Answering A Reader (Lori)…

From Lori:


Hi Denise, this is going back a few posts, but can you explain the difference between “early-degree” and later-degree” Virgos (or any sign). Did you mean degrees as in the chart (for example, when you did my chart last month there is a 23 degrees right by my sun, but a 13 degrees on the outside of the circle right by my sun sign). Or did you mean early or late by whether they were early or late in the sign, as in the case of Virgo, born closer to Leos (say August 24) or born closer to Libras (say September 19? Hope my question makes sense.

Hi Lori,

I’m glad you brought that up. I’ve been meaning to clear this up for awhile now. OK, so early degree means the earlier you are born in a sign. For example if you are born September 1, you would be an early degree virgo because the sign changes August 23. You’re Sun would be under 10 degrees. If your birthday fell in the middle of the sign it would be mid-degree and late degree would mean late in the sign. If your Sun has a 23 degree near it, you are a later degree Virgo.

Early is 0-10, Mid is 11-20 and late is 21-29. So you see you are not super late in your sign. In fact the negative Pluto aspect I mentioned in that overview would have already hit you off and on in 2005-2006. The positive side of that Pluto transit will come later.

In terms of the 23 next to your sun and the 13, it could be one is the degree and the other the seconds. The degree will have a little circle next to it and the degree a ‘ next to it. If your sun is actually at 13 degrees then you would have felt this transit before 2000 and the positive Pluto aspect will be coming up sooner.

Hope this makes sense if not, just post your birthday and I’ll clear it up for you.

Answering A Reader (Lori)…