Economic Stimulus Package

Somehow the Stimulus Package sounds vaguely x-rated but since I couldn’t answer if it would make it through. I decided to find out more importantly if it would actually work. So here goes.

So a stimulus package passed the house and senate but will it help the economy? I had to ask. Here’s the horary chart.



I think the answer to that question is complex. It looks like because a lot of time was wasted and the initial bail out was such a failure, we will have a period of serious hardship in which this new stimulus package won’t be able to do much to bail us out of our problems. There will be a further tightening of the economy, more job loss and more erratic stock market reaction, both overly optimistic and inflated and then days where there will be serious losses. However as this chart progresses the ultimate answer is yes. This package will eventually change the economy for the better, and probably set in motion other smaller bills that will amend and help this behemoth. Again the next couple of years will be tough. It will take some time for this package to actually have a real impact on every day people. And chances are it won’t be enough all by itself, but it’s a good start, one that should have happened weeks ago. If it had we would have seen a much more dramatic and immediate recovery but as it is there have been many compromises (again) that will drag it down and slow its ability to fully help the economy.

I will answer more questions later. For now best wishes and many blessings to all of you,


Economic Stimulus Package