UFOs, Alien Abduction & You

I’ve been doing a bunch of research on UFO sightings and alien abductions for a story I’m writing. It seems that our history is riddled with stories of machines and strange objects in the sky piloted by intelligent beings. Often these beings have been associated (in the far distant past) to God/Goddesses and or God. Accounts have been found in all religious texts from the bible, Hindu texts, and even cave drawings.

There are several interesting accounts of encounters in the bible which I never really put together as extra-terrestrial, but others have (I’m also not necessarily saying it is extra-terrestrial it’s just one theory). The account of Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai (there was also some strange phenomena that occurred while he was there that the people below saw) after talking to God, his hair became completely white. Some have theorized this was from radiation exposure. I’m not sure about that, but it’s an interesting theory.

Also when the Jews were emancipated from slavery and headed toward the promised land with Moses as their leader, they followed a pillar of fire for guidance. Some have speculated this was what we would currently call a cigar shaped UFO.

Whatever these flying machines and strange objects in the sky were, they are definitely references to them in all ancient cultures which does seem odd since we not only did not have that technology, but even imagining that technology seems like a leap. It’s not like the ancient world imagined guns or microscopes or TVs or computers or telephones, so why these crafts?Often described as mechanical and operated by intelligent beings the crafts were seen by some cultures as operated by Gods or angels.

There are many Native American Indian tribes who claim direct lineage from people who came from the stars. These stories are actually woven into their oral tradition and passed down as fact. Their are also tribes in Africa who claim to be descendant from star people.

In ancient times it seems that those who had encounters with the beings in the crafts were often put in the position of mediating between human and whatever these beings were. These same people were privileged with special powers (such as Moses parting the Red sea) and given detailed visions of things to come, prophecies. 

It also seems that there were intense periods of activity at major turning points in human history, such as when the Jews were emancipated from Egypt, when Alexander the Great fought two of his major battles that changed the history of the region. I don’t know enough about India’s history to speak of how the references in their sacred texts interface with the period they were included so I won’t. 

I find it interesting that since the world wars there have been more and more sightings. The Foo Fighters spotted during WWI were just a taste of the intensity of sightings by pilots in WWII. Throughout the last 100 years it seems the activity has become more intense. Of course there were always stories along the way, fairies who stole children and exchanged them for changeling babies, which seems like it could describe a lot of things but one of them is alien abduction. 

It’s interesting though that in the past 50 or so years there has been an increase in the phenomena of abduction. And that the experiences of abductees are traumatic, often weirdly sexual and seem to be for breeding purposes, but also many abductees are given bizarre prophetic information. All have to use telepathy to communicate with the beings which leads me to wonder if there are some commonalities between people with abduction experiences. Are these people perhaps more psychic than average people, more open? Many claim encounters from very early childhood and being psychically trained by the beings. 

I’m rambling on about all this because I’d love for those who feel comfortable doing so to post their stories for my edification. And those who do not feel comfortable in a public format to e-mail me their stories at: happypeopleusa@aol.com

I have a feeling they pick on specific types of people despite differences in culture, race or socio-economic class. Many people never report their experiences to anyone for a number of reasons, some don’t want to dig up the past, some don’t want anyone to think they are crazy, some are just too lazy. Whatever the reason, if you or anyone you know has any kind of bizarre experience that seems extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional in origin please let me know about it. I will absolutely keep your information entirely confidential and use it only for my own research and edification. 

Here’s an interesting article about the number of Americans who have had experiences or believe in the phenomena and how it breaks down by gender, religion, political persuasion and education:

Best wishes and many blessings to all,

UFOs, Alien Abduction & You