Karina’s Comments & Readers Dreams…

It’s interesting that Karina had nearly an identical dream, my husband also had a similar dream and others have told me they too had dreams that put this earthquake together with aliens. I’m not sure if the dreams are symbolic yet or if there really is/was an extraterrestrial component to this.

Interesting to note that the other dream I had about the terrible storm seems to be taking form in a very bad storm coming toward southern California and fears that it will cause mud slides in the areas burned last summer.

Please keep posting dreams. I’m going to go over the dream journal and see if there is anything in there that seems related to the now (what appears to be a collective dream of at least 3 people). Please post any dream you have that you feel maybe related to these either on the front page or in the dream journal. Let’s see if there are patterns that can be deciphered.

We are all one, we all have the ability to see the future – time is an illusion.



Karina’s Comments & Readers Dreams…

Readers’ Comments…

First Hopeandaplan:


I wanted to thank you for creating the dream journal. For many years I have had hazy but sometimes precognitive dreams and was always frustrated that I couldnt share them with people whom they might actually impact. Most of the time I didnt believe they were precognitive… I had a lot of dreams about Australia in late January and felt their surge in shark attacks further signalled trouble there. I am sorry the dreams werent more definitive. Also, about a week ago I got a lot of flashes about Suge Knight. I dont even listen to rap??? I guess he was in a brawl earlier this week. I didnt post about Suge because I am so out of the loop I thought he had passed away. I’m grateful you’ve generously encouraged us to believe enough in our intuitions to share them here because as a community we’re all picking up on one another’s stuff. I also enjoy your welcoming other writer’s thougths about ethics. Just of a fan of all the humanity expressed here on your blog!

Hi Hopeandaplan,

I’m so glad you are making use of the dream journal and I really hope people continue to use it and exchange information and patterns. This is a really interesting experiment in my opinion and already I’ve seen odd coincidences and patterns which I’m sure you have, too. I think this sort of thing could be key to pointing out major events that are going to manifest out of the Collective Unconscious, hopefully, we will each receive some piece of vital information and be able to stop potential terrorist attacks or other major disasters in the future (if this sort of research continues and evolves.)

If nothing else it can only help us better understand how the unconscious works and what dream symbolism means for each of us. I do wonder if before major events that touch many people, if we won’t see some common themes. I’m hopeful that we will.

Thanks so much for participating in this and I hope more people take advantage of this opportunity to share their souls and inner most psyche’s with others of like mind.

And from Nic and Noe:


cori was my friends sister. what you’ve heard on the news is all anybody knows, if that helps.


Very sad… she use to work at my bf’s work. I’m in shock, there has been a lot more crime in the beach communities lately, has me a bit worried. I feel awful that this young girls life was taken.

I can’t tell you how heartbreaking this story is, as are the stories of all people who undergo the disgusting, vile, evil monstrous behavior of that these anti-social personality disorder types propagate onto others.

But this story in particular really hit me hard and her father’s pain was palpable.

I am wishing all of her family, friends and loved one much support, kindness and love throughout this incredibly tragic and horrifying situation. I’m sure medical science will discover (at some future time) that the one thing all murders have in common is some serious frontal lobe damage or crazy hard wiring. One can try to chalk it up to bad childhoods, but let’s face it, a lot of people have horrible childhoods and don’t do things like this. There is something wrong with their brains and I perhaps their very souls.

I will answer these questions tomorrow at some point, once I run the charts and look at them.

Best wishes and many blessings to all the kind and good hearted people out there reading this blog,


Sally Herr

Dear Denise,

On February 17, 2009 Obama sign the stimulus package at 1:34 Mountain Time in Denver, Colorado as seen on CNN. Now, what do you perceive about the stimulus package? Thanks!

I got this information from the website,http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PoliticalAstrology/message/103237. Note: one can only read entries if one provides their password and name.



Dear Denise, Thanks so much for your efforts here! There’s so much panic out there now – do you see major US banks like Bank Of America (BAC) and Citigroup (C) being nationalized by the government? Also, do you see a recovery of American International Group, Inc. (AIG)? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Peace and blessings, Carl

Readers’ Comments…

Answering Readers and Some Dream Patterns


Hi everyone, thanks for participating in the dream journal. Already I’ve noticed some interesting patterns, not sure if anyone else has. There seems to be a lot of water and chaotic dreams. Interesting to note someone had a dream that they posted under year of the panther that stated they saw a panther walking down the street. My husband also (without my having told him of my pulling it) pulled the black panther card. 

Please keep using the Dream Journal as your personal repository for your dreams. As themes start to suggest themselves we’ll take a look at them and see how they interact with the world at large. Also you can print out your dreams and paste them into a dream journal for your own records. Dream journals are really remarkable, often when reading mine from years ago I found things that eventually came to pass. Sometimes having dreamt about things as far as 10 years down the line. So make use of it!

The first question comes from Curious:


Hi Denise,
First, I hope all is well. I was just wondering. You haven’t really given any updates about Pres. Obama and family (Michelle Obama from previous predictions), the Illinois mess surrounding him or his cabinet choices. I also was wondering, what is to come for him in the first 100 days after he is to be sworn in? What about his ballout?

Once again thanks alot!

Hi Curious:

I know some of his appointments have been a disappointment, for me his choice to appoint Ken Salazar was the deepest however he did appoint Steven Chu a Nobel laureate in physics to lead the Energy Department. I know our Senator, Diane Feinstein scolded him for his choice of Leon Panetta to head the CIA due to Panetta’s lack of experience, however as my husband pointed out, this could be because many people within the intelligence community have their hands dirty from the torture issue and Guantanomo. He may have decided to rely on someone outside that circle in order to have some perspective. As for Salazar I was happy to read he is a staunch conservationist and that he is balanced by a Nobel laureate. It appears Obama is putting together not just a team of rivals but one where there is a multitude of opinions to draw from, none however being from the super left which isn’t a surprise. Obama has never claimed to be left of center, neither was Clinton. Actually there hasn’t been a president who has been anything but a centrist or at least played the game as a centrist since Kennedy or FDR. Certainly Reagan, Bush I and II were radical in many ways, Reagan slashing the social net to pieces and Bush II turning capatlism into the wild west and then socializing it. I really want to reserve judgement about Obama and his strategy for the first year because it is my gut he is going to turn out to be a really good if not great president who will solve some of the toughest issues we’ve yet faced and I don’t think one does this by surrounding themselves with a team of people who are in harmonic agree-ance a with ones own opinions. We saw how that worked with Bush II. He had nothing but Yes people around (other then the duck man, Cheney who appeared to be a Yes man but was really a weasel stealing power whenever possible). Arguments, disagreements and healthy debate are good for solving big problems. I don’t think these appointments speak to his absolute take on things but rather his openness and desire to get people involved in his administration who have more experience then he does. I’ll have to admit though, I was a disappointed at first and felt a little betrayed but just because he’s hiring these people now doesn’t mean they will be with him throughout his administration either. So, again my intuition tells me he’s doing this to encourage debate among his staff and to get people to think outside their boxes which is ultimately a good thing. 

To answer the other questions about how he’ll be treated in the first 100 days as I mentioned in a much earlier post from before the election, I’m sure there will be people trying to pin the financial mess on him. He’s not going to have an easy time of it which is why I feel its important to see how he does and lend him some trust. He is an incredibly intelligent man, and his strategy maybe more complex then something someone like say, George W. would use, perhaps this is why it will be beneficial.

And the bailout, I feel will be an ongoing process which will require years of restructuring. It isn’t going to be like the Bush bailout which ultimately was more akin to throwing a napkin over a bale exploded barf, then an actual solution. It was more of a nod to the rest of the world saying, “See we screwed things up, but we’ll clean it up.” But we really didn’t end up doing much. The Obama administration will end up with the mop and bucket and it will take some time to scrub down. It’s my feeling that Obama is also going to instate some new house rules like, “No getting crazy drunk on taking advantage of investors and the American people.”

The next from Capricorn777:



Hi Denise;

wishing that your little daughter gets well soon.

Additional info on previous financial natal charts:

The New York Stock Exchange was established on May 17, 1792
New York, NY

and NASDAQ was established on
February 8, 1971
New York, NY

Take care

Hi Steven,

I’m going to post this charts with the alternative dates for the stock exchange and the NASDAQ and let you know what I see. 


I was reticent to do this because my software (Kepler) which has an excellent database for financial astrology gave different information. I posted the charts already that came with the software but it does seem to be off. And upon a cursory examination this time, it looks like this old Stock Exchange chart maybe more accurate, we shall soon see. If the market doesn’t hit an all time low in Feb-March of this year then this old chart should be the one astrologers use from now on as the nodes are in 0 degree cardinal signs which when Pluto passed through this past September 29 and throughout October would have made a terrible grand cross and would have reeked havoc, which seems to have been the case.

Since I didn’t know if the market would have started way back when at 9 or 8 or as it does now at 9:30. I picked 9. I figure they were early risers and would have started by then. I also did the NASDAQ chart for both 9 and 9:30 because I wasn’t sure how new the half hour mark was as the start. It seems like an oddity that came this century to me in order to accommodate the coasts and world markets. OK so here goes:



Lets hope for the sake of the NASDAQ that they traded earlier when they began back in 1971. Otherwise not only will Pluto hit this NASDAQ’s Venus in Capricorn at 3 degrees this spring but it will also hit the 10th house cusp making the situation much more extreme. If trading was done back then also at 9:30 then the spring will not only show huge financial losses as Venus rules money and Pluto death, transformation and endings but with the 10th house it may indicate a change in the structure of the NASDAQ itself as Pluto first hits Venus, the way business is conducted might be restructured to save institutions. This big Pluto hit could mean the loss of more jobs among those companies traded on the NASDAQ when Pluto hits the NASDAQ’s 10th. 

Also it is interesting to note that Neptune was conjuncting the NASDAQ’s Sun a few years ago, this would have caused delusion among stock holders, the sense that the impossible had suddenly become possible and the theoritical a reality. There also would have been a lot of lying and deception going on by companies, institutions, and brokers about the health of companies on the NASDAQ. 

That being said give it awhile and the NASDAQ will come back stronger then ever, after the restructuring takes place and when Pluto starts to make a trine to the part of fortune. There will be more tech jobs created here in the US again and a wave of good economic health for companies involved in the NASDAQ but this will take awhile. I won’t bother to look it up in the ephemeris because it will be years from now. I’ll post about that when it gets closer.

Generally this NASDAQ chart shows a lot of return for investors under normal circumstances. It’s interesting to note that when transiting Pluto was conjunct Neptune, Jupiter and finally Mars, in the 8th house back in the 1990s, we had the crazy technology, internet bubble. This would fit perfectly with those aspects. I’d have to say this chart looks very accurate to my eye so far.

Now for the chart of the New York Stock Exchange started way back in the 18th century.  Here we see the nodes at exactly 0 degrees Aries and Libra, both making an exact square to Pluto back in the fall of 2008. If this chart is off by an hour and the start of the market back then was at 10 AM which could be possible, then we would see these nodes in the 2nd and 8th houses, making this a hard hit for the Stock exchange as those points would represent jobs (2nd house) and banking, brokers, financial advisors and investors (8th house). Let’s hope this is the more accurate chart making the hit this past fall the worst of it. I’m going to check this chart against the 1929 crash and do a comparison post to see if maybe there is a way to verify its accuracy or inaccuracy. If this chart is inaccurate and the previous Kepler based chart was accurate, then we have the worst of it coming really in March of 09.

Hope this is not the case.

May 2009 bring your greatest dreams and wishes to fruition,


Answering Readers and Some Dream Patterns

Answering Readers’ Questions…

Besides answering everyone I want to announce a new page on the website. I’d like to start a collective dream journal for everyone. It will be under Dream Journal at the top, I’m going to post whatever dreams I can remember (the more you write them down the more you remember) and would love for all of you to post yours as well.

It’s a kind of experiment to see if there are themes running through all of our dreams, any synchronicities or what I call simultaneous dreaming. A weird phenomena that has happened to me several times when I had the same exact dream as someone else, usually a close friend or sibling. 

I think through this journal we can pick out symbols we all are having and this will tell us more about what to expect for 2009 and the coming years. Hope you all participate. It should be very interesting. At least for me it will be. I believe we are all connected and it should be fascinating to see where our psyches intersect.

First Iris:


Submitted on 2009/01/07 at 3:27pm

Iris Annette Boyd, September 4 1969, around 2am not quite sure. I was born at home in Stanton, Tennessee and live in TN all of my life.

Iris, since you were born early in the morning of the next day, do you think it’s possible your parents got your date wrong? Perhaps you were really born on the 3rd maybe just before midnight? My grandmother had this happen to her. Her recorded birth day was the 8th of September but her mother told her she was born on the 7th. It wasn’t until she died that we saw her original birth certificate stating her birth date was the 8th. Getting the date and time wrong was (and is) actually very common for home births. Obviously, when you’re in labor the last thing you can concentrate on is the clock and having had a baby myself, I know that you loose track of time. It’s very easy to just guess later or be so elated about the birth that later you try to reconstruct the time and it is often wrong.

Have you ever had an astrological chart done before? And if so did it seem accurate? I can put your chart up here for all to see and do a brief interpretation if you’ve never had it done before to illustrate how it should work. If the timing of things is completely off, the chart is very likely wrong. 

Even though I was born in a hospital in Chicago my birth time was about 12 hours off, probably because when whoever filled out the birth certificate did so, they just looked at the time or if my mother did she was unaware of the actual time of my birth and her memory was faulty. Chicago from what I’ve heard had notoriously wrong birth times on its birth certificates. Why? Who knows, perhaps they just saw it as a stupid formality and didn’t pay much attention to this detail. I guess getting the day right was good enough for them.  

Let me know if you want me to run your chart and post it, with some possible events so everyone can see the timing of a chart.

Next question comes from Grace:


Submitted on 2009/01/07 at 4:07pm

Although this has nothing to do with your recent blog entries, do you have any idea what happened to poor Adam Herrman? His parents did not report him missing for 10 years and CPS was called on them several times for abuse. I doubt this poor boy could be alive today. Here is a link to the story:

Thanks in advance.

Hi Grace,

I saw a brief quick reference to this story on the news tonight. My first reaction was he was murdered by his mother.

I just read the story link, and see that he was adopted and his adopted mother was very abusive toward him. Reading the story just confirmed my gut feeling that he was murdered by the mother a long time ago. She seems to be a classic case of BPD. What a sad and horrible story, poor boy. I hope he really did run away and she was just cheating the system by collecting money on him, but I really don’t get that feeling. I feel that child is no longer on the planet. I’m sure she buried him in a wooded area not far from their home. And I feel the adopted father knew about this and is covering up for the wife. After so long now he is also guilty of murder for not coming forward so I don’t think he will spill the beans either. But I do feel they’ll find the body of the boy in the next couple of years, probably this spring/summer.

Next is from Steve:


Hi Denise;

wishing that your little daughter gets well soon. Additional info on previous financial natal charts.

The New York Stock Exchange was established on May 17, 1792

New York, NY

and NASDAQ was established on
February 8, 1971
New York, NY

Take care


Hi Steven,

Do you have any idea what time of day they were established. It’s my feeling that since 

the Dow has changed so dramatically from its inception that the chart researched and provided

by Kepler software is probably a lot more accurate then the old chart. I did run a solar chart and it didn’t

feel right. I will run the other as a solar chart and let you know. I’ll post both of them in the next

couple of days. They won’t be all that accurate without a time though. 

Thanks for the well wishing for my baby daughter. She has now spread her germs to me. But it’s not

too bad. Colds are a lot easier when you can take decongestants! 


Best wishes and many blessings to all,





Answering Readers’ Questions…