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Hi Denise, Thanks for this blog. I really enjoy reading it everyday. I am curious if you can find out about the Acr of the Covenant. Is a religious conglomerate hiding it? I suspect it could be the Catholic or Protestant church? When and/or how will it be found? I am really curious as to what it reveal and how it will change our lives. Thank You   

Hi Sparker,

I feel the arc was moved many years ago from a temple to keep it safe into a dried salt water lake or sea bed that is currently desert. At that point it was tampered with by fortune seekers who moved it to another location in the same basic area. Many years later when some of these fortune seekers went back to recover the arc the topography had changed and they forgot exactly where it was buried. I do not feel it is currently in anyone’s possession (including any institutions) and unless there is a concerted effort using modern technology, psychics and historians, it will not get found for a very long time, most likely not in our lifetime. I do feel it could be found if there was enough funding and a strong team, but its not likely to happen anytime soon.


Nice site ) I concurr that a bad crash is yet to come on the markets. GM (general motors) is a likely cause for this fall. Do you also see GM been the cause or do you see them been bailed out? Also if i may ask Do you see a time frame for the inevitable war with Iran which also would cause a stockmarket crash and a likely rise dramatically in oil prices. Thank you )

Hi Truthseeker,

I’ll answer the GM question now and look into Iraq in a separate post, so look for that in the future. Here are 2 charts for GM:

picture-152I would say big lay offs are coming in February of 09-March of 09 somewhere in that time frame. As Uranus will hit the companies 2nd house of work and Pluto will conjunct the company’s natal Neptune (loss). There will be major restructuring during that time period as well but a lot of people will loose their jobs (it looks like to me). This company is going to have major restructuring, lay offs and general turmoil for the next few years, until early 2011. And then for another couple of years there will still be major power changes, perhaps a changing of leadership and direction, trying to rebirth themselves with some potential success but its going to take some major changes in the way this company has operated and some major innovation, new technology and leadership to get it back on track. This is going to take time. It really won’t be recognizable once these changes have happened. The company will have re-invented its product and its perception in the public eye but this will take a long time, not until about 2014 will there be some real stability.

As for the GM stock, transiting Pluto is going through the companies 2nd house of employees/workers and opposing the 8th house of investors and inconjuncting natal Neptune in the 9th, meaning all the shifting and layoffs are going to make investors uneasy. But as bad as this seems now, it will hit much bigger in mid-late January – February of 2010. So whatever is happening over the next year with GM, it will culminate in a negative perception and will lead to major loss in the value of this stock at that time. 


================================= Hi Stocer, I always have trouble with the symbols, it takes awhile to track down the names of the company and sometimes they are so close, I’m not sure I have the right one, etc. Could you post the names of each company? I will look in my database and run the charts, post them and give an evaluation. Denise ================================= Hi Denise, Per your request, I’m attaching symbols along with their company names. I wanted to get your opinion on the following Ticker Symbols: 1) AAPL (Apple Inc.) 2) AGU (Agrium Inc. 3) BCSI (Blue Coat Systems Inc. ) 4) BRK.B (Berkshire Hathaway) 5) DRYS (Dryships Inc.) 6) GROW (U.S. Global Investors, Inc) 7) POT (Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc.) Hope this answers your question. I would appreciate it if you can provide certain insight whether these are to be held or sold? Especially, when you mentioned that time after Dec 15th, 2008 isn’t good for the market. I’ll check here on your site to see your observations. THANKS. Stocer

Hi Stocer,

OK, that’s a lot of stocks so I’m going to break them up over the next few days or over the week probably. I’ll do Apple tonight:

picture-16Oye, vey! They were doing so well. And I do love apple computers. I’m very partial to them. They just went through a good run with Pluto going through their 10th and revitalized their image and captured the music market, transiting Pluto in the 10th making a sextile to Venus in Aquarius in the 1st. But this positive aspect will dissipate by the end of this month around Thanksgiving, the 25th, 26th something like that when Pluto goes into Capricorn and starts to conjunct the companies Mars in the 11th. There will be some angry customers, technical problems and general unease felt by the employees at Apple starting in mid-late January of 09.

So I don’t know if they are planning to release a new operating system or some new gadget or whatever, but its not going to be well received and will even make some people angry. I would say give this aspect some time to grow as it will hit their Sun in about 6 or 7 years and there could even be lawsuits regarding some of the new technology they are going to be putting out over the next 6 or 7 years. I don’t feel like this is going to kill the company or really destroy them, it will set them back. Perhaps also because of the recession they will find it harder to sell their new products and they may try too many things in an effort to capture a market some of which may not be properly tested before going out. It will eventually clear away, and all will be well with them in the long term however. But look for some market slides, and some big problems coming their way starting around the 20th of January 09.


Hi Denise Can you please tell me whether I should hold on to the Bank of America share (BAC) and wait for it to rebound in the next few years unless it is going to be hit hard by your mid – end Dec 08 prediction Thanks

Hi John,

Here is the chart of B of A and some analysis:

picture-142If you can wait until February 2019, I would. You will do well if you can hold this for a long time. If not periods of 2013 look pretty good to sell, the stock will be better valued then. If you want to sell relatively soon I’d say the end of November, early December is OK, perhaps not great because there will be a lot of volatility. I personally would hold onto this stock for awhile because they will get their act together over time and this stock will recover. That’s what it looks like. I would personally wait it out.

Hope I helped.

Remember I’m an astrologer! You know a lot more about your investments and financial needs then I, so always trust your own judgement. The market is extremely volatile right now, and it will be for awhile. Some companies will fall, but many will regroup, transform and live through this period so don’t get too freaked out.

Late December through January is going to be very scary. It’s going to look very bleak, but remember things will change! And you can recover what you’ve lost if you don’t get too overly anxious. Try some meditation techniques, remember its just money and you’ll be OK. Try to remember there will be new opportunities after this period to remake some of the money you will have lost.

Money isn’t everything! And as long as you can eat, and have a roof over your head count your blessings! Your chance for wealth will come again as the economy realigns. But it will take time and we all will have to change our lifestyles a bit. But perhaps this is a blessing. We will all learn more compassion and eventually this will pass. Try to maintain hope as things get ugly. And if you haven’t gotten out of the market yet, don’t panic sell now, especially if you are invested in very big conservative companies that can weather storms like we are about to see.

Try to keep positive and see this as an opportunity for spiritual growth and realize other avenues will open to you if you keep your eyes open.

Best wishes to all of you and many blessings,


Answering Readers’ Questions…

Hey I’m a psychic…

While I will answer questions about stocks and help try to give you the best astrological timing possible to get out of the market. I can not guarantee that I’ll be right or that you still won’t loose money. So take this with a grain of salt and its imperative (because it’s your money and your life) that you use your best judgement and discretion.

Most of all trust your own intuition! You know your situation better than anyone. Use my advice the same way you would use any other information, as one aspect of the equation. Even the most accurate psychic is not 100% right all of the time. There is free will in this world and fate plays a part (which is what psychics and astrologers read) but things can change and you can change your fate. So please again, take what I’m saying as one piece of the puzzle.

I give this caveat because I don’t want people to blindly follow anyone or anything, including me!

Best wishes and good luck.

Hey I’m a psychic…