On Capatilism What Happened and…

We ordered a video of his and watched it. I was disappointed that this very bright economist and professor could not get past the 30 year mantra of “no regulations.” His final argument against them was that there was no sense putting in regulations because corporations would just lobby against them and eventually get them removed. To me this is more than an absurd argument it is so irrational and idiotic that it is irrational. Regulations are just laws, laws that are put in place to keep the market place equal.

Capitalism was at its most powerful, vibrant and healthy during the heaviest period of regulations our nation ever had, as a matter of fact all economists agree that regulations equal the playing field, spread wealth and actually promote unprecedented financial growth across all sectors. One can not argue with the fact that post WWII, post-Rosevelt (who put most of these regulations in place) the economy was booming. The average American family was able to survive on one income, and not just white-collar traditionally middle-class jobs, but blue-collar jobs. For example my father-in-law supported his wife and child comfortably working as a service station attendant until getting a better job with more mobility.

The problem was that the wealthy 1 percent who own pretty much everything didn’t really like sharing the wealth, even though they too benefited from a thriving economy. Their businesses made more money than ever before because more people could afford to buy things, there was more disposable income. However human nature (as usual) with its dark side seized the hearts of those who had been most special and where now having to pay 90% tax – that’s right, they paid 90% tax far more than socialist democracies of Europe do, even the most extreme like Sweden, Norway and Denmark – their highest tax bracket is 50%.  But when you make 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.00 that’s still a lot of cash, even with a take home of 10%, of course there were always ways around this tax bracket and I doubt any of the wealthiest Americans ever paid more than 50% tax. But back to my point, they couldn’t stand the uppity middle-class nipping at their heels and potentially turning their reigns around with their new money and their new sense of entitlement, after all that was their money and sense of entitlement.

OK, so here’s my metaphor to explain the idiocy of the argument the professor made about anti-regulation. His argument is akin to stating: Well, we should just stop making rape, murder, stealing, conning people and all criminal activities legal because sociopaths will still do those things anyway and they’ll always work against the law so the law will eventually just be useless – there will be prison overcrowding and it will be expensive for us to pay for as taxpayers. So everything should just be made legal and people should be allowed to do whatever they like irregardless of what harm comes to others due to the sociopaths actions since we can’t stop them.

Does this make sense? No.

And if one proposed it, one would be thought a lunatic. This truly is the essence of the professors argument.

Because corporations don’t want rules and will work to destroy them – we should not have any rules. His new paradigm for business is a ridiculous example of some Silicone Valley dudes who get together in a garage and start a software company where they are all equal. That’s seriously his answer to our economic meltdown. We should all be equal partners in our jobs and be able to come to work in shorts if we want with “a puppy or toddler in tow.” Here’s a little news flash for the professor – not everyone wants to be the boss. Not everyone should be the boss. Some people just want a job and don’t want to take the risk associated with starting a new business and some people are not capable of participating at this level. This is great for those who want to participate in this paradigm, but having been in a band I know how hard it is to get along with 2 other people let alone 100 people and come to consensus. There’s a reason humanity gravitates toward alpha personalities like George W. Bush (and it’s not for his intellectual prowess) it’s for his sureness, his sense of entitlement and his willingness to take the reigns of leadership, not everyone wants to be a leader. In fact I would say from my time on this planet most people don’t want to take that role, it’s the rare few who do.

Again the lack of psychological savvy in discerning a political or economic system is remarkable, have we learned nothing from this meltdown or the break down of the Soviet Union? Our system is the other side of the same coin as the old Soviet system. They had an elite group of people (bureaucrats) who doled out a standard allotment of money to the masses. People were seen almost as ants in a colony, which didn’t much allow for those who were ambitious to get ahead, but it did help those who couldn’t make it without help. In their case the system failed due to the greed and corruption of the few bureaucrats who skimmed the cream off the top and kept everyone else at subsistence level. The same could be said in a way of our system although it is from the opposite side of this ideology. Instead of all for one and one for all – communism. We are an all for one f***k you, get your own bootstraps to pull yourself up from, these are mine, society. But in truth no one gets anywhere alone – no man is an island, without proper education, a nurturing environment to grow up in and help, support and love from those around the individual, the individual can attain little (if you haven’t read Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell by  now – do so!) Our system has promoted the delusion of the maverick, the rugged individualist who by their own pure genius and hard work rises to the top of society to strike it rich. To make matters worse we are lied to and told we are all equal in this ability!

Really, so a kid whose mom is a crack addict and has 10 other brothers and sisters each from a different father, all of whom are in jail and who lives in abject poverty, is sexually assaulted and has an inferior education where he’s passed ahead every year because the system doesn’t care about him and graduates or leaves at 16 from high school unable to read has the same chance to be head of a company like Microsoft as Bill Gates whose parents sent him to private school and who had the rare opportunity start programming in high school when most college students didn’t even have access? Yeah, right. It’s an absurdity to think we are all equal.

We are all equal in God’s eyes. We are all of equal value, but we are not all given equal opportunity, or equal gifts or guidance.

So Denise what do you propose we do about it?

I propose we deal with reality. Corporations are made up of human beings. Human beings are imperfect and have dark sides. In this competitive world the sociopath has a huge advantage – without a conscious one can do whatever one likes to get what one wants no matter the consequence. And so like those who would murder someone for a few bucks, those who would destroy the Gulf – make it a dead zone never to be restored in our lifetime to what it once was –  should not just pay for every hair brained scheme that Kevin Costner or whoever else dreams up and do whatever it takes to fix the situation financially, but environmentally – the executives in charge should be criminally charged and imprisoned for criminal neglect. Neglect that led to the deaths of nearly a dozen human beings and countless sea creatures. The laws or regulations for corporations should not just be strengthened to impenetrable force, but they should include jail time for infraction of these regulations and corporations should not be able to contribute to a single candidate or have any voice on capitol hill – lobbying should be made illegal. Period. NO EXCEPTIONS! The only voice in a Democracy that should count and was intended to count when our constitution was invented, was the voice of the people. It seems we are the only voice now that has no say.

And oh, yeah there should be laws governing the 4th estate (news outlets.) If a “news outlet” is primarily editorial, great then there should be a banner on that station flashing, “this is the expressed opinion, and our opinion only not necessarily imbued with any facts or actual reporting in the traditional sense. We do not use journalistic standards of checking sources and can not vouch for a thing we are purporting.” And if it’s on the radio, this should be said every 10 minutes in-between commercial breaks. People have the right to now the truth and they need to know if they are being manipulated and tricked. It’s unfortunate that many Americans can’t discern this for themselves, but if that is the case then we need to let them know that the rules have changed on them.

Many blessings… next post I’m working on is the market in relationship to Oil and Gold…


On Capatilism What Happened and…

Capitalism what happened?

As I’ve said to too many and perhaps even here on the blog that what has been happening the past 30 years is the wind up to the end of capitalism as we have known it, just as the Soviet Union’s moment when the wall came down, ours was the last market crash and the forthcoming one that has to happen due to the bubble we are in. Here’s a very interesting economist I thought you might like to investigate:

Capitalism what happened?

Gone Dark…

I have been noticeably absent as of late. I don’t believe in scaring people or putting negative thoughts into the world, especially when there is nothing that can be done. I have been told by my guides to keep quiet for now. And what am I without them?

There is always hope. We always can steer ourselves back onto the course of oneness with God/Goddess/Great Spirit. Now is the time for seeking answers from within and for intense prayer. Please bathe the world in white light, ask the Holy Spirit, angels or whatever God/Goddess you pray to, to guide you. Whatever is easiest for you to connect to the spirit world through, use it. If it’s a person who has passed over pray to them to help you find your guides right now.

Sadly, the darkness (anger, hatred, stupidity, evil, selfishness, greed) is strong – very, very strong and our world will have to be righted back on course. This means a series of events that will ultimately bring us to our proverbial knees if need be. I believe that is what the strange vision I had  just before the Haitian earthquake meant. We are in a time of reckoning so make peace, be kind; the meek shall inherit the earth.

The more of us who awaken to the Light the easier our lesson will be.

It’s true that the one percenters have raped and pillaged us into this financial mess. But it is the Joe the plumbers, the ignorant and the wanna be’s – whose lustful greed is just as bad as those that are doing the raping, who have supported this evil. This darkness has disguised itself as religion, as spirituality, as “capitalism”, as “democracy.” Anyone who has sat in (the proverbial) Mercedes with their windows rolled tight while watching someone starve on the street has shown selfishness and everyone has done this at some point. We all struggle against the darkness (or better known as our ego).

I must say that I was very angry with Oprah Winfrey for supporting “The Secret” which I feel is a ridiculous sham and a complete misreading of all that is spiritual found in the occult. This book is exactly why the occult was made occult (or hidden) because it could be so shamelessly misused. If one doesn’t understand the way the spiritual world works then messing with it is very dangerous for all of us. Visualizing exactly what you want materially is not a spiritual quest. It is actually part of the left-handed path and leads always to insanity and disconnection from the Light. I’m not saying you can’t petition the Light to guide you, provide means so that you may live without fear of hunger or a roof over your head but you can not tell the Light how, what, when and where to do your bidding. This is black magic. One can never interfere in the will of another without creating negative karma and if one does this on the higher planes it’s just as bad. Think about it, you want to have sex with someone but their not interested, so you rape them. That’s the same principle as inserting your will over others on the spiritual plane and carries just as much karma as exerting your will over someone on the physical plane.

God/Goddess/The Great Spirit will fulfill your needs in the way that is necessary and to the benefit of all, and in a way that you will learn from it. Of course Oprah lives in a bubble and has no understanding at this point of struggle or the realities of life which is why she can think about a Latte and it suddenly appears. It’s because her assistant put it there. It’s not frickin’ magic. It’s because someone gets paid well to read her mind.

But back to what I was saying… This is why it is imperative to pray for general guidance, for help, for assistance, for anything as long as you don’t tell God/Goddess/The Great Spirit how and where to do it. If you do want something specific you must always add in your petition, “as long as it is in the best interest of all who are touched by this,” or something to that effect. You must always give over your ego, your need to control to the higher power because our purpose here on earth is to become one again with It/Her/Him while individuating and helping the greater to see itself.

And on another note:

Do not play the stock market. Do not let them rape you again. The system is gamed against you. It is now run on hot air and BS. There is nothing there there and it will fall again. It will fall. Originally I was told it would fall twice within 2 years, it could be that the volcanic eruption eventually disrupts Europe, Asia and Africa’s economies enough to bring the world market again to its knees. I don’t know. All I know is I have been told not to participate and anyone who wants to be clean will stay out. Until the mess is wiped up and rules are in place you are just a lamb entering a lion’s den.

Pray for us.

Many blessings to all the good people.

Keep your psychic eyes open, trust yourself. When I’m told I will go ahead and give readings to people who need it at reduced rates yet to be determined. For now I must keep silent.


Gone Dark…

Dream Information About Commercial Real Estate

I was told in a dream that the commercial real estate market was going to crash soon. I don’t know exactly when but it felt pretty close. I was woken up before I could get more details than that. I worry this might be another huge burden on our economy and have bigger repercussions which is why I was told about it in the dream time. If I get anymore details in the dream time or someone wants to ask a question about it please post. I’m sorry I’ve been too busy to answer everyone lately.

The other thing I woke up about a week ago feeling urged to repeat that the stock market is not safe for the ordinary investor for 2 years from the original big crash that happened. I know people are jumping back in and things seem to be back to normal but unless you are on the inside I would not invest right now. Or you risk loosing money as the market is still unstable, for the period I was given. So if you want to invest (and you’re like me, just a normal person – I guess that’s a matter of opinion, perhaps average investor is a better way to put that) wait until after the fall of this year. It’s not long. I really don’t know why this will make any difference but my guides have told me repeatedly that the roller coaster ride was 2 years long.

Best wishes,


Dream Information About Commercial Real Estate


OK, it’s getting weird. The stars seem to be aligning among all the countries I’ve looked at in a major way, we are talking intense radical changes. Pluto will be hitting Russia’s Uranus in the 2nd house around 2013 but before it does Saturn will be conjuncting Russia’s natal Moon in the 10th again changing the way they do business and hitting them hard in the pocket-book. They too will change laws regarding how they do business which will eventually negatively impact world markets (not immediately but several years down the road). This will happen in the next couple of years. It seems that the end of the “recession” oops did I say recession I meant mild depression, isn’t over. It will be hitting China and Russia in a harder way this coming year. And they will do some radical things to change how they work and do business as transiting Saturn will be squaring Russia’s Capricorn stellium in the 2nd house of work, money and stuff. This could destabilize them and lead them into a foreign war as Pluto and firstly Saturn inconjuct Mercury and then Jupiter in the 9th. The conflict will not be on their soil but overseas. Again, all signs seem to be pointing to a global crisis and/or war starting in the next few years.

Best wishes,



Obama & Flu Be Gone

I didn’t want to be too hard on Obama. But I really don’t think keeping the statis quo as it has been for the past 30 years is the right way to go. We are in this horrible mess because we need to truly change, destroy and rebuild our system. There are too many old bones rattling around slowing down the wheels of progress, too much power that corporations have and too much reliance on corporate self-policing.

Obama just needs to get in there and do some serious butt kicking the way old FDR did it back in the day. Granted Obama has more hurdles and a country ill informed, and the vast majority of Americans who don’t even understand the basics of the economy well enough to know they are being swindled and lied to by FOX news inc. and as someone mentioned the big start of all this happened during the Reagan administration, when double speak and calling the conservative corporate media “the liberal media” started and all kinds of saying the opposite of the truth to cover the truth began.

Obama has a huge (and rather terrifying) job of reforming a dying beast in front of him. He is an amazing and erudite man, gentile and compassionate. These are all great qualities which I respect in him. I just want him to feel free to be a warrior on behalf of our country and do what needs to be done by disassembling the corporatocracy and re-instating the democracy we are supposed to be.

Hey, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m finally over the flu despite being barfed on twice this weekend by my lovely little daughter.

Many blessings to all you kind and good hearted people,


Obama & Flu Be Gone

The Economy and The Worm…

I’m going to search the site for the post I made back during the automotive bail out. Before we gave them the money I posted we would do it, but ultimately those companies would fail. I was going on their astrological charts. Sad to say these companies have been making terrible decisions for a long time. But they aren’t the only ones, as we all know.

Perhaps my idea of spending the money on retraining programs for the auto workers isn’t such a bad idea as it seems the heads of US auto makers seem incapable of thinking outside the box. I really wish they would have gotten it together. This is the other economic punch I mentioned coming a few weeks ago in passing. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as last fall, but my pendulum seemed to think it’s going to be much worse than most people expect it to be. 

However, I do feel this will ultimately be the bottom and we will find our way out once we hit the other side of this wall. So don’t freak out if the market starts to really drop over the next few weeks, just ride it out, unless of course you have any American auto companies in your portfolio. In that case, it’s already too late. 

I wish the auto companies would have used their resources and talent to find a workable solution, a plan to push technology further so they could again become important in the field. It’s interesting that it was an American who invented the car (Henry Ford) and for years the car companies were like the computer companies always pushing themselves to come out with better and more beautiful models. And then, they got fat, lazy and indifferent. They seemed to rely on the good faith of the American consumer and their desire to buy American products instead of putting out the very best as they once had. This is what happens when corporations get too big, bloated and conservative. If they would have continued to innovate instead of trying to control the market place they wouldn’t be in this mess.

It reminds me a lot of the record industry which championed the move to digital from analogue. Everyone rushed out to replace all their favorite records on CD. It was supposed to be so much better and the record companies enjoyed enormous profits. Not only was the new format so much cheaper to produce, a matter of pennies per unit for major labels (not including marketing and touring costs for bands which they always had) but they were selling the new recordings, and their back catalogue like wild fire.

And when it was brought to their attention that copying digital music was perhaps a problem because there was no sonic degradation, they buried their heads in the sand. And then the next step when the MP3 format came out, instead of finding a way to embrace it, and incorporate the technology so that they could profit from it, they started suing kids who were file sharing.

Once the genie is unleashed you can’t put it back in the bottle. If an industry is built on technology, it doesn’t have the luxury of sitting back, it must always be pushing the edges and developing new ideas, new visions, new aesthetics or the fuel keeping its financial sun collapses into a white dwarf until its profits are so tight it cannibalizes itself and becomes a black hole. It seems that a lot of corporations after they have amazing super nova like success collapse in on themselves because instead of taking risks they fall prey to insatiable greed and ineptitude. 

Also there has been a lot of information coming out about this new computer worm which supposedly has infected at least 10,000,000 computers world wide. Be careful, especially on April 1 as there is supposed to be some sort of command given that day.

About 10 years ago I had a creepy premonition there would be a cyber attack on the world’s banking system meant to throw the world into a frenzy in an attempt to collapse the world economy. I hadn’t really thought about it in awhile as the stories about Bin Laden living in a cave hardly seemed the place a network of hackers would set up shop. But recruiting sociopaths and freaks around the globe with the spoils of looting the world’s cookie jar could be a very unholy alliance that I am beginning to wonder about in the case of this worm. I have a feeling this thing is meant to do something big, a sort of 9/11 on the internet and now that we have all the banking trouble, well, it could be an opportune time for someone of that ilk to do something very bad, so watch yourself and don’t do any on-line banking, especially if you have a PC until you are absolutely positive you are not infected.

Best wishes and many blessings to all,


The Economy and The Worm…

AIG & Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow made in an interview with David Letterman made an an interesting point about AIG. Basically, she said that if they are so giant and important that we can’t afford to let them go under and we as tax payers have to support their company, then they should be socialized. Meaning they should be owned by the tax payers. 

In essence they were a huge part of the enormous Wall Street scheme that brought down the economy. Once regulations were removed (or as I like to call them laws, or more aptly, legal boundaries meant to protect people from crooks, liars, thieves and murderers) bankers and Wall Street went crazy insuring bad loans, knowing damn well theses were crap loans, but not caring because they were selling these crap loans off to people who trusted their company and their company ratings.

Oh, yeah, and part of the math problem that ruined the world was that this formula (mentioned in the previous post) was applied in a way that made it look as if there was no risk to these insanely risky, often fudged (for the purpose of getting them through) loans. So in essence AIG did not directly have to take the risk, they covered the butts of the companies who were going nuts with the new scam of giving home loans to people who couldn’t afford them. The bankers, brokers and insurance companies knew full well it was going to implode, but they were betting on the other guy taking the hit while they pocketed the money.

This is some seriously disturbed behavior and just proves the stupidity of supposedly naive people like (and literally) Alan Greenspan who believe somehow business people are morally superior to the rest of humanity and thus don’t need things like laws (i.e. regulations) to keep their fingers out of other people’s cookie jars.

I will announce the winners of the competition later tonight.

Best to all,


AIG & Rachel Maddow

The Mathmatical Formula that Shattered the Global Economy


Above are some links to the math that has brought our world to its knees. And to think I used to fall asleep in junior high school algebra. 

Perhaps you, like me, heard reference to this formula on NPR or various other news outlets. After looking at it, I wonder if any of the bankers had even the slightest clue about it, let alone applying it to anything tangible.

So here’s my lame math formula. All based on the simple geometry:


The one guy gets more than a third (33.4 %) of the whole pie while the 9 people share almost a third (28%). So lets be clear here, 10% of wealthy Americans control 61.4% of all the wealth. And just 1% of the wealthy control more than a third. while 40% of Americans make it sharing just over a third of the wealth at 38.6 %. And the rest, half of the country, 50% of us live in abject poverty.


This was before the market crash. I’m sure there are more people who have fallen into the abject poverty pile since then.


I have a simple question to ask to those who subscribe to unbridled free market capitalism and the notion of those who work hardest are rewarded with the most money. Firstly, that one guy controlling more than a third of the pie, does he really work harder than the equivalent of 150,000,000 Americans put together. Because man if he does, he’d have to be God as working that many hours would mean he not only never slept, but also had an army of clones.


And if one wants to make the argument that somehow that guy has provided some service or great work that entitles him/her to more pie than they could ever eat in one lifetime while half the people around them starve, I ask, did that person cure cancer, Aids and save our planet from a deluge of asteroids? Because there is nothing that anyone who has such ungodly amounts of money has done that warrants the pie being that lopsided.


Take for example Bill Gates. He stole the idea for Windows from two inventors who stole the idea for the operating system from the way Macs worked. Gates literally bought their program for something like 500 bucks and then turned around and sold it to IBM for millions or billions, whatever. Did (or does) he deserve to control that much of the world’s resources because he was an unethical opportunist? Or even someone like Jim Carey, does he deserve 20 million dollars to make fart jokes in some lame half-baked movie? Does anyone really deserve to hog more resources than they can actually make use of?


And what does it say about people who choose this for themselves. I’m not saying people don’t have a right to be wealthy, be comfortable, and even be decadent and live uxorious ridiculously comfortable lives. But one doesn’t have to control that much of the wealth to do so. As a matter of fact if the pie was at least a little more evenly distributed, more people would have more and be more productive.


For example if everyone had enough money, to at least make their own pie, then there would be a constant flow of money, goods, services and new wealth for everyone to partake in. It would be exponential rather than a closed, fixed system where the poorest 50 percent cannot participate in the economy because they can barely afford the basic necessities of life.


Historically, our country has always done best financially when there was a strong, healthy middle class, like in the 1950s when a guy could work at a gas station as an attendant, buy his own home and support a wife and two kids. Or during the Clinton era when there was a huge boom in the middle class and new service orientated and luxury businesses sprung up due to the increased flow of money being funneled into the economy.


So why is it that Republicans hang onto this bizarre Ann Ryand philosophy of unhinged free market capitalism without restraint or regulation and the idea of the individual as purely and solely responsible for him/herself?


Well, let’s take a look at Ann Ryand. First off she was from Russia and had a knee jerk reaction to having grown up there. She was also a screenwriter and no offense here, but part of being a Hollywood screenwriter is being able to boil things down to very simple black and white arguments and ideas. There is no room for subtlety, complexity, and depth of character and layers of meaning in a 90-minute screenplay. The best one can hope for with a great movie is a clear well defined argument that makes you think about a situation in a new way.


Anyone who has read the Fountainhead can attest to the ridiculous modernist notion of special treatment for the super human, great genius who stands outside of normal human expectations (such as decency, compassion, human kindness, caring, being interested in things other than yourself) because of his great talent. She literally makes the case that some people should be above the law, above human decency and be lavished with an endless fountain of praise and support no matter how socially retarded, because they are intrinsically better than everyone else.


Hmmm, what does this sound like?


Oh, yeah, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Funny she lived here in the land of NPD (Hollywood). And there in lies the key. There seems to be a fundamental personality dysfunction which is attracted to this (conservative often Republican) model. One that feels the need to be better than everyone else, to be treated specially and has to have other people suffering so they can feel good about themselves. Upon closer inspection the conservative movement seems to be less motivated by an ideology than a mental illness – what I used to deem “Mad Squirrel disease” where an individual can never have enough and constantly seeks out more and more nuts to add to their storehouse despite the fact that they will never be able to physically use all of what they have acquired.


After studying psychology I realized this was a character trait of Narcissism. Our culture has promoted it. Wall Street was immersed in the darkest part of this mental illness. I wish these people would spend their money getting therapy and get out of the way of change. They spin empathy and humanitarianism into socialism and communism. They turn the notion of helping people who are losing their homes into something akin to a welfare state, but yet, for them, the special few, they not only have their hands out, but their pockets, their buckets, their private jets and anything else they can cram taxpayer dollars into under the guise of “saving jobs.” When they say that I think they mean, saving the jobs of the captains of their private jets, not the 10,000 jobs they are shipping to India because they don’t want to pay a living wage or give their employees healthcare.


I had a friend one time who drove an old green VW Bug. She happened to be driving it around the Silicon Valley in a very wealthy area. This guy in a Mercedes was offended by how carefully and slowly she was going, not and yelled at her, “Peasant!” I think that says it all.


When it comes to how these people feel about themselves and the way they see everyone else. They appear to be living in feudal Europe during the dark ages. Sad for us they are not actually living back then, but are just imposing these unconscionable notions on the rest of us.


Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


P.S. I will announce the winners soon. And have you noticed on the Myers Briggs poll almost no extraverts. I’m guessing this is because extraverts are not very interested in taking personality tests. 

Don’t forget to vote in the poll if you know your Myers Briggs type or your Enneagram type.

The Mathmatical Formula that Shattered the Global Economy

Answering Readers…

First from Sherry:


Hi Denise Here’s something that might be of interest to all. For so long now we’ve watched small businesses get run over by large corporations and big box stores. It’s been hard to keep small individual businesses (i.e. mom-and-pop stores, etc.) from going bankrupt. I feel that once we get past the next couple of years and the economy begins to grow again, there will be opportunities for individuals and small companies to grow again. Especially since so many have closed up in the last few years. Right now everyone seems to shop at Walmart and Costco, etc. just to save as much as possible, but I think that when times get better people may want a more personal touch in their shopping. Would you ask the cards if an expansion of entrepreneurship is coming in the new economy. I would hate to think that we’re stuck with the Walmarts for the future. Use this recession time to prepare for what you want to do in the future. Lay the groundwork, so to speak. Thanks.

Hi Sherry:

You make some excellent points about how cannibalistic the nature of business was in the past decade and a half. This model was what killed so many industries not just small businesses. The idea that one could sell more goods and services to the middle of the bell curve while ignoring everybody else (which is what has happened in entertainment, music, art, theater, film, clothing, cars, etc.) lead to a lack of innovation, no risk taking, bottom line quarterly thinking, no long term plan for the future, and thus our culture and its products (including the arts) become boring. Everything and everybody was forced to look basically the same, drive the same 3 colors of cars, wear the same basic T-shirt sold at different prices and watch and listen to the lowest common denominator of music/film, etc. Of course there are always exceptions, but when the business world is run based entirely on the bottom line, sans any kind of passion or vision, we get gate keepers who are afraid to move culture forward via new ideas in all areas music, writing, art, film, clothing, shoes whatever. We are all individuals and we were being treated like cows, prodded and wrangled this way and that to buy whatever seemed to fit some CEO’s idea of the perfect sweater for the “little people,” ie. the unwashed masses or the basic moron on the street which Jay Leno’s version of the tonight show so aptly encapsulated in his “Jay walking,” bit.

The bit was successful because it reinforced the idea that everyone was an idiot, not that they were interviewing 20 year olds about politics and policies their parents barely knew about, hence no interest in the subject and no knowledge. If you would have interviewed these young people about their favorite bands, TV shows, movies or whatever they were into, I’m sure the Leno staff would have actually learned something rather than going through hours of tape looking for the dumbest answer to the dumbest question. Sure, there are dumb people in the world. But there are also brilliant people. Granted that’s not a funny idea interviewing smart people — if it were, talk shows would actually be interesting to watch rather than painful product endorsements disguised as entertainment.

The world used to be much less homogoneous. Countries used to have their own cutlures. The past fifteen years, maybe longer it seems this has been more and more erased. We have imported our ugliness everywhere, from McDonald’s, to Starbucks. Granted Starbucks treats its employees well and makes a good cup of coffee, but it seems a bit sad to see one on every corner in London or worse, Rome! I liked the world a lot better when it was feasible for a person to have an interesting idea and then put that idea forth as a store, a book, a film or whatever. When the product and the idea came first, and as long as it made some money, broke even and had the capacity to move things forward it was seen as a success rather than this ridiculous notion of constant unending growth for share holders to snort every quarter. 

Enough of my ranting, let’s ask the pendulum if we are going to see (in the next 3-10 years) a return to the mom & pop run business, along with more diversity and choice for all.

OK, according to the pendulum we will see a return of the mom and pop store, more diversity and business catering to all different types of individuals once the correction is finished. This may take a couple years to accomplish, in the mean time some big cheap chain stores will continue to dominate the landscape.

But I do feel many of them will go down as well and this will also open up new opportunities for the future. It’s my feeling that the next ten or more years businesses will become smaller and geared more toward niche markets, an extension of the E-bay sort of model but adapted to the real, as opposed to, the virtual world.

I have a feeling with so many outer planets in Aquarius people will be seeking to express their individuality more and more and resent middle of the bell curve marketing. This along with feeling duped by big business will give incentive to people to support stores, shops and individual business owners within their own communities. Gone will be the days of being so disconnected from how, what, where or when a product is made and how it gets to the individual. At least for awhile. Let’s hope this recession/depression has a big enough impact on our collective psyche to create a sense of responsibility for consumers and their choices forever or at least a very long time.

And from Hope and a Plan:


Hi Denise, I am a pretty private person and I would understand if you didnt want to post a picture of yourself. I think you share an awful lot of yourself already… I have a question about the next wave…Sheila Baird, the FDIC chief claimed that at the rate of banks were shutting their doors the FDIC insurance for depositors will run dry by year’s end. Do you think that’s part of this tsunami wave? Should we start stuffing our mattresses? I know this is a self fulfilling prophecy but if its on its way, then how is my pittance going to impact the gazillions of dollars going out to these banking behemoths? I am reticent to be negative, especially since I am not a finance specialist but all bets are off with the financial system these days…. I feel like I have to look out for my family and my extended community, like the people on this board. If the banking system is going to tank and then restructure I am not going to naively go down with them in the short term. Thanks in advance, Denise.

Hi Hope and a Plan,

It’s been my feeling from the beginning that the FDIC money would run out, and it might take time to get money out of your bank if it goes belly up. I don’t feel however this will be permanent. So if anyone is worried, take enough money out to live for at least a couple of months, but I don’t feel it will be safe to take out your life savings and put it in your mattress.

I do feel the Fed will make good on the insurance, it just might take longer than one might want. I don’t feel that it will be an inordinate amount of time with Obama in the white house but I worried with George W. it might take 6-12 months if he were still president or if crazy McCain had gotten elected. Thank the Universe this did not happen. We are seriously going to be so much better off than one could imagine by making this choice. As bad as it may seem, this period will be compressed into a matter of a couple of years rather than over a decade which is what would have happened. 

From Cherri:

Cheri (tranquilsleep444)


Any other INFJ’s out there? :)

Hi Cheri,

Yes, I am an INFJ. I encourage everyone to check out their type based on the Myers-Brigg system. It is very fascinating.

From Juno:


Dreamt of a wild rabbit – the little grey ones you see in L.A. hillsides at dusk – it was a baby rabbit, and was poking its head down a hole in the hillside, being playful, scampering about… I was watching him for ages, enjoying myself, alone on a hillside. He poked his head again down the hole, and screamed, with his hind legs sticking up in the air, flailing. I pulled him up by his legs and a snake was attached to his nose. I pulled off the snake, killed it with a rock, and cradled the rabbit on its back while I looked for help. The rabbit had such sad eyes I started to cry, and in the dream he started to morph into my toddler son, naked, with wounds by his left rib and groin, but he was bleeding clear fluid, not blood, like in the story of the crucifiction of Christ. I woke up at this point, so upset I went and checked on my son, who was fine, but who has had a very serious flu and had had to be rushed to the hospital. I can only assume that is why I had such a horrible, disturbing dream. Ugh. I should add I never dream about rabbits, and never was into “cutsie bunnies” growing up. Any insights?

Hi Juno,

Rabbits are associated with the Goddess Oeaster, which is where the Easter Bunny’s origin comes from. Since she is a Goddess of the vernal equinox and spring, she and the bunny represent fertility, the new, spring, youth and renewal. In some Native American traditions rabbit medicine is supposed to be the medicine of fear because rabbits are prey animals. Again they are innocent, open and easily hunted in the wild which is why they overcompensate through sheer numbers. 

Snakes are associated with sexuality. There have been many Goddesses associated with charming snakes, and of course snakes are very phallic. Snakes also represent regeneration, death and rebirth and are associated with the sign of Scorpio as one of the 3 symbols of that signs karmic ascension the Scorpion being the first, the Snake the second level and the Eagle the final and highly evolved spiritual sort of Scorpio (like Gandhi).

The wounds are an obvious metaphor for damage. The bunny obviously your child, an innocent, the snake that you had to destroy as it was killing your child, could be a relationship with a man that must transformed for the sake of your child’s survival (emotionally and spiritually). The wounds letting out clear fluid like water I would think are that water. So the wounds are draining the life blood of his emotions (water is associated with emotion in western esoteric tradition). The injury being at the site of the left rib, again seems to reinforce a primal sort of injury (being done to his spirit) as the rib in Christian tradition is associated with the first man and woman. And the groin area represents an injury to his eventual manhood.

I’m sure the trip to the hospital triggered it but this dream seems very clearly to be telling you that there is more to your son’s illness than just a physical problem. There are some very damaging emotional things in the environment which it seems you are aware of and are trying to change as you pull your son out of the hole and work on healing and saving him.

Hope that helped.

And if you want to take the Myers-Briggs test there is a link to a free test site in an earlier post. Just use the search it button and put in Myers-Briggs or personality test and it should come up.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


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