What Does Denise Look Like Contest Winners…

OK, it is pretty amazing all of you got something right. Some of you nailed me at different points in my life. Tckal pretty much nailed what I looked like before I dyed my hair back toward its natural color and cut it to shoulder length. She thought I looked like Peggy Olson from Mad Men. I’m a bit more quirky and my features are sharper but if one were going to pick an actress, she’s pretty darn close.

But I’d have to say that Mira Kelly had the highest number of things right and here they are:

I am 5’7″ and actually was 5’6″ until I was in my late 20s when I grew an inch. My favorite color is purple. I am 135 pounds. My hair is dark brown, wavy and worn in a bob about half way between my chin and shoulders. I do have a tendency to look concerned a lot, she mentioned 2 prominent wrinkles which are often there but luckily I have avoided for the time being. She was one year off in my birth year. I’m actually a year younger than she thought but very close. I do have a crystal ball on my shelf which I don’t normally use but have in the past. My eye color is actually a gray-blue (a lot of people think I have hazel or brown eyes because they are dark). My father actually had blue eyes with a brown ring in the center which is similar to what she described. I do wear a 9 size shoe. I am a crappy cook, but do make a mean a great penne arrabiata (and a few other things, I’m a pretty good baker because I love cookies.) My eyes are closer together than any golden mean would suggest they should be. I do have a heart arrhythmia and my heart gets out of sync sometimes. I do like to wear flat shoes. I actually am incapable of walking in heels so I don’t have much of a choice there. I do have pierced ears and my mom did get them pierced for me although I was not 4 but 12 at the time. And did have my left (not the right ear, but come on its very close) pierced a couple more times when I was in my early 20s although they did close up along with the nose ring I also had for a short period of time. And it’s true that when I wear nail polish it usually just wears off and I do find it impractical because I do a lot of work with my hands (such as painting, building, sawing, drawing, knitting, etc.).

Andrea Zak did well. She got that I wore reading glasses and my height, the fact that I’m too lazy to wear make-up and have pale skin.

Todd Brady did very well. If it were 1984 he would have gotten me spot on. He seemed to be describing the high school version of me. He got my height, pegged my taste in music and even described my cat from that period of time as well as my asymmetrical haircut and the color was indeed a light brownish blond back then. I was also about 125 pounds and drove a puke green pinto station wagon which is kind of like a VW in that it has a rounded quality to it. Although a VW bug is much cooler and actually my brother had one when he was in high school. Again, spot on for 1984. Another winner, he was reading the past.



Id did well with the color of my hair the fact that it is shoulder length. I do have very prominent and distinct eyebrows which my husband often exaggerates when drawing a cartoon likeness of me. I also do have a strong jaw line but not in a square way, rather kind of pointy. And I do wear reading glasses and during certain periods of my life, oddly, I have had to wear glasses due to astigmatism although it seems to vanish and come back at different points in my life. Right now it doesn’t seem to be a problem. I have a lot of other problems, but that’s not one of them.

Sally in Dallas was mostly right in terms of height and weight, hair thickness and color.

Wynter was right about my love of changing hair color. It has been everything to bleached out platinum blonde/gray to purple, red, blue, brown, black, blonde and natural looking red.

Iris was right about me wearing a lot of black although I’m over it now. I did spend a good 20 years wearing almost no other color but black. And although I am an Aquarius my ruling planet of both my sun sign and moon sign are Virgo. I also have Mercury as the ruler of my chart which rules Virgo so I have a Virgo feel about me.


Got the color of my eyes right.

tranquilsleep444 or aka Cheri. Got the color and length and style of my hair. And the mischieveious look which I’ve often been accused of having.
Sally Herr got the incoming grey in my hair. And qualities some people have told me I exhibit.

fitzgeraldo got the long nose and angular face and a haircut I have had in the past as well as a style of glasses I’ve worn before.


It’s interesting that many of you thought I had freckles and was kind of on the short side. This must have been in a previous life. Anyway, if you see your name was put in bold font it means you are one of the big winners so please e-mail me your birth date, time and place so I can run a chart for you. I will then send everyone a computerized chart. The grand prize winner, Mira Kelly will get several different print outs sent to her, a total of 3 detailing different areas of her and her life. And for everyone whose name I mentioned you all are also winners and can e-mail me one yes/no question for me to answer via e-mail. Remember it has to be a simple yes/no and just one question and I will answer it. Of course all winners can ask a yes/no question to me via e-mail and I will answer it as part of their prize.

Congratulations to all who won and participated. You all did really well. And actually everyone got something right.

Thanks for participating and I will put a picture up of myself in the coming month or so.

Best to all and many blessings,


What Does Denise Look Like Contest Winners…

The Contest

I’m going to go over the entries for the contest in the next couple of days and post the winners and a list of prizes. The next couple of days maybe shorter postings because we have a house guest from my home town of Chicago staying with us. But you never know. I may find time to blab per the usual. 

I will answer some questions for sure on Thursday and some tomorrow as well. Sorry I’ve got to keep it short today but I have a lot of analyzing to do. Hope you guys look into the enneagram and the Myers-Briggs personality tests. They really are fascinating.

Best wishes to all you lovely humans,


The Contest

You All Are Definitely Psychic!

OK, I just wrote this long post that disappeared into the black void of the Internet. So I’ll keep it short. I’m going to check into the Stimulus Package today and post about it later.

And so far all of you have gotten at least something right about me either physically, or about weird quirky elements of my personality which I haven’t told you about. And so far you all have mentioned my hair being above my shoulders, which it is. So that’s pretty amazing.

I will post more later. It’s late and my last post was sadly eaten up by the void.

Good-night my army of brilliant political psychic freaks,


You guys are pretty amazing.

Oh, and it looks like Israel is getting a new leader! Yeah! One that works the middle ground rather than the right. But it’s still tight, so let’s all hope for the best there.

You All Are Definitely Psychic!