Important News From Reader Buddha Dreamer

I wanted to make sure everyone saw this comment by Buddha Dreamer. I am reprinting it here so it is easily accessible:

About the Darkness:
I work as a scientist, and sit (part time) on an international climate group. The news is absolutely grim. We are now in an uncontrollable, early stage of a runaway greenhouse event.
Nothing we now do is going to put things back to “Normal”. We can only adapt, and hope to survive, as best we can, what is coming.

The climate crisis will be upon us sooner than we all think, over the next 10 years it will become very apparant, from actual events, where we are all heading.

I should also mention that the approching crisis of “Peak Oil”, where we simply run out of fuel for our civilization, is now in it’s early stages, but will become acute in about 60 months.

This year, and the next two, could see very serious geophysical events, the first tremours of which are already happening.

I have spoken to Government Ministers here in England, in the course of my work, who privitely admit the severity of the Global crisis, but cannot actually say to the public what is going on, less it spook any sort of financial recovery and make things worse.

It is, apparantly, the same everywhere else.
as a scientist, I feel this is wrong. People have to be told the truth, even if it hurts. The one thing politicians do not want, is widespread knowledge of the things that are coming, as it would put huge pressures on them to be more effective and to at least try and make serious preparations, in the short time left, so that there is at least some hope.

All of the above, I write as a scientist. As a human being, with fairly powerful psychic abilities, I am full of dread for what I see in the near future. This is the calm, before a mighty global storm. Climate change, geophysical events, and other crisis, will test us all, to our limits.

Better, I think, that people know, so they can at least spiritually strengthen themselves, and do some practical good.
Buddha Dreamer.

Important News From Reader Buddha Dreamer