A Couple of Things…

Once we have an actual front-runner in the Republican party I will do their charts. Right now, despite Obama’s struggles and people’s frustration with the status quo I believe everyone knows that to go Republican is akin to turning back the clock to the Dark Ages. If anything the energy is moving more toward the left. People are awakening to the truth that we’ve been swindled for a long time with “Trickle Down Economics,” destruction of regulations that protect us from psychopaths who get in positions of power in business and how opening the gateway to China (done by Nixon) also opened the gateway to a restructuring of the entire financial system without any protection for American workers. Of course this all happened at a slow enough pace that it took until now for people to put it altogether – now that we are in the center of a crisis.

My intuition is that at this time there is no Republican candidate who can win against Barrack Obama in 2012. If there was a thriving and viable left leaning third-party Рa candidate from it, might stand a chance, but as is, there is no way  the Republicans can win the presidency. I doubt they will even be able to keep whatever seats they have now that are up for grabs. If there is a chance to make Congress majority Democrat I believe the public will do that in 2012.

I can run a chart on Herman Cain – perhaps I will since he’s been the front-runner for 3 weeks or so, but his chances of winning the nomination are about as good heading the KKK. Seems unlikely that the hoards of people who want to take the country back (from what, I’m not sure) would vote for an even darker president. Not to say they are racist but yes, they are racist. And Herman Cain is about as able qualified as the crappy pizza’s he hocks.

But then we got a bunch of e-mails from my father-in-law who is a big time Republican about the glories of Cain so I suppose I’ll have to look at the idiot’s chart for good measure.

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I just realized McCain was President Obama’s last political, opponent. Funny.

A Couple of Things…