Economic Stimulus Package

Somehow the Stimulus Package sounds vaguely x-rated but since I couldn’t answer if it would make it through. I decided to find out more importantly if it would actually work. So here goes.

So a stimulus package passed the house and senate but will it help the economy? I had to ask. Here’s the horary chart.



I think the answer to that question is complex. It looks like because a lot of time was wasted and the initial bail out was such a failure, we will have a period of serious hardship in which this new stimulus package won’t be able to do much to bail us out of our problems. There will be a further tightening of the economy, more job loss and more erratic stock market reaction, both overly optimistic and inflated and then days where there will be serious losses. However as this chart progresses the ultimate answer is yes. This package will eventually change the economy for the better, and probably set in motion other smaller bills that will amend and help this behemoth. Again the next couple of years will be tough. It will take some time for this package to actually have a real impact on every day people. And chances are it won’t be enough all by itself, but it’s a good start, one that should have happened weeks ago. If it had we would have seen a much more dramatic and immediate recovery but as it is there have been many compromises (again) that will drag it down and slow its ability to fully help the economy.

I will answer more questions later. For now best wishes and many blessings to all of you,


Economic Stimulus Package

The Stock Market: Answering a Reader’s Question

This question from George is a good one. It is at the bottom of this post for reference.

I have to admit that the feeling I had before the initial crash was intense and urgent. Since then it has been erratic. I picked the end of December into January because this is when Pluto is exactly conjunct the Dow Jones first house. Of course if the date or time was off in that chart (which is always possible) then we could have seen the hit at 0 degree instead of the 1 degree in the official chart. 

The other manifestation of Pluto going over the first house is the exposure of corruption, scandals, abuse of power and scams that could hamper investment in the market out of fear. We’ve started seeing this with the most recent news of the ex-head of NASDAQ taking rich investors for an estimated 50 billion dollars. Pluto will uncover more of this sort of thing, it may or may not lead to another crash, but it will definitely transform the way the markets are ultimately allowed to do business.

In the next 10-15 years the  market will go through such major transformations economists/brokers/bankers and financial people won’t recognize it as the same entity it once was. I think we will see instability for a long time as the market re-organizes, and gets restructured under Pluto’s influence. Which means during this long period we may see wild fluctuations as new things become uncovered, and new laws are put in place to shore up the bleeding. 

It’s my feeling that we are still in the midst of this crisis, and haven’t seen the worst of it, but it will turn around over the next couple of years. In terms of the bottoming out, if I were looking just at the aspects I’d have to say as an astrologer that the worst still will be the end of December into January when Pluto hits that 1 degree mark. And again when Pluto retrogrades back to that point at different points in 2009. However, as a psychic, I also know that charts are not always 100 accurate, so timing isn’t always exact because of this, and the intense urgency about the market I felt back in September has abated. I’m not sure if this is because we’re already in it, and I’ve gotten used to the energy, or if we really have seen the biggest drop we’re going to feel by comparison of where it was to begin with.

I do feel however, that we haven’t seen the end of companies going under, and the market dropping and being very erratic which is why for those of us who are not incredibly market savvy, it is still best to wait it out. I’d give it at least a couple of years to stabilize.

It’s been my intuition for a number of years now that there is a lot of criminal activity taking place in the stock market and I feel the uncovering of this is part of Pluto going over the first house of the Dow. I mentioned this in earlier posts. I feel we are entering into this phase of Pluto now where a lot of dirty tricks, insider trading, corruption and scams are exposed. Pluto is going to clean house, and while this is good in the long run, it will disrupt people’s faith in the market, and bring down value substantially. 

So to summarize: We are still in the middle of the bleeding. Criminal activity regarding the market will continue to come to light. The market will undergo tremendous change over the next decade. It won’t really be “safe” for normal people to invest in the market for a few years when it begins to stabilize again. More companies are going to go under. The overall value of the market is going to go down. We are headed into a different sort of depression then the 30s, but still it will be a depression. There will be international market, and banking laws put into place over the next decade, and the world will become even more intricately connected as one economy, with one set of rules we all have to abide by. After a few years of changes people will get used to the Pluto energy, and begin to understand the new flow of the market, and it will turn around for the better, and start to build more value again.

This new depression will be somewhere between the recession we felt of the 70s, and the 30s, but on a global scale. It won’t be barrels full of money to buy bread, but there will be tremendous unemployment and people having to change their lifestyles dramatically in some cases to get through this time. I also feel that the length and severity of this depression/recession has been greatly reduced by the election of Obama. His chart compared to that of the US constitution signing, and the Dow, and NASDAQ are good. Most of his energy regarding the markets will be spent in re-structuring them for the future good of the world’s economy. 

I hope I’ve made sense and this is helpful. If you want anymore clarification just let me know. 

Here is George’s question:


  Hi Denise,  

Do you still think that US stock markets will crash during December and January? It is interesting if you see anything new. Can you please share with us.


The Stock Market: Answering a Reader’s Question

The Big One

So from what I can tell, what starts in December, the plummet is finished around the end of January. Pluto will be officially conjuncting the DOW’s first house and will be lit by a bunch of other things. From what I can see this crash will be different than the 1929 crash in that it won’t just happen in a day but rather will be a domino type of effect happening over the course of a couple of months. This will continue for awhile. There will probably be bail outs and efforts to save the market with some positive Aquarian aspects going on (I won’t bore you with the details) but ultimately there will be such a fundamental transformation in the way the market works that it will be highly unstable for a long time to come. The period I’m pointing to will be the worst of the hits but it will remain highly volatile for the next couple of decades! I would say that it will really never be the same because once Pluto passes through the first it will go into the second house of money also causing problems. Whatever this storm is it will not only reek havoc in the short term it will change the face of the DOW. 

Being that nothing like this has happened in the history of the DOW I can’t point to history and tell you exactly how it will play out other than to say the balance of power will shift, there will be tremendous instability and losses. Perhaps it will be akin to what has happened in the US with the rich getting richer and the middle class slipping into the category of the poor — we maybe on the brink of a feudal style form of Capitalism or perhaps if the Democrats win they can turn that energy around and use the transformation to shift the power back toward the middle class. There has never been a more important time to vote your interest. If you are middle class or struggling have no sympathy for the wealthy, they are in the process of shoring up the boat so you can’t get in.

The Big One