Stock Market Progressed Chart


I did the transits for the stock market a while back and thought it might be interesting to get the general feel of the market this year by looking at the progressed chart. It’s pretty clear from the transits of the NYSE chart and also the US Constitution signing chart that instability in the economy is upon us. Sometimes a progressed chart will give us information not completely clear with the transits. Usually, when you see repeated patterns in multiple iterations – there is a real problem. Sometimes a bad transit can be mitigated by a great progressed chart or vice versa. As we can see above all that Aquarius in the 12th opposing Uranus in Leo in the 7th – there are legal issues, problems with open enemies, secrets, and instability that we are not currently seeing. That Pluto in Aquarius inconjunct the Moon in Cancer in the 6th makes me think signs of instability are being hidden from us and that domestic jobs and services are more depressed than we have heard publicly.

Uranus in the 7th opposing Pluto in the 12th indicates that the public legal theater we have going on (reality show President) is tearing at the fabric (Pluto in Aquarius 12th house) of our social contracts in a way not fully exposed to us. All of this creates instability in the economy. While this is not the only indicator of our economy it is half-way decent barometer of it.

Jupiter in Scorpio in the 9th indicates foreign powers and secrets that are creating tension, unrest, upheaval that we may not naturally think would influence the stock market, but the fact that it shows up here lets us see that indeed, it is effecting our economy and the general well being of the NYSE. As Pluto progresses over the 1st house we can expect to have a major correction. I’ll look into when this will happen and go over that plus the progressions. I think all of this Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio in the 9th and the opposition to Uranus in the 7th could be an indication that the crypto currency and new technology markets are in more trouble than we currently see. Expect a major correction when these things come to light. I will look into this all and post the update either later today or tomorrow.

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Questions and Answers, From And For Readers…

From a reader who sent a question anonymously to Again this is an open offer for the next few days for anyone who wants some quick guidance.
Subject: Seeking help w/my financial situation

Hi Denise,

I’m still unemployed. Money is tight. Do you see anything opening up for me? I appreciate your input. Thank you!
The first thing that comes up is seeing you in an office setting, something that you’ve done a while ago, but didn’t really want to do again. It’s a disregarded skill and not very exciting, but marketable. I can see you working in a workspace that is divided into cubby style spaces, there’s lot’s of neutral color, I’m getting gray – this could be how you feel about the opportunity. There will be somewhere between 10 and 30 people working in your area. I think it may involve a lot of phone and paperwork,  again it’s some long ago skill that you perhaps did when you first entered the job market. I don’t think this is a forever thing, just something for now.

If you are open to it, it will come to you. You may already know about this and perhaps have disregarded it. I think it is very close to coming into being, just keep what I’m saying in mind and be open to all connections, even those through agencies and friends, and all potential opportunities. This will be a springboard for you more to get your confidence back and be in the game than anything.  The money will not be fantastic, but with some rearranging you can make it work for the time being. It may not be ideal, but it will elevate some of your stress and fear.

Hope that helps.
Oh and please let us know what happens and how things turn out, you can do so anonymously through e-mail or post on the blog. I will respect your privacy either way.
Best to you,

Questions and Answers, From And For Readers…