il Missiles

It’s been my feeling that North Korea’s dear leader has been dead for awhile. So I asked myself why the crazy missile launch? Why provoke the world if the crazy dude is dead. And then it came to me. Perhaps these tests are not to incite problems with the rest of the world , but rather to make the North Korean people feel incapable of defeating the North Korean military. 

If the people in power (all the people surrounding lil Kim) were afraid of a civil uprising, civil war or take over of the government upon announcement of lil Kim’s death — where would it leave them? Certainly not in the halls of power, and worse probably dead. 

And perhaps these people know there missile is about as sophisticated as an m-80 (a common illegal firework) they know are government feels no real threat and doesn’t really care and also our military is stretched way to thin to do anything but shake a fist at them , so they send off a lame rocket knowing full well how truly useless it is. But it really is a veiled threat to their own people and as an added bonus helps move them forward with their missile technology, but mostly it’s  like shaking a loaded gun at their own people to keep them in line.

Best wishes and blessings to all the good  people out there,


il Missiles