Kavanaugh Update

My intuition about the Kavanaugh appointment was the Republicans were going to ram him through no matter what and they did. I was surprised to see during the initial period they were trying to do it, so many difficult aspects going on in Kavanaugh’s solar chart. A solar chart is pretty accurate, not as accurate as the right time of birth would be, but it told me a lot about what was going to happen for the next few weeks. Transiting Jupiter was in Scorpio exactly conjunct Kavanaugh’s natal Neptune in Scorpio – expansion of loss, Neptune in Scorpio loss of power, loss through sexuality – (side note this is my generation and while we were at the peak of sexual activity the AIDS epidemic was taking young lives. In my generation sleeping with the wrong person could be a death sentence. How much more Neptune in Scorpio could that be?) Anyway back to Kavanaugh while he had a transiting Grand Earth Trine at the time with Pluto at 18 Capricorn trining his Uranus/Pluto in Virgo and Taurus in Jupiter. Saturn was making an opposition to his Moon (Maybe since we don’t have his exact time of birth). Jupiter was starting to conjunct his natal Neptune and transiting Neptune was making an opposition to his natal Uranus/Pluto. So as the week progressed Jupiter was conjunct the natal Neptune and things got much worse for him. Because everything is so mixed in terms of positive and negative transits – the timing of the vote was extremely important. If a vote had been taken then, he would have lost. But this it the thing about transits – the timing is everything. The question now remains – how can a man with this sort of questionable morality and swirling allegations of lying, sexual misconduct and gambling sail through a long term career on the Supreme Court. Although there haven’t ever been any Supreme Court justices who have been impeached, the remedy does exist. Let’s not forget the level of crazy he exhibited at the hearing or the fact that 2400 law professors spoke out against his confirmation. The partisanship he exhibited during the hearing was reiterated the other night when he only thanked the Republican Senators who voted yes instead of the normal graciousness of thanking the entire body.

Here’s the date he was voted in and sworn in as well. We can see that Jupiter was exactly conjunct his solar 10th house cusp. This is what we would expect to see for such a major honor. It does however exactly square his Sun – so the internal pressure he’s under will be a theme to his “service.” Jupiter which had been conjunct his natal Neptune earlier and opposing his natal Jupiter is now significantly waning – this is an important point – waning aspects should be read with caution as they indicate energy that is exiting the stage. The biggie here is transiting Neptune (1st house) at 14 degrees in Pisces directly opposed his natal Uranus/Pluto mid-point in the 7th. This is the thing that makes me think, built into his confirmation are the seeds of the loss of this job and even potential legal trouble.


So here are some future periods, just to show how the transits move over Kavanaugh’s solar chart coming up.


By December the Grand earth trine by transiting Pluto is waning and Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius. Transiting Neptune in Pisces is exactly opposite natal Uranus in Virgo – something new breaking open regarding Kavanaugh – something unexpected. Jupiter is still in the 10th sextiling natal Venus and Mercury so he will likely still be protected and OK but another fracture in his credibility will likely come out.


By January we see Jupiter/Venus applying pressure to that transiting Neptune in Pisces opposing his Uranus/Pluto in the 7th. They form a T-Square so things heat up but at the same time he is building power transiting Pluto is joined by Mercury to trine his natal Mars in Virgo in the 8th – so he is protected by the powerful despite pressure building and surprising information coming out.

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Kavanaugh and trouble with him that could lead to his loss of position on the high court. As things evolve I will come back to this.

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Kavanaugh Hearing


Here’s Kavanaugh’s solar chart with the transits tomorrow morning. He has Pluto creating a Grand Trine in earth by transit. This has brought Kavanaugh to public attention. At the time he started the process Jupiter was in early Scorpio making a trine to his natal Moon – seemed like everything was going to go fine. At the time the Sun was also on his Moon.

From the first chart I made on Sept 7, 2018 to this one, we see that Jupiter has progressed to 21 degrees of Scorpio making an increasingly tighter square to BK’s Sun at 23 Aquarius. In the last chart the transiting Sun was on the Uranus/Pluto in the 7th house opposing transiting Neptune in the 1st – this is how I knew something unexpected was going to happen that would throw the process into a loop – Uranus = unexpected, Pluto = power, powerful people, positions of power (conjunct- meaning intermingled) opposing transiting Neptune in Pisces in the 1st. A sudden and unexpected loss of power, a shift in identity involving the law or courts (7th house, 1st house issues.)

Now the Sun has gone from triggering this event (the Sun and Moon are lights that trigger outer planetary transits) by opposition to creating an inconjunction to BK’s natal Saturn in Pisces in the 1st house as Neptune creeps through the first house his sense of identity will continue to defuse.

He will have Mars transiting his 12th and transiting Mercury in the 8th will exactly trine his natal Venus in his solar 12th house – so he will for sure have people (women, too) pulling for him and this could be the prosecutor the senate has picked to interrogate his accuser, she will likely be a benefit to BK. The way she words the sexual situation (Mercury in Libra in the 8th) will likely paint the situation as equal, and/or like friendly horseplay that Ford misunderstood or miss-remembers. Or perhaps just her handling of the situation will help paint BK in a better light. Transiting Venus in Scorpio in the 9th will square his natal Venus – this will likely translate into the women in the room, the female senators – they will not believe him, they will find him lacking credibility.

Transiting Jupiter at 21 Scorpio will be culminating at the top of his solar chart square his natal Sun in Aquarius – conjunct his Neptune in the 9th house triggering his natal Grand Cross. Neptune square the Sun is often an indicator of a person with substance abuse problems –  with Jupiter involved – it is MUCH MORE EXCESSIVE. From his natal chart he likely has struggled with addiction, alcoholism and excessive out-of-control behavior. Include the Scorpio element and he likely has had sexual addiction issues and its very conceivable that BK has indeed done the things he has been accused of, with the sort of excess this grand cross indicates – anything is possible especially when in an altered state of consciousness.

Pluto transiting his 11th house trining his natal Jupiter in Taurus in the 3rd and natal Pluto at 15 Virgo in 7th. There are definitely people in power who are advocating for him publicly (7th house) despite all the accusations. This is a powerful protective force and this is why his nomination seems so unstoppable.

However the big and most EXACT aspect in BK’s chart is Neptune in the first house now at the EXACT mid-point to his natal Uranus at 13 Virgo conjunct Pluto at 15 Virgo in the 7th. Neptune wants to take away, pull the rug out. It is in his 1st house of identity opposing the 7th which is the public house, the house of open enemies (his accuser) and the courts. Uranus is unexpected and Pluto is Power – both in the service sign of Virgo. This is an intense aspect. Transiting Pluto at 18 Capricorn in the 11th is a flow aspect, it allows energy to move easily – easy come, easy go. It opens the doors and smooths things out, but it does not make things happen. It is the energy that enabled him to be put up for this job, but it doesn’t guarantee him getting that job. Jupiter culminating at the top of his chart square his Sun could be the thing to manifest this for him, but the fact that it, too, is connected to Neptune and his natal Sun is ruled by Uranus (surprise, surprise) it creates more wobble. I keep going back to the Neptune in the 1st and it hitting that Uranus/Pluto. This is a big deal and requires the native to adjust their sense of self and go through a major loss. As far as I can tell BK hasn’t had one yet so I’m going to bet this it, the start of a lot of adjustment. I think there is also a strong possibility that this process will unleash a Pandora’s box that could have negative repercussions as Neptune will continue to make the opposition a couple more times and Saturn will oppose his natal Moon this year and Jupiter will inconjunct his Moon and then square his Uranus/Pluto point from the 10th at the beginning of 2019. Each time Neptune hits his Uranus/Pluto stuff will come out and he will have to make an adjustment.  See the chart below.


The transiting Pluto Grand Trine is already waning and will continue to fall apart over the next year as the Neptune opposition takes center stage which leads me to believe this won’t go BK’s way. This is why it’s important to look at whether aspects are waning or waxing. Waxing aspects indicate a pattern coming into being, waning aspects indicate a pattern on its way out. So here you have a man who has been elevated for consideration to the highest court of the land, the highest iteration of his current occupation – the transiting Grand Trine aspect. Now we have Neptune hitting his Uranus/Pluto mid-point exactly and we see the rug being pulled out from underneath him.

Ultimately, I don’t think he will get the job. I give him a 25% of pulling it off tomorrow with a narrowing chance every day that goes by. It seems highly unlikely despite how hard the Republicans are pushing. It may turn out that there are actually some among them who have a conscious. I think for the public at this point – this will be the big surprise for the rest of us.

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Brett Kavanaugh


I didn’t tag the original post and didn’t want to edit it because that would change the post date. If you want to see the original post go to the calendar on the site and click on September 7. In that post I state that something unexpected will subvert his confirmation due to the Neptune interactions especially with his natal Uranus/Pluto.

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