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Hello again. Here is a unique question. When within the next 75 days would you recommend a marriage date for these two people? Born 7/28/56 Chillicothe, Ohio and 8/17/80 Olongapo, Philippines. Any other advise would be appreciated too. Thank you again.

Hi Barry,

I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving a good time specifically without the birth times of both people. In general both people are Leo’s and there are a bunch of conjunctions. I can’t tell however if their moons or rising signs are square or in the later case, trine or whatever. The woman born in the Philipines hasn’t gone through her Saturn return yet, meaning she hasn’t completely come into her own. That will happen in September of 2009.

If it were me, in this case because there is a big age, and cultural difference, I would wait until that return happens and get married October of 2009 when there are a lot of positive aspects between the outer planets and stuff going on in both charts. If one can’t wait then it’s best to do it while the sun is in Sagittarius, either the weekend of December 5 or on the 10, or 11th.

But mostly I’d just go with your own gut feeling, and do it when convenient. Stuff like marriages and births have a tendency to work out the way they are meant to. So I wouldn’t sweat it too much!

Tjuania in Desoto, Texas

Will Tim Geitner be a good Secretary of Treasury?

Hi Tjuania,

That’s a big yes from the tarot.

Oddly a woman is at the center of this answer. I feel his wife maybe a secret weapon. It looks as though he works very hard. Also the Justice card comes up which makes me believe he’s got a diplomatic personality, and works well with other people, often moderating between different people’s opinions, and coming up with a workable solution.

It also looks like as he gets into the job he’ll soon uncover a lot of deceptive practices, and out right lying that took place on wall street. This could potentially lead to a criminal investigation which could also be why the Justice card comes up. There is another woman involved in the pursuit of justice along with him. This probably won’t happen right away, at the earliest it would be three months into the Obama administration when this angle is considered. Perhaps it will be Nancy Pelosi or another powerful woman (Hillary?) who insists on prosecuting those responsible for what will turn out to be a major swindle of the American public and the world economy. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg here. There are people involved in this who definitely deserve to do prison time. Whether they do, that’s another question altogether. 


Hi Denise I very much appreciate your reply and your time. The psychic advised me in October to hold on to the Australian stocks I hold. One you have answered with Oz minerals. The other is Minara Resources MRE ( Nickel and Colbalt Miner) which began on 17th March 1994. I couldn’t agree more that this crisis is more than fear and although it hurts many of us little people who have become victims of greed and deception, this crisis had to happen because we must come back to real values and respect for each other. Competition, winners and losers, victims and predators are not a healthy way to live and is unsustainable in the long run. May all the things that are good eventually prevail . And the ‘meek inherit the earth. One other question I have, although I like Hilary Clinton I am unsure of her possible position as State Secretary. Do you think if she took on the role would she be able to negotiate peacefully with other nations and create healing with those nations that are angry with America’s previous actions, interference and foreign policy? Thankyou so much

Hi Louis,

I’m assuming that Minara is also an Australian stock traded in Sydney? If not let me know. I ran a chart for it based on the info you gave and the start time of the Australian stock market. Here it is:

picture-161I’m wondering if this stock performed well in the spring and summer of 2006. Because if it did then this chart is accurate. It would have been off and on during that period and sort of out of the blue. In general though the company should have had other troubles going on that I won’t bother going into, but it should have had a little unexpected boon during that time period. If it did not, then take this info with a grain of salt because I may not have the right chart and timing in the market is everything, and without the right chart, the timing will be wrong.

So here goes.

According to this chart transiting Pluto is (and has been for awhile) going through the company’s 8th house (shareholders) not a good thing for the shareholders in general. However, there are some good aspects coming up starting at the end of December of 2010 and into 2011, when transiting Pluto will sextile the company’s Saturn in the 10th. This will bring them opportunity to do (or do more) business abroad, and news of this will make the stock value go up. And again when Pluto sextiles the company’s Mars in the 10th in February of 2011 on until about 2012, when the opportunity for the company to fulfill some its expectations, and become more aggressive, perhaps even expand operations, that will give this company more value. There will also be an opposition at that time to the company’s part of fortune which can either mean jackpot or crisis. So you’ll have to watch them carefully as all these aspects are sextiles and sextiles are merely opportunities, not absolutes.  Also during this time Neptune will be conjuncting the company’s Mercury either making them come up with visionary solutions or it could cause lying, confusion and secrecy.

Really, if you can wait until 2016 to sell, I’d do that because there will be very powerful trine from transiting Pluto to the company’s Moon, and also it will set off Jupiter. I would not however freak out right now and feel you have to sell this stock. There isn’t anything going on in its chart to make me think it’s going to fold anytime soon. So if you can wait out this storm, then it will get better. Remember though, I’m an astrologer and a psychic not a financial investment person, so it’s also a good idea to seek advice from someone who knows the logical side of this as well.


Hi Denice. This is my first time posting here. I have a question. Have you done any readings on Michelle Obama and Jill Biden? I am interested in getting to know about them and what will they do in the next 4 years.



Hi Iris,

I couldn’t find their times of birth so I ran solar charts on them. Here are both women’s solar charts.

picture-19Both women are forthright, strong with Mars near their Suns, they are also aggressive, physical, athletic and don’t back down. 

Michelle is emotionally very soft and compassionate which foils her very aggressive, ambitious outer personality. Her luck has always been because she made it herself with Jupiter in Aries. She’s a humanitarian with Saturn (the ruler of her Sun) in Aquriaus, plus that Mars in Aquariaus conjunct her Sun. She’s extremely brilliant with Uranus/Pluto trining her natal Mercury. I do worry about Michelle Obama’s safety more than anyone else. And looking at her chart in February of 2010 Pluto will be going over her natal Mercury. If she has Gemini or Virgo rising this could be a very bad thing as Mercury would rule her chart or if she has Mercury in her 8th house. I warned before about her safety and to me this confirms my fear that she maybe more of a target then even her husband. Perhaps because she will be seen as easier to get to. I’m worried about her.

Jill is also intelligent and has a strong sense of family and probably values her privacy a lot, and is a bit of a homebody. As I said she’s also strong and aggressive, but not overly so as Mars, and her Sun conjunction are softened by a trine to Neptune. So she makes her point, fights it out, but not unfairly and also listens to the other person. Despite all the airy Gemini in her chart she’s pretty practical with Mercury in Taurus, and likes the finer things in life, and is willing to work hard for them — Mercury trine Saturn in Virgo. She too like Michelle has made her own luck in this world, and probably came from modest beginnings. I’d say for various reasons that I won’t get into, she’s also very sensual in a good way. She’s affectionate to those she loves, and isn’t afraid to express her feelings with her family.

Hopefully there times of birth will become public at some point, and I can give a better analysis.

Best wishes to all and many blessings,


I’ll get to these questions tomorrow! (And other posts, too.)


Hi Denise,

Can you give me some advise on a couple of mutual funds? I had originally thought that I would just hold them through this – but if it is going to get much worse, perhaps I should sell. I just don’t know how low they will go, or how long it will take for them to recover.


Hi Denise,

I am interested in the stocks for Boeing (BA) and Airbus (EADSY) – how this ecomonic crisis will effect them and should we hold out for the long-term?

Answering Readers’ Questions…

A Dream and a Warning…


Last night I dreamt I was back in my hometown of Chicago, in the downtown area. Many of the buildings had windows blown off of them. The John Hancock building (I think, it may have been the Sears Tower though) had a hole of windows missing in the center of the building. From the street I could see office furniture and papers riffling from the wind. At first I thought perhaps it was a terrible wind storm that had caused the damage, but in retrospect it seemed more like the kind of damage a bomb would do, one that perhaps wasn’t that powerful, but the sound of which would shatter glass in many buildings. I was then shepherded into a safe zone, and my dream continued.


This is the first creepy warning dream I’ve had about Chicago. I had a bunch of dreams about 9/11 that were a cross between Chicago and New York (probably because I grew up in Chicago, and know the topography there, its part of my psyche). But this was definitely Chicago. I was told by the guide in the dream that this “storm” had hit Chicago.


As I meditated on whether to post this dream or not, first I was going to talk to my husband about it (who was in the other room while he was sitting on a chair checking his e-mail) one of our daughter’s toys (a brand new one) played a tune. By the way this has happened with all of her toys at various points, sometimes in the middle of the night, which is kind of annoying, but anyway, I’ve gotten used to being haunted. This confirmed the necessity of the post as I’m sure one of my relatives on the other side was responding to me with a confirmation. I had worried about posting this dream because sometimes they are personal, but this did not have that feel, it was very lucid, vivid and I had a guide, which in personal dreams I do not have.


Also as I meditated on so many questions about the forthcoming racism, which as I stated will get worse and more scary for awhile, I had a very creepy knowing. I am not so worried about President Barack Obama, he’s not naïve and has incredible protection, but I am worried about Michelle and their two daughters. As sick as this may seem, I feel there is or will be soon, a plot to kill them.


On election night the joy and elation I felt from the collective psyche (and my own personal joy) was countered by an intense feeling of hatred. I could feel the anger, racial intolerance and vileness of bigotry stewing on the other side. I was happy to see Barack Obama take no chances and give his speech behind bulletproof glass. He must always be vigilant, but so must his family. I fear that Michelle will see herself and the girls as less of a target and be more open to getting hurt. If anyone out there has access to them, let them know about this. Take triple measures with the girls and Michelle. I am very worried.


Later on I will try to get Michelle Obama’s chart and look at it, and again look at President Obama’s to see if there is a particular time frame when they should be most vigilant.


Best wishes to all,




A Dream and a Warning…