Tea Tree Oil & Toenail Fungus (don’t read if you’re grossed out by stuff like this)

I know this is kind of weird but back in the early/mid 1990s I went to Australia and toured the country for a month. Back then tea tree oil was unheard of here in the States. I bought some, unsure of what to do with it, there was only a mysterious bit of information I was given by an Aussie that it was an indigenous cure for different skin troubles.

After experimenting with it now for almost 15 years I’ve found it does some pretty remarkable things. Because it is an oil it penetrates deep into the skin tissues and cells and kills all the bad stuff on a cellular level.

I am prone to skin infections actually once had cellulitis which is an infection of the skin cells which can kill you. I was on antibiotics for several months after IV antibiotics. I was on so many antibiotics that I ended up in the hospital with an infection in my intestine because the antibiotics had killed all the good stuff and left me raw. I ended up having to have more antibiotics. Let me tell you that was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced and my back has been fractured, I’ve had a baby, have horrible migraines where I want to blow my head off, kidney stones and herniated a disc and slipped one as well, and this pain was so bad I was passing out from it. It was intense. (I’m fond of blaming my deceased old Ashkenazi Jew dad for his ancient sperm because I was born an old woman with all kinds of ridiculous health problems. The Ashkenazi are not super healthy people as it turns out my dad died at 63 which was pretty average for his other 9 brothers and sisters.) But anyway, enough of my asides, when I would notice an infection brewing in my skin I began applying tea tree oil to it and low and behold, after several days of dowsing myself with it, the infection would go away.

So last summer I was having more back trouble and my husband insisted I go have a message. I’m not found of them unless the person giving them is very clear and focused or I pick up all kinds of stuff about the person and its very unnerving and distracting. Well, I made the mistake of soaking in the hot tub and taking a shower (wearing special shoes because of course I was paranoid this would happen and you’ll see it did). And of course I developed some weird fungus on my toenail shortly thereafter. 

My doctor would not give me the normal Lamisil or whatever it is that a doctor gives people with fungus’ growing on their toe nails, because it’s hard on the liver and I’m taking way too many drugs to control my seizures and brain problems (as I’m sure all of you can tell.) So my toe was getting pretty crazy when I had the idea to try tea tree oil. Well, I did and it actually seems to be curing the fungus. It went from black to clear, then I could actually cut off the fungus part which had previously been like a piece of steel and now was like a relatively normal, but very thick toe nail. 

Moral of the story. For those of you who don’t have health insurance or don’t like western drugs, try tea tree oil. Dowse your toe in it or infection, cover it with gauze or cotton, wrap it in medical tape. Continue to do that at least once a day before bedtime, twice is best but once works pretty well too for at least 3-7 days. You will see remarkable results. 

Just a weird random tip. I think it is actually good for acne as well, but I haven’t tried it for that.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Tea Tree Oil & Toenail Fungus (don’t read if you’re grossed out by stuff like this)