams, and their desires.

  36. Buddy Love says:

    Anyone else see an outbreak of a disease or plauge as a result of the Syrian conflict, that will also threaten Lebanon, Isreal, and other countries?

  37. Have been having Asia-centered dreams lately, mostly Japan. The most recent involved a dying whale that had beached itself – not sure where – the next scene I see that this massive blue whale has been raised up on a platform, hollowed out, and has had square holes punched in its skin along each side to form windows. Inside the whale were about 20 Japanese tourist types, smiling and waving as they looked out the whale windows as the platform moved by me. The whole image reminded me of the “bus cat” from the anime film My Neighbor Totoro. All I know is that the whale’s spirit was very pissed off that it had been desecrated in this manner. Beyond that, I don’t remember much.

  38. GrandmaB says:

    I wish I could remember my dreams. Seriously. I have tried. There must either be something extremely horrible in my head, or maybe I am just a happy zero 🙂 I have no recollection of ANY dream, EVER. I know people dream, I must dream, but no memory of it.

  39. I month ago I dreamt that my son and I had moved in to a new apartment, on the ground level, and when I looked out of the window in the morning I saw that the retaining wall – a six-foot high brick wall – had water close to spilling over from the other side and that people were trying to scramble over the wall to escape the flooding. A bearded white man with dark hair was signaling me to help him. The place felt like L.A. It must have been in or near the zoo because I went up to a zoo guy who was telling the animals what to do; he said to leave immediately, to head east and go up high, but that it should all be o.k. by 9:00 P.M. Oddly specific time.

  40. dennis says:

    A couple of weeks ago, i had a dream of a map and someone was talking to me. They showed me that towards Japan, there was an earthquake area but then it told me but a more disastrous area would be the west coast of the United States and as he was telling me this, the map was panning over Hawaii where i live. I noticed that when we were passing over Hawaii, i saw like lava under the islands. Another dream i had was about a hurricane hitting us directly. It formed so fast and just hit us. Hopefully these r just dreams…

  41. luvsobek says:

    I had a dream that I was hanging out with friends and family in a large lovely house with a big chandelier. Suddenly, physically, in the dream (and even when I woke up!) I was stunned! Like a powerful beam was fired directly into my brain and I knew a large explosion had gone off. In the dream I thought it was a nuclear explosion and assumed that a war had started. Suddenly, there was a large earthquake. I told everyone to duck for cover, attended to others and told everyone look out for the chandelier in case it fell. Everyone was ducking and holding on, the house was shaking, the ground was quaking…and I woke up. I still have that feeling of being stunned burned into my mind and felt that way most of the day….

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