Answering Readers…

First from Sherry:


Hi Denise Here’s something that might be of interest to all. For so long now we’ve watched small businesses get run over by large corporations and big box stores. It’s been hard to keep small individual businesses (i.e. mom-and-pop stores, etc.) from going bankrupt. I feel that once we get past the next couple of years and the economy begins to grow again, there will be opportunities for individuals and small companies to grow again. Especially since so many have closed up in the last few years. Right now everyone seems to shop at Walmart and Costco, etc. just to save as much as possible, but I think that when times get better people may want a more personal touch in their shopping. Would you ask the cards if an expansion of entrepreneurship is coming in the new economy. I would hate to think that we’re stuck with the Walmarts for the future. Use this recession time to prepare for what you want to do in the future. Lay the groundwork, so to speak. Thanks.

Hi Sherry:

You make some excellent points about how cannibalistic the nature of business was in the past decade and a half. This model was what killed so many industries not just small businesses. The idea that one could sell more goods and services to the middle of the bell curve while ignoring everybody else (which is what has happened in entertainment, music, art, theater, film, clothing, cars, etc.) lead to a lack of innovation, no risk taking, bottom line quarterly thinking, no long term plan for the future, and thus our culture and its products (including the arts) become boring. Everything and everybody was forced to look basically the same, drive the same 3 colors of cars, wear the same basic T-shirt sold at different prices and watch and listen to the lowest common denominator of music/film, etc. Of course there are always exceptions, but when the business world is run based entirely on the bottom line, sans any kind of passion or vision, we get gate keepers who are afraid to move culture forward via new ideas in all areas music, writing, art, film, clothing, shoes whatever. We are all individuals and we were being treated like cows, prodded and wrangled this way and that to buy whatever seemed to fit some CEO’s idea of the perfect sweater for the “little people,” ie. the unwashed masses or the basic moron on the street which Jay Leno’s version of the tonight show so aptly encapsulated in his “Jay walking,” bit.

The bit was successful because it reinforced the idea that everyone was an idiot, not that they were interviewing 20 year olds about politics and policies their parents barely knew about, hence no interest in the subject and no knowledge. If you would have interviewed these young people about their favorite bands, TV shows, movies or whatever they were into, I’m sure the Leno staff would have actually learned something rather than going through hours of tape looking for the dumbest answer to the dumbest question. Sure, there are dumb people in the world. But there are also brilliant people. Granted that’s not a funny idea interviewing smart people — if it were, talk shows would actually be interesting to watch rather than painful product endorsements disguised as entertainment.

The world used to be much less homogoneous. Countries used to have their own cutlures. The past fifteen years, maybe longer it seems this has been more and more erased. We have imported our ugliness everywhere, from McDonald’s, to Starbucks. Granted Starbucks treats its employees well and makes a good cup of coffee, but it seems a bit sad to see one on every corner in London or worse, Rome! I liked the world a lot better when it was feasible for a person to have an interesting idea and then put that idea forth as a store, a book, a film or whatever. When the product and the idea came first, and as long as it made some money, broke even and had the capacity to move things forward it was seen as a success rather than this ridiculous notion of constant unending growth for share holders to snort every quarter. 

Enough of my ranting, let’s ask the pendulum if we are going to see (in the next 3-10 years) a return to the mom & pop run business, along with more diversity and choice for all.

OK, according to the pendulum we will see a return of the mom and pop store, more diversity and business catering to all different types of individuals once the correction is finished. This may take a couple years to accomplish, in the mean time some big cheap chain stores will continue to dominate the landscape.

But I do feel many of them will go down as well and this will also open up new opportunities for the future. It’s my feeling that the next ten or more years businesses will become smaller and geared more toward niche markets, an extension of the E-bay sort of model but adapted to the real, as opposed to, the virtual world.

I have a feeling with so many outer planets in Aquarius people will be seeking to express their individuality more and more and resent middle of the bell curve marketing. This along with feeling duped by big business will give incentive to people to support stores, shops and individual business owners within their own communities. Gone will be the days of being so disconnected from how, what, where or when a product is made and how it gets to the individual. At least for awhile. Let’s hope this recession/depression has a big enough impact on our collective psyche to create a sense of responsibility for consumers and their choices forever or at least a very long time.

And from Hope and a Plan:


Hi Denise, I am a pretty private person and I would understand if you didnt want to post a picture of yourself. I think you share an awful lot of yourself already… I have a question about the next wave…Sheila Baird, the FDIC chief claimed that at the rate of banks were shutting their doors the FDIC insurance for depositors will run dry by year’s end. Do you think that’s part of this tsunami wave? Should we start stuffing our mattresses? I know this is a self fulfilling prophecy but if its on its way, then how is my pittance going to impact the gazillions of dollars going out to these banking behemoths? I am reticent to be negative, especially since I am not a finance specialist but all bets are off with the financial system these days…. I feel like I have to look out for my family and my extended community, like the people on this board. If the banking system is going to tank and then restructure I am not going to naively go down with them in the short term. Thanks in advance, Denise.

Hi Hope and a Plan,

It’s been my feeling from the beginning that the FDIC money would run out, and it might take time to get money out of your bank if it goes belly up. I don’t feel however this will be permanent. So if anyone is worried, take enough money out to live for at least a couple of months, but I don’t feel it will be safe to take out your life savings and put it in your mattress.

I do feel the Fed will make good on the insurance, it just might take longer than one might want. I don’t feel that it will be an inordinate amount of time with Obama in the white house but I worried with George W. it might take 6-12 months if he were still president or if crazy McCain had gotten elected. Thank the Universe this did not happen. We are seriously going to be so much better off than one could imagine by making this choice. As bad as it may seem, this period will be compressed into a matter of a couple of years rather than over a decade which is what would have happened. 

From Cherri:

Cheri (tranquilsleep444)


Any other INFJ’s out there? :)

Hi Cheri,

Yes, I am an INFJ. I encourage everyone to check out their type based on the Myers-Brigg system. It is very fascinating.

From Juno:


Dreamt of a wild rabbit – the little grey ones you see in L.A. hillsides at dusk – it was a baby rabbit, and was poking its head down a hole in the hillside, being playful, scampering about… I was watching him for ages, enjoying myself, alone on a hillside. He poked his head again down the hole, and screamed, with his hind legs sticking up in the air, flailing. I pulled him up by his legs and a snake was attached to his nose. I pulled off the snake, killed it with a rock, and cradled the rabbit on its back while I looked for help. The rabbit had such sad eyes I started to cry, and in the dream he started to morph into my toddler son, naked, with wounds by his left rib and groin, but he was bleeding clear fluid, not blood, like in the story of the crucifiction of Christ. I woke up at this point, so upset I went and checked on my son, who was fine, but who has had a very serious flu and had had to be rushed to the hospital. I can only assume that is why I had such a horrible, disturbing dream. Ugh. I should add I never dream about rabbits, and never was into “cutsie bunnies” growing up. Any insights?

Hi Juno,

Rabbits are associated with the Goddess Oeaster, which is where the Easter Bunny’s origin comes from. Since she is a Goddess of the vernal equinox and spring, she and the bunny represent fertility, the new, spring, youth and renewal. In some Native American traditions rabbit medicine is supposed to be the medicine of fear because rabbits are prey animals. Again they are innocent, open and easily hunted in the wild which is why they overcompensate through sheer numbers. 

Snakes are associated with sexuality. There have been many Goddesses associated with charming snakes, and of course snakes are very phallic. Snakes also represent regeneration, death and rebirth and are associated with the sign of Scorpio as one of the 3 symbols of that signs karmic ascension the Scorpion being the first, the Snake the second level and the Eagle the final and highly evolved spiritual sort of Scorpio (like Gandhi).

The wounds are an obvious metaphor for damage. The bunny obviously your child, an innocent, the snake that you had to destroy as it was killing your child, could be a relationship with a man that must transformed for the sake of your child’s survival (emotionally and spiritually). The wounds letting out clear fluid like water I would think are that water. So the wounds are draining the life blood of his emotions (water is associated with emotion in western esoteric tradition). The injury being at the site of the left rib, again seems to reinforce a primal sort of injury (being done to his spirit) as the rib in Christian tradition is associated with the first man and woman. And the groin area represents an injury to his eventual manhood.

I’m sure the trip to the hospital triggered it but this dream seems very clearly to be telling you that there is more to your son’s illness than just a physical problem. There are some very damaging emotional things in the environment which it seems you are aware of and are trying to change as you pull your son out of the hole and work on healing and saving him.

Hope that helped.

And if you want to take the Myers-Briggs test there is a link to a free test site in an earlier post. Just use the search it button and put in Myers-Briggs or personality test and it should come up.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


Answering Readers…

Readers Questions & Comments…

Sorry I got carried away there with conversing with Jahavahaa. He is obviously a very intelligent man with a lot of insight.

Anyway, there have been some really interesting posts that I haven’t gotten to. Also I’ve noticed more and more overlap in the dream journal. Have you guys noticed this as well? 

OK, so here goes. The first from:

I dream of Israel too

Hi Denise, well written. I too am Jewish and cannot believe Israel’s mismanagement of world opinion by its behavior in Gaza. I’ve seen more antisemitism this winter than I have ever witnessed in my life. Will there be any sympathy when the cards fall karmically in Israel? I kind of tend to doubt it. Instead people round the world will be cheering, “Good! Filthy Jews, die!” It is almost as though non-Jews are writing the policy in Israel and attributing it to us in order to get us all killed! Hitler in his wildest dreams could not have come up with a more efficient plan to make Jews and Jewry look bad 😦 I too have dreams of Israel before she misbehaves in the world theatre. Tell me what this dream from four nights ago means, because it has me terrified: I was here in New York, among tall buildings, and the sky was a very deep, strange, unreal twilight blue. People were pointing with smiles of wonder up at the sky, so I looked. Odd military aircraft were streaking by overhead and all had the Mogen David symbol on them. These were firing missiles down at America. I saw F16s appear and fire back, but deliberately off-target so as not to hit any Israeli aircraft. I asked, “What is going on, why are Israeli jets firing at America?” And a voice from someone in the crowd yelled, “Israel is attacking America!” People began to run screaming in all directions. I continued to look up at this bizarre sight of Israeli jets firing odd streaming missiles through the sky, and American jets either deliberately missing them, or having their return fire shunted aside almost supernaturally. Nothing the US fired touched so much as one Israeli warplane. It was like the US had its hands tied behind its back. Now: a large bridge was prominent in the dream, and among the people fleeing, I saw a man who resembled Ted Kennedy, and thought to myself, “Senator Ted Kennedy; what is he doing here?” I woke up having a very bad feeling off this dream. PS, any commenters who call me a self-hating Jew, Israel is now a shanda fur die goyim. If you really are Jewish, pro-IDF folks, you know exactly what the phrase means. Read it and weep.

Hi I dream of Israel too,

You are so right about all of it. It really is upsetting because in order for Jewish people to always have a safe haven (which is why the UN championed the formation of the state after WWII) the Israeli government really must try extra hard to peacefully co-exist. Yitzhak Rabin was heroic and if only the current group of politicians would take their cues from him and continue his work then not only would Israel be safer but the whole world would be as well. The majority of Israeli and Palestinian people want peace. And both sides deserve this, both sides are human beings who bleed, feel pain and want only to be free and safe.

From what I heard about editorials in Israel, most papers slammed the Israeli government for their actions. So you and I are not the only Jewish people who find their actions repugnant. It’s really the American people who don’t get a balanced, even handed account of things who get upset about this. And a lot of Christians because Israel figures into their final days scenario. They need an Israel so Jesus can come back. But if Israel were to continue the way it was behaving (and I’m not sure what exactly is going on there right now, it’s been out of the news) it wouldn’t be long before one of its neighbors was pushed by its people to drop a nuke on them. Personally, I really don’t want that to happen! So I think if anything you are a self-loving Jew. You want Israel to be a better place with a better government, same can be said for being an American and pointing out our flaws so that we can fix them.

Oh, and your dream! I interpret it to mean that Israel is being self-destructive and putting the US at risk by their behavior. The fact that we made a show of trying to shoot them down, but it wasn’t in earnest, illustrates well, how we’ve dealt with the crisis going on in Gaza. I think your dream may also have a premonitory warning against terrorist backlash as well — the fact that it took place in New York where the biggest attack of the kind here happened. The dream was telling you that the actions of Israel aggressively endangered the US.

As for the reference to Senator Kennedy, perhaps because he’s a very liberal political figure and is in the process of dying, he too isn’t another reiteration of the theme of your dream. (Sorry for the unintended rhyme.) 

(And for the non-Jews if your interested in Yiddish here’s a link that explains the meaning of what I dream of Israel too wrote:

Next from Tranquilsleep444:


Just as you predicted, Denise. CNN’s leading headline right now is to brace ourselves for a rough week. From “Market braces for ‘terrible,’ ‘awful’ news” Investors this week will face a large batch of company report cards, in what is shaping up to be the worst quarter for corporate profits in a decade, CNNMoney reports. Investors will also digest reports on housing, consumer confidence and leading economic indicators. “Everyone is bracing for the GDP number to be pretty terrible, but the bigger surprise could come with the housing numbers, which are also expected to be awful,” one analyst says.

Hi Tranquilsleep44,

Hopefully you’re having some tranquil sleep because you either didn’t get involved in the stock market or pulled out in the nick of time! I didn’t see this story, but will look for it on line. All I’ve seen so far is mostly political news about the Republican block on Obama’s proposal which I talked a little bit about before news of this came out. It was in the inauguration chart that they would try to peck him to death with stupid details and find every little way they could to give him trouble. But then it doesn’t take a psychic or a chart to figure that one out! 

From the info you posted, chances are good a chill will be sent down the spine of investors and we will see another plunge. This is just logic. The astrology showed this period through March as being particularly bad. Hopefully, it will get better.

Maybe it will take a few months for Obama to get a stimulus package through the house and senate. Or perhaps there will be a series of bills that finally change things enough for us to start seeing that the worst of the storm finally starting to clear by then.

Let’s hope so!

From Hope and a Plan:


Hi Denise, Since a corporation that reincorporates as another incarnation changes its astrological fate could a married couple renew their vows and change their relationship dynamic? Thanks!

Hi Hope and a Plan,

The answer to that is yes, if the couple legally re-marries. If it’s just a renewal of vows then it will have a chart, but more related to the 5th house, or just a sort of renewal of the romance. It won’t change the chart of the marriage.

However if the couple re-marries then the new chart eclipses their old one, and sets the tone for their future together. It’s interesting because I’ve seen people get divorced after being married a long time, and then end up getting re-married. And they definitely have a different dynamic, although of course, being that they are the same people it doesn’t erase their past. Also when it comes to couples there is also a mid-point chart that wouldn’t change. So the psychological, personality stuff remains the same, but with the change in marriage time and new chart it effects the way the couple deals with those issues.

And from Marlene:


Hi Denise, What will become of the GOP/Ultra Right Wingers over the next decade? Will they shrivel up and blow away, become more prominent or change for the better ? Will they realize their agenda turns the majority of people away? Will Limbaugh,Coulter, O’Reilly and their ilk become less relavant or better yet, marginalized?

Hi Marlene,

This is an excellent question and one I have been asking myself for awhile. I have the feeling that they will end up being marginalized, but not immediately. It will happen more over the next couple of years.  They will end up crawling back into the holes they slithered out of, but I doubt they will go peacefully. And their zombie followers will follow them back into the minority of voices.  

I think people will get tired of their B.S. and bashing. Many people who listen to these idiots are patriotic and want the country to do well. If they see the country going in a better direction I’m sure they will loose interest in the nonsense and ridiculous theatrics of Limbaugh, O’Reilley and Coulter. And those fans who were more on the fence will fall of and see the good in this very exceptional man we have as our current president. I also feel that the rise in more centrist and left leaning media will help restore balance to those who have been brain washed by the theatrics of the Karl Rove Neo-con playbook.

There are still so many great comments and questions to get to and I promise to do so.

Best wishes and many blessings to all,


Readers Questions & Comments…

Answering Readers’ Questions…

Here we go, hope I can help as we all get closer to election day and the weird tower card is starting to make too much sense.

I have been having some very odd dreams about Alaska. Another one last night: John McCain was in it with his wife. The general gist of it being that he had no natural luck in politics, and was drawing on his wife’s (astrologically speaking) luck. Without her he would never have had a successful career in politics.

I haven’t seen her chart, but I’m going to look for her birth info. If anyone knows please post it. This is interesting because his chart shows he has absolutely no chance of winning 11/4 and really his natal chart is not one of a president. I’m wondering if he’s like a psychic vampire, using her chart to get ahead. Maybe I should see if she has good aspects on 11/4. That would be interesting as it is not in his fate, but it could potentially be in hers. Weird idea. Something I wouldn’t have thought about except for having this bizarre dream.

The first question is from Curious:


First, thanks a lot for answering my question. It’s truly appreciated! I look forward to your blogs everyday. Well, call me anxious…I don’t really believe in these polls, but they are making me real nervous and crazy. Why are they tightening so much? Don’t people realize we are in a recession? Aren’t people losing their jobs? Don’t people want better healthcare and education? Do people really think Republicans are going to get us out of this freakin mess? I know and I’m trying to stay realistic. If, no, when Obama becomes president it’s going to be a while before anything is fixed. I just can’t stand that some people are so xenophobic that they don’t want to see an articulate, people first individual become president. These polls should not be 1-2 points between Obama and McCain. God, I just hope everyone turns out big for Barack Obama on Tuesday. Denise…please tell me it will. I’m crazy I know.;-)

Thanks a lot!

Hi Curious:

Remember way back after the last debate between Obama and McCain I said the race would tighten? That McCain would be seen as the winner (ultimately) of that one and start using very dirty, scary, nasty, evil (devil card) tactics? Well, hello… we’re here! But Obama is still going to win, so don’t worry! Just vote and make sure everyone you know does, too. 

Here’s the post from answering Readers’ Questions back on October 15 (which seems so long ago now, it’s such a weird time we’re living in). There are a bunch of posts regarding the last debate in which this issue of McCain narrowing the gap toward election day came up. Actually it was you Curious who was worried when I posted about McCain winning the last debate. If you look under the response to your question in that section you’ll see what I’m referring to.  This is one of the entries about it. My response was long so I’ll just make a link for those interested to make it easy:


You wrote
“If it was back during the first Bush administration when the person had this dream it would be very clearly prophetic of what we all of just gone through”

NO it was not my dream someone had this dream and i found it. This person had this dream on Tuesday, 28 October 2008. So this dream is about this election. Not about last administrations.

Hi Lala,

I had a feeling it was someone else’s but are you sure it was about this time period and not a dream someone put up that they had long ago? I’m going to assume you are saying: Yes, I’m sure it’s about now! And answer that question.

OK, here’s another interpretation: The eagle landing with dirty feet. Our country represented by the eagle, having dirty feet = dirty politics at the root of the problem of our nation. The snow white head and tail feathers = a purity of ideology and an ability to navigate the winds of change. 

The first snake attack was from a brown snake, perhaps this was the terrorists while the right wing was in power, which would explain why the eagle was able to shake it off. North in western esoteric tradition (I’m not sure about Native American tradition here because each tribe has slightly different associations) is often associated with death and the Great Goddess. So it could be, it was facing north, meaning the bird drew its strength from the deaths that occurred on 9/11 despite the intense wound and the idea of the motherland/patriotism. 

The red/brown snake could represent the accusations of Obama being called a “socialist” by his colleague McCain who was supposed to run a clean campaign, and the pale blue snake, the working class that would most benefit from an Obama win. The eagle embraced these snakes as friends would make sense and then once safely under the wing of the eagle attack the left, debilitating our country. Perhaps it could be the two wars we are already in, one in Iraq and the other Afganastan leaving us without a viable defenses and vulnerable to attack from foreign nations. This was something I was worried about with the invasion of Georgia by Russia. I plan on looking into foreign affairs more, after the election because I have had some bad feelings about the world stage in the last six months, but any way. 

The first strike 9/11. And then perhaps 2 more terrorists attacks or at least attempts while Obama is president and then the time of the 2 chiefs? Perhaps something like another WW? But that is far enough in the future not to worry about right now.

Look on the bright side, if this is a current premonition, at least Obama wins. But on a serious note here, premonitions are always very dramatic and scary. Believe me! I’ve had some seriously apocalyptic dreams. I had a series of them starting back in the late 1980s about the LA riots that were just horrifying.

I’ll give you an example. I had this dream that I was working as a psychic in an all white room (which I wasn’t at the time, I was still an art student), the word Oxnard was associated with it. I saw a nuclear bomb go off over south central LA and felt the radiation coming my way. Fire fighters were everywhere, and people from another country were in my home, perfect strangers. It seriously freaked me out for years and I had many of these dreams with a lot more detail then I’m going to bother to go into right now.

But as it turned out, it was a riot in south central. I was working as a psychic in a white room on Oxnard street at the time. And a group of strange German tourists ended up staying at my home because a mutual friend lived in an area where a bunch of apartment buildings were set on fire and they couldn’t get in and out of their street. Plus the Germans were freaked out, as anyone would be.

A friend explained the nuclear bomb was a metaphor for something mind blowing happening. And this is how premonitory dreams are, they are a mix of metaphor and fact, dramatic, sweeping and bizarre. We often don’t know what they mean until after the event which always lead me to wonder why I bothered having them at all! So, I take these things with a grain of salt. They are usually not as dramatic as the dream implies. The unconscious does this to scare us into remembering the dream. It exaggerates, uses a bit of hyperbole, kind of like Sarah Palin.

So don’t fret too much just yet.


A South Indian… hello, Denis Siegel sir… I’m a stock market trader… lost a lot… still trading… what to do ??? Please guide me sir…

Hello Malayali,

I feel tremendous empathy. It’s a scary unpredictable time. Please post some specific questions about specific stocks or markets and I’ll do my best to answer you. (By the way I’m a woman.)


Hi Denise,

thank you so much for answering my question on the problems faced by Qantas and also on the likelihood if we ever gonna witness a cure for aids. You also asked for the date of incorporation of Qantas which is 16 November 1920. I am very concerned in regards top their safety as 3 days ago a third incident occured midair on a qantas flight. A boeing 747 lost all radar and had to actually follow another boeing around the area to Auckland (new zealand) to land. I have that weird feeling that something will happened. i just dont wish so..Just to mention that Qantas is the safest airline in the world with not a single plane crash.

Now coming to the US elections, i sincerely hoppe Obama wins and the world economies and world peace becomes better. I spoke to one Psychic in Perth, I cant mention name and she said US might experience future terorist attacks on quite a massive scale, i.e meaning attacks happeneing simulataneously at probable 3 to 4 locations.. Have you seen anything like that?? All i can wish is that we dont get another 9/11 in YSa or anywhere in the world.

God bless u


Hello Nintin,

I ran the chart based on the info you gave. I don’t know what city the company started from or what time of day they officially started but here’s a basic solar chart, not as accurate but still helpful:

Basically, it looks like Neptune is going through the company’s solar 3rd house which would be travel and the lower mind. This would make for all kinds of communication problems and near misses. It has been making a square to the company’s Sun and Mercury and an inconjunction to the natal Saturn, meaning there are structural problems, communication problems and the general health of the company isn’t so great. Perhaps they have cut back (financially) and because of this are seeing technical problems because they don’t have the right equipment or are not responsibly fixing their equipment because they don’t want to spend the money. 

Now, Uranus which rules accidents, right now is at 19 Pisces. It is transiting through the company’s 4th house, again implying restructuring or moving headquarters sort of out of the blue. But Uranus is making some very good aspects to the chart which is why these have been near misses and not actual accidents. Uranus is trining (loosely) the company’s sun and mercury giving protection in a way from an accident and sextiling the company’s Moon and Mars, again positive aspects here. 

You are right to be concerned as coming up Uranus retrogrades (moves backward) and then forward toward an opposition to the company’s Saturn and natal Jupiter. This will happen in January and again in March, but there is still a lot of protective aspects going on, so there maybe more near misses. But Neptune will be moving out of the company’s 3rd house in late January (solar chart so this maybe off a bit) and this confusion should get better.You may also see the company let go of a bunch of their staff and move their corporate offices around the same time.

I understand you are worried. And without having the exact time and everything I can’t be as certain as I normally would be, however, it does look like despite all the near misses, Qantas will be OK. However, if you have a feeling or some instinct, don’t trust what I am saying. Always trust yourself! If you have a bad feeling or bad dream or anything, it is always better to be safe then sorry. Tell your loved one, and if they have to call in sick or take some time off or find another job, even if nothing happens. So what?!? Life is too precious not to trust your hunches. It is always the right thing to do. Always trust your gut! You are much closer to this situation then I.

Best wishes to you.


I so enjoy your blog and appreciate all you do for people spreading hope. My question is:

Will the Congress ever pass legislation to give pre Sept. 11th vets the same expanded benefits that the post Sept. 11th vets receive? Or will we all be mostly dead before that happens? (Congress’s typical treatment of veterans.) We’ve been waiting a long time only to be told to wait longer or we aren’t the same caliber of veteran as the post Sept 11th vets. (Former Sen. Bob Dole actually said this and called them the “New Greatest Generation”. ) As you can imagine, it is causing a bit of a rift between veterans.

I have great hope in Obama, because of his record on veterans’ issues. That’s why I voted for him.

Thank you and Happy Halloween! I hope it was a good one for you. (You could sure tell times are hard in my area. Barely anyone was handing out candy in our neighborhood and only a few kids were trick or treating.)

Hi Grace,

This is horrible and really sad. Both the veterans issues and the fact that candy was scarce. It’s so upsetting the mess we are in.

I asked the cards your question: Would Congress ever legislation to give pre Sept. 11th vets the same expanded benefits that the post Sept. 11th vets receive?

The answer: Yes.

It looks like there has been a lot of hard work and sacrifice here. And it will pay off. But there will be some hard feelings left behind and even a feeling of being cheated, betrayed by the government. It will eventually pass. But this bitterness will go on for a little while because some will have lost hope in the government, sort of like when your lover cheats on you and you have trouble trusting him/her again. But ultimately it will be a great victory.

A final comment:

So I had to ask if the tower card kept coming up because of election malfiescence and the cards answer:


Up to the old dirty tricks and intimidation. It’s disgusting.

We once were a democracy. What happened? Our forefathers and foremothers fought to break away from England. And then we split in half and fought each other to give people of all colors the right to vote. The suffregists braved the elements and the attacks against them to give women the right to vote.

All of our ancestors have fought to give us the privelages we took for granted. And then we became complacent, let Republicans steal 2 elections in a row. Not a peep from us. Not a peep. We let them have a coo. Not a peep.

Well, we are Americans and Americans will fight for freedom. If there is anything more sacred to freedom then voting I can’t think of it. If we see more of these dirty tactics we are going to see an anger rear its head in this country, so hard and loud, it will shake the tile off the Supreme Court’s roof. We may have a minor civil war here.

Let’s us, on the left, reclaim the word patriot. Because we are the true patriots. We are the people who live up to our forebears vision of this country. We are the people who believe in paying taxes to make our government strong. We believe jobs shouldn’t be shipped overseas, that Americans should come first when it comes to American companies. We should take care of our own. Not just follow our nose to where the most money can be made (China, India, etc.)

We are a melting pot, but all of us have one thing in common, we all come from strong people who braved tremendous odds to give their children and ultimately us, freedom and the ability to be whoever we need or want to be, to rise to whatever level we can or choose to rise to.

We have let a group of very wealthy plutocrats steal this from us. They have been doing this while selling us on sympathy for the devil (them), maybe someday we’d grow up to be devils, too (Joe the plumber). They have taken away everything while throwing us some bread crumbs, and brain washed us into fearing and hating one another. Divide and conquer. They have used it and won. But not anymore. Not now. We are done taking it.

We woke up and we are ready to change for the better! And those who don’t want to can feel free to sleep on the side lines of history.

Best wishes and blessings to all!

Answering Readers’ Questions…

Answering Readers’ Questions…

I want to start with this new post because it is very profound, despite the spelling mistakes.


I found this …. someone had a dream read it.
I have never posted any of my dreams before but this one I felt I had to shair I hope you will forgive my spelling
2 nights ago I dreamed I was hunting in a forrested aria when I saw an elder standing just inside the wood line of a clearing as I approached him and ask if he needed assistance. Because it is rair to se someone so old in the woods he looked to be in his 90-early hundreds.Wearing clean white buck skins with a bandana with 2 feathers in it out to the side to shade his eyes from the sun he had a bow and a knife but no gun. he said no he was waiting for me that there are things I must see. I said lead on atet mosunni or Grand father he said just watch it is not for you to interfear. Wached an eagle land in the clearing he was a beautiful bird with wite tailfeathers and a snow white head.but his feet where dirty and I thought this was odd for some reason as I wached I saw a brown snake slithering through the grass. I remember thinking that it was too cold for snakes but as I wached the eagle it saw the snake but refused to leave or do any thing about it. the snake struck a wound to the right wing of the eagal who was facing north it was a deep wound but not debilitating one well the eagal fought off the snake and sent it away . soon I saw a red brown and pailblue snake comming through the grass I thought the eagle would fly away ,but it did notit treated the snake as a friend and went to shelter it with his wing and the snake bit the left wing causing a wound so terrable that the eagal could no longer fly the eagal fought this snake off also then I saw a larger snake comming through the grass it was huge multicolored with black red white brown and green comming tward the eagle . who just stood there untill it was too late iw waited to attack till its head was already in the mouth of the other snake but by then its head was gone. I wached the snake crawl away and the old one said to me the first blow has already been struck the last 2 will happen after the dark chief is put in to power
remember before the dark one leaves his office the second blow will fall and the final blow will fall in the time of 2 chiefs
I know what some of what I was shown and creator I hope I am wrong .

Hi Lala: I need to know a couple of things because this dream is very clear, but it depends on when the dream came. Was this your dream? Or did you find it posted somewhere and transcribe it? Either way the time the dream came to the person is pertinent because one could interpret the first snake attack to the right wing as the first George Bush administration which was short lived, the dark chief as Clinton as he was referred to as “the first black president,” even though that seems ridiculous now, but anyway, and the last in the time of the two chiefs as George W, and Dick Cheney, as Cheney has clearly been a shadow president.

Now the first attack could have been the first gulf war and the drop in the economy of the 90s. The second attack the 2000 election debacle when Clinton was president and the last in the time of the two chiefs, 9/11 and the subsequent wars. All would fit this prophecy. This is the thing about dreams they are often out of sync with time. Let me know. If it was back during the first Bush administration when the person had this dream it would be very clearly prophetic of what we all of just gone through. Obviously, the elder in white was the person’s spirit guide. And forests often represent introspection and spirituality. The eagle clearly the US. The snakes problems. Interesting that the eagle saw the snake as a friend as this would fit with the interpretation. We have done a lot of business with the Saudis and it was mostly Saudi nationals who attacked us on 9/11. And it is well documented that the Bush family has a long standing friendship with the Bin Laden family. Perhaps, this is why he has never been found and all his family was flown out of our country on 9/11.



Your tower card is scary. This is completely off topic but is there any hope that Rush Limbaugh will fall from his powerful perch. He is as antagonizing, misleading, as outrageous as Palin in his claims and just as popular. Turned in two votes yesterday!! Thanks for helping us all keep the faith…

Rush Limbaugh!!! He is so awful. It’s so wrong that he has a platform of any kind other than one to jump off of, like into a swimming pool — that I would not begrudge him because he looks like he could use the exercise.

So I asked the tarot: Will Rush Limbaugh fall from power in the next few years.

The answer: Yes.

People will walk away from him, lose faith and interest. And generally feel like he’s just regurgitating the same stuff over and over. 

He may find his way again in hate radio again at some even more distant point, but it will be a much smaller demo.


Hello Denise,
I’m becoming more anxious and more nervous each day for Obama. I can’t wait till this is all over. I truly hope he is elected and the majority of Americans see through this mess that McCain/Palin has spun! It’s truly getting uglier and uglier with the McCain camp. I just can’t believe that Obama might or will lose PA. Please, please revisit this closer to the election and hopefully the outcome will change. I truly believe that he is for the people and we need a Barack Obama Presidency. Please tell me that karma will hit McCain/Palin upside the head real hard!!!

1. What do you see happening to McCain’s psyche after this election?

2. What about the Republican Party?

He has sold his soul to the devil…how unfortunate!!!
Vote!!!! Obama/Biden 08

Thanks so much

Hi Curious, 

Actually every time I do a reading regarding McCain the devil card does come up so you’re not really wrong in a sense. He has betrayed his own ethics in a crazy desire for power over others. He’s lost his mind really. “My fellow prisoners,” tells you a lot about what’s going on in his head. 

I feel the Republican party is in turmoil. It has been attracting and playing to the shadow side for the past 30 years, since Nixon. During the 80s Reagan put a happy grandpa face on it, but its agenda and many of those attracted to the party are motivated by greed, power over others, money, selfishness and they are hypocritical. Not all Republicans. But it has become a magnet for that sort of energy.

The fracturing we are seeing in the party between the religious right who basically want to make our country a theocracy and the wall street right who want to turn us into a plutocracy, are finding that those two ideologies don’t really play that well together. Not because a theocratic plutocracy, in and of itself, is an impossible idea (just look at the papacy during the middle ages) but because these particular brand of religious ideologues are (in general) not very knowledgeable about their world or their own belief system and attract ignorance.

It takes smarts to create and steal wealth and, need I say more?

I have a feeling we will see more people calling for a third party from the right in the coming years, more jumping ship to libertarianism or some other form of plutocracy masquerading as capitalism, (lets make the rich, richer) in a possible new party.

However, I don’t see the Republican party being in power for a very long time. They’ve done enough damage.

Now its time for some healing.


Hi Denise (waving),
Thank you so much for answering my question.
I wanted to run this by you on the Tower (reversed) card. I have always interpreted the Tower card as two figures falling out of the tower on their head so if reversed it means they have landed on their feet. So, you can take the upright Tower to mean a chaotic situation that leaves you feeling out of control, reversed to mean that it’s chaotic but you land on your feet. So the Tower reverses essentially means coming out on top of a chaotic situation. Of course, I am assuming that is the only card that you pulled from the deck. 
DAnd, interesting that you had a dream of a tornado. A tornado can be symbolic of a lot of things. The skies in dreams generally link to the future with the possibility of change. So if they are disturbed then it could mean there is no clear outlook for how things will be. Uncertainty, Unforeseen, changes are possibilities with tornado meanings in dreams. I keep feeling that we are in the ‘calm before the storm’. Anyway, thank you for reading and listening to my rambling. ) Many blessings to you! Hugs, Wyntyr

Hi Wyntyr:

I wanted to share part of a dream I had last night. It was very lucid and when this happens I know it is a premonition of some sort. I was in Alaska on a ship there were all these bridges, some going to Russia. There was a very creepy, eerie feeling that something was very wrong up there. The local people knew about it, and were following the story, but we in the lower 48 were not aware. It had something to do with a bridge to Russia as well.

I don’t know exactly what it means yet, but I wonder if Sarah Palin and her husband don’t have treasonous ambitions. Perhaps making a deal with another country like Russia to succeed. Or the Russian bridge may be a metaphor for making a bridge to someone we have traditionally seen as our enemy. Perhaps the group they are involved with is actively seeking military support in secret? I’m sure if there is anything to this I will get more clarification.

The other possibility is that Palin is bad news and more negative stuff will come out about her. Scary stuff that if we knew it, would make us feel, as a country, we would have been put in jeopardy militarily by her coming into power.

There is something very bad going on up there. I know that for sure from the dream.

Tjuania in Desoto, Texas

I am totally shocked about PA coming up in the cards as a win for McCain, and shocked about the win for Obama in Arizona…..Could you check Texas?????

The reason I am asking I am checking the polls everyday and there is a large turnout, expecially African -American and young people…..We have a senate race in Texas and alot of people are pulling for Noriega over John Coreign…Do you see Noriega closing the deal in Texas?

 I asked the cards if Obama/Biden would win Texas and oddly here is the answer:


It looks like they have some strong support but there are so many crazy lies and misinformation about Obama down there, it’s hard to erase all of it. Even though it looks like the Obama supporters have been working tirelessly to do so. It will be a lot closer than anyone things. And surprisingly it shows up as a maybe. So we’ll have to wait and see.

OK, since I did not ask last time if Obama would win PA but rather if McCain would lose PA. I asked it again of the cards.

Will Obama win PA on 11/4/08?

The answer:

Again a maybe with the tower reversed in the center. The moon card, stuff going on behind the scenes. I take this to be that there is some serious maleficence going on in PA. Voter fraud? Or perhaps voters being scared by McCain’s recent trip there into changing their minds. But Obama has great support. And since McCain had a definite no.

I’m going to say PA will have some weird stuff happen. It is not going to be clear cut, and a winner may not be called right away. I think we will see shades of 2000 here. It may require a recount, and then Obama will be the winner even though by that point people will feel his win was shaky, which is why it always comes up as a maybe.

I will answer more posts tomorrow. So look for yours. Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Don’t forget to move your clocks back an hour!

Best wishes to all and many blessings.

Answering Readers’ Questions…

Answering Reader’s Questions…

Michelle posted this question:

Michelle // October 8, 2008 at 9:50 am (edit)

I have been having strange dreams ever since the economic bailout took place last week. most recently, I had a dream that I was in a large city–such as New York and entered an area where families were huddled in small rooms, much like a motel but smaller. The rooms could only hold one bunk bed. There were many families. My question is will the homeless situation get better? How can we help?

Not knowing you personally I can only tell you what I read about the dream which has both personal and global implications. I believe your dream is a premonition about families having to cut back in terms of their budgets, lower their expectations and work together in ways our generation and even our parents generation haven’t done. The room represents the psyche, ambition, how we see our life in terms of expectations. The one bunk bed represents that whole families are going to find themselves “in bed” together, meaning we are going to have to help one another out.

The families were in a city like New York. I would interpret the city metaphor to be a microcosm of the world at large. Cities are melting pots, New York in particular. I think you’re subconscious is picking up on the global nature of this crisis and how it will trickle down to families. The fact that there was one bunk bed is interesting. A bunk bed is elevated, so again I think the metaphor is that we are going to have to be our better selves in order to get through this. I wondered if the beds you saw were white. I kept envisioning them this way. Were they? If so this has the added meaning of success being reached through working together.

In your own life, you are probably feeling small, unimportant, like one of millions. You feel helpless as to how to turn the situation around and are worried about the people you love and your family. 

In answer to the question about the homeless situation. It isn’t going to get better any time soon. It will get worse for a little while as all of this is going on, but I’m hopeful if we all get involved in whatever way we can, little by little we can turn this situation around.

Best wishes and good luck.

Answering Reader’s Questions…