Fiscal Cliff

Doing Coast to Coast brought a lot of conservative readers to this blog. I want to clarify for you that I was raised in a conservative family, in a conservative neighborhood and I am married to a man whose parents are also conservatives. When I’m talking about Republicans I am not talking about people who are the voter class – I’m talking about the leadership class. It’s my experience that people are people and when given the hard truth do the right thing no matter what label they may take on when they go into a voting booth.

I know Republican voters believe in hard work and personal responsibility – so do liberal people – the big difference is liberal/progressives believe there are some people who can’t pull themselves up by their own bootstraps not because they are lazy, but because circumstances are too great and overwhelming to do so alone. I would really encourage everyone to watch the Ken Burns documentaries on PBS about the dust bowl. The dust bowl happened in a very maverick part of the country – where people believe in personal responsibility and were and still are very hard-working and believe in contributing to society. However the scope of the problem (and seriously just look at pictures and you’ll see how enormously devastating this ecological disaster was year after year for about a decade) was just too enormous for any one family no matter how big their extended family. It was as if every other day a major hurricane or tornado devastated the region – this went on for a decade. These dust storms were miles high and would drop 3 feet of earth over everything making all farming impossible. It was so enormous that the storms actually dropped earth from Kansas and Oklahoma in Washington DC and New York City. The government stepped in to save lives – children and elderly people were dying of “dust pneumonia.” The story is almost too much to bear but I suggest people take a look at this because the parallels of the Great Depression and our situation with the Great Recession are enormous.

So for those who think I want only blessings for people of like mind that is more than insulting it’s insane. However I am equally insulted when we have Republican politicians who want to take away benefits to Veterans, raise the age of social security, take money and medicare away from the elderly and make the middle class pay an extra 2000 a year in taxes when they are struggling like never before. All so the wealthy one percent (who pay less than anyone else in taxes) can keep their tax breaks. It’s disgusting.

The SIN of AVARICE and GREED are at the heart of these ideals. These are not Christian values and they are not Spiritual values which is why I am against them – that is why I take issue with these spiritual diseases that I see as eating away at the fabric of our world. These evils have somehow (in the past 30 or so years) turned from being society’s seeing Greed as despicable  and shameful to a virtue.

Well, I want to remind everyone GREED IS NOT A VIRTUE! In no religious text and on no spiritual path is GREED considered anything but one of the roots of EVIL  And what we have seen during the Bush jr. years was a ramping up of this disease to the point where we the average American tax payers are being asked to pick up the tab for the frat party on Wall Street. Lots of people got rich scamming the middle class and the poor. And now we are being asked AGAIN to pay for IT! TWICE – seriously how is that good for anyone? Except the shameful few.

So now onto my prediction about the fiscal cliff.  Democrats will stay firm and there will be a period of inaction until Republicans are forced to go ahead with the program. Republicans will come to realize if they stick to their guns there will be civil unrest and if they keep with their ridiculous “plans” they will not just be killing their future careers, but putting the nail in the coffin of their party for years to come. Which honestly I do not want to happen.

Democracy needs a viable two party system – but Republicans are making a huge mistake playing to the one percent and then using trickery to try and cover their tracks. The cat is out of the bag now and continuing on this path is suicidal for their party. This will have a long-term effect on the political system and will put them into the position of being a very small minority party for years to come. My compliment to them presently for at least honestly showing their hand instead of hiding behind the BS “Trickle Down Economics,” stuff. At least they are clearly showing that they have no compassion for people who were either born after 1960 or born into families without an express lane to Harvard or Yale.

The biggest disgrace in my opinion is starting two wars, destroying hundreds of thousands of lives, forever injuring those who served along with their families not to mention the highest cost – all the people who had to die for what? Both our troops and all the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of the Bush/Cheney oil grab that turned into a reckless pointless war which the Bush/Cheney administration lied us into.

All of us whether we want to admit it or not actually rely on systems to help us evolve whether that is the family system, the educational system or in the worst case scenarios people who are forced to take help from the government. No one wants to be in that position despite the propaganda of “welfare queens,” welfare has been reformed so that people can’t stay on it for any length of time. Not to mention if you have ever known anyone who has had to take government assistance (which includes social security, disability, medicare, food stamps, unemployment) they do it because they need to generally they aren’t proud of it. Many people are embarrassed about having to use food stamps, or get help of any kind.

Everyone wants to be independent and we must remember that if we are to be a “Christian Nation,” as is the herald of the Republican party, then we must actually posses those Christian values. If you have any doubts about what they are just ask yourself, “Would Jesus walk past a poor distraught person without helping him? Would Jesus want to rob the poor to give to the wealthy?” No. That’s the answer. If you are a Christian I can’t see how the current Republican plutocratic platform in any way conforms to your values. Either the Republican leadership needs to change or those who are staying loyal to a party they once believed in need to take a closer look at what is actual and factual and see if it squares with their real values. I contend it does not.

I do not think that 98% of Republican voters would vote that way if all the facts were broken down without the incendiary rhetoric that is used to make the leadership appear to be in the same camp as the good people who vote for them.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Yule and anything and every other holiday I am forgetting or don’t know about – Have a great holiday season.

Many blessing to all,


Fiscal Cliff

New Year’s Day Numerology…

I’m reprinting the personal numerology new year info. Your personal year doesn’t really begin until your birthday, although some numerologists say that you start to transition into the next energy after the universal new year begins.

So here is the way to figure out your personal year. Add up your birth month and day and then add the present year to that: for example 1-11-2010 =  2022 this is then reduced to = 6. If it were a double/master number then you read the master number along with the reduced number as both will apply to your year.

If you added up your info and are in a:

1 path year:  Expect new beginnings, new people coming into your life. Whatever you start now will have at least a 9 year life expectancy as it progresses with you through the changing number years ahead. So it’s a good time to start something you’ve always wanted to do, take classes, start a new career or start a relationship. Things you start this year will last and will resonate for a long time. If you ever wanted to write the great American novel, now is the year to start it. This is a period when it is best to focus on the self and be aggressive with your plans. It is not the best year to start a relationship however it is a good time to work on yourself so you eventually get to where you want to go in life.

2 path year: Partnerships, legal agreements, creativity and cooperation are the themes. This is an excellent year to start a business partnership or get married as the energy of your life supports this and will make it easier on you to adjust. If you an artist or artistically inclined you will find this year to be full of inspiration and new ways of seeing things that will improve, influence and  inspire you to produce more work.

3 year: Self-expression, travel, fun, luck, travel those are the themes of 3. You will more free time to do the things you love and want to do. It is a bit of a vacation year in your life, allowing you to focus on having fun and replenishing the well of your life. If you change careers this year it will be one that is fun and full of travel or you won’t be able to stay with it. If you find yourself in transition try to enjoy the time off and explore things you haven’t had a chance to as they will lead to new opportunities and open up new possible career paths.

4: The basic theme is work, order and a strong building foundation which includes organizing, rearranging things to work better, fiscal responsibility, budgeting and getting your life structured to be more efficient. This year will be dedicated to material issues, money, your work and either building or buying or re-organizing your home. Physical beautification of your environment will play a big role as will getting your financial house in order.

Personal year 5: This is a year for communication, change, travel. If you didn’t get to make the big changes in your last 1 year, this is another opportunity to change your life, career, relationships, friendships and perspective for the better. Also writing, if you have that propensity, will become more important to you.  So if you didn’t start that novel or short story or blog 4 years ago during your 1 year, this is a great year to do so, or even start keeping a journal as you will have a lot to express and say. Take advantage of your desire to connect and communicate with others this year, and if you can, do more traveling, you’ll get a lot out of it; it could even be life altering for those in a 5 year providing just the right inspiration to move you to a better place on your personal journey.

6: This is a year when your home, family and love will be the main theme of your life. On the positive side there could be a birth in your family or extended family, adding joy and a focus for everyone to come together. On the negative, it could be the loss of a family member that causes everyone to come together. It is also a good time to explore your creative side, especially through visual art. So if you ever had an interest in photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics or drawing now is the time to explore that and take a class or just fool around and edify yourself by taking up an artistic hobby this year like sewing, knitting, or scrap booking. Enjoy it and realize this new obsession is part of your growth.

7: The main themes are rest, relaxation, retreat and spiritual growth. Now is not the time to worry about money or anything much but reflection. Things will take care of themselves. You must relax and reflect in order to move forward. This is not the year to push yourself or to be overly social, you may actually feel a desire to retreat and spend more time alone, that’s perfectly natural during a 7 year and you should allow yourself that indulgence as its time to look more deeply into your soul, think, reflect and meditate. You may feel yourself drawn to spiritual pursuits, reading and analyzing the past. You may also find this year brings more insight, intuition and psychic ability than you’ve experienced in a while. Use these gifts to help sort out the last 6 years so you may move ahead, and make the right decisions about the direction of your life for the future.

8: The main theme here is karma, responsibility, finances and sexuality. This is a big year with big issues, any hole left open will need to be filled, any problem not examined will come to a head. But also all the good work you’ve done will come to fruition. So it is mixed. The more aware you have been the easier this year will be. However if you have been ignoring your relationship, business partnership, career or work, then inevitably you will be forced to deal with those things. On the good side, what happens this year will correct your path for future success. And as I stated, if you’ve been attending to things you will reap big rewards, and this period will start your dreams manifesting.

9: The main themes are charity, endings, transitions, friendships, humanitarian causes. Things you started many years ago will finally be completed. Your friends will be a huge part of your life and this year you may feel the urge to volunteer or help others in need. This is a year of completion. The energy you have sown you will reap; projects started will now come to term and ideas will become reality.

Master Number Years (11, 22, 33, 44):

For those of you who have double digits this year, bear in mind you will have the influence of both the master number and the lower/regular number so check both meanings, and bear in mind both energies will be in play, some days the themes of the master number will be at the forefront, and other days the reduced number’s issues will be the theme.

11: The themes are flashes of inspiration, illumination, the unexpected, tapping into the collective unconscious, visions, dreams that come true. This is a big year, one in which you will feel almost precognitive, as if you  know what is around the bend. You will be more likely to experience psychic activity in flashes of things that somehow just come to you, and brilliant ideas that spontaneously appear. Be sure to pay attention to these things, they will play a vital role in moving you forward in all areas of your life.

22: Power, position, completion and strength are the themes. Things will come full circle this year. If you have felt a long period of waiting, well, the waiting is over, this is the year when what you’ve been working toward will manifest. This is powerful manifestation energy that extends beyond the personal to touch the global and/or collective unconscious. 22 is the number of the master builder, and this number doesn’t come up often in a lifetime,  so take advantage of every opportunity and make sure to put things out there for the universe to complete them.

33: Called the Christ Vibration, the theme of this year is sacrifice and compassion. You maybe called upon to help others, especially in your family in ways that you don’t believe (right now) you are capable of, but you are and will be. This year will be more about serving others and expanding your compassion, sense of humanity and charity. Your connection to your higher self, inner strength and spirituality will be heightened and challenged. It is best to trust in powers greater than yourself to help guide you through this year, if you do so, you will do the world and your family tremendous good. The next year you will be a 7, giving you a break and a chance to replenish yourself, so remember that these sacrifices will not be permanent, try to embrace them and grow from this opportunity for giving.

44: The main theme of this number is healing, karma and service to others through manifestation. It’s important to take the good karma you have accrued not only to build your own empire, but to help other with their dreams. This year manifesting things and healing yourself (and others) comes easily.

Coming up on February 14 of 2010 we will go from an Ox year (in the Chinese system) to a Tiger year. I’ll get to that as we close the gap on it.

Best wishes and many blessings to all AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


New Year’s Day Numerology…