Prediction time for 2012 Election

OK, yes, it’s early. And I don’t really care about the Republicans, at all. I barely care about the Democrats as all politicians have shown they live in a bubble of greasy money, half-baked promises and back-stabbing.

But I was just told by spirit that Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee for the Republican party. Go figure. I wouldn’t have guessed that Newt being the big toad he is and a #1 in the polls and yes you read that right, I called him a #1 – potty humor. I’m resorting to that because let’s face it he stinks. I’m sort of relieved as all the other candidates seem evil or insane, at least Romney just seems like a greasy used car salesman who sold his soul to the devil for a full head of hair.

Anyway, no worries. Say bye-bye to all the Republicans whose seats are up and expect a strangely tight race between Romney and Obama but still Obama wins. It will be a much closer call then it should be. But for Obama – the moderator – who was given the job of Janitorial President I don’t think the Republicans really want his job, after all that would mean they would actually have to do something. Unlike what they are doing now which is just blocking Obama’s every move to try and straighten up the mess left by Bushy Jr.

Many blessings,


Prediction time for 2012 Election