Rulerships: My list

So to break it down here’s how I see the rulerships:

Capricorn = Saturn

Aquarius = Uranus

Pisces = Neptune

Aries = Mars

Taurus = Venus

Gemini = Mercury

Cancer = Haumea

Leo = Make-Make

Virgo = Ceres

Libra = Eris

Scorpio = Pluto

Sagittarius = Jupiter

And there you go.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is the notion of not just rulerships but dignities and of course where planets would now be considered in their fall. In the old system Mars rules Aries so its opposite sign of Libra is considered a weak place for Mars to be and thus in its fall. So accordingly if one were to apply these ideas to the new rulerships I have mentioned Ceres rules Virgo and thus would be in its fall in Pisces, Haumea rules Cancer and thus is in its fall in Capricorn, Make-Make would be in its fall in Aquarius and Eris in its fall in Aries.

However, I don’t put much stock in rulerships and the weakened point  of a fall, meaning I don’t find that a planet is necessarily stronger in its “natural” sign or weaker in its fall. The planet just has an easier flow of energy (in my opinion) and the same could be said for the opposite that a planet in its fall is not weaker, it just operates in a way that is seemingly contrary to its organic nature. But often with opposites or rather planets in their fall they make just as much sense as any other sign would, and sometimes even more than most, take for example the ever expansive Jupiter which naturally rules Sagittarius – and Sagittarius rules higher education, the higher mind, philosophy and comedy, well Gemini rules lower education, the lower mind, writing – so one can see they actually have a lot in common and Jupiter hardly seems debilitated in Gemini, expanding the basic intellect and ground that Sagittarius arises from.

More on these ideas later…

Best to all,


Rulerships: My list

More on Ceres

OK, sorry again. I have been in and out of contact like a quasar bleeping on a radio telescope. People have written to me about their Ceres placement and I started a post but didn’t get a chance to finish it so I will deconstruct it starting from 1-12 and go through all the signs as well then just mix and match and you have your answer.

So let’s start with the signs and then go to the houses and I’ll give an example at the end of how to put it together.

Ceres In:

Aries: Nurturing through self-exploration, creativity, leadership roles, the warrior’s path (often means the military). and putting oneself first/teaching others to put themselves first, the head.

Taurus: Nurturing through food, work, stability, providing structure, routine and financial security, the neck.

Gemini: Nurturing through education, teaching, writing, thinking, communicating, telephones, exchanging ideas, working with pre-adolescent children, neurological system, the arms and lungs.

Cancer: Nurturing through cooking, traditional nurturing careers like nursing or mothering, acquiring things, holding onto connections, keeping family connected, family, the breasts and sometimes the stomach.

Leo: Nurturing through dramatic expression, creativity, playing with children, having fun, theater, the performing arts, gambling, speculation, being a father or playing a father role, protecting children (and one’s own inner child) from the harshness of adult life, the heart.

Virgo: Nurturing through work, analysis, perfecting ones craft/job or self, service to others, giving of oneself, engaging in constructive criticism rather than faultfinding, the stomach, intestines, bowels.

Libra: Nurturing through relationships, the visual arts, beauty, aesthetics, creating harmony and or a harmonious environment, partnerships, legal system, contracts, insisting on what’s fair and being a champion for fairness, the kidneys.

Scorpio: Nurturing through transformation, sexuality, the occult, death and rebirth, transmutation, power, politics, big money (like banks and other wealthy institutions rather than one’s own personal money), financial advice, the big picture when it comes to economics, sexual organs.

Sagittarius: Nurturing through higher education, philosophy, open-mindedness, playfulness, humor, optimism.

Capricorn: Nurturing through career, ambition, working hard, taking control, setting boundaries, power structures, leadership, tough love.

Aquarius: Nurturing through innovation, being involved in humanitarian causes, big organizations, friends, wishes and dreams, supporting other’s in their dreams as well as oneself, TV, music, electronics, science, hope.

Pisces: Nurturing through letting go and helping others to let go, psychic ability, psychic healing, spirituality, the divine, angels, spirit guides, laying on hands, reiki, film, illusions and delusions, mental illness, incarceration, drug and alcohol problems.

Those are the general areas, one or more will make sense for you in your life. I have Ceres in Gemini and for me I’ve always known that I have a gift for healing/nurturing people through words/communication.  I could feel always feel it happening as I spoke to someone in a psychic reading. The person would start (often in a dark place) and I could feel their energy turning toward hope and relief by the end of the reading. This same gift applies to my writing. It is my desire to help people through the darkness no matter what the venue.

Now the house system is odd for those who are new to astrology. The best explanation I heard for how this works was taught to me by an astrologer friend when I was in my early 20s. She said the planet is the car, the sign is the engine and the house is the road (this is a very LA metaphor!) So if you have Ceres in Gemini that means the car is the energy of nurturing, Gemini is the driving force and that is the energy of the mind, language, communication and finally if it is in the first house that means it should be driven (for best effect) for the purpose of self actualization and helping others on their path of self-actualization.

Here are the houses

1: Self-actualization the self, the physical body, the way one appears to the world, how people see you, how you interact with others.

2: Your daily life, your work, your routines, the things that create the foundation of your life, your stuff, the money you make from the work you do in the world.

3: Brothers and sisters, grammar school, elementary school, lower education, the early mind, information, communication, writing, domestic travel, publishing through magazines.

4: The home, early life, if you are woman it usually represents your father, if you are a man it usually represents your mother, nurturing, feelings of safety, how you will be remembered after you pass on.

5: Children, speculation, gambling, the stock market, risky investments of any kind, creativity especially performance related creativity, playfulness, hobbies, anything one does for enjoyment sake, affairs, lovers.

6: Service related work, health, health care field, service industries, the work one does to make the world a better place without always being compensated for it, work with charities (also related to the 11th as well but this would be daily grind sort of work), small animals.

7: Partnerships, represents the husband or wife so in this case Ceres in the 7th would indicate a very nurturing partner and also learning to nurture through partnerships and a love relationship/husband or wife, the law, contracts, fairness.

8: Other people’s money – banks and big financial organizations, the occult, hidden power, inner strength, transformation, death, rebirth.

9: Higher education/college, philosophy, humor, travel overseas, foreigners, other cultures, publishing industry (books),  intellectually based spiritual models and systems, the thighs.

10: Career, what one becomes most recognized for by others, where one shines in the outer world, taking control, being a leader, the mother in a female’s chart, the father in a male’s chart, ambition, energy put out toward achievement in the material world, the knees.

11: Hopes, wishes, humanitarianism, friends, organizations, innovative ideas, interest in off center people or eccentric ideas, openess to wild ideas and theories, TV, electronics, spirituality (either New Age or not in the main stream), the ankles.

12: That which is hidden from the person, incarceration, dreams, psychic ability, spirit communication, the final part of life before transition, mystical spirituality, shamanism, the feet.

So let’s take a reader’s question. She has Ceres in Scorpio in the third house. So putting it all together. Her way of nurturing is through sexuality, and/or being involved with people who are going through major transitional periods. She herself will often be forced to find nurturing through sexual connections and also through being like a phoenix and rising up out of the ashes of something she didn’t expect. By embracing the transformations she has gone through in her life she will be a light to others and (3rd house) be able to guide through writing, communicating and educating people on her own intense experiences.

Hope this makes sense and if you have trouble e-mail me and I’ll put up your questions. I plan on trying to work (when I get a chance) on some info about the gold and oil markets for a reader. I will post that in the next week or so.

Many blessings and best wishes to all the kind people out there,


More on Ceres

The Owl and Ceres… Sorry it’s been so long…

I wanted to address the reader who had the experience with the owl. I would read that experience as very much a symbolic one. I have had a lot of run ins with owls and that just doesn’t happen by accident. They are very secretive creatures and many people never see one their entire life except for in a zoo setting. They symbolize clairvoyance, clairaudience and are generally a warning to trust your intuition, this is why they have often been associated with negative things since usually your intuition protects you from not such great things. In your case the fact that the owl knocked itself out and then turned its neck around and stared at you well… OK, that’s also something to look at. It was also 4AM, the dead of night. The reader wasn’t sure if the animal was OK at first. Let’s deconstruct this.

The owl is a messenger bird. It generally carries messages of things unseen, hidden. Owls have freakishly amazing vision. They are actually related to hawks and their vision is even better since they need virtually no light to see as well as a hawk. They can find a field mouse from above a tree line in the dead of night. So they can find just about anything through their careful examination.

However, in this case the owl had an accident and was distracted, hit a wall, fell and hurt itself. I would say to this reader that perhaps there are things going on around you right now that you are not paying attention to, signs that you are ignoring that will eventually knock you senseless. The owl turned its head and stared directly at you. This was a message for you. I would advise you to stop being distracted and pay attention to your immediate circumstances, there is something awry and you are being warned that if you don’t deal with this you will injure yourself in the process. Perhaps, you have been being too detached, perhaps you have a knowing but are not listening to your own intuition due to being distracted by some other issue that is really less important in the grand scheme of your life.

Owls physically come to psychic people as messengers when we are not paying attention to our intuition!

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INTUITION and don’t think you’re nuts or wrong, trust it like you would trust anything you would see with your own two eyes.

I also wanted to address the reader who talked about Ceres.  I’ve been thinking a great deal about Ceres and Her relationship to Virgo. Ceres is a nurturer, she is where the word cereal comes from. She rules over the staple food wheat. Every culture has a staple food, rice, wheat, corn, potatoes. In this way Ceres is an extraordinarily important  Goddess to the ancients, without her good graces, her nurturing, love and generosity they would parish. So I think Ceres isn’t just how we nurture others but how we nurture ourselves, for example I have Ceres in Gemini, writing heals me, for someone else with Ceres in Libra, painting or collecting art might be healing or with Ceres in Virgo helping others, being of service would be healing, Ceres in Cancer would mean food and cooking, rearing children would be a healing process. Of course all of these things are healing but I mean they are healing in the sense of being revitalizing and able to give the individual a sense of meaning in their life that they can not find in anything else. I think Ceres may actually be the key to finding the expression of one’s life purpose.

Also the house placement would be important. Mine is in the first house so Ceres is how I come across, as a nurturer, and also I need to be alone a lot and write as I said, to regain my balance. If one had it in the 7th, this process would come about through partnerships, and/or being involved in the profession of law. If anyone wants to give me there Ceres placement and sign I will interpret it in the next week or so and put it up for others to learn from so just leave it for me in the comment section. If you want to find out your placement go to and click on the section that reads: free horoscopes, under that you’ll find options and can input your data. Make sure to go to the extended chart selection so you can add Ceres (you’ll see where this is when you get into it) to your chart and then click. The symbol for Ceres is a sickle with a cross on the bottom when you look at your chart. Here’s the link to their site:

Best wishes and many blessings,


The Owl and Ceres… Sorry it’s been so long…

Some Forward Movement on the Dwarf Planets…

Ceres which had once been considered a planet than downgraded to an asteroid has recently (the last couple of years) been put into the planetoid or dwarf planet category. Now it’s been my experience that “dwarf planets” are just as powerful as regular planets. Pluto, now a “dwarf planet” is a major butt kicker and in my humble opinion it’s more of a malefic than Saturn. Saturn will collect his toll but Pluto will put you in the grave if you aren’t paying attention or have unfinished karmic business.

We can be all love and light(y) about the planets and how they all teach us things and really it’s for our own good, but bad stuff does happen in this world. Let’s put it this way Charles Manson had a Scorpio stellium in his 8th house (the Scorpio house, one of the houses of death and the occult) so pretty much everything in Manson’s chart led back to Pluto. And if there was a personification of Pluto here on earth, it would pretty much be him. He was a cult leader, a murderer, a sexual abuser and somehow got kids from the suburbs to become sociopaths. If one wasn’t convinced of the validity of astrology than all one would have to do is be told a few basic things and a copy of Manson’s chart and it would be clear to a 10-year-old child that there was something strange going on between the two things.

So back to my point. I’ve found some interesting things out about Ceres. Ceres appears to rule nurturing, the ability to nurture and being nurtured as well or what nurtures a person. It is my opinion that Ceres is the actual (true) ruler of Virgo and Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. I believe we are figuring this out now because the earth is in desperate need of nurturing and people who have strong Virgo in their charts (that would be anyone born after 1960 until about 1971) would be the harbingers of a major turning point in the energy of the world. Until then we had been an agrarian culture, until about 60 years earlier when we had the industrial revolution, we lived close to the land. We had gone from hunting and gathering (in most parts of the world) to growing our own food and eating it. I still find this idea kind of weird, like eating one’s children – which is probably really weird that I find this weird, but it always has a creepy sort of thing about it, the idea of growing a plant so one can eat from it even though this is often a mutually beneficial relationship, it still weirds me out – which is why I have mint growing and can’t use it and strawberries I can’t find myself eating. I’m a freak what can I say.

Anyway, we went from finding our resources to cultivating our resources – this was a huge change and at that time our bodies actually changed. We evolved. According to some researchers even a new blood type came into being around that time, that blood type is A. Before this, human beings shared one universal blood type (which is why we can all use it when we need a blood transfusion) – O. The negative or positive after the blood type has to do with the RH factor, which is sort of another issue altogether. It’s extremely rare to be RH negative, I think less than one percent of the population has this issue.

Back to my point, I love to go off on tangents : It took 60 years of full on “better living through chemistry” to really screw up the eco system and put mother nature out of whack. It’s my belief that the food movements of the 60s and 70s of returning to a more healthful eating style were just the beginning of a needed revolution in our connection to the earth and our connection to the feminine aspect of ourselves. It’s interesting to note that over the last 30 or so years there have been innumerable sightings of the Virgin Mary on walls, tacos, birth marks, lamp shades etc. not to mention the statues of the Virgin said to be crying blood. Why not Jesus? Why not Saint Joseph? You get the picture. The world seemed in need of some sort of Goddess figure, a return of feminine power – as women’s political and economic power has waxed and waned over history, now it seemed the 3 most powerful and largest religions (all based on the same God Jehovah) had castigated the feminine and relegated all things female into the realm of inferior – so much so that even women believed this and instead of embracing themselves as equal but different an entire generation of women tried to take on the roles of men and dismissed all that was beautiful about being female (I’ll have to write a whole piece on this as this is a giant thing to say in this context and needs clarification but I’ll leave that to later).

Now we have Ceres – the Goddess returning, the nurturer, the Great Mother, the root of the word cereal. She is literally and figuratively the host of humanity, feeding us physically and emotionally as well as spiritually. She is unfortunately one of the only positive Goddess figures assigned to these new dwarf planets. I’ll go into those ladies in a later article.

Ceres in your chart is the place that healing happens, the place that represents how you need to be nurtured and how you nurture others. Mine is in Gemini in the first house, makes sense, eh? Yes, I love to nurture through communication and I’m the person who if behind you in a supermarket line, you would inexplicably feel the need to tell me all your troubles. And I’d listen and actually be really happy to do so. When I found this in my chart I was like, wow, no wonder why this always happens to me and everyone thinks I’m so nurturing and an earth momma. Although, I can tell you I’m really not that at all. I have really no earth (except 2 generational planets) in my chart and one could fly a kite using all the wind I create from my blabbing. I’m so airy and so watery it’s kind of ridiculous.

Now here’s the kind of disturbing thing about the dwarf planet Eris – from the research I’ve done she’s the sister of Aries. She’s the Goddess of strife and discord. She wasn’t invited to one of the Gods royal weddings (between Peleus and Thetis) and as revenge painted an apple gold and through it into the festivities addressed only to “the fairest.” So Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all fought over it. Zeus asked the mortal shepherd Paris to settle the dispute. Supposedly, Aphrodite bribed Paris into picking her by promising to deliver whatever woman he wanted for his bride. He picked the fairest woman of all mortals named Helen, of course, it was due to her abduction by the Gods that the Trojan war began.

As one can plainly see here, the message imbued in the myth of Eris is revenge through the use of trickery and deceit through human frailty such as: vanity, greed, pride, competitiveness and the need for prestige, even being number one (sounds like us, the US). It is the false promise of these things that leads to the downfall of the Gods and a horrible war here on earth. It’s sort of like the use of our own domestic airplanes on 9-11 turned against us, something used for pleasure, business, fun, something generally very safe (it’s the safest form of travel in terms of accidents) used as a weapon of horrible destruction. It was so bizarre and unexpected no one seemed to know what to do on that day, even the slightly mental deficient president or his (literally) heartless VP.  It was around this time that Eris was found and since then the world has been fighting a shadowed enemy among us, one that can not be seen, one that is hidden, crafty and uses our own resources against us.

I have some thoughts now on the other dwarf planets and their significance like Sedna whose limbs were cut off and was thrown into the sea by her father (patriarchy) where she became a sort of protector of the ocean from what I can remember. Now we are dealing with major environmental oceanic issues that will only continue to get worse. I have to study her more and put it together I think though her discovery and the BP disaster are related.

More on Dwarf planets soon…

Keep on praying, keep working on yourself. By lifting yourself up – you lift all of us.

Best to all,


Some Forward Movement on the Dwarf Planets…

Ceres the Other Dwarf Planet

Ceres was discovered January 1, 1801, literally on the first day of the 19th century, by Giuseppe Piazzi, looking for a star. This happened well into the enlightenment and ironically it would be about 30 years later that the Holy Roman Empire dissolved. Ceres before she became known for her relationship to farmers, crops and cereal. She was interconnected with Roman law and the development of the alphabet. Obviously, she is an excellent choice for co-ruler/ruler of Virgo. More on this later…

Ceres the Other Dwarf Planet