Answering A Reader’s Question… (About Lisa Williams)

I’m going to go back to some earlier questions, but felt I had to answer this one in particular because I got a call from my mother telling me there was going to be an earthquake tomorrow. I asked her what the source of her info was and she said she’d heard it from a friend. Anyway, I thought it was odd timing to get a call from her and then get this post. It turns out tomorrow there is an earthquake preparedness day going on and this is probably what my mother had heard about.


Hi Denise,

I look forward to reading your blog every day!

I also frequent Lisa William’s blog, and she posted the following about a week ago:

“I have been feeling that there is also going to be a natural disaster on the West Coast of the US for a while. When the earthquake came recently I knew it wasn’t what I had been feeling. What ever is going to come is going to be a huge change of energy. It’s shaking things up. ”

“I wish I could tell you more, but I feel it’s not far away (time frame) and it’s going to shake up the west coast a little. I am not sure what the mileage distance is, but what I do know is that it’s going to effect everyone on an emotional level. I can see the ocean moving and an earthquake or an eruption. all I keep being told is that there is an early warning system. As I was talking about this with friends last night over dinner, I was discussing slate like plates that were coming together and rubbing. Kev who is the Discovery channel Genius, told me it was tectonic plates that cause an earthquake. ”

“I am not sure it’s an earthquake and as I sit here in the stillness of the house, I sense that it’s similar but not the same. I feel the West coast is unsteady. I feel it’s unhappy and I feel there needs to be a shift. It’s as though with the new changes that are happening in society there also has to be some changes physically, and its about energy being shaken up. ”

Can you give any insight into this prediction? Lisa Williams is very talented in my opinion and I don’t take her words with a grain of salt. I’d like to know what you think or if you could ask the cards.


Hi Ryan,

I agree Lisa Williams is very talented and genuinely psychic. She’s a medium though and specializes in talking to people who have crossed over. It’s weird, but psychics do seem to have specialties, kind of like athletes, some can run very fast, others can jump or swim, etc. I’ve had friends who were amazingly clairvoyant (meaning they could be dead on about everything going on in someone’s present life) but didn’t have a talent for reading the future. I’m not saying she’s wrong, but if she does turn out to be inaccurate that in no way means she isn’t an amazingly gifted medium. It could be she has been picking up on the social turmoil regarding Prop 8, and also the terrible wild fires that broke out tonight in the Santa Barbara. It’s very possible that these fires will get much worse because of the Santa Ana winds. So she could very well have been feeling that. I had a premonition about a terrible fire this summer, but didn’t know when or where it would be, only saw fire on the hills and the wing of a red owl.

I read Lisa Williams whole post, and it seemed she was reticent about posting it.

I was in Bali about 3 months before the Tsunami and major earthquake. Both my husband and I felt the energy of a big quake coming, and were very on edge because of it. I didn’t have a blog then to warn anyone — I should have! I did visualize white light around that part of the world obsessively while we were there. But, sadly, I wasn’t surprised by what happened. I knew something terrible was going to occur in that region.

And actually before Katrina, I told my husband New Orleans was going to be buried under water, and never the same, perhaps go the way of Atlantis. He had wanted to move there. I said, big no! So we compromised and went to New Orleans about 4 months before Katrina hit, he used the excuse that we had to see it one last time before it went away. I agreed.

In the airport terminal while we were waiting to board, I saw a  stewardess with the head of a skull. It was out of the corner of my eye, and when I looked directly at her, in full daylight, it did not dissipate. I began to freak out, thinking maybe it was a sign the airplane was going to crash, but no one else in the terminal had this so I figured it was something about her, perhaps going on in her personal life.

While we were in New Orleans the first night, walking down Bourbon street, I saw again some people scattered throughout the crowd with skull heads, even when I looked directly at them. I felt the street filling with water, and got so afraid I demanded we go back to the hotel, and was afraid to leave for a couple of days until I was assured (psychically) that this was a future event, and not something about to happen while I was there.

Now the problem was I didn’t know how far in the future this event was going to happen. I felt it was very close, and it turned out to be about 4 months away. I also didn’t know what to do with this information or how to warn anyone of the impending disaster. I always hope when I get information like that, that I’m wrong.  

When we were there the photos I took were extremely bizarre, some of them were taken at a haunted house, but even those that weren’t had very odd things, light streaks and orbs, in them. I’ll look for them and post them in the future. I sent some to a ghost site, but I’m not sure they were ever posted. 

I had a similar freak out before the Northridge earthquake here. Unfortunately, for me it began about about 5 years before it happened! I had squirreled away enough food, water and sterno to feed my neighbors. And luckily bought earthquake insurance 6 weeks before the earthquake hit. I knew it was getting closer. 

I am not getting an immediate feeling there is going to be giant earthquake here in Southern California. I’ve gotten better at not stretching too far into the future with psychic knowings, they don’t do much good! It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Northern California so I can’t speak to the energy up there.

I’m sure there will be a giant earthquake here in California, but like I said I don’t feel it coming in the immediate future right now. If that changes I will post it. 

I do wonder if  Lisa Williams is picking up on some future event, which is very possible. When I first moved here, and started feeling the Northridge quake about 5 years beforehand, it felt very immediate. So it could be she’s picking up on something further down the road, maybe 5 or so years from now. I do have a feeling we’ll see another major quake around then, but not in the very immediate future.

Hope that helps some.

I’ll post more answers later.

Best wishes to all,


Answering A Reader’s Question… (About Lisa Williams)