My Computer Has A Boo-Boo

My computer literally will not even turn on! I think the worm infected my apple! Because I run virtual PC and don’t go onto the net via Virtual PC I hadn’t thought about the virus/worm thing because I’m a spoiled Mac user. But alas, I can now empathize with everyone out there who is the victim of idiot hackers. Why they want to destroy people’s computers for no apparent reason is beyond me but all I can say is I hope their karma comes back to them 3 fold. Jerks. I’m going to try and get my life line fixed.

RIght now I have stolen my husband’s laptop while he is away for the an hour or so. As his computer has become an extra appendage and he really doesn’t like me using it, I doubt I’ll be able to post much, except perhaps when he is sleeping or out. Hopefully my situation will improve by next week and I will get back to blabbing and answering questions.

Also for anyone who wants a reading or who e-mails me over the next week, please be patient as I probably won’t be consistent in getting back to you due to this problem.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday (except for you evil hackers who I hope have a very unfun, miserable holiday).

Best wishes and many blessings to all the good, kind and considerate people out there,

P.S. Does anyone know a good cheap place to buy a new mac laptop?

My Computer Has A Boo-Boo