The Russia Mess

So I’ve been working on this book about all the players, all the moving parts in the Russia scandal and looking at historical patterns through the lens of astrology, and I have some interesting news to impart.

I think this is going to be weird – something we haven’t seen before!

I’m currently employing horary astrology to hone in on the answer, but for now I’ll say I’m not sure about impeachment, but I am sure about indictment for Trump. That leaves a strange situation – what happens if he’s indicted while still president? I say this because as I went through in detail all the impeachment charts of the US – the Trump situation really looked different. I’m going to stick with my original time period as the real beginning of the end happening next spring 2019. According to horary charts I’ve done – this could be the period when the 25th amendment is invoked and the fall of 2019 when indictments could happen (yes multiple)against Trump. Good news here is that there is nothing  Trump can do to change the trajectory now of his karma – so sit tight and be at peace during the storm.  It will be inexpensive and I’ll go over it in YouTube videos for those of you who prefer that.

This is a Uranian (unprdictable) presidency with a lot of moving parts, so it’s been kind of crazy digging into the weeds!

Best to all and blessings,



Syrian Air Strike Astrology

I was down with the flu. I had hoped to blog and make more videos closer together, but what can you do? Life gets in the way of or our plans. I went over this quad wheel on my You Tube channel. Here it is for you to look at. I plan on doing a counterpoint from the Russian perspective on the next batch of charts and analysis.



Update Syrian Air Strike Astrology

I was down with the flu so I had hoped to blog and make more videos closer together but what can you do? Life gets in the way or our plans. I went over this quad wheel on my You Tube channel. Here it is for you to look at. I plan on doing a counterpoint from the Russian perspective on the next batch of charts and analysis.

I made a video but messed it all up. It was funky so I took it down. I plan to redo it either tonight or tomorrow. But here’s the gist of it. Looking at Trump’s chart in regards to Syria, everything is primarily easy and there isn’t a lot of conflict with it – that being said, on the day of the bombing there was a Mars aspect that looked very reactive. My first instinct when I heard about the bombing was to freak out that this was the start of WWIII. I have long been feeling the march of the drum on that issue.

My second thought was the more cynical idea that perhaps it was a cover to make him look less in bed with the Russians. My instinct and the charts I looked at lead me to believe it was more reactive than a clever diversion.

As I have been combing through charts trying to make sense of what’s happening I stumbled on something that I think is more revealing than anything else I have found so far. It is Trump’s chart juxtaposed against the Russian stock market. I wouldn’t have thought of it except by strange happenstance but I’m glad I ran it. I think it helps clarify the relationship he has with Russia. I also ran Putin’s chart and I’ll post that here as well. I tried to muster a chart for Kim Jung Un but he has two different birthdays – this is common for Koreans as they follow both the solar/western calendar and the lunar/Chinese one. But the problem here is the western birthday is usually wrong. I ran it anyway. I’m going to post a bunch of these charts for people to probe and then go into more detail in the next video.syriastrikeusquad.jpg
 russiastockmartettrumprev.jpgvladimirputinchart.jpgquaddtussyriasyrianairstrike.jpgDT, US quad wheel.jpgdt71harmonic.jpg


Generational Astrology Part 1

Thomas Payne once stated, “People are more like their generation than they are like their parents,” I am paraphrasing here but that was the sentiment. As an astrologer I noticed that generations not only are a group of souls that go through space/time together which give them similar context and issues to grapple with, they also have physical characteristics that you can see if your eye is well developed. This is also a subject that has been sorely under investigated in Western astrology. There are no good books about the topic and astrologers who do mention the outer planets gloss over their importance. But we know from timing and transits, that the outer planets are the energies that bring about huge changes – so wouldn’t it be rational to assume they play a big role in our development as individuals as well? Of course it does.

There is also a saying that kids are often more like their grandparents than they are their parents. I’ve seen this to be true and this is because of an astrological phenomena that I will explain in depth later, but to give you a simple bite sized morsel, it’s because Pluto and Neptune (and to a lesser extent Uranus) move slowly and make no significant aspects to the generation directly on either side of them, but do make positive aspects and have often similar qualities to the generation just before or just after. You’ll see what I’m talking about as I go into more depth.

So let’s break down the past 117 years, from now until the turn of the 20th century, in terms of astrological generations. It’s important for us to define what a generation is and how long it lasts – there is much debate over the start and end dates of generations but astrology makes it clear cut and in my opinion is the only true guide to the issue.

Let’s start with the oldest living people on earth born around the turn of the last century (the generation would have started in about 1885) from 1900-1914 (those born in 1914 would be on the cusp of the next generation – I will explain generational cusps later,) have: Pluto in Gemini
Neptune in Gemini
Uranus in Sagittarius

As a generation they dealt with incredible advances in technology and communication. Actually, some of the biggest inventions that radicalized society, the telephone, the car and the airplane (transportation and communication) all happened while they were alive. Of course electricity was also harnessed – Uranus was opposing Pluto and Neptune. They were a highly social and congruent generation. A generation eager to learn, education was their focus as well as the modernization of the educational system – Webster’s dictionary came into existence right before the turn of the century and Jean Piaget was born during this period. His theory of cognitive development which broke down learning into distinctive phases was key to a world revolution in how children are taught.

It was also the period when literature and art were taken into new realms and re-imagined partially as a reaction to the advent of photography and later Cinema. Writing, literature and education were highly prized and valued by those born in this generation. Some of the most inventive (Uranus opposed both Neptune and Pluto) and brilliant writers, artists and scientists were born and or came to prominence during this period: Gertrude Stein, William S. Burroughs, James Joyce, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Nikola Tesla, the Wright Brothers, Pablo Picasso. The list goes on, this was a period of brilliant invention and intellectual mobility. It was also the birth of Cinema as an art form Pluto conjunct Neptune opposite Uranus – Neptune ruling film, Uranus ruling invention.

You can see why there was so much invention in the arts, writing and technology with this configuration. There was so much intellectual growth and explosive newness. Of course this generation also went through both WWI and WWII although most would have been too old to serve in WWII. Many would have been at their prime during the sexual revolution and crazy roaring 20s. WWI started just after this configuration. It started July 28, 1914 just after Pluto transited from Gemini into Cancer. WWII was also started when Pluto was in Cancer. Pluto ruling transformation, sexuality and destruction. When it was in Gemini the focus was on the twins aspect of sexuality – flappers wore boyish haircuts, showed their legs, broke taboos and questioned why there was a sexual double standard between men and women. When Pluto went into Cancer society buckled down, defended it’s home base (Cancer) and protected its resources (Cancer) along with a change in women’s roles. Suddenly women had to work while men went off to war – Cancer rules the home, mothers, nurturing, the homeland. The US chart also has a Cancer Sun and during this period with Pluto transiting our national natal Sun we developed the Atomic bomb (Pluto=plutonium) and had two wars that permanently transformed our country and our culture. Women went to work and realized their power, everything changed in the family structure and the way women were perceived during and after this period. It was also during the period of Pluto conjunct Neptune opposite Uranus in Sagittarius that the Suffragette movement was born and women were given the right to vote.

Now many astrologers stop there and look only at the big picture in relationship to the culture and the broad strokes of history, but these big picture issues effect us as individuals. They leave their mark on us and it is our energy, the energy of the stars integrated into the incarnation we are born into, that structures history, and we after all are the ones who make and live that history.

In the next post I will break down all the generational sign posts and where they start and end, and go into detail about the next generation after this one.

Many Blessings!


New Features & Things Coming

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The Patterns Are Becoming Clear…

I’ve been thinking obsessively the past month about the economy and the danger signs I saw back in the spring about another economic meltdown. Because I’m not an economist I wasn’t exactly sure how or why this would occur. A feeling and some astrological back-up to that intuition was all I had to go on. But patterns I’ve been seeing have started to become clearer about how and why the breakdown will occur. The pieces: 1. Because the US (and the world) has been so divided – left and right – the 2008 meltdown was only given a band-aid remedy. After the crash of 1929, and the subsequent Great Depression that ensued, massive sweeping changes were made to protect the US from another financial meltdown. These measures where based on a relatively simple principle most kids learn subconsciously from the game of Monopoly. Money could not be coagulated into the hands of a very few or it would choke the entire economy. This idea was worn down over time by the false equivalency to communism. Communism of course was equated with the enemy and everything evil. Generations of Americans grew up under the shadow of nuclear annihilation under the threat of the Communists. While the enmity was real the understanding of their alternate system was flawed for a number of reasons. The first being the faultiness of the Soviet’s governance of that system. Allowing a few people to control all the resources (in their case the government – in our case corporations and wealthy plutocrats) led to exactly what one would expect a corruption of power. I don’t need to repeat the adage we all know so I won’t. During most of the mid-century however we did not have “pure capitalism” in fact we had a system much closer to Europe’s because FDR played a huge hand in resetting up these countries constitutions after WWII. For all intents and purposes we had a socialist democracy where their was a social net set-up for the poorest people. The wealthy paid 90% tax, unions were strong and protected the rights of workers and college was close to free (and for many Pluto in Leo’s their college loans were never repaid – making their education a gift from the US government.) The economy from the end of WWII until the 1970s was stable and incredibly strong. And then the unraveling began. Greed. The wealthy got tired of being merely wealthy among the throngs of upstart middle-classers. That wasn’t a high enough place to be I guess just wealthy – not enough one has to not just have most of the nuts but all the nuts – mad squirrel disease as I like to call it – the pathological need to acquire everything. It simply wouldn’t do to live in a society where everyone was doing really well and perhaps your osn or daughter would go to harvard next to a factory workers son and then fall in love. Dear me the entire social fabric was falling apart due to those scary middle-class hippie kids who had no regard for the social order. Conservatives decided to fight back. It was a double edge insult to their lifestyle and threatened everything they valued. Hence the fight to come after the glow of the 1960s. But back to… The failure of both systems – Communism and Capitalism – greed. Neither take this fundamental human pathology into account. And although the 80s tried to sell us on the idea of greed being good and a pure marketplace where corporations would magically police themselves – anyone who has even the tiniest bit of street smarts and/or understanding of human psychology knows that a fox should never be guarding a hen house as the old saying goes. We can’t expect to put a freshly baked box of cookies next to a hungry toddler – leave him to guard it indefinitely and expect to come back to find none missing. Especially if we continue to do this and there are no repercussions when the toddler starts taking them. Eventually the kid doesn’t think about it anymore and it just becomes a given that stealing from the pile is part of what you do. Taking regulations away and dismantling unions allows corporations and wall street to go unchecked. Just like our Democracy has been set-up to have checks and balances (which we are now seeing needs some modern adjustments) so power was never put entirely in one individual or groups hands for fear of corruption – the same holds even more true for the resources of the earth. Historically those who control the resources control the power. We saw the end of soviet communism and thought we had “won.” But in reality the very thing that crushed their system will crush ours but it will come from the private side rather than the government side since our government has become a side show to the real power allowed to run amok via the Supreme Court’s rulings on everything from not counting votes to Citizens United to their ruling on the most recent Hobby Lobby case allowing corporation shareholders’ religious preferences to trump everyone else in the corporation – whereby creating a surf-like relationship between corporate heads and their employees. (If you look at it ideologically without the divisive sunglasses of pro-life vs. pro-choice – one can clearly see it as a crack in the protection of the individual’s rights vs. corporate rights – there are more cases than this which I could point to having to do with intellectual property that also give more latitude to corporations and less to private individuals so it’s not just this case I’m going on here but that’s a whole other post.) I used to refer to the pathological sort of greed (found in the one percent of the human population) as “mad squirrel disease.” But I’ve come to realize it’s actually more sinister than that just look at the Koch Brothers. Now let me break it down in real time rather than history: 1. We have a low wage service based economy. Since Nixon opened trade relations with China the lions share of jobs shifted from factories to service as China took on manufacturing. With the advent of the Internet the 1990s economy had the advantage of a strong intellectual property economy fortifying the service economy. Things like Napster started a trend toward an everything-is-free trend which eroded intellectual property for everyone except large corporations and eventually led the feed cycle to an almost exclusive service based economy. Other than construction, the small manufacturing sector, small percentages of actual farmers (2%), nearly all jobs are related to serving whether that is being a doctor, teacher, law enforcer, IT specialist, waiter, clerk, accountant, real estate agent or financial broker – these jobs only exist to serve. The safest jobs during a major downturn are those connected to the community like police officer and perhaps even doctor due to need. But a serious downturn or depression would ELIMINATE the need for nearly ALL OTHER JOBS. Food, shelter and basic needs are all people spend money on in a major downturn or depression. This would choke people’s ability to spend on anything except the necessities which we are seeing in slow motion right now despite all the BS about the stock market. The reason the low wage part is such an aggregant (CEOs and wealthy 1 percenters take notice) is the inability for people (which is a huge percentage of people) to buy goods and services and the inevitability of that huge percentage of people to slip into abject poverty and out of the economy completely if a major downturn/depression were to occur. Now that the social net is broken the devastation of economic free fall would be truly horrifying. 2. We thought we solved the problem. The 2008 meltdown was an opportunity to right the boat but we didn’t take it. We put up a slipshod band-aid that will eventually bleed out and slip off. The bail out was the right thing to do at the time BUT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED UP BY REAL REFORM! The banks should have had to pay back the money with interest and they should have reinstated old monopoly regulations and broken them apart. In fact all the mergers and acquisitions and centralizing of corporate power should be reversed if we are to survive a global financial meltdown. The reason being if all the dinosaurs are roped together and one falls down – they all fall down. If one dinosaur falls down and dies, well it just goes back into the life cycle. An economy can happily recover after the death of one giant. It can even thrive as its broken apart into smaller pieces and redistributed but if the thing is so massive as to encompass the earth and all its people, well, then it’s not survivable. Instead of diversifying everything and locking down the hatches by cracking down on criminal behavior and kicking Wall Street out of the country’s financial governance, we gave the dinosaur a big meal, slapped a bandage on him and ignored the whole thing. In the mean time the country became extremely divided and entropy set into politics. Anything that could or should have done couldn’t be done. Alas we have a serious problem about to unfold. 3. Global connectivity: that which has been sown must be reaped… We have a global economy. Corporations are making record profits connecting to markets everywhere. Yeay! If your a shareholder or CEO of one of those corporations. Well, at least that has been the case. All those new people around the world mean new costumers right? Right? Yeah and new liabilities. Just as we tanked the world economy with our housing bubble, guess what can happen if theirs a bubble in say China? Hmm… coincidentally their is a bubble in China a HUGE BUBBLE. Two words. Ghost Cities. Heard of them? This bubble will make our bubble look like we did it with a piece of chewing gum. Terrifying when it bursts and it will. The epicenter of this seems extremely volatile when I tap into this I get very scared. It feels like intense chaos, violence and its tentacles are everywhere. The growing middle-class in China had no other thing to invest their newly won money in except real estate so… they built whole cities, infrastructures, shopping malls, parks, malls where no human (other than the builders) ever set foot and still haven’t set foot. They have a unique conundrum. Those who can afford to live in these new cities live elsewhere thereby displacing the poor villagers who had lived on that land and since these cities have no industry (although their are buildings there to house industry) no humans come to live in them. They are like bodies without souls. Dead. Still born without hope of life. The final component: 4) War All the conflicts going on around the world are heating up in key places. More than just losing the war in Iraq and Afghanistan – both unwinnable from the get go – we’ve shown the world we no longer have any moral authority (think torture and blowing off the geneva convention rules without any public prosecutions.) We also have a broken military unable to take on anything else after a decade of war. We have been left weak, morally, physically, economically and spiritually. Our own land torn apart by the left – right divide which has only served to hand over more power to the few leaving the masses poorer and fighting one another for scraps without a real understanding of how we’ve all been hornswaggled. So what does this mean for us? It means a real correction. We didn’t head our chance at a warning. The 2008 warning shot was forgotten as soon as the ringing in our ears wore off. It’s unfortunate that we have to learn the hard way but I’m very afraid we will have to learn the hard way. While I don’t think what hits us will look exactly like the last Great Depression it will be close. This will be the second dip we’ve all been waiting for. And it will require REAL CHANGES. Let’s hope that the next president has the ovaries to get something done. Many blessings, Denise


*Update I just saw a comment from Marie about a Forbes article related to this topic. I didn’t include the issues they address in it in my assessment but everything stated there is definitely another factor that I hadn’t thought about except for its relation to consumer debt. The stock market, in my opinion, has been running on the fuel of its own farts for as long as I can remember. It’s a closed loop that has taken off from any grounding it once had in reality. Check out the link she posted.

The Patterns Are Becoming Clear…

Reality Check

I’m not sure if I posted my assessment of the US chart and the transits that would hit it in May. Well, they were not good. In fact as I may have stated early that these aspects will change the way we ourselves. 

I really wish people would stop underestimating the new leader of North Korea. I don’t believe he is bluffing. I don’t want to say much about this but read the comments Zoma made a month or more ago.

And BTW Ashley Judd go and run against Mitch McConnell. You WILL WIN by a LANDSLIDE! GO for it ASHLEY! Really don’t give up because of all this. Steal yourself – be strong. The world could use someone who understands what it means to be a real human being with real feelings. We need more people who have compassion and understanding.

I’m going to look at comments and get to the next session ASAP. I just am in the process of a lot of things and unfortunately my kid got sick for a while.

Best wishes to all and many blessings,


Reality Check