Answering Readers…

First from Sherry:


Hi Denise Here’s something that might be of interest to all. For so long now we’ve watched small businesses get run over by large corporations and big box stores. It’s been hard to keep small individual businesses (i.e. mom-and-pop stores, etc.) from going bankrupt. I feel that once we get past the next couple of years and the economy begins to grow again, there will be opportunities for individuals and small companies to grow again. Especially since so many have closed up in the last few years. Right now everyone seems to shop at Walmart and Costco, etc. just to save as much as possible, but I think that when times get better people may want a more personal touch in their shopping. Would you ask the cards if an expansion of entrepreneurship is coming in the new economy. I would hate to think that we’re stuck with the Walmarts for the future. Use this recession time to prepare for what you want to do in the future. Lay the groundwork, so to speak. Thanks.

Hi Sherry:

You make some excellent points about how cannibalistic the nature of business was in the past decade and a half. This model was what killed so many industries not just small businesses. The idea that one could sell more goods and services to the middle of the bell curve while ignoring everybody else (which is what has happened in entertainment, music, art, theater, film, clothing, cars, etc.) lead to a lack of innovation, no risk taking, bottom line quarterly thinking, no long term plan for the future, and thus our culture and its products (including the arts) become boring. Everything and everybody was forced to look basically the same, drive the same 3 colors of cars, wear the same basic T-shirt sold at different prices and watch and listen to the lowest common denominator of music/film, etc. Of course there are always exceptions, but when the business world is run based entirely on the bottom line, sans any kind of passion or vision, we get gate keepers who are afraid to move culture forward via new ideas in all areas music, writing, art, film, clothing, shoes whatever. We are all individuals and we were being treated like cows, prodded and wrangled this way and that to buy whatever seemed to fit some CEO’s idea of the perfect sweater for the “little people,” ie. the unwashed masses or the basic moron on the street which Jay Leno’s version of the tonight show so aptly encapsulated in his “Jay walking,” bit.

The bit was successful because it reinforced the idea that everyone was an idiot, not that they were interviewing 20 year olds about politics and policies their parents barely knew about, hence no interest in the subject and no knowledge. If you would have interviewed these young people about their favorite bands, TV shows, movies or whatever they were into, I’m sure the Leno staff would have actually learned something rather than going through hours of tape looking for the dumbest answer to the dumbest question. Sure, there are dumb people in the world. But there are also brilliant people. Granted that’s not a funny idea interviewing smart people — if it were, talk shows would actually be interesting to watch rather than painful product endorsements disguised as entertainment.

The world used to be much less homogoneous. Countries used to have their own cutlures. The past fifteen years, maybe longer it seems this has been more and more erased. We have imported our ugliness everywhere, from McDonald’s, to Starbucks. Granted Starbucks treats its employees well and makes a good cup of coffee, but it seems a bit sad to see one on every corner in London or worse, Rome! I liked the world a lot better when it was feasible for a person to have an interesting idea and then put that idea forth as a store, a book, a film or whatever. When the product and the idea came first, and as long as it made some money, broke even and had the capacity to move things forward it was seen as a success rather than this ridiculous notion of constant unending growth for share holders to snort every quarter. 

Enough of my ranting, let’s ask the pendulum if we are going to see (in the next 3-10 years) a return to the mom & pop run business, along with more diversity and choice for all.

OK, according to the pendulum we will see a return of the mom and pop store, more diversity and business catering to all different types of individuals once the correction is finished. This may take a couple years to accomplish, in the mean time some big cheap chain stores will continue to dominate the landscape.

But I do feel many of them will go down as well and this will also open up new opportunities for the future. It’s my feeling that the next ten or more years businesses will become smaller and geared more toward niche markets, an extension of the E-bay sort of model but adapted to the real, as opposed to, the virtual world.

I have a feeling with so many outer planets in Aquarius people will be seeking to express their individuality more and more and resent middle of the bell curve marketing. This along with feeling duped by big business will give incentive to people to support stores, shops and individual business owners within their own communities. Gone will be the days of being so disconnected from how, what, where or when a product is made and how it gets to the individual. At least for awhile. Let’s hope this recession/depression has a big enough impact on our collective psyche to create a sense of responsibility for consumers and their choices forever or at least a very long time.

And from Hope and a Plan:


Hi Denise, I am a pretty private person and I would understand if you didnt want to post a picture of yourself. I think you share an awful lot of yourself already… I have a question about the next wave…Sheila Baird, the FDIC chief claimed that at the rate of banks were shutting their doors the FDIC insurance for depositors will run dry by year’s end. Do you think that’s part of this tsunami wave? Should we start stuffing our mattresses? I know this is a self fulfilling prophecy but if its on its way, then how is my pittance going to impact the gazillions of dollars going out to these banking behemoths? I am reticent to be negative, especially since I am not a finance specialist but all bets are off with the financial system these days…. I feel like I have to look out for my family and my extended community, like the people on this board. If the banking system is going to tank and then restructure I am not going to naively go down with them in the short term. Thanks in advance, Denise.

Hi Hope and a Plan,

It’s been my feeling from the beginning that the FDIC money would run out, and it might take time to get money out of your bank if it goes belly up. I don’t feel however this will be permanent. So if anyone is worried, take enough money out to live for at least a couple of months, but I don’t feel it will be safe to take out your life savings and put it in your mattress.

I do feel the Fed will make good on the insurance, it just might take longer than one might want. I don’t feel that it will be an inordinate amount of time with Obama in the white house but I worried with George W. it might take 6-12 months if he were still president or if crazy McCain had gotten elected. Thank the Universe this did not happen. We are seriously going to be so much better off than one could imagine by making this choice. As bad as it may seem, this period will be compressed into a matter of a couple of years rather than over a decade which is what would have happened. 

From Cherri:

Cheri (tranquilsleep444)


Any other INFJ’s out there? :)

Hi Cheri,

Yes, I am an INFJ. I encourage everyone to check out their type based on the Myers-Brigg system. It is very fascinating.

From Juno:


Dreamt of a wild rabbit – the little grey ones you see in L.A. hillsides at dusk – it was a baby rabbit, and was poking its head down a hole in the hillside, being playful, scampering about… I was watching him for ages, enjoying myself, alone on a hillside. He poked his head again down the hole, and screamed, with his hind legs sticking up in the air, flailing. I pulled him up by his legs and a snake was attached to his nose. I pulled off the snake, killed it with a rock, and cradled the rabbit on its back while I looked for help. The rabbit had such sad eyes I started to cry, and in the dream he started to morph into my toddler son, naked, with wounds by his left rib and groin, but he was bleeding clear fluid, not blood, like in the story of the crucifiction of Christ. I woke up at this point, so upset I went and checked on my son, who was fine, but who has had a very serious flu and had had to be rushed to the hospital. I can only assume that is why I had such a horrible, disturbing dream. Ugh. I should add I never dream about rabbits, and never was into “cutsie bunnies” growing up. Any insights?

Hi Juno,

Rabbits are associated with the Goddess Oeaster, which is where the Easter Bunny’s origin comes from. Since she is a Goddess of the vernal equinox and spring, she and the bunny represent fertility, the new, spring, youth and renewal. In some Native American traditions rabbit medicine is supposed to be the medicine of fear because rabbits are prey animals. Again they are innocent, open and easily hunted in the wild which is why they overcompensate through sheer numbers. 

Snakes are associated with sexuality. There have been many Goddesses associated with charming snakes, and of course snakes are very phallic. Snakes also represent regeneration, death and rebirth and are associated with the sign of Scorpio as one of the 3 symbols of that signs karmic ascension the Scorpion being the first, the Snake the second level and the Eagle the final and highly evolved spiritual sort of Scorpio (like Gandhi).

The wounds are an obvious metaphor for damage. The bunny obviously your child, an innocent, the snake that you had to destroy as it was killing your child, could be a relationship with a man that must transformed for the sake of your child’s survival (emotionally and spiritually). The wounds letting out clear fluid like water I would think are that water. So the wounds are draining the life blood of his emotions (water is associated with emotion in western esoteric tradition). The injury being at the site of the left rib, again seems to reinforce a primal sort of injury (being done to his spirit) as the rib in Christian tradition is associated with the first man and woman. And the groin area represents an injury to his eventual manhood.

I’m sure the trip to the hospital triggered it but this dream seems very clearly to be telling you that there is more to your son’s illness than just a physical problem. There are some very damaging emotional things in the environment which it seems you are aware of and are trying to change as you pull your son out of the hole and work on healing and saving him.

Hope that helped.

And if you want to take the Myers-Briggs test there is a link to a free test site in an earlier post. Just use the search it button and put in Myers-Briggs or personality test and it should come up.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


Answering Readers…

Answering Readers…

The promised answers to the last set of unanswered questions…

Sally Herr

Dear Denise,

On February 17, 2009 Obama sign the stimulus package at 1:34 Mountain Time in Denver, Colorado as seen on CNN. Now, what do you perceive about the stimulus package? Thanks!

I got this information from the website, Note: one can only read entries if one provides their password and name.


And from Carl:


Dear Denise, Thanks so much for your efforts here! There’s so much panic out there now – do you see major US banks like Bank Of America (BAC) and Citigroup (C) being nationalized by the government? Also, do you see a recovery of American International Group, Inc. (AIG)? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Peace and blessings, Carl

Since it turns out both of these questions are interlinked I’m going to post the chart of the stimulus package and then explain how and why.

picture-8 I couldn’t substantiate whether or not this chart is accurate but based on it. Just look at all those planets in Aquarius crammed into the eighth house of banking and investing. This will cause a couple of things to happen. One being incredible instability in the banking and financial industries, a lot of banks and investment companies will still to go out of business unless there is truly a revolution, one way being what Carl suggested. When I meditated on Carl’s question a few days ago I didn’t feel that there was any desire on the part of the Obama administration to nationalize the banking industry but this chart would suggest to me that it might actually be neccesary in order to restructure them along with many other elements of the financial industries. 

If this is indeed the correct chart then the changes will be radical and the model of a foreign system will be modified to fit ours (Sun conjunct Neptune in the 9th).  Conservatives are going to have serious opposition to this (Saturn opposite Uranus which rules all that stuff in the 8th and 9th houses) but if something radical isn’t done (and there will be elements of this that reflect systems in places like Denmark, Sweeden, Norway — not to worry though they have the highest standard of living and are among the wealthiest countries in the world so not a bad place to steal ideas from) there will be a huge collapse. Those are the choices here. And the Obama administration isn’t going to sit by and let that happen so although their original intentions may be to be more conservative as more information comes out and things progress they will be further and further pushed to make radical changes.

I’ll look into AIG for Carl later tonight.

Best wishes to all and many blessings to all the kind and good hearted people out there,


P.S. I will try to substantiate this chart and once I do, I will go into much more detail about what’s going to happen as a result of this bill.

Answering Readers…

Clarification And Fiscal Advice From Javahaaa

I want to thank Javahaaa for taking the time to explain some CD’s, FDIC info and how to get the best rates for your account. I’m not a financial advisor, just a nutty psychic astrologer/writer who gets premonitions about all kinds of things not just the stock market, so I really appreciate Javahaaa taking the time to explain this for my readers. I certainly wouldn’t be qualified to do it!

Javahaaa is a banker so please read the advice so kindly offered:


Denise, since many of your readers seem fearful about their banks and CDs , being in banking I want to set the record straight for them. Every CD you get at a local bank is FDIC insured. You do not have to worry about losing the money if the bank “goes under” or, more likely, is bought out by someone else. Period. This has nothing to do with astrology.

The only people who have to worry the bank’s solidity and losing $ are those who own stocks or bonds of the bank. Even all the CDs and checking/savings deposits at IndyMac were safe. If the bank does “fail” and is taken over by the government, you may have to wait a short while before the $ is returned, but you will not lose it, including the interest accrued to that point. If it is, more likely, bought out by another bank, your $ is at the “new” bank the next day (CDs still subject to same holding period they first were).

Now, whether or not the FDIC has enough funding to meet its obligations, should lots of banks “fail” at once, is a separate story – and _that’s_ what you’re readers ought to ask about, not any individual bank.

Anyone who wants to keep their nest egg in CDs should shop around for the best rate – and the “best rate” is not just the %, but its relation to the maturity of it…. i.e., a 3.5% for 9 months is better than a 4% for 5 years….ask your local bank branch manager (or other experienced banker there) to help you figure out the “best bargain” at their bank, and compare that to other banks (most are more than happy to help you). You can also shop online: is a great site for the public. Then, _put the maturity date on your calendar _, and when the maturity date is coming near, shop around the same way. Usually, if you just let it roll over at the same bank automatically, you will _not_ get as high a rate as you will by shopping around. 

Banks run “promotional” rates to get your money in (often losing money themselves on the transaction, by giving you a higher % than they can get with their own $), and depend on most people being lazy and letting the $ roll automatically to a new, lower % CD once the promotional one comes due.

I hope this helps. Again, stock and bondholders should worry about the long-term solidity of the bank (or any company they invest in), but not people with their savings/CDs there. There are too many other things in day-to-day life to worry about – like spending less than you earn and saving enough (for the near future, and for retirement) to begin with.

Considering the fiscal condition of Medicare (which, at 3X the size of Social Security, is the federal program in the most trouble), and medical cost in general, saving for old age should be priority #1 for most people. They’re going to need a lot more $ than most think.

Clarification And Fiscal Advice From Javahaaa