OK, I had to cut out for a while to figure out this series of very disturbing information. I don’t like giving or being the bearer of bad news however the state of the world leaves me no choice.

Several weeks, perhaps a month now or more I was sitting at my computer writing at night when I saw (out of the corner of my eye a white ghostly being) I looked up at it. It was female. Her face was up against the glass of my living room window. She was all in white, with long white hair and the face of a skeleton. Yes, I was freaked out. I’ve grown accustomed to bizarre things, God knows I have seen and experienced first hand lots of very frightening and bizarre things (which is why I tell people being psychic is as much of a burden and a trauma as it is a “gift”) but this, I had never seen before. The only thing I could liken it to was, being in New Orleans a few months before Katrina (we went there because I told my husband it was going to be swept away by a hurricane) and seeing people walking around the city with skulls for heads. And when I would look at them and expect to have the illusion go away –  it wouldn’t. That and the overwhelming feeling of water rushing through there had me terrified. So I don’t take the skull face lightly. It is definitely a harbinger of death and why it came in the form of a female and was plastered to my window had me worried about my own family, etc.

I asked the spirit what she was about, why she had come (of course I didn’t invite her in for tea or anything. Most spirits can not get into my house due to the extensive psychic protection I do on a regular basis). She told me a few things that came true – negative things but it didn’t feel like everything. So within a few nights I had a dream about Mexico. Long story short I knew when I woke that they were in deep trouble – a major political event was going to be occurring and we were going to feel its effect, it would spill over in various ways across the boarder and potentially open up the gates to a number of things which you could imagine, famine, Al Queda and very evil people who are now doing very bad things down there.  I told an acquaintance of mine (who was from Mexico) about my dream of a revolution brewing down there and she confirmed she had heard this from people there. Of course here in the US we are not informed about anything going on past Angelina Jolie’s boobs, especially in Los Angeles.

I am worried that a nuke of some kind (maybe a dirty bomb) could be smuggled across the southern boarder, through the network of people hooked up to very dark things. I don’t want to get to specific because that isn’t what’s important and I feel it could endanger more people. The main thing is our government and we the people can’t take our eyes off of what is going on down there and we have to realize we are going to be dragged into their conflict if we ignore it. Enough said.  A few nights ago I saw a piece on the local news about a cult where they worshipped a female figure with a skull head – Santa Muerta – she is what I saw. I had no knowledge of this cult or even her existence until the experience followed by the news story a few days later.

Here’s a link I found about her once I found out who she was and it made too much sense: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Muerte

Sorry to deliver such scary news but I felt I was given it to pass it along as best I could. Pray for humanity, pray for our evolvement and pray for the earth. We need to get on the right path and save ourselves soon or things will get much worse in a few years.

Many blessings,


Twit(ter) and Swine Flu

I didn’t mean to sound to cavalier about the swine flu. People have died from it. I just listened to an NPR broadcast about Mexico City shutting down all its schools until May 6 because of the outbreak. I’m glad everyone is taking this seriously, however, because they are it’s been my intuition all along that this will be contained pretty well. I have heard that it jumps species so this was part of the freak out over this particular flu. With all the trouble in Mexico I don’t see why anyone would want to vacation there for the time being anyway, so it seems they are probably more isolated than they would have been 10 years ago and this will also help contain the epidemic, although it has been found in New York, CA, Scotland and I think there was a case found in Spain. Again though every time I concentrate on it I don’t get any crazy feeling. 

Although I have been feeling there is something brewing behind the scenes and once I figure it out I’ll let everyone know. I’ve had some weird dreams and odd visions but haven’t quite figured them out yet. I get the sense that what I’m picking up is more long term, over the next 5-10 years. To me the scariest news I’ve heard in a long time was the admission by scientists that global warming is exponentially worse than any model they have come up with. There is talk that the ice caps will be gone in as little as a decade, some think even 5 years, some even sooner. I heard one scientist say that there was a chance most Antarctica would be melted by this summer but that seems a bit early, probably not by as much as we’d like to think though. We are really poised here for a serious extinction level event and it’s not even newsworthy. Sometimes things are so scary we can’t even look at them. I’m thinking I need to get more involved in the politics of global warming. If anyone knows of a good, effective organization to participate in post it on the blog.

OK, and I”m glad some people like twitter. Perhaps it works under certain conditions. Unfortunately, every time I read anyone I knows stream, it makes no sense to me. They are either talking about something completely out of context that perhaps they’ve been tweeting about for days or it’s about something extremely banal. I really hate small talk. And at least in my estimation twitter is like global small talk. But then again I live in LA so perhaps if your friends are all academics and are insanely brilliant it might be interesting. My friends are all artist/writer/comedians and actors so they have a tendency to ramble about stuff that I would get them not to talk about in a normal conversation. I have a way of deflecting boring small talk, because I have about as much tolerance for it as I do flees. But perhaps this is just my problem.

Many blessings to all you good people,


PS : The celebrities who twitter (at least the people I know who fall under that category) are actually really twittering. Why? I guess because most of them like exposure and attention. The more the better, think the character of Jenna on 30 Rock and Tracy Morgan’s character. They really are kind of typical of the actor type personality. Not that there aren’t brilliant, deep and intense actors out there, just not as many as they (the actors) would like you to believe.

Twit(ter) and Swine Flu

Answering Readers…

The first question comes from Dera:


Do you see a solution to the problems with the Mexican Drug cartels waging a war on the govt of Mexico City? I am so concerned about the people there and is legalizing drugs the answer?

Hi Dera,

My intuition tells me that the US will try to intervene in keeping the drug cartels under control, but won’t have a lot of success. The violence will continue to escalate until the people of Mexico are forced to have a kind of civil war against the drug lords. There are similarities to Chicago during the 1920s, but of course in Mexico it is even more extreme and violent. The mix of psychopaths, illegal drugs and corruption within the government all contribute  and it feels like it is escalating to the doorstep of genocide. I don’t feel this is going to get better soon, actually I feel it will get much worse. I only hope I’m wrong about this.

Oddly, I don’t feel the answer to this problem is to just legalize drugs because there is such a strong network of organized crime and corruption that it would be substituted with something perhaps even worse like sexual slavery, prostitution of children, etc. This network must be destroyed first and the government replaced with one truly vested in the good of all the people not just their own pocket books. I’m not saying everyone in the Mexican government/police/military fit into this category, but there are enough that do to make the good people ineffective. 

Eventually, those within the government who are not corrupt will have to build an army out of the ashes of those who have been devastated by the drug lords. Together, the people will have to fight this cancer overtaking their country or it will end up war torn and could lead to mass genocide as these psychopaths gain power and control.

The more violence these drug lords perpetrate the more they become sick with a mad cow-like disease eating away at their souls with each act leaving them nothing but empty shells feeding on destruction. This is the disease of war. It is what is happening in Darfur, what happened in Rowanda, what happened to ordinary people who became Nazis. This sickness is born from violence against our fellow brothers and sisters. It is the sickness that begets war and makes people do horrible things they would never believed themselves capable of. It can also infect ordinary people after seeing ones family slaughtered or child mutilated. It is the darkest side of Kali, the crazed destroyer. It is chaos, insanity, absolute coldness. I wish I could say inhuman, but this darkness is a part of the human condition, the shadow side. In normal healthy people we feel it rear up, but repress it with rationality, empathy and compassion. When all those things are gone there is no controlling it.

This is a very scary situation. I wish there was an easier answer.


I was watching two evangelists speaking with Rachel Maddow a couple of nights ago. They were explainging how socialism would usher in peace which was the prerequisite for the advent of the anti-christ’s arrival. They said Obama wasn’t the Anti christ because he wasnt popular enough but that his policies were setting the stage for his appearance. Huh? They are admitting that they would prefer people to go hungry and wage war so they can stop the antichrist. Who is the person(s) who have managed to pervert Christian principles so successfully? I also found it interesting that their segment coincided with James Dobson’s resignation from Focus on the Family. I respect religious differences and I embrace all spiritual expression but how is this evangelical dogma different from jihadist extremism? Any thoughts on the future of these people’s influence in American politics? Thanks.

Hi Hope and a Plan,

I’ve lost count of how many anti-christs there are, and have been. Nostradameus had at least 3. These dudes have had one pretty much every time there’s someone who wasn’t pro lining their pockets with gold. Sure, socialism is going to bring the anti-christ, that makes a lot of sense, I guess he must be living in Sweden or Norway, or maybe Denmark? Oh, I know perhaps Canada where they have “socialized” medicine.

We all know how Jesus was a TOTAL CAPITALIST! Whew, he just loved him some money and really didn’t want anyone helping out their neighbor or loving others. He taught anti-compassion and letting people starve to prove a point and loved war if it made him some dough. Oh, yeah, wait that’s those guys! I guess they must be the anti-christs because they are anti-everything Christ stood for. Besides I thought they wanted the anti-christ to come, so the big space ship in the sky could come and suck them up and they could be one of the chosen people to live forever in their decrept sack of rotting bone bodies. I mean come on, this is some insane crap. It really is just insane. 

Let’s look at the reality of this proposition. There’s this crazy, angry, jealous God who sends down his only son (something Jesus never said but hey, the Romans needed to make him into a living God so they could sell the religion) to save humanity from the original sin of Eve “eating of the fruit of knowledge” and thereby cursing all of us due to her mistake. Wow, that’s a very insecure God. He doesn’t even want us to have knowledge in case we might figure out he wasn’t all that, I guess. So Jesus removes this original sin if you believe in him, OK, then you die and go to heaven. Kind of, then your body rots in the ground until “Judgement Day” when Christ returns (after the anti-christ) and everyone is brought back to life forever. It’s not quite clear if we all are just animated skeletons or if we get back our old bodies and if so, what period are we talking, when we were really old, at the time of death, or do we get to pick our favorite period?

Here’s a question, after spending all that time in heaven (the other afterlife story) with angels, God, and living in perfect peace, why would you want your rotted out old body to be re-animated so you could live on earth forever? Heaven sounds like a much better deal to me. 

It’s all about fear and control. I’m sure that the crazy jihadists believe just as strongly in their book of stories as the crazy Christian zealots believe in their stories. But here’s something that neither side seem to understand, these are stories meant to illustrate ideas, greater ideas, spiritual ideas that are not easy to explain in common language, and are often beyond our understanding which is why they are never literal. The bible conflicts with itself pretty much on every count. In Genesis God first refers to himself as We, then as an I, he makes everything at once, then in 7 days. I remember studying the book of Genesis in high school and thinking how bizarrely contradictory it was. And wondered why no one ever addressed this.

Ultimately, all spiritual paths and all religions (by virtue of them being related to people’s spiritual paths on occasion) are not straight forward, black and white, easy to understand, direct, concrete or literal in any way at all. The language of the spirit is poetry, visions, flashes of understanding, connection, compassion, intuition, symbolism. There is nothing simple about it and absolutely nothing literal, which is why zealots who see everything as literal are insane and truly waste their lives looking at the multiverse through a keyhole, randomly assigning roles to whatever they see based on the book they have in their hand.

It is absolute blindness.

I don’t think one could even begin to name how many zealots have lived in the history of the human race, yelling that the end was near, blah, blah, blah. But when it comes to these people actually really doing something about evil, like calling out the government of Darfur, calling Omar Bashir the anti-christ or at least an anti-christ, they won’t because what happens in Africa stays in Africa. The world to these people is the US and maybe Europe? But everyone on the planet could die off because of someone like Bashir and things would be peachy. These types weren’t calling Hitler the anti-christ either. Whys that?

Cause they reserve their hate speech to use as scare tactics to get people away from helping out others, because they don’t care about anything but their pocket books, their place in society and their power. And if it doesn’t effect them personally then it isn’t important.

So let’s get real about these a-holes. They are not spiritual, they are not Christian, they are not anything but shysters. 

OK and these questions tomorrow, and I’ll go back further over the week and answer earlier questions as well:


Hi Denise Here’s something that might be of interest to all. For so long now we’ve watched small businesses get run over by large corporations and big box stores. It’s been hard to keep small individual businesses (i.e. mom-and-pop stores, etc.) from going bankrupt. I feel that once we get past the next couple of years and the economy begins to grow again, there will be opportunities for individuals and small companies to grow again. Especially since so many have closed up in the last few years. Right now everyone seems to shop at Walmart and Costco, etc. just to save as much as possible, but I think that when times get better people may want a more personal touch in their shopping. Would you ask the cards if an expansion of entrepreneurship is coming in the new economy. I would hate to think that we’re stuck with the Walmarts for the future. Use this recession time to prepare for what you want to do in the future. Lay the groundwork, so to speak. Thanks.


Hi Denise, I have a feeling that the US Dollar will start sliding heavily after sept 2009. How do you see the USD playing over the next 5 years?. How will the strength/weakness in USD effect the housing prices in the country? Do you see housing prices becoming affordable and in line with rents again?


Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


Answering Readers…

Answering Readers Questions…

The first question comes from Steve:


RE: TSX, sorry about that, forgot to send that info. I believe it is October 25, 1861 (www.tsx.com/en/pdf/TSXHistory.pdf). If that does not help, RIMM is Canadian but should also be in your US database. Actually, our election just happened Oct 14th. Conservatives won. (4 year term). I have already lost a significant amount of life savings – can not imagine even more loss in a Dec crash. I think we may already had our crash and hope to get some of the money back soon. Thanks again. Have a good one.

Looking at the chart for this date (TSX) I really doubt it is accurate. I also have the chart of Canada and am going to post both of them below and then do some interpretation:

Reading through Canada’s natal chart it looks like Canada in general is not going to feel the hit in December that we do. I really don’t think the TSX chart is accurate. It feels wrong. And without the TSX chart I can’t read the market in the same way I can read the Dow or the NASDAQ. When it merged with the other market the chart would have changed. 

I get the feeling Canada’s problems will come later and be a sort of trickle down problem. Pluto doesn’t oppose Canada’s stellium in Cancer in the 9/10th houses until January 2011. And there will be some protective aspects like natal Jupiter sextiling from the 5th house, natal Mars trining from the 11th and natal Pluto trining from the 8th. It seems that most of the trouble will be in the Canadian job sector, and that will be bad for awhile.

But in terms of the stock market you guys won’t see the worst of it. It won’t really be until about 2015 and into 2016 that you see the economic fall out. I doubt your stock market will crash at the same time ours does. Also the problem is without the new TSX merger chart its hard to read what will exactly happen to that market. Canada itself will be OK. I know the whole world is connected right now, but Canada’s chart is pretty strong for the time being, like I said it won’t be for a few years that you feel the shock waves in a major way. I’m not familiar enough with how your market works (barely familiar with how the US market works) to give advice about this, but chances are if the company you are investing in is Canadian your investment will do much better. Hope that helps.


I enjoy your blog. I check it out almost everyday. I was wondering what are your vibes on the situation in Mexico? My own feelings are that we should keep a close eye on this. I feel the violence in Mexico is more of a threat to the average American’s personal safety than Iraq or Afganistan. My own intution says we will be asked by the Mexican government for police and/or military support, before this is over. What do you think? Thank you for your time and insight.

Hi Grace. Sadly, I think you’re right. It appears Mexico is in the middle of a civil drug war and there are so many ways this will impact our safety. Having a bunch of sociopaths running around killing people, it’s not hard to imagine the drug traffickers doing business with terrorists for the right price. If they can move drugs and people across boarders, then why not dirty bombs or the unthinkable? This is truly horrifying and so under reported. I knew there were problems in Mexico, and they were getting worse, but once you posted this I wanted to understand what you were referring to, and found that the violence is getting so out of control it rivals the statistics of a civil war. Almost 5,000 people have been horribly murdered this year so far. 

In terms of a reading I’m trying to get a handle on how to project forward and what to focus on. My intuition is telling me that if this does not get under control in the next couple of years we’ll see another major attack. 

I’m going to meditate on this and try to coax some dreams about this forward and post them later, but for now I asked the tarot:

Will there be another terrorist attack on the US by way of Mexico?

The answer: Yes.

But it looks like there is a very high likelihood at this time, that the attack would not be as effective as our enemies would want and it will be foiled. Our intelligence will catch it before it can do the kind of damage the enemy wishes to do. 

I’m going to really put feelers out and scope this question out in greater detail. I’ve had several odd dreams over the past few years that make me wonder if they are in partial reference to a future event of this type. I’ll let you know what I figure out. 

I had a strong inner voice telling me Chicago would be where the target strike would be in the next few years, but again I don’t feel it will be entirely successful by the terrorists’ standards. I checked the chart of Chicago and it looked like in 2010 there could be at the very least an attempt. Hopefully, it will be averted. 

I’m going to try to get more information about this. You are onto something. I feel it’s not in the immediate future, but perhaps in the next few years. Thanks for your insight!


Hi Denise: I know that Hillary Clinton, when asked what role she would have in the Obama Administration, has said that she would like to remain a Senator. I really believe that Obama has big plans for her. She’s a very intelligent woman and I greatly admire her. 1) What role will Hillary have in an Obama Administration? 2) Will Hillary ever be President? She is an amazing lady and would be a great President. Thanks!

Hi Tcal,

I know Hillary will be president. The timing was wrong for her this go round. If she would have run in 2004 she would have won. But she will win the next round. I have always been a big fan of hers, but I think she made some mistakes in her campaign that cost her the nomination this time around. Hopefully, she will learn from them, and be herself next time instead of listening to the “experts” telling her how to come across, or to do or say.

She has tremendous depth and intelligence, but I think she tried too hard to work against the implicit sexism. And this is where she went wrong. There will always be people who won’t vote for a woman just like there will be people who won’t vote for Obama because he’s of African descent. But luckily, these people are not the majority and over time there will be even less of them. So, in my humble opinion if Hillary is herself, doesn’t try to over think things and relaxes, she’ll win the next go round by a landslide.

People did not get to see what she has to offer and who she really is. She was too worried about the people she wanted to convert instead of worrying about the people who were on her side. Next time I don’t think she’ll make that mistake.

I don’t have the feeling Obama is going to use Hillary as anything more than an adviser on some issues. But I do feel her prominence in the Democratic party will continue to grow and in a strange way, because she didn’t get the nomination this time, she will be a better candidate next time, and a better president! 

Best wishes to all!

Later I will answer these questions and new posts. 


I want to first thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions. THANK YOU and I hope you are feeling better!!! Like I’ve said before…it’s unbelievable in how accurate you are! Second, I think it’s amazing that Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama. In my opinion it says a lot about the “Obama movement.” I just want people to please go out and vote!!!

Now here are my questions:
1. Since the polls recently are showing Barack Obama in the lead in some of the battleground states…will people really go out there to vote for him?
2. Do you see more of a shift in those battleground states toward Barack Obama in the upcoming weeks?
3. Do you still see Barack Obama as president?

Answering Readers Questions…