New Features & Things Coming

I am working on responding to questions and current events through a YouTube channel. I’ll let everyone know more about this when it’s together. I will post the videos here once they are done and plan to do these regularly.

Another new feature is the ability to book a reading with me through clicking on this button: Book an Appointment

You will find this button on its own page as well. I plan on putting it in different places on the blog so it’s easy to access. I will only be booking until 3 PM CST on the booking site. If you want a reading at a different time that can work, just not every day, so text or call me to book outside of my normal listed hours. 615-246-7764


An Extension…

For all of those who have been interested in getting a reading for the discounted rate, as long as you let me know this week, even if I can’t fit you in — I will honor the lower price. Even if the booking ends up being after the holidays. So if anyone is interested just e-mail happypeopleusa@aol.comĀ and let me know you are interested this week so you can secure a less expensive reading.

Best wishes to all,


P.S. I’m fighting off a cold which is why I am extending this offer. Hopefully, I won’t give into this cold and next week I’ll be able to read everyone, if not I will, of course, schedule everyone when I can, and you will still get the discount.

An Extension…