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From Wyntyr:

Wyntyr // 

Hi Denise,
I hope you are doing well and I continue to enjoy your blog. I don’t know why but I am picking up some really ‘negative’ (and I hate to use that term) vibes from the Clinton’s. I don’t know if I am picking up Bill’s resistance on releasing financial records or if they are trying to play their hand a little too hard behind the scenes but something feels ‘off’. I definately feel that Hillary is capable but there is an undercurrent somewhere with she or her husband that doesn’t feel right. 

Have a great week Denise!

Hi Wyntyr, I think you’re right, and I feel it’s coming from Bill. I think he’s a bit of a rooster and an alpha dog. I don’t think he likes the idea of his woman being someone else’s even if it is just politically. This is why initially my feeling was Hillary would not be in Obama’s cabinet, but I feel something switched in her on the campaign trail, and feel she is a very good person who will see this as an opportunity to help where she could really do some good.

Also it would cause problems for Bill’s foundation, and he seems pretty self-centered, so I doubt he’d want to put that on hold to help his wife’s career (that much). But you never know! I think she wants the job. And he TOTALLY OWES HER! And she’ll remind him of that! She probably already has numerous times. He deserves a bit of her wrath.

I have the feeling that taking the position of Secretary of State would put her in a better position to become President next time around, because it will add diversity to her political resume. I’m sure she knows this.

I do have the feeling Bill is pressuring her to turn the job down, and I sense a bit of confusion on what to do. Hillary if your out there, take the job! It will be great for you! And you will do far more good in this position then being one of a hundred senators.


Hi Denise!

I love your blog and have become addicted to it (in a good way, of course) …. what will happen to Joe Lieberman? I feel he can’t be trusted and the Democrats should throw him back to the Republicans, since that seems to be his comfort zone.

Also, as a Floridian, I’m interested in the political futures of current Governor Charlie Crist, and former Governor Jeb Bush. I’ve had enough of the Bushies and their ilk, but I somehow don’t think either of these guys is going away anytime soon.

Peace and blessings to you!


Hi Norah,

The first part of your question has been answered in recent news, Senator Lieberman is caucusing with the Democrats. In my opinion he is a slimy traitor to his own party, and then kisses the butt of whoever is in power. He really betrayed Obama, after Obama saved his butt in the past, but perhaps this is a lesson in turning the other cheek, which proves Obama is more of a Christian then any President we’ve had in a long time. He doesn’t just pay lip service to the religion. He really seems to live by the testaments and walk the walk, unlike so many others.

It’s ironic people would think him a Muslim when he actually seems more devoutly and truly religiously Christian then any politician in recent memory but oh, well. At this point I think most of us know that the way the word Christian is bandied about and more often has to do with being in a club then actually following the words of Christ, or you wouldn’t have hate mongers, domestic terrorists (people who bomb womens’ clinics, murdering doctors, women and babies) and racist freaks calling themselves Christian.

The religion itself is actually quite beautiful if one lives by the message of Christ rather then falling back on the old testament when convenient to play the hate card. Not to say there aren’t people out there who really do live by Christ’s teachings. I’ve met many and they are amazing people.

OK now onto Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. Since I don’t have a time of birth on either of these guys I ran solar charts. Their rising will be different because of this, and of course, because the moon moves so fast, the degree of their moon will more than likely be different unless they happened to be born at noon. But I can get some basic info on the inner workings of their soul, and personality based on just their solar charts. So here goes:


OK Charlie, the first thing I got when I looked at a picture of him (I’d never seen him before, I live in LA where are news consists of who won “Dancing with the Stars” and telling everyone its raining outside when its raining outside, actually stopping programming to burst in with updates about drizzle, very annoying.) My first impression was he had heart problems. He may not know this yet, but he has a gray palour to his aura that I’ve seen in people with serious health issues, and if he hasn’t had an incident yet, he’d better go to a doctor as he will soon have a problem (within the next couple of years.) 

In terms of his personality, he’s very out there, probably very charismatic if you were to meet him in real life. He seems pretty open on the surface, and clear, but with that Mars in Pisces as the centerpiece of a Yod between Neptune and Pluto, he’s really not. He’s very sneaky, secretive, passive aggressive, and manipulative. I’m sure though he’s well liked, and I’m not saying he’s a terrible guy, But with all that Leo bravado opposed by a cool Aquarian moon, and then this Yod, I’d say he’s more interested in power, attention and privelage then he is in serving the greater good.

His Aquarian moon may give him some humanitarian tendencies and he may even tell himself he’s doing things to make the world a better place, but really he has to fight the tendency to use his moon to rationaliize his own selfish desire for power, and his dirty fighting and belief that the “ends justify the means,” type of thinking, telling himself he’s doing bad things for a greater purpose when really he’s not, he’s doing it for himself, and using causes to hide behind.

Now I have to be honest, I know absolutely nothing about this guy, his policies, how he ran his election so you’ll have to tell me what his campaign, and administration have looked like so far. I didn’t know anything about him until you posted this question and didn’t look at anything but his birth info so I wouldn’t be tainted while reading him. I have no idea about his record, I am just going on his chart.

In terms of a future in politics, Uranus will be going into Aries in 2011 and start to make a trine to all his Leo planets giving him good luck and raising his public profile. So there is a very good chance he could win another election as governer as Uranus will go from trining his Sun to his natal Uranus, then Mercury, then finally Pluto much later. That perhaps will be when he tries or potentially has a real chance to go for the white house or a much higher position in government if he wants to. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this guy, I think its just the beginning for him. 

Now Jeb Bush:

My first instinct about Jeb Bush — he’s tired. I get the feeling he’s worn out by politics even though he’s got an incredible drive for power with that Pluto – Sun opposition in his chart. With that Moon in Capricorn opposite the Uranus in Cancer, he probably didn’t see his childhood as being all that idillyic and he’s pretty emotionally shut down. His chart does not show a lot of compassion for women and he probably has pretty hostile love relationships, were there is a lot of fighting. He likes a woman who is strong and fights him back. But he also resents it. He is much smarter then his brother with Sun conjunct Mercury trining his Saturn conjunct Neptune. He’s a very smart guy. I wonder if his personal life gets in the way of his political ambitions, not directly, but I feel he gets absorbed in his relationships and has trouble balancing things. Also this Pluto sun opposition inconjuncting his Moon makes me feel like its sort of the family business and he’s not entirely sold on it.

That being said Uranus will go over his Mars around 2011. In his case I’d have to see where this falls in his chart to tell how it will manifest. Sometimes this aspect can cause accidents especially injury to the head. But hopefully not, hopefully it will cause some sort of intellectual inspiration and a change of heart in his life for the better. I don’t get the feeling at this point though that he’s going to be all that involved in politics for awhile. Maybe ever again. I feel his energy waning in that direction. Maybe he’ll change his mind down the road but for now he’s walked off this path.


The S&P is currently at around 870 , at its lowest point of the coming severe recession depression, will it reach 600? or perhaps even 400?

I will ask the tarot: 

Will the S&P reach 600 in the next few months: Maybe. It looks like that depends on what gets decided over the next few months with the auto makers. If they go under the S&P will go down.

Now I’ll ask if it will get down to 400 in the next few months: A bizarre answer as all the cards are positive, but the answer is also a yes. Perhaps it will bottom out first and turn around pretty quickly. It seems there will be a horror show, a major down turn and then suddenly good news out of the blue which will cause new opportunity and a sense of victory. I have no idea what this could be.

I’m getting the feeling that the market will be extremely volatile, but there will be some measures taken by the new administration in the face of this very frightening time coming up, that will reinstate confidence in the market and turn it around, but it doesn’t look permanent at first. It seems that the market will plunge and then rally, in a similar way as the Dow, but will ultimately go through a major transformation and there will be new laws put in place that will end up first freaking out the S&P, these laws will help us avoid future calamity, but will scare investors. It may take a couple of years or more for this market to again really stabilize and heal.

I have to go my baby is crying. So I will answer the next set of questions and hopefully more tomorrow.

Best wishes to all of you,


Answering Readers’ Questions…

Answering Readers’ Questions…

The first question comes from Octavia:


Denise, thank you so much for answering my questions. I’m going to be purchasing a 15-20 minute session in the next 2 or 3 weeks, but I was wondering if you could just answer yes or no on this question: Within 25 years will the technology/medical advancements exist that will enable perfect to near-perfect facial skin regeneration?

Thanks so much,


The Tarot’s answer:


In the next 25 years this technology will exist and be widely available. It won’t just be in the research phase. It looks like it will give many people self esteem, allow them to get out and be more comfortable dating. However, some may find that so many years of holing up and living a hermetic life will be a hard cycle to break even if they appear different on the outside, they might actually be confused about how to deal with the change. For those, psychological therapy will also be needed. Hope that helps.


Ceramic fuel cells CFU company in Australia, will they be a good investment in the future. They have just invented something that cheaper and carbon emission free electricity.
Thanks for the tip re Minara and Oz minerals can you see them going bust as Ive lost so much money already with them and other shares that I’d only sell now if they have the potential to go bust.

I’ll ask the tarot if Minara will go bust first:

Gee. It looked pretty great when you invested, huh? Actually the company looks like it was doing well and its fortune was about to change for the better. I asked if it would go out of business in the next 5 years, the answer. Yes. But you may find it will go up before it burns out. So I’ll ask if it will go out of business in the next year. 

No. It’s not going to go out of business within the next year. I would wait awhile to sell this and when you get back to where you started, maybe a little over, sell it then. It will go under but will have a period where it does better before it implodes.

And now Oz Minerals: Will it go bust in the next 2 years?

It looks like Oz will be acquired by another company. This will stabilize them and make them more financially stable, but they will no longer be Oz Minerals. I’m not sure what that means for your stock in Oz. Hope that helps.


Your comment on the Toronto Stock Exchange TSX would be great for all us Canadians. Thanks much!

Hi Steve,

I couldn’t find a start date for the TSX after doing a google search and because my astrological database is made by a US company it is not listed. But I do have the chart of Canada itself and can read the market a bit through that. Although it won’t be quite as precise. If you can find the start date of TSX please post it and I’ll run a chart. 

Saturn is going through Canada’s 12th house of loss squaring Venus in the 9th (foreign matters) which rules the 8th of investing. In layman’s terms, your stock market is going to be tangled up in our mess. We are going to cause you guys some serious trouble. I’m not going to go into all the astrology but your stock market is also going to have major losses. But it seems it will be a little while before your domestic issues get addressed in a real, transformative way, not until January 2011. It may also be when there is serious anger, job loss and civil unrest. This maybe when you guys really feel the economic depression or recession depending on how your government plays this.

Being an American I am woefully ignorant of the workings of your government other than the parliamentary system you employ and I think you have elections every 5 years? Sad. I know. Our educational system is US-focused. I did a quick peek on Wikipedia trying to find that out, but I couldn’t tell when your next election will be. It could be that this aspect will mean a complete shift in the power structure, so the conservatives will be out and a liberal government will take its place. That would be perhaps the best potential outcome of the aspect. It could also be a lot darker. But lets cross that bridge when its closer.

I just tried to get more info and it looks like your Prime Minister was elected in 2006 so if there is another election in 5 years it would make sense with what I’m seeing. There will be a change from conservative to liberal. This is also when your domestic issues will really be tackled.


I was wondering if you had any insight into the Student Loan Corporations in the midst of this economic crisis and how they could be potentially effected, specifically Sally Mae. Myself, like so many others in my age group (under 30) find ourselves anchored down by huge college debt with no realistic way to pay it off or much hope to be able to aquire property due to this outstanding debt. Is there relief in sight? Either with lower interest rates or in some other manner?

Thanks so much

Sadly this problem goes back to the Reagan administration who changed a bunch of laws regarding student loans, and it wasn’t to the student’s advantage. I know this because I was in college during Reagan’s second term. Clinton tried to rectify this a bit, and actually it wasn’t until he passed some legislation that I was able to repay my student loans back after 10 years of feeling like I was carrying around an anvil on my shoulders.

Anyway back to you. And the sad fact that Republicans don’t like people being educated. Especially college, that should be reserved for their wealthy family members who if they had to really compete probably couldn’t actually get into college. (Of course this isn’t true of all wealthy people, there are great, brilliant people in all economic classes. But certainly if George W. Bush wasn’t a legacy would he have had any chance to go to Harvard or Yale? NO.) 

OK, here goes. Let’s ask: Will there be any legislation in the next four years that will ease the burden of people with student loans who currently have them?

The tarot’s answer:


There will be legislation put forward that will pass, helping those saddled with student loan debt. It will have a charitable aspect, and a contribution aspect. And there will be some people violently opposed to helping out the non-wealthy college educated (fancy that). It looks like some sort of community service, or using your education to advance areas the nation will be interested in expanding, teaching and or serving in the military will be options to getting debt erased. It seems there will be some kind of program put in place to try to utilize people’s specialties to enhance the country’s standing in the world, to move the nation forward, and actually it looks like this program will be good for the country, and the individuals involved in it.

One caveat, it won’t be easy. Going into this program will take up time, make some people feel as if they’re stuck for awhile and be very competitive. But it will solve a lot of people’s student loan debt problems.

Best wishes to all and good luck!

Answering Readers’ Questions…