Barack Obama – his chart, who is he?

It’s interesting to see how prevalent the 7th house is in the charts of politicians. As law makers it makes sense being that the 7th house rules courts and justice as well as partnerships, the public and open enemies.

In Barack’s case we see a lot of 7th house action, his mind is defintely occupied with issues of fairness, equality and service. His Leo sun is reigned in by the 6th house of service so any bombast is tempered with his desire to serve coupled with his opposition to Uranus in the 7th and his Aquarius rising he has strong desire to serve humanity.

With his Pluto in the 7th his partner is strong, as we know. And has great influence, as well as Joe Biden will. He takes into consideration other points of view and weighs them heavily in his decision making process.

Moon in Gemini trine his Jupiter gives him a cool emotional demeanor and an understanding of both foreign and domestic people. His childhood would involve a lot of emotional ups and downs and moving quite a bit, this is also public knowledge but is indicated in his chart. His mother was an intellectual and teacher, (Moon in Gemini in the 4th) this created great opportunity for him to grow intellectually as moon trines his Mercury in the 6th. Again he puts his knowledge into serving the greater good. Not surprising he would become a community organizer as his need to serve is strong and taught him a lot about the world and himself.

Mars in Virgo in the 6th again reinforces his desire to play fair and serve others in the process which is probably why he was attracted to law. but the kind of law he was interested in and is interested in is focused on workers and their plight, those that serve others, he identifies with them which is part of his passion to serve.

He has the ability to think outside the box (Aquarius rising) but this is balanced by many factors in his chart which enable him to think in gradations of color as opposed to the black and white world of someone like Sarah Palin who has a proponderance of fixed signs and too much Aquarius in her chart leading her into the realm of magical thinking and the inability to listen to others, this quality often referred derogatorily as “a know it all,” is not present in Barack Obama. His chart is balanced with all the elements and enough mutable signs to offset his fixed sun and rising. He is strong in his convictions without being married to his ideas, able to amend his position to changes that come along when necessary and capable of listening to a good case and changing his mind to fit the facts and circumstances.

His emotional center is his home life, his wife and children, and his mother. Jupiter in Aquarius in the 12th making a trine to his moon will ultimately be a great benefit, just as the chips look down for him luck strikes and fate helps him along. 

All in all he is compassionate, service orientated, humanitarian and extremely intelligent, if this makes him an elitist then we should all be so lucky as to be called this. His excellent aspects make him capable in many ways, not just his general intelligence, ability to understand the working person, his service oriented personality but also he understands finances not just the big picture but the details of the economy. Notice the trine between Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th and Mars in Virgo. He understands what is going on behind the scenes, things we the public do not see and knows how to fix this via legislation, Mars in the 7th in Virgo. It’s no surprise that the top wealthiest among us those in the top one percent fear him because he is not going to be a giant help to them but rather to us, the everyday people who work for a living. He has many enemies in that elite group and it will be no surprise that they will pull out all the stops to make sure he’s not elected including resulting to fear tactics (geared to the naive) which will more than likely be their main focus in trying to take him down. But alas, he does have Jupiter there to save him. So he does have hidden forces who support him and luck on his side.

He will restore our good name in the world and put our economy back on track and with all the Virgo in his chart he will reform health care for the betterment of us in the middle class.

So make sure to vote!

Barack Obama – his chart, who is he?

Chart comparison of 1929 Stock Market Crash, Future & DOW

It looks like it will really start to get scary in late December with Pluto heading over the horizon and a bunch of activating planets to set it off. However the actual death of the market will be early 09. I’ll post that chart when I figure it out. I had just looked in my Ephemeris and hadn’t done an actual chart until now, meaning I had made an approximation of when the real trouble would begin. I’ll post the actual date I think the market will implode in a few. 

For now there will be good and bad days. I suggest using your intuition to pull out when your stocks or mutual fund is up. There will be some wild fluctuations until the crash but don’t let the economists fool you with how stable things are ultimately. Let’s face it if the market crashes it effects all the world markets and the companies you’ve invested in. There is a better than likely chance whatever stock you have will be meaningless as many businesses will more than likely go out of business and you’ll be left with a piece of paper that is worthless. Why take the chance? If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. CD’s are paying about 4%, about or more than what you can make playing the stock market and there is no real risk as long as you don’t need your money immediately. This is my advice. I’d hate to see ordinary Americans used and taken advantage of once again when I might be able to help some of you.

Chart comparison of 1929 Stock Market Crash, Future & DOW

Interpretation of the 1929 Stock Market Crash and Our Current Mess

Here goes, there will be more on this later as well since I’m in the middle of a bunch of stuff right now. But anyway, you will notice that the stock market crash of 1929 has a 16 degree Capricorn rising, you will also notice that the chart of the recent crash had venus close to this sensitive point at 17 degrees. Also you will notice that the 29 crash has a mirror of the Dow in its chart, Uranus opposite the first, in the seventh. What this means is that in general the Dow is subject to unexpected fluctuation and change, the fact that the 29 crash mirrored this, reinforced the unexpected upheaval inherit in the Dow’s natal chart and was about to hit the natal north node. 

At the time of the 29 crash Uranus was at 8 degrees Aries making a square to the Dow’s natal Uranus… more on this in a bit, I have to go. I’ll post soon…

Interpretation of the 1929 Stock Market Crash and Our Current Mess

Black Monday, The Great Depression and the 08 Candidates

Looking at the chart of the 1929 stock market crash there are some striking similarities between it and this past black Monday. First a stellium in the same degree of Libra with the some of the same planets, mercury and Venus. During the 29 crash the moon was involved giving it much more emotion and fluctuation, this past Monday it was Mars playing an active role.


My intuition has been telling me that if McCain were to win by some act of hell freezing over and pigs flying, we would go into a serious world wide Depression, at least most certainly in the US. The charts confirm this. Notice how J.McCain’s rising activates that 19 degree Libra stellium in both the 29 crash and 08’s Black Monday. Uranus played a major role in the 29 crash by opposing that stellium; this time around Uranus played a major role inconjuncting that stellium. Notice also that the 29 crash had Saturn in Sag and Pluto has just hit that point. There are a lot of returns that seemed to happen this past Monday. I’m not going to go into all the astrological stuff here other than to give you all a chance to look at the interactions between the crashes and the two presidential candidates.


I have a couple of other feelings that may seem a bit more out on a limb. One is that the GOP is not really behind McCain; they are subtly undermining McCain while pretending to support him. They know that we’re headed for an economic disaster that even the greatest genius couldn’t completely solve over night. I think they want a Democrat in office to try to clean it up so they can not only blame the Democrat for the mess and then control the next eight to God knows how many years. And also they know the Democrats will tidy up enough to save their lame butts. Serving a diabolic, Machiavellian duel purpose, which is why Karl Rove recently stated that McCain had gone to far with his lies?!? I thought hell had frozen over.


 At the very least Mrs. Palin’s family experience is a prime example of how important sex education is, you can tell kids abstinence is the only 100% way to not get pregnant but kids need to know what sex is or they’ll discover it on their own, as evidence by the entire animal kingdom figuring this out without any kind of health or sex ed class! Fancy that!


More revelations as they come. If you have a question. Add a comment or if you want me to look at your chart leave info and I’ll see what I can do. I will answer you however via the blog so if you don’t want people looking at your chart don’t give me your info.

Black Monday, The Great Depression and the 08 Candidates