Just for clarification

I have tried everything from energy work (which worked when I had a simple slipped disc back in 20s) to “Reiki Masters,” to acupuncture. I have had numerous periods where I went through physical therapy. I tried yoga. I lost a bunch of weight. Really everything except a chiropractor because every doctor told me that doing so was extremely dangerous and could easily lead to permanent paralyzation. 

If you or anyone you love has ever had chronic pain you will get what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t, you have no way of even comprehending what its like.

I know the media has turned anyone who has to use pain medicine no matter how intermitted into drug addicts, but this is not the case. Of all the people I have known who have had issues with chronic pain only 2 of them became addicted to pain killers – both of whom were already addicts, one had been a severe alcoholic and pill popper, the other was already addicted to opiates before he had an injury. 

There are dozens of studies that prove people who are not given proper pain relief have longer recovery time after surgery. Other studies have shown that when your body is overloaded with pain, pain killers do not become addictive as the body uses it in a way that the natural pain killers your brain makes, aka Endorphins. So when the pain goes away and you stop taking the medicine your body has no reaction.

I have personally been in so much pain doctors had to put me into a drug induced coma to get me to stop seizing. I was 17 and just out of surgery from a tumor that was growing into my brain.

So I have a long history with this fight.

Sure opiates are highly addictive drugs but so is tobacco and so far that is still legal. According to studies its harder to quit tobacco than heroin. Tobacco kills more people than any other drug besides alcohol. They are both legal. Tell me is there any sense to this nonsense?

Best to you all,

Denise Siegel 


Just for clarification

More Answers to Readers by Zoma

This is again from the same session. I’ve been breaking it up as the info is kind of intense. I am of the belief that there is always a chance to turn things around. I suppose I am naturally an optimist. However Zoma is not of the same mind. And of course in all of our dark moments we all worry that things have gotten so bad that there is no recourse. I still believe there is or why would this information be coming?

I haven’t had a chance to blog because my little daughter has been really sick and all my time has been spent taking care of her. She’s sleeping right now so I’m doing this before she wakes.

Here’s the transcript of the next question and answer:

Q:Hi Denise,
When will there be cures for the many types of cancers plaguing our people? Are there already cures, but because of the corrupted profit making business corporations including cancer organizations that make tons of money, will this be available to the public and those that need these cures?

A: We have cures to cancer, which have been shown to your people. The problem is a combination of electrical interference, which creates a chemical reaction. So far it is the chemical reaction that has been mostly dealt with by science, as this is the most financially advantageous. However cancer is on the rise not just because of toxins and chemical exposure but because of electro magnetic fields that have been disturbed in the human body due to these neuro toxins There are currently ways in which science can cure many forms of cancer outside the known and predominate conservative means.

Genetic manipulation can cure cancers that have a genetic component and even cure those that don’t, however, those that don’t need the underlying cause to be dealt with which is often more complicated than a simple genetic mutation. For those types of cancer electrical magnetic and chemical balancing will be needed to cure the cancer rather than just cut it out or treat it with the fear of it reoccurring due to the underlying cause being left untended.

Yes, you are right in your intuition that the major drug companies and the health care industry do not want true cures to any disease as this would inevitably lead to huge losses in revenue. However there are some workings within the system now that know what we are talking about and are trying to move forward with research that will inevitably be perfected and utilized after the culling.

Blessings to all and continue to find God within and within all beings you come in contact with,


More Answers to Readers by Zoma